On the Accidental Wings of Dragons

Julie Wetzel

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On the Accidental Wings of Dragons

On the Accidental Wings of Dragons When Michael Duncan is sent to investigate the disappearance of several dragon subjects he finds himself in a bind Locked in a dungeon his only hope lies wrapped in a bundle of cloth tossed at his f

  • Title: On the Accidental Wings of Dragons
  • Author: Julie Wetzel
  • ISBN: 9781634220743
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Michael Duncan is sent to investigate the disappearance of several dragon subjects, he finds himself in a bind Locked in a dungeon, his only hope lies wrapped in a bundle of cloth tossed at his feet One kiss and his life is changed forever Hunted by his own people for crimes he didn t commit, Michael has to learn a whole new life at the hands of a beautiful woman.When Michael Duncan is sent to investigate the disappearance of several dragon subjects, he finds himself in a bind Locked in a dungeon, his only hope lies wrapped in a bundle of cloth tossed at his feet One kiss and his life is changed forever Hunted by his own people for crimes he didn t commit, Michael has to learn a whole new life at the hands of a beautiful woman Can she help him clear his name, or will just being in her presence get him sentenced to death Carissa Markel doesn t know who this man chained to the wall is, but he s her only chance for escape She has power, but, born without a voice, she lacks the means to wield it One choice, made in desperation, sends them running for their lives Does she have the strength to help him clear his name And what will her brother, the King of Dragons, do if he finds out what she s done The real questions is can she keep her hands off him long enough to find out This book has been rated using the Crimson Tree Publishing Disclosure System All scores are out of 5 For details please visit the their website Violence 5Language 4Romance Sensuality 5Drugs Alcohol 1Note This book is currently free on , Kobo, Smashwords, etc.

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      279 Julie Wetzel
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    One thought on “On the Accidental Wings of Dragons

    1. Norah Una Sumner on said:

      I don't tend to DNF books that I'm reading (especially when I'm almost done with them,like this time) but I seriously couldn't stand this book.I thought that this would be a good fantasy/new adult book but all I got were horny characters and major plot holes.And I just couldn't ignore the fact that the main character/the dragon lady decided that it was okay for her to touched Michael,ya know, while he's unconscious."Even unconscious, her pheromones made him hard. She ran her hand over the ridge [...]

    2. Wyrdness on said:

      Kind of fun in a light, action movie sort of way, but the plot was pretty bare bones, the characters had moments of being amazingly dumb and didn't feel particularly well rounded or interesting in and of themselves, and there was no world building at all. Where did the dragons come from (several times it was mentioned they "didn't exist" when the main character was a kid)? Why are they policed and protected by humans? When was Eternity (the human security force) formed? How do governments deal w [...]

    3. Monty Cupcake ☠ Queen of Bloodshed ☠ on said:

      Different. I enjoyed the story & creativity.

    4. Kristy Hamilton on said:

      I was given a rough draft from the author for an honest reviewFirst of all, the cover is absolutely amazing and it captures the book really well.Michael is an investigator that has been around dragons all of his life. He respects them and loves his job. But one night finds his life altered.Carissa finds herself locked in a cell with Michael. She doesn't completely understand what is going on and why she was captured, but when she looks at Michael, she knows that he is only one that can help her. [...]

    5. Melanie on said:

      I really enjoyed this story which is the first book of a new series about Dragons. About 220 ish pages of entertainment and an interesting take on Dragon Shifters - I enjoy Julie Wetzel's books she has some really good ideas and knows how to incorporate them into a fun and light narrative.The protagonists Michael and Carissa kept me entertained with their relationship, there was action and intrigue and the inner dragon voice is really amusing. I'm looking forward to the next book, hopefully it w [...]

    6. Alisa on said:

      I enjoyed this. It's different and the idea of a smaller cat - sized dragon is VERY cute! I am a bit saddened that it had a great build up but fade out smut scene :(

    7. Avid Reader Amy's Reviews on said:

      I'm not a huge fan of Dragon books but this one was pretty awesome. I loved that they had two sizes that they could turn into. The smaller dragon seems cute and adorable. The larger is huge and protective. The story is a little shaky at first but quickly picks up speed. Lots of hilarity, especially when Michael fumbles through being a dragon. A fan of Wetzel's Kindling Flames series, I easily gravitated towards this book. She does a great job in writing a creative story. A vibrant and detailed s [...]

    8. Ðawn on said:

      Horrible.The writing is amateur, the plot stupid and the hero unlikeable.Got only 18%Safety:Hero's past whores and ex's constantly brought up. Didn't get any further to know anything else.Glad this was free.

    9. Anali on said:

      On the Accidental Wings of Dragons ha sido un libro cortito pero aún me ha gustado mucho. Quizás no hubo mayor desarrollo de la historia pero la trama ha sido interesante, los personajes me simpatizaron desde el inicio y el romance entre los protas fue muy bonito. Además la historia también fue divertida, ligera y con un poco de magia. Michael y Carissa fueron super lindos y tiernos *-* Me gusto que la autora los representara en sus formas de dragón, fue novedoso y muy divertido. Mine! jaja [...]

    10. Lola Kyle on said:

      On the accidental wings of a dragon So I judged a book by it's cover and it's name apparently. I simply can't say more about this book other than I was disappointed. I was looking forward to an enthralling adventure about the mystical creature that a dragon is and instead I got Well you'd have to read it to find out because I will not retell the story. Maybe someone else might like it and I wont spoil it for others. 2 stars. Sorry. And you only got the two stars cuz I liked the cover and the ide [...]

    11. Jen on said:

      Not what I was expecting. The overview of the book sounded interesting, and it received good reviews, what I got was a dragon romance book. The book centered around sex with an action backdrop. If I would have known this I would not have read it. However, if you are into romance, sexual frustration and nonstop horny situations then this is a book for you. I did a quick look at the other books in the series and they don't seem to be connected. As I am not into dragon porn, I think I will pass on [...]

    12. Ron on said:

      Wetzel probably a good time writing this, but I’m not into urban fantasy soft porn—even among dragons. The plot and most “action” involved supposedly mature people who act like teens. Hormonally-challenged teens.Nope, not much to recommend it. Why not one star? She’s actually a good writer. Judging from her website (only) I guess she specializes in hot romances. There are those who will appreciate this stuff. But not me.Cover art is apparently computer generated and not that good.

    13. InD'tale Magazine on said:

      4.5/5.0Ms. Wetzel has deftly written a fantastic tale of dragons living among humans.Read full review in the 2015 May issue of InD'tale Magazine.

    14. Shekeilah on said:

      I really don't like leaving ratings below 3 stars but I just had to. When I got the book from , I thought the cover promised adventure and a lot of action. But when I read it, I didn't like it. First, I don't know what world this was or what time. I was left to figure it out by myself. Second, I thought there was going to be some quest or action. Yeah, there were scenes of action but it felt like it's not the main point.Then, there's the characters. Why are they just so horny? I love the cover t [...]

    15. Karla on said:

      I usually don't read New Adult books, not because they're older and I'm used to reading about teenagers and the like, but because I always have a hard time finding one that I like enough to actually finish. Of course, this one being about dragons certainly gave me enough incentive to see it through and I'm glad I did. There was a lot going on plot-wise but I couldn't help but feel like it kept getting obscured every time the main characters thought about how much they wanted each other. It seeme [...]

    16. Kristi Hudecek-Ashwill on said:

      This book was different from any other dragon book I've read. I like dragon stories and read them often. As I said, this one was different but it was different in a good way.Michael is a member of the Eternity Elite, who are guards in charge of guarding the King of the Dragons and his sister, too. Michael is chained to a wall, can't sit or get any water when a bundle of "something" gets tossed into the cell with him. He hasn't had any food or water for several days and when the bundle starts to [...]

    17. Laurie on said:

      This book really surprised me. It is far and away my favorite book so far this year. I always enjoy Julie Wetzel’s writing style and get lost in her stories, but this one really wow’ed me. First off, it’s really fast-paced. Michael and Carissa escape from a dungeon but just keep getting into sticky situations one right after the other. I laughed out loud several times as their escapades took a devilishly unexpected and absolutely delightful twist. Through it all, Michael is a decent, gentl [...]

    18. D.E. on said:

      I’ve hosted a lot of Wetzel’s books on my blog, but I’d never read one her books before. Even though the plots were intriguing, she writes fantasy and that I didn’t read. Until I did. Now that I’m a fantasy fan, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one of her books. Man, am I glad I did. I absolutely loved On The Accidental Wings of Dragons. The book has everything I look for in a great story: likeable characters, suspense, romance and a bit of intrigue. I especially enjoyed how Wetzel [...]

    19. Angarad on said:

      A very original read. We are so used o have the female changing to fit the male that it is very surprising when the opposite happens.Carissa and Michael both end up in a dungeon without any idea who put them there or why. The princess of the dragons and the protector. What happens between them is a suite of strange things, strong attraction and a lot of magic!!I loved how they could turn into smaller dragon form, being much more discreet and so cute! The non stop man hunt definitely didn't help [...]

    20. Owen Elgie on said:

      Quite possibly the fastest I've munched through a book. As an author of a Dragon book, it's interesting to see different ideas used around the whole fire breathing monster motif.This book was very quick to dive into the action and there was no let up until the last pages where the story seemed to stop an act early. The constant effects of the animal nature of the creatures was explored well for both of the main characters and the passage dealing with the way one character saw the other, how he w [...]

    21. Jessica Frances on said:

      On the Accidental Wings Of Dragons is a paranormal romance centering on a human who has been held captive for days in a dungeon and a dragon princess who is kidnapped and dumped in there with him. Together they manage to escape and form a bond, but their problems just continue once freed and they realize they need to trust each other completely if they are going to get out of their situation unscathed. I enjoyed this story, it was a quick read that opened up a new world without it feeling overwh [...]

    22. Mary Quire on said:

      I have read a lot of stories with dragons in them but never have I read one which had my eyes glued to the pages. I love what the author has done creating a world where they intermingle with humans and the main character was very entertaining. Kudos! This was a very good read.

    23. Sandyinlargo on said:

      Great story! The characters are richly detailed and the plot is well defined. It starts off with a bang and keeps you hanging on the edge until you reach the end. The world portrayed in this book is detailed, complex, and fantastic. I can't wait to read the rest of the series.

    24. Eric Warren on said:

      Pretty good It's not anything amazing but will certainly keep you entertained. It's kind of like a guilty pleasure book. That's the best way I can describe it.

    25. Louisa on said:

      I enjoyed this book a whole ton load! Loved the world, it was so awesome and this book, was just so funny and great! Now to read more!

    26. MichelleHoak on said:

      Read itGreat Dragon story. The book is exciting and fun with a new take on the world of dragons. Can't wait for more

    27. Debrac2014 on said:

      Fun short story! Michael, an Elite guard, and Carissa, a dragon, escape their captors.

    28. Kelly on said:

      I love to read about the dragons. I love Michael and Carissa’s characters. They made a cute couple. I don’t want to spoil it. I highly recommended to read this book.

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