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Cassie Wright

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Den and Breakfast

Den and Breakfast Honeycomb Falls Book STANDALONE A BBW in search of love A sexy shifter only she can free Smokin Roaring Romance When Rachel inherits her grandmother s home in the idyllic village of Honeycomb Falls

  • Title: Den and Breakfast
  • Author: Cassie Wright
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Honeycomb Falls Book 1 STANDALONE A BBW in search of love A sexy shifter only she can free Smokin Roaring Romance When Rachel inherits her grandmother s home in the idyllic village of Honeycomb Falls, she decides to turn it into a gorgeous bed breakfast Yet will her plans survive her encounter with the sinfully hot werewolf masquerading as the gardener, or thHoneycomb Falls Book 1 STANDALONE A BBW in search of love A sexy shifter only she can free Smokin Roaring Romance When Rachel inherits her grandmother s home in the idyllic village of Honeycomb Falls, she decides to turn it into a gorgeous bed breakfast Yet will her plans survive her encounter with the sinfully hot werewolf masquerading as the gardener, or the darker heritage that her grandmother has left her, whom rumor has was a powerful witch Reader Note This book contains searing sex ice cream time outs are recommended , adult language he knows what he likes and he s not shy about demanding , and violence If this is not the kind of stuff you like to read, skip this book However, if you like dirty, raunchy sex with a sinfully hot wolf on one funny curvy girl, then this is right up your alley Enjoy

    • Best Read [Cassie Wright] ✓ Den and Breakfast || [Religion Book] PDF ✓
      154 Cassie Wright
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    One thought on “Den and Breakfast

    1. April on said:

      Yummy shifter crackOkay, let's get this out of the way, I hate first person. It just annoys me and feels weird. Fortunately you forget after awhile. The story is interesting enough to over come the tense.Rachel is awesome from the start, I adore a sassy curvy girl! Blake I kind of delightful with his Alpha attitude an carelessness at the same time. Great dynamic, having bothered sides POV helps you get to know them quicker.Yummy smexy read. Man, I do love some naughty talk!! The steam is detaile [...]

    2. Fatimama on said:

      It was just all over the place. The author tried to jam so many arcs in just a few pages. Could have been better if there was a single focus.

    3. Marie on said:

      Loved from the startThis book had all I could want. Romance, magic, and mayhem. Cassie Wright is an author I love to revisit.

    4. Kathy Harrington on said:

      It was a nice short read that I felt was well thought out. I liked the H/h and the humor that the author threw in there was pretty funny.

    5. Reesa on said:

      Den and Breakfast (Book 1 of the Honeycomb Falls series)By Cassie WrightWhat a heck of a day and a start to a book. Death. Death of family. Death of a job. Death of a relationship. But with all death, new life grows.A well written book with descriptive verbiage, allowing me to see the countryside and even the old bridge. Grammar and verb tense was superb enabling me to read without pause. This is definitely an author I will be adding to my reading list and making a favorite on and .Steamy sex s [...]

    6. Tanya on said:

      Enjoyed the bookTake one beautiful, curvaceous woman and add one streaming hot alpha male werewolf and you're gonna get a good read. The sex ascends in this book are very hot and had this BBW crossing her own legs. (This book is definitely not for young teens.) The general plot is really good, although I would have liked to have seen it be stretched out a bit more. I read this entire book in about 3 hours once I had time to actually read it. Now the only thing that really it's me is the time lin [...]

    7. Melissa on said:

      Things I liked:hot shape shifterthe fact she made genuine new friends in a new townthe sexy scenesThings I hated:the pace of the book was WAY too fast. I understand getting all hot and horny for the sexy guy, but telling him you love him in 2 days of meeting after you just got screwed over by your fiancé? noShe automatically assumed she would get the okay to open the BnB and hired people before she knew if she could do it?The fact that she automatically got the magic, it would have been cool to [...]

    8. Susan Davis on said:

      Not terrible but not for meI didn't hate this book I just felt it was a little underdeveloped, the relationships with the characters wasn't very well established and it made the transition from one scenario to another feel forced and ingenious to me personally. I feel like I know very little about the main character except for her perceived body image. I feel like the secondary characters sometimes outshine the main characters and the staff itself is a conundrum, why is it conscious why is it Br [...]

    9. Arys on said:

      Den and Breakfast (Honeycomb Falls Book 1) by Cassie Wright is a fun and cute story. Rachel, a witch, inherits her grandmother’s home in Honeycombs and decides to turn it into a bed and breakfast for shifters. When she arrives at her grandmother’s house she meets the sexy Blake, a werewolf whom her grandmother cursed.This book has a lot going for it with the two main characters causing sparks in and out of the bedroom, funny supporting characters, and magic. My favorite part in this book whe [...]

    10. The BookChick on said:

      Den and BreakfastI usually love shapeshifter romances but had a difficult time getting into this one. The relationship pacing is fast, as is the case in a lot of shifter romances. However, the story felt a little staccato to me from the introduction of new characters into the story to Rachel coming into her powers. For me, the pace felt like a stutter and then full steam ahead with Rachel knowing how to wield a power she was cautious to believe in. The story was not bad, and could have been stro [...]

    11. StinaMadsMN on said:

      4 Star Book Review | Den and Breakfast by Cassie WrightI gave Den and Breakfast a 4 STAR rating. This book is all kinds of intense and scorching! I loved Rachel and Blake, they really were perfect for each other. Even though Mama B. is dead in this book, her personality in the letter she left Rachel is impossible to love. The other shifters are at time menacing, pathetic, and brave, depending on which shifter we're talking about. And I can't wait to read Anita's story in the next book.Read my fu [...]

    12. Louise Nunn on said:

      Magic, good characters, steamy and full of twistsRachel and Blake are so hot together. Cassie Wright has written a sexy story whose plot is driven by the action. I loved how Rachel took a really awful day and used it to move her life in a new and totally differently path. She didn't get knocked down by the negativity and left herself open for love. Blake was a badass, angry Alpha, and when they met, BOOM, fireworks! The plot was good, the characters well developed, and the story moved quickly. I [...]

    13. AWB on said:

      The pace of this book ruined it for me. I feel like if it hadn't all happened in what seemed to be less than a week, It might have been more believable. Everything was so rushed. The concept was good. The characters were (mostly) interesting. The novella length? Ruined it. I did find Rachel to be weak, as a leading lady I like them to be somewhat strong, she was not. If something scared her she either instantly ran away and hid or attempted to do so. She never really fought back, until the end o [...]

    14. Judy Lewis on said:

      A WOLFIN GREAT READ !A smart original story that entices your imagination and captures your heart! The story is exciting, captivating and well written. The dialog is sweet, spicy, sexy. A handsome sexy alpha werewolf who has lost his pack. A beautiful curvy fledgling witch who has only just learned of her witch heritage. Throw in a deceased meddling grandmother for good measure who only wants happiness for granddaughter and you cook up a fantastic read!

    15. Noreen on said:

      This book just really went too fast for me. Insta-love, insta-commitment, insta-HEA. The main character went from disastrous life drama (cheating boyfriend, losing job and death of relative) in one day, to brand new life love and friends in the span of about 4 days. Not a bad story just could have been a little more developed.

    16. Lori on said:

      Really enjoyed this!!Cassie Wright is a new author to me and I am very happy to have found her! Great characters, love her sense of humor and I like her writing style. Definitely a straight through read and I already got the next book before writing this. I am on my way to her web site to see what else she's got going on!

    17. Tawnya Ward on said:

      Can I stay too?Enjoyable BBW read! The right balance between the h and the H. Blake starts out harsh, but with his Mate, he softens just enough. Rachel learns why her mother ran from her Grandmother. But will she be strong enough to open the door to find her answer, to why her mother did does? I put the 2nd book on my wish list! Which doesn't happen very often!

    18. Jamie Teixeira on said:

      Finally shifters, great sex, and anActual storyline! I enjoyed reading this shifter erotic book. Especially when you add a curvy woman and throw in her being a witch.The sex scenes were very descriptive and extremely hot. And the book actually flowed. No cliffhangers is a huge bonus.

    19. Lara on said:

      Well, it was close to what I was expecting. A quick and sexy read that didn't get too deep or serious. It is a bit over the top at times, but that is part of the fun. I particularly enjoy the letters from Mama B.

    20. Rochelle on said:

      I really enjoyed this book. I loved the storyline and characters. It was interesting and different. I did find however that their relationship seemed a bit rushed and could have been developed at a slower pace. So I'm really looking forward to book 2 in thos series!

    21. Sherill on said:

      Totally fell in love with the characters. Hui Wang reminds me me of my mother! Don't mess with her, she would have beat you upside the head with a broom rather than a mop though. For your own good, of course. On to the next book!

    22. Brea Ann on said:

      To be honest, I did like this story. The story has danger, suspense, romance, and a Hot Alpha. I just have a hard time getting into stories about witches. Anyway, I will be reading more stories in this series as well.

    23. Ceola on said:

      Interesting read. Witch leaves her granddaughter her estate.Racheal goes to check it out, finds her grandmother has been holding a wolf shifter prisonerFor two years. Decides to turn house into a B and B. For shifters. Falls in love with imprisoned Wolf.

    24. Maggie Baumann on said:

      Worth the read!This is going to be such a fun series to read! I have never read anything from this author, but I am glad that I did now. The style of writing is easy to follow and makes it an enjoyable read. I can't wait to read the next of the series!

    25. Zee1 on said:

      Meh. This was okay. I wanted to enjoy it, since I enjoyed a standalone book later on in the series, but it didn't really do it for me. Maybe it was the insta-love? I don't know. It wasn't terrible. In fact, some of the supernatural stuff was interesting. But on the whole, just okay.

    26. Teresa on said:

      Fun and sexy shifter romance. The story moved along quickly and kept me interested from start to finish.

    27. Silvia on said:

      A fast and fun readlly in places.but in a good way. This Book is a great time filler whilst waiting for something more substantial to take my interest.

    28. Aisha on said:

      I love the beginning of this series. I'm looking forward to reading more books in this series. It's a great read and sweet story with hot sex scenes.

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