Death in an English Cottage

Sara Rosett

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Death in an English Cottage

Death in an English Cottage It s spring in England and location scout Kate Sharp has returned to the quaint village of Nether Woodsmoor with its lush gardens budding hedgerows and mellow stone cottages to work on a Jane Auste

  • Title: Death in an English Cottage
  • Author: Sara Rosett
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It s spring in England, and location scout Kate Sharp has returned to the quaint village of Nether Woodsmoor with its lush gardens, budding hedgerows, and mellow stone cottages to work on a Jane Austen television documentary The unique opportunity also gives her the chance to explore a possible romance with Alex, the deliciously rumpled local scout Rumors of recently disIt s spring in England, and location scout Kate Sharp has returned to the quaint village of Nether Woodsmoor with its lush gardens, budding hedgerows, and mellow stone cottages to work on a Jane Austen television documentary The unique opportunity also gives her the chance to explore a possible romance with Alex, the deliciously rumpled local scout Rumors of recently discovered Jane Austen letters stir up the production, but then an unidentified young woman dies in a fire in a village cottage, and the police investigation narrows to focus on the documentary crew Desperate to keep her job and help a friend under suspicion, Kate delves into the search for the identity of the woman Who was she What was her connection to the seemingly sleepy village And who in the village is lying

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    One thought on “Death in an English Cottage

    1. Leslie on said:

      This is the second book in the Death on Location series featuring location scout Jate Sharp and set in the village of Nether Woodsmoor, scouting anew. Reunited with her colleague Alex she seems trailed by disaster. When it all culminates with arson and Murder and Alex is a suspect she needs to get to work researching and solving the crime. Lots of clever well crafted twists and turns to the tale

    2. Bebe (Sarah) Brechner on said:

      Another winner in this charming seriesI loved the first one, and this second entry proves that the unusual premise - an American film location scout who is an Austen fan and almost-academic Austen scholar - absolutely keeps on working. The setting is again the English countryside, the Austen angle is enough to maintain interest but not boring for those of us who are not fanatics, and the murder is plausible but complex. The author's easy writing style makes it thoroughly enjoyable. Highly recomm [...]

    3. Nancy Baker on said:

      In this, the second in the Murder on Location series, Kate heads back to a small village in England to work on a television documentary. She is looking forward to working with Alex Norcutt and thinking things might go beyond friendship. But things quickly change when she is suddenly fired and Alex becomes a suspect in a murder. Kate stays on in England to try and help clear Alex and in the process discovers more than one surprise.

    4. Joanna Warrens on said:

      Lots of fun!I had a great time reading this book. I like the premise about location scouts and the quaint English village setting. I read the first one and already preordered the third.

    5. M. White on said:

      Well written, and an interesting new approach with a site locator as the protagonist. Looking forward to more in this series.

    6. Georgette on said:

      I must be strong, I must be strong i.e I could binge read this entire series, but there are so many good books on my list. When last we left Kate of California- now unemployed, and Alex, an ex-pat living in a small English town who also worked as a location scout we could only know there might be more intrigue. Death in an English Cottage (#2) finds Kate at crossroads since her boss and former company are now no longer. While other colleagues moved on, Kate does not until she receives a text fro [...]

    7. Chris Blackton on said:

      This was a nice easy read, a true cozy mystery. Not really long enough to be called a novel and not short enough to be a novella. I suspected who the murderer was but there were enough twists that I couldn't be positive until the end. I am neither a Jane Austen fan nor a hater. I know very little about her but that didn't stop me from enjoying the book. I found it interesting to go behind the scenes of a documentary/movie and throw in the English countryside for good measure and it makes for a g [...]

    8. Cindy Crawford on said:

      A fun and interesting cozy mysteryI like the characters in this book and hope they'll be back. The English village and countryside is so well described that I feel like I could envision it all. Good mystery, lots of suspects, nice relationshipsenjoyable read!

    9. Sandy Shin on said:

      This is a fun series with engaging character and interesting sites. The job of researching and furnishing historical sites for filming is very interesting and the mystery is well plotted and satisfactorily concluded.

    10. Norma on said:

      "Hide it in plain sight"Book two of the delightful cozy mystery series about a young, American film location finder and Jane Austen fan set in the English countryside.Out of a job, Kate Sharp returns to Nether Woodsmeer, an idyllic English village which she had explored before when searching for her missing boss. But this time it's to work with Alex, another location scout and photographer, on a different Jane Austen T.V. series. She renews old acquaintances, meets Professor Rafe Farraday, a cel [...]

    11. Karen on said:

      This is the second book in the Murder on Location series. It jhas mystery and little romance thrown into the mix also. It is a quick and easy read which is a nice way to spend a few hours on a hot afternoon. Kate is back in England for another job. Now that the guy she originally worked for is dead, she has decided to give it a go as a freelance location scout. She definitely needs the money and this job will be perfect for her. Thanks to Alex, she is helping find the perfect settings for a Jane [...]

    12. Carlin on said:

      Fabulous second book in Sara Rosett's Murder on Location series. Kate is back in England with a job as a Location Scout for a documentary on Jane Austen set in and around the Cotswolds village of Nether Woodsmore, a place that reminded me of Bibury and Upper Slaughter, charming Cotswolds villages I explored several years ago. When I finished the book, I was sent to the author's Pinterest page that showed photos of those villages as part of her research for these first two books!Kate has barely m [...]

    13. Sam on said:

      Sara Rosett has brought us right back into the little village of Nether Woodsmoor for another strange mystery. Led by our very own Kate Sharp, we are sure in for a good time. Reading this second book in the series had me feeling like I was traveling right alongside Kate, stepping back into a quiet village that is starting to get used to the crazy movie people and random murders. Following Kate's train of thought allowed me to pull together my own conclusions about who did it.The budding relation [...]

    14. Elizabeth Harless on said:

      Delightful!A thoroughly enjoyable cozy mystery which evokes both the charm of an English village and the intricacies of film making. Believable characters and vivid descriptions keep you engrossed without being excessively wordy and boring. Looking forward to more from this talented author!

    15. Bettye McKee on said:

      Kate and Alex are together again in Nether Woodsmoor, this time to film a documentary about Jane Austen. This story involves murder, arson, shooting, fraud, hostage-taking, and more, but there weren't enough decent clues to keep the reader guessing whodunit. I consider this an unfair mystery if the reader can't possibly solve it based on the clues. It's fine to keep the reader guessing, but you must play fair.However, the story and characters were good, and the cover art on these books is fantas [...]

    16. Elizabeth Dodd on said:

      A great job in a lovely location and a chance to see if she can reconnect with a man she thinks she might want to have a relationship with.Perfect.Except the person in charge seems to hate her from the moment she arrives. But why?And there is this fabulous literary find--but no one has seen it except the person who has it.Then things really go nuts with fire, murder, false accusations, a firing, and more.How will it all get sorted out?

    17. Mary Byrnes on said:

      Great storyI loved this second book in the series. I feel as if I could find my way around Nether Woodsmoor if I ever found myself there. I love reading about small English villages and I love cozy mysteries. This was the best of both worlds for me. I'm looking forward to the next book in this series.

    18. April on said:

      Kate returns to England to help in producing a documentary about Jane Austen. A fire breaks out in a cottage near where Katr is staying, and a woman is found dead inside. Kate investigates and eventually works out what happened. There is danger along the way and emotional encounters.I liked this second book and as usual enjoy the English setting.

    19. Patty Fish on said:

      Love the second book of this series! I enjoy the details of the English countryside and quaint villagesThe story line and charactors are wonderfulIf you haven't read this or the first of series, please do.'s a "good read"!!! Thanks Sara, can't wait for the next!!!

    20. Vanessa on said:

      Quite enjoyableGiving it an extra star for not having those annoying grammatical errors, incorrect usage, and weirdly contrived metaphors I've come to dread when reading ebooks that I purchased for a few dollars.

    21. Gretchen on said:

      I couldn't wait to read this second book after I finished the first,so I had to download it onto my Kindle. It was as good as the first one! I have now downloaded the third one! Sara needs to write number four very quickly!

    22. Beatrice on said:

      Love this seriesThis is a very entertaining series with interesting characters, a realistic plot and a delightful setting. I enjoyed reading this book and look forward to the next book.

    23. Jackie Torcicollo on said:

      Easy summer (or anytime) read.This is my second Kate and Alex book by Rosett, and it was a quick, fun visit to England. I loved the cottages mentioned and wish I could stay in one for a vacation. Thanks Sara for the book.

    24. Peggie Ross on said:

      I enjoy this series about life and death in the English countryside. The characters are appealing and active. The mysteries are complex enough to be challenging but not confusing. I am looking forward to future books in the series.

    25. Mary on said:

      Sara's second book in the Murder on Locarion series presents all the mystery and intrigue of her first novel in this series. I loved the return of some of the same characters set in the charming village of Nether Woodsmoor. I can't wait to read the next one!!

    26. Melissa on said:

      Kate returns to the quaint English village from book 1. Setting is my favorite part if this series.

    27. Sheila on said:

      Three and a half stars. I enjoyed the book, but not quite as much as the first in the series.

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