Speed Metal Blues

Dave Stanton

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Speed Metal Blues

Speed Metal Blues Bounty hunter Dan Reno never thought he d be the prey It s a two for one deal when a pair of accused rapists from a New Jersey based gang surface in South Lake Tahoe The first is easy to catch but th

  • Title: Speed Metal Blues
  • Author: Dave Stanton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Bounty hunter Dan Reno never thought he d be the prey It s a two for one deal when a pair of accused rapists from a New Jersey based gang surface in South Lake Tahoe The first is easy to catch, but the second, a Satanist suspected of a string of murders, is an adversary unlike any Reno has faced After escaping Reno s clutches in the desert outside of Carson City, the taBounty hunter Dan Reno never thought he d be the prey It s a two for one deal when a pair of accused rapists from a New Jersey based gang surface in South Lake Tahoe The first is easy to catch, but the second, a Satanist suspected of a string of murders, is an adversary unlike any Reno has faced After escaping Reno s clutches in the desert outside of Carson City, the target vanishes That is, until he makes it clear he intends to settle the score To make matters worse, the criminal takes an interest in a teenage boy and his talented sister, both friends of Reno s Wading through a drug dealing turf war and a deadly feud between mobsters running a local casino, Reno can t figure out how his target fits in with the new outlaws in town He only knows he s hunting for a ghost like adversary calling all the shots The Reno learns about his target, the he s convinced that mayhem is inevitable unless he can capture him quickly He d prefer to do it clean, without further bloodshed But sometimes that ain t in the cards, especially when Reno s partner Cody Gibbons decides it s time for payback.

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    • ☆ Speed Metal Blues || Ã PDF Read by ↠ Dave Stanton
      195 Dave Stanton
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    One thought on “Speed Metal Blues

    1. Brett on said:

      Another hit in the Dan Reno series. I enjoy reading novels set geographical locations that I have frequented. Dave Stanton includes references to the scenery around not only South Lake Tahoe, but also Stateline, Reno and Carson City. Where does Stanton come up with these?: "I could feel the calories from the huge breakfast waiting to be burned" and "He’s a little light in the loafers. Guy could give you change for a ten, all in threes.”

    2. Judy Churchill on said:

      Average. Good tale but not much to the characters. They come and go and you really don't care. However, it was entertaining.

    3. Charissa Wilkinson on said:

      I received this book for a fair review.Overview: Dan is back, this time as a bounty hunter. Two real winners from New Jersey have arrived in town after skipping bail. When one of them starts sniffing around a couple of friends of Dan’s and Cody’s, it becomes more than just a job.Likes: John Switton’s devotion to his son was something impressive to behold. Maybe Vic shouldn’t have pushed him too far. Cody has just found out that he has a daughter, leading him to wonder if he should meet h [...]

    4. Linda on said:

      This third book featuring Dan Reno is definitely my favorite, so far. Dan and his sidekick take on everyone from crooked cops, Mexican gangs, and the Mafia. They protect a talented, young Mexican lady and her younger brother who are trying to make a decent living in the land of plenty. Dan and Cody are not squeaky clean heroes, but they sure are tough on the bad guys. If it weren't for a few flaws, mostly editing, I would like to have given this at least 4 1/2 stars.

    5. Mary on said:

      Dan Reno is after a pair of accused rapists. One is caught, but the second is a Satanist an suspect in a series of murders. Dan lost him in the desert outside of Carson City. A teenage boy and his sister, friends of Dans, are of interest to the killer. Then there is a drug dealing turf war and mobsters feud over a casino. Cody Gibbons comes to Dan's aid and that always makes it interesting.

    6. louise botts on said:

      Speed metal bluesGreat mystery! Hard to put down. This author is a gifted writer.I will try to read anything he writes, I feel that Dan and Cody wereNeighbors telling me of a job they did. I recommend any Dan Reno novel.

    7. Karla K Thompson on said:

      Another exciting adventure!I am definitely hooked on these two guys, Dan and Cody. Every minute is full of witty banter and fast paced action. A page turner, for sure. On to Dark Ice number 4. Thank you Dave!

    8. Stanley Marshall on said:

      NiceNice story with a fairly compelling story line. The main character is believable and interesting to follow the only problem I had was at just how much the characters were drinking while attempting to work.

    9. Jerry on said:

      Dan Reno is equal to Jack Reacher any day. Good murder mystery & thriller set around Lake Tahoe. I would read them in order since the build/feed off of each other.

    10. Marjorie on said:

      Given To Me For An Honest ReviewSpeed Metal Blues: A Dan Reno Novel by Dave Stanton is a real page turner. Make sure that you have your seatbelt on because you're in for the trip of your life. Once you open this book, it will grab you, hold you down tightly and you'll watch the pages turn and turn and turn some more until you get to the last one. You will even experience twists and turns and not believe them. Dan Reno and Cody, his ex-cop buddy are back. Dan is trying to make is as a PI and boun [...]

    11. Victoria Roberts on said:

      This was my first taste of Dan Reno or as Cody likes to call him “Dirt”. I have to say that I was not disappointed in the least! This story had enough twists and turns and seemingly small plot lines all dragged together at the end very nicely. This was a book that was extremely enjoyable to read the characters were well developed and you knew enough about even the minor of minor players so you weren’t left scratching your head. This is the 3rd book in the series but it appears that they do [...]

    12. James Cassidy on said:

      A superb third outing for Dan Reno.The third novel in the Dan Reno series has more than lived up to expectation. Dave Stanton has pulled no punches with this installment, building the story to its climax whilst keeping the reader entertained.At this point, we can now identify readily with the main characters, and the locations in which the action takes place, because of the depth the author has been able to achieve, without detracting from the story itselfI'm about to start on book four now, and [...]

    13. DEBIE WILLIAMS on said:

      This book is both funny and filled with mystery As a staunch mystery reader I'm not much into romance or so called chic books. This read however, has a Lil bit of both of those and a lot of what I love, humor and thrilling mystery. I love the way this author ties everything in in a not in anyway obvious bow so it all not only makes sense better t give the reader a sense of accomplishment . Great writing and wonderful plot. The characters are people I'd love to meet and have a chat with. Looking [...]

    14. George Stewart on said:

      Great readA well written mystery with some life's philosophy and of course some romance. Mr Reno along with his sidekick Cody raise hell with the bad guys through a twisted tale and some rye humor. I guess I will have to read the story to see if Candy is the one and if he can muddle through without CodyThe only detractors we grammar and incomplete sentences. Maybe the editor and proofreaders were hungover for this one LOL

    15. PAUL CHIODO on said:

      Dan Reno in another good episode.I enjoyed the doings of a good p.i./bounty hunter. There are a lot of relatable things in the story to help make it real & some things that make it just good entertainment. He has a best friend, which we all should have, and a conscience that makes him feel bad when killing someone, even a bad guy. It's a pretty good read, if you don't take it too serious. Just read & enjoy.

    16. Jonathan on said:

      I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.This is one of those books if I could give it 3.5 stars I would.I liked the book but did not love it as much as the previous.It was a bit too dark for me.I do like the Idea of Dan Reno going into bounty hunting though.Thanks again to the author for this opportunity.I enjoy the series.

    17. Naksuo on said:

      Great read!Another fantastic Dan Reno story. Interesting mix of characters and interwoven story lines makes this a real page turner. If you like detective stories this one's for you.

    18. kennethh.robinson on said:

      Interesting Characters and Convoluted Plot Twist to a Satisfying EndDan Reno and friend and friend work well together as they go back and forth between California and Nevada chasing a dangerous felon on the run from paying for his crimes in Eastern U.S.

    19. Sandy on said:

      Speed Metal BluesCriminals, bounty hunters, crooked cops, a beautiful Nevada town and a beautiful girl, what more could you ask for in a suspense story ? Excellent writing, interesting storyline and surprises in every chapter make for a very entertaining read.

    20. Sheila on said:

      great series background and character continuity and development it's not getting old off to read the next one

    21. jackie longman on said:

      Gritty crime bustingGood story,Dan and Cody are a law into themselves, bringing in the low life's that the cops cannot touch,or even crooked cops

    22. Lisa Hobbs on said:

      Another fabulous storyHow does he do it?!? Each book is a stand alone thrill ride. I'm excited to read the next one and sincerely hope he writes faster than I can read

    23. Ivon Chappell on said:

      Dan and Cody rides againGood fast paced thriller with an unsavory cast of villains that only Dan and Cody can tame enjoyed it very much

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