Gold Coast Blues

Marc Krulewitch

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Gold Coast Blues

Gold Coast Blues In Marc Krulewitch s gritty new mystery perfect for readers of Robert Crais and Marcia Muller a beautiful missing woman and a mysterious wine lead Chicago shamus Jules Landau straight toward a kille

  • Title: Gold Coast Blues
  • Author: Marc Krulewitch
  • ISBN: 9780804177696
  • Page: 478
  • Format: ebook
  • In Marc Krulewitch s gritty new mystery, perfect for readers of Robert Crais and Marcia Muller, a beautiful missing woman and a mysterious wine lead Chicago shamus Jules Landau straight toward a killer with very bad taste Jules Landau s father was mobbed up, as was his father before him Jules takes a different path He s a licensed private eye, currently collecting his pIn Marc Krulewitch s gritty new mystery, perfect for readers of Robert Crais and Marcia Muller, a beautiful missing woman and a mysterious wine lead Chicago shamus Jules Landau straight toward a killer with very bad taste Jules Landau s father was mobbed up, as was his father before him Jules takes a different path He s a licensed private eye, currently collecting his paycheck in cash from a young ex con looking for his missing girlfriend, Tanya But as Jules scours Chicago s North Side, he realizes that any number of people might want to make sure Tanya stays gone At the heart of her disappearance seems to be a thriving black market for expensive French wine a vintage so lucrative that Tanya may have paid for it with her life Following a trail of cash and power with twists than a corkscrew, Jules traces a criminal conspiracy back to a corrupt New Jersey cop With nobody telling the truth, Jules knows he has to act fast because a perfect crime only gets better with age See at bookshout ebooks gold coa

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      478 Marc Krulewitch
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    One thought on “Gold Coast Blues

    1. Nancy on said:

      French Wine, a Missing Woman, and the MobJules Landeau is a private investigator, although both his father and grandfather were in the mob. He's mostly playing it straight, but his knowledge of the criminal underworld helps when an ex-con, Eddie, hires him to search for Tanya, his missing girl friend. Jules is reluctant to take on the case. Eddie is newly released from prison, and he's an unpleasant character. But Jules is a sucker for a Jersey boy who wants to find his lost love. After searchin [...]

    2. Debbie on said:

      4 Stars! Wow, this book had so many players and so many players that it was terribly hard to guess just what in the heck was going on. I mean the story wasn't hard to follow, but guessing what was actually going on. There's no way I was ever going to figure that one out.Everyone is looking out for this girl named Tanya and everyone has a different reason why. Some people you know their reason, and some people you don't. You've got an ex-con paying a private investigator looking for her, then you [...]

    3. Marlene on said:

      Originally published at Reading RealityGold Coast Blues is a mystery about stolen vintage wine. Or about faking vintage wine. Or about stealing fake vintage wine. Or all of the above,Whether the wine turns out to be real or fake, vintage wine is very expensive. And quite possibly undrinkable. But Chicago’s Near North Gold Coast is the setting for this story, because it’s the nabobs of the North Shore who can afford to pay $25,000 for a single bottle of 1945 or 1947 Mouton or Lafitte Rothschi [...]

    4. Susan Johnston on said:

      Princess Fuzzypants here: While this is not truly a cat mystery, there is a great cat, Punim, who plays an important role in our hero, Jules Landau's, life. That is why I am doing the review and going to post in my blog, FUZZY Thoughts as well.HIgh paws for this series. I liked it from the beginning but I am really getting invested in Jules. He is such an interesting character- somepawdy who might do well in a film noir or a hard-boiled detective movie.Despite his father's long term relationship [...]

    5. Elaine on said:

      This is the first book I’ve read by this author and I have to say I’m impressed! The lead character in the story is Jules Landeau and boy does he have a checkered past! His father and grandfather were both in the mob but he’s mainly keeping on the straight and narrow, working as a PI and using his contacts and background knowledge to help him crack cases that would thwart others. He’s an engaging character, well developed, interesting and easy to relate to.The focus for his current inves [...]

    6. Tanya Brough on said:

      Gold Coast Blues -- Marc Krulewitch For some reason, I've always been quite interested in the mob or the mafia. Perhaps it was The Godfather-movies (not The Godfather Part III never Part III), or perhaps it's just the thought of how a whole organisation can operate above the law.Such is the life of Jules Landau. His father and grandfather were mob-men, but he has tried (with reasonable success) to stay away from a life of crime and is a private investigator.I think it was clever of Marc Krulew [...]

    7. P.e. lolo on said:

      Jules Landu, is a Private investigator who has left the family business. His grandfather, and father were both in the mob. So he does know a thing or two about crime, but does not want to know where Eddie has come up with the cash for him to look for his ex-girlfriend. He does wonder in the back of his mind just getting released and having this much cash can let you turn a blind eye. He figures easy money because she finally left Eddie and did not want to give him a dear Eddie (John) letter. But [...]

    8. Jay Williams on said:

      A brilliant suspense thriller with Jules taking his usual beatings and failing to score with the female characters. Jules takes a case to find a missing women, and walks into the world of wine investing, organized crime, sex affairs, stings, and treachery. The story is well-written, the characters are well-defined, and the continuing action makes the book impossible to put down. Chicago's gritty Gold Coast is the setting for great adventures. I'm looking forward to more.

    9. MartyAnne on said:

      Jules Landau is a licensed private eye. A lot of his work is catching a cheating spouse with his camera Sometimes he gets a case like tracking down missing person. However, this case of looking for a missing girlfriend named Tanya just gets deeper and deeper into dangerous territory and rife with layers and complications, any or all of which could get him killed!

    10. Leslie Irvine on said:

      Funny, but a long list of characters hasn't gotten in the way of George R.R. Martin's popularity.

    11. Robert Gelms on said:

      Gold Coast BluesBy Bob Gelms As I said last month, Jules Landau, my favorite vegan Chicago private investigator, is at it again. Trying to avoid murder cases, he takes what he thinks is a missing persons case. What he gets is more than one eye opening surprise. It turns into a murder case…but does it? And what if someone else turns up dead? And the ever present question: will Purin, Jules’ cat, ever get those raw chicken livers? (Purin gets raw food because Jules has never seen a wild cat co [...]

    12. Donna Davis on said:

      “Tanya Maggio’s a missing person, and I got a feeling she’s missing on purpose.” This third entry of the Jules Landau series finds Landau searching for Eddie’s missing girlfriend. There’s a faded noir feeling in its pages as Landau bounces between Chicago and New Jersey trying to trace back the thread. Though confusing at times, a trifle overburdened by excess characters, it’s a fun, original story. Thank you once and thank you twice to Net Galley and Random House Alibi for the DRC [...]

    13. Sally on said:

      Gold Coast Blues(A Jules Landau Mystery)By: Marc KrulewitchPublisher: Random House Publishing Group-AlibiJules Landau comes from a long line of Mafia affiliations. However, he chooses a completely different path for his life than that of his family before him. He has chosen to be a licensed Private Investigator. Jules is contacted by ex-con Eddie Byrne to find his missing girlfriend, Tanya Maggio. The deeper the search becomes, Jules realizes there are a lot of people who don’t want Tanya foun [...]

    14. John Purvis on said:

      “Gold Coast Blues” eBook was published in 2015 and was written by Marc Krulewitch. This is Mr. Krulewitch’s fourth novel and the third in his ‘Jules Landau Mysteries’ series.I obtained a galley of this novel for review through netgalley. I would categorize this novel as ‘PG’ as there are instances of Mature Language. This Mystery novel is set in contemporary Chicago. Private Investigator Jules Landau is hired by a shady looking guy to find his missing girlfriend. As Landau digs int [...]

    15. Zeb Kantrowitz on said:

      note: this was a free eBook from NetGalleyAn ex-con walks into Jules Landau’s office and asks him to find his girlfriend Tanya. He just got out of jail after doing three years downstate. During the first two and a half years she visited him and wrote to him but he hasn’t heard from her in six months. She was last known to be working in a “wine bar” on Chicago’s North Side.Thus begins the latest volume of Krulewitch’s “Jack Landau Mystery”. Before Jules can say ‘Cubs win the Pen [...]

    16. Breakaway Reviewers on said:

      Gold Coast Blues 3 starsMarc KrulewitchDoesn’t quite hit the markA missing girl, stolen expensive wine, an honest private investigator, bent cops and a touch of organised crime. This novel has all the elements of a great crime thriller but doesn’t quite hit the mark.The characterisation is very thin and the major protagonists’ motivation is often difficult to comprehend. The plot lacks bite and some parts of the action added nothing to the reader’s comprehension or understanding of [...]

    17. Live Laugh & Love Books on said:

      Originally posted on my blog Live Laugh & Love BooksThis book is well written and the characters are nicely developed. Although this is the first time I have read any work by this author it won’t be my last time, and I will probably go back and read the books before this one! While I didn’t find it filled with a bunch of intrigue, I did find it to be a great mystery, with a good storyline packed with lots of twists and turns that will keep you turning the pages.*I received a complimentar [...]

    18. Don Gorman on said:

      (2 ) I read this a week or so ago but it just turned up in the database as I received an early release from NetGalley. I like JulesLandau, a thinking P.I. who is not Superman, he is a really engaging character. However, this is the weakest of all the Landau books. I do not know where Krulewitch got lost on this one but the plot doesn't work, the characters don't grab you, everything is cut and dried in a non interesting manner. Chicago is a great backdrop for any story and it continues to be in [...]

    19. Denis Mcgrath on said:

      This is a thoroughly intriguing detective mystery with all of the classical clues and strong characters leading the reader like a mouse to the cheese but not yet to the trap. Private investigator Jules Landau does not give up in his search for the missing young woman Tanya. In the process he discovers a fraudulent wine scheme worth thousands of dollars, dirty cops, and other low life. A really good read…I was given an electronic copy in return for an honest review.

    20. Trina on said:

      I received this arc from Netgalley. It was a struggle to finish this book. The beginning was okay and I was hoping that it was uphill from there. Not. It seemed to just fall in to an endless loop of ridiculous characters and ridiculous situations. I was overjoyed to see 98% on my Kindle because shortly this disaster will be behind me. I will definitely not be reading anymore books by this author; I barely survived this one.

    21. Joyce on said:

      Jules Landau is a hard boiled, smart ass Private Eye. He is hired by a young man with a bag of money to locate his former girlfriend who had moved to Chicago. The story deals with her disappearance, missing wine that may or may not be incredibly valuable. Although the author made the attempt at noir I really didn't feel it. This wasn't bad reading, it just wasn't great reading.Thanks to Net Galley and Alibi for an ARC for an honest review.

    22. Patricia on said:

      I received this book from Netgalley to review.Jules Landau is a private detective and is hired by a young man that grew up living amongst organized crime. After getting out of jail he hires Jules to find his girlfriend who has gone missing. But along the way he discovers a conspiracy in the selling of "fake"expensive wine. A missing girl and fake wine. Only Jules could solve a case like this.Good detective series! Recommend it!

    23. Barbi on said:

      I received an ARC from Netgalley, to read and review.This was an ok book. There were so many different players in the story that I had trouble figuring everyone out. I think that might have been party of the storyline, but it was very confusing. It took me almost a week to read this book and I can normally knock one out in a day or two. I'm still not sure I figured it all out.

    24. SRRG on said:

      I thoroughly enjoyed reading this inverse detective story. Jules Landau is again the underdog PI. He is an endearing character but too stubborn and intrepid for his own good! Lucky for us, he pulled through and untangled this interesting missing person/wine case. I look forward to reading more from this author.

    25. Kathleen Gray on said:

      Thanks NETGALLEY for the ARC of this book< which I enjoyed but like some others found a little confusing because of the large cast. I think that I might have enjoyed it more in hard copy so that I could flip back and forth. THat said, it's well written and the plot is captivating (combine the mafia, detectives,and wine and well, I'M there.) I'd recommend this one.

    26. Bill Hart on said:

      Good storyThis book at a good plot line although it was somewhat convoluted with a number of people being involved. Was A little difficult to follow at times but had a good amount of action

    27. Patricia Moren on said:

      A very complex story involving criminals;a P.I; the F.B.I and various innocent bystanders. I decided just to go with the flow as there were so many characters involved. It was an absorbing storyline which all made sense in the end.

    28. Carl Rochelle on said:

      Good story easy to follow, interesting, I continue to be weirided out a bit by a Vegan Private Eye who has a cat that feasts on raw organ meat, but other than that, not bad.

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