The Keys of the Watchmen

Kathleen C. Perrin

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The Keys of the Watchmen

The Keys of the Watchmen Katelyn Michaels plans on hating every moment of her visit to Mont Saint Michel with her father s new French wife Once there she is confused when she experiences sensations of d j vu as she and her y

  • Title: The Keys of the Watchmen
  • Author: Kathleen C. Perrin
  • ISBN: 9780692342855
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Paperback
  • Katelyn Michaels plans on hating every moment of her visit to Mont Saint Michel with her father s new French wife Once there, she is confused when she experiences sensations of d j vu as she and her younger brother explore the medieval village and abbey She is even disturbed when she is confronted by two unusual young men, one who insists she has a sacred mission,Katelyn Michaels plans on hating every moment of her visit to Mont Saint Michel with her father s new French wife Once there, she is confused when she experiences sensations of d j vu as she and her younger brother explore the medieval village and abbey She is even disturbed when she is confronted by two unusual young men, one who insists she has a sacred mission, and the other who will stop at nothing, even murder, to prevent her from fulfilling her destiny When the oddly dressed but alluring Nicolas slips Katelyn a strange medallion, she is whisked back through time where her Watchmen hosts tell her she is the only hope to save Mont Saint Michel Even worse, she learns that those trying to destroy the mount are led by a fallen angel intent on learning the mount s closely guarded secret Katelyn is torn by feelings of anger at being taken back in time, inadequacy at finding a modern solution for a medieval problem, and responsibility for the mount s starving inhabitants She is also perturbed by her surprising attraction to the ill tempered Nicolas Will she stay to learn why she was chosen by the Archangel Michael and find a way to save his mount

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      403 Kathleen C. Perrin
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    One thought on “The Keys of the Watchmen

    1. Melinda on said:

      I absolutely adored this book, a gem offering more than I bargained for. Where do I begin to list the merits of the author and her vision.From the first sentence you’ll find yourself swept away, caught in the mystique unable to put the book down.Perrin provides descriptive writing furthering the intrigue of the narrative and its historical focal point. If you’re unfamiliar with Mont Saint Michel you won’t be after reading this book, I’m sure you’ll want to voyage to this landmark islan [...]

    2. Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede on said:

      This book was really good. I was a bit afraid it would be a bit preachy in the beginning when they started talking about the Bible and fallen angels. Nothing wrong with that, but I have kind of read a little too much theology that I need a break from it. But after a while my worry about it just melted way and I found myself really enjoying the story.Katelyn Michaels is a wonderful character. She isn't perfect; she had problems adjusting to having travelled in time like any seventeen year old gir [...]

    3. Emma on said:

      VERDICT: I highly recommend The Keys of the Watchmen to all lovers of historical suspense and Medieval France. It is funny, very smartly thought out, and packed with great information on Mont Saint Michel. Grab your key and follow Katie right now: time travel at its best on one of France most unique islands!this way to my ecstatic review:wordsandpeace/2015/03/09/b

    4. Anne on said:

      "The Keys of the Watchmen" drew me in from the beginning prologue. The characters were dynamic and evolved throughout the story. The writing was descriptive and beautifully conveyed emotion and setting. Overall, this was a great, clean (PG rated) read. I would recommend this to any age 14 and up, and am looking forward to the next book.

    5. Nikita (NjKinny's World of Books & Stuff) on said:

      njkinnysblog/2015/05/bThe Keys of the Watchmen by Kathleen C. Perrin came as a surprise to me. When I agreed to review it I wasn't expecting the book to be so unique and fantastic. The cover is intriguing and mysterious and caught my attention right from the start and when you add the unconventional title, I knew I had to check it out.The blurb is okay but after reading the book, I feel that it could have been made more appealing.Kathleen's writing style is simple, engrossing and she manages to [...]

    6. Gabi on said:

      Oh myI freaking loved this book soo muchProbably my favorite historical fiction EVERcharacters were just amazing OTP for lifeAmazing is the only word that I can use for this bookCan NOT wait for the next book :) I need more Katelyn+nickolas

    7. Kenzee on said:

      A bit of romance, lots of action/adventure, plenty of historical background all the makings of my kind of book. I like how the characters actually evolved. I will be looking forward to book #2.

    8. Maureen on said:

      When I started reading ‘The Keys of The Watchmen’, I didn’t really knew what to expect. From the very beginning I loved Kathleen C. Perrin’s writing style, it is fun to read and there is a lot of humor to her writing. But when the story began going about Katelyn’s deja-vu moments, and an Archangel who was talking to her, I became a little worried. I’m not a religious person, and I was afraid this book would be more about religion and the bible. But because the writing was so fun, I k [...]

    9. Lane Vance on said:

      Engaging Writing, Immense Insights, Unique PerspectivesI rarely read fiction, but I was drawn to read this book! Thank you Kathleen for your engaging writing and your immense insight into this amazing site along with your unique perspectives. I enjoyed your believable touch connecting your characters: Katelyn and her brother Jackson on the front end; Katelyn with her father and his new French wife; and my favorite - Katelyn with Jean and Nicolas working together in the heart of the matter. You w [...]

    10. Charlene on said:

      Time Travel, but in an intelligent way.A 21st century teenage girl and her brother are exploring Mont St Michel when they become embroiled in a good vs evil struggle. The younger brother is left with a bloody chin, but the sister finds herself in the 15th century when the English are about to attack the medieval island after a starvation blockade. She finds that she is a Watchman when her guidance comes from St Michael himself, although he is never seen. A lot of history and fifteenth century li [...]

    11. Lakin on said:

      I am so glad I accepted this book for review! I don't normally read NA novels, but this one sounded really, really good, and when the author contacted me I couldn't resist that summary and the good things that I had read about it! I mean Mont Saint Michel, history, archangels, a sacred mission, a medallion, and an alluring man named Nicolas? I just had to find out for myself, and you should too, because I'm really glad I did!I was afraid that I wouldn't like the main character, Katelyn, because [...]

    12. Rosalee on said:

      My mom got me this book, So I wanted to give it a good try. Generally, my rule is to give a book 50 pages or 5 chapters to grab me. Though some books have a slow start, I feel like that is enough for me to get a feel for if I would like the book or not. Well, I finished over 11 chapters and 90 pages and was very not interested. Sorry, mom.I had a number of problems getting through this book. First off, whats with the changing tense? One chapter will be in past tense, the next in present, and the [...]

    13. Chrissy (The Every Free Chance Reader) on said:

      Did I enjoy this book: Well, seeing as I read this book in five days, I would say the answer is yes. However, I will say it wasn’t love at first chapter. It took me a good twenty-five percent of the book before I embraced Nicolas and Katelyn as decent and believable characters. I knew going into Perrin’s book that this would be YA, but it was a bit too angsty and whiny at the start. I nearly had some wine to mute the whining.It was when Jean’s character fully came into the story that I too [...]

    14. Becky on said:

      Great read! I really enjoyed this story, and I loved learning about the history of Mont St. Michel. Now I need to visit France! I devoured the last half of this book, I couldn't put it down (which resulted in a couple of very late nights)! It's a great story, it's very well written, and I can't wait for #2!

    15. Maria Rodriguez on said:

      I love the story. I am fascinated by Mount Saint Michel. I want to see this place in person. I want to know what happens next with Katelyn and Nicolas when they find each again. I am looking forward to reading Book 2. I can't wait to read it. What's the publication release date?

    16. Michelle on said:

      I LOVED this book. It was amazing. I couldn't put it down. The history that was involved, it was fun to read about this mount and learn all the history that was part of it.

    17. Christine on said:

      This is a great story. It was easy to read, entertaining and I learned a lot. Can't wait for #2!

    18. Karen on said:

      Great book. Loved learning more about mont st Michel and need to go back now. There were a few slow parts in the book for me but the end really drew me in and I couldn't put it down.

    19. Lindsay on said:

      The Keys of the Watchmen The Keys of the Watchman is one really good book. Once I get into the book it, I can not put it down. It got all of what you would want in a book, it has action, mystery and time travel and romance all in one book. What a way to read a book. The author does a wonderful job of tell the story of the of the historical facts. You get to feel as if you are part of it. You want to help the characters. You learn about christianity though this book as well. The Archangel Michae [...]

    20. Denise on said:

      Full disclosure: I was chosen a winner and received a paperback copy of The Keys of the Watchmen by Kathleen C. Perrin in the mail. That in no way influenced the review that follows.At the end of her own review of this book, Kathleen Perrin mentions her goal of making the reader burn with desire to visit Mont Saint Michel, and she definitely accomplished that! I was delighted, upon completing the book, to learn that there are 100+ photos that she has taken of Mont Saint Michel on her website (k [...]

    21. Lucy Pollard-Gott on said:

      What an enchanting book! You can see its beautiful cover, which shows the island fortress of Mont-Saint-Michel off the coast of Normandy. Perrin’s heroine, 17-year-old American teen Katelyn Michaels, is visiting the Mount as a tourist with her younger brother Jackson, when she becomes enmeshed in a centuries-long fight to destroy Mont-Saint-Michel and its place in history: both as guardian of France at a crucial time and as bulwark again Satan and his fallen angels. She is attacked by one of t [...]

    22. Diana on said:

      copy from France Book ToursFirst, I really enjoyed this book. There are a couple of things I think really made all the different elements of this story work. 1) The story begins with and interesting tease, "banished. They had been banished." Immediately I was interested to see who was banished, why, from where etc 2) Mont Saint Michel is a fascinating place to learn about. Even though I've been to France and loved it, I'm disappointed I did not know about Mont Saint Michel. 3) Katie (the main ch [...]

    23. Wendy on said:

      I am a complete sucker for historical fiction, and I am intrigued by time travel (when it is written in a unique and adequately descriptive manner, making one actually able to envision themselves there in the middle of the action). I know a book is going to be great if I am completely invested in the story within the first few chapters. This book engaged me into the storyline from the very first chapter and held my complete attention until the very end. I often read more than one book at a time [...]

    24. Erika Messer on said:

      The Keys of the Watchmen is a fantastic voyage full of twists and turns that you never see coming. Between the mysterious monk and the amazing setting of the beautiful Mont Saint Michael in France this is a thrilling novel that is full of plots and subplots and at the center of it all is a small medallion that Katelyn does not fully understand until it takes her back in time and she realizes that she is the only hope for the survival of the town. It was really fun to watch Katelyn grow into her [...]

    25. Emily on said:

      Though the start is a little slow this book still grabbed my attention right at the start and the story soon picks up in pace. I especially loved how easy it was to learn a little history right along with the main character. I learned a few historical things that I didn't know before. There is also plenty to think about as the heroine follows her hero's journey. The author includes and integrates many historical and scriptural thoughts and elements. There are plenty of moments where I stopped re [...]

    26. Sue on said:

      I would like to thank and the author for this great book. From the very beginning I was pulled into the story and had a hard time putting the book down. It was a fast paced story and a quick read. I loved all the historical information about Mont Saint Michel, France. I can't wait to read book 2 of this saga.

    27. Joan on said:

      I finished this book a few weeks ago and can't get it off my mind. It makes you think. It was a wonderful lesson in French history, a great mystery, a romance and fun read. It picks up gradually and by the middle of the book you can't put it down. I loved this book. I want to go to Mont Saint Michel as soon as I can. I am glad I read this book before I go! It will mean so much to me.

    28. Alice N. on said:

      Loved this storyI thoroughly enjoyed this story of Mont St. Michel and Katelyn, the 21st century heroine who helped save it from the devil and the English in 1424. So much history. And fiction together for a rousing read.

    29. Lynne on said:

      What a great story line! I loved my visit to Mont Saint Michel, and reading the book makes me want to go back. I especially liked the way the heroine used modern-day solutions from her backpack to solve the problems she encountered.

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