The Irish Cottage: Finding Elizabeth

Juliet Gauvin

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The Irish Cottage: Finding Elizabeth

The Irish Cottage Finding Elizabeth A story about losing your way and finding your life Book of Elizabeth Lara built a perfect life as San Francisco s top divorce attorney but when she loses her great aunt Mags the woman who raise

  • Title: The Irish Cottage: Finding Elizabeth
  • Author: Juliet Gauvin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A story about losing your way and finding your life Book 1 of 3 Elizabeth Lara built a perfect life as San Francisco s top divorce attorney, but when she loses her great aunt Mags, the woman who raised her, she boards a plane and leaves it all behind.The Irish shores welcome her as she learns a shocking truth, kept secret for thirty five years Devastated and now alone A story about losing your way and finding your life Book 1 of 3 Elizabeth Lara built a perfect life as San Francisco s top divorce attorney, but when she loses her great aunt Mags, the woman who raised her, she boards a plane and leaves it all behind.The Irish shores welcome her as she learns a shocking truth, kept secret for thirty five years Devastated and now alone in the world, Beth tries to find peace in a beautiful cottage by Lough Rhiannon, but peace isn t what fate had in mind Almost as soon as she arrives, Beth s solitary retreat into the magic wilds of Ireland is interrupted by Connor Bannon A man with light brown hair, ice blue eyes and a secret of his own He s gorgeous, grieving, and completely unexpected With the help of Mags letters, the colorful townspeople of Dingle, and Connor, Elizabeth might just find a way back to the girl she lost long ago and become the woman she always wanted to be.

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    One thought on “The Irish Cottage: Finding Elizabeth

    1. Pat Bretheim on said:

      This book appeared on the surface to be about the charms of the Irish countryside. An American woman headed to Ireland to spend some time healing after the loss of her aunt, who raised her. However, the book soon devolved into the cheapest of romance novels. "Beth" immediately meets Connor, who looks like a model and who is single. Of course he is interested in her, in spite of the fact that he has dated supermodels and celebrities, but they don't compare to Beth, do they? Wait, there's more. Co [...]

    2. Kim Howard on said:

      Good But Not GreatThis book was just a so-so read for me. This story is about Elizabeth, who loses her last remaining family member and goes on a journey to find herself. The writing was descriptive but I needed more. The characters were flat and bordering on one dimensional. There wasn't anything wrong with them but I just didn't care about them. This is a three book series and I'm good with just reading this one.

    3. Sue on said:

      I liked the idea of the letters left to Beth to help her evaluate where her life was and where her heart should be. I would have liked more character development and less description of their sexual moments. That caused me to lose interest in reading a sequel.

    4. Kara Hansen on said:

      2.5 ( generous) stars. I was expecting something much different from this book. A weak plot, cheesy and corny writing, predictable characters. Even the treasured letters, which started off being a key part of this book were not impressive. Not impressed and I definitely won’t continue with the series.

    5. Trish on said:

      I was expecting a cozy read as a woman processes her grief and finds love. And I didn't realize this was part of a series, so I was expecting it to have an actual ending.Instead, we have a killer barracuda divorce lawyer who falls apart when she finds out her past isn't quite as she was told. So what does she do? Essentially walks away from her life and runs off to Ireland. Where she falls deeply into lust with the local heartthrob (who's also rich and titled, but has prevented his heart from ev [...]

    6. Tina on said:

      A nice read, nothing spectacular or extraordinary. I might continue the series in the future.

    7. Sydney on said:

      I read this author's first book which was an erotic novella & really liked it. This book seems to be a complete departure--it's more women's fiction romance--full length. It sucked me in. I thought it was delicious. Really delicious. I've always loved Ireland (love Maeve Binchy & Dorien Kelly), this made me feel like I was there. Elizabeth, the main character isn't likeable at first, but she's real and by the end I wanted to be her. And Connor the male lead--wowzers. Can I have a Connor [...]

    8. Sandi Blaylock on said:

      FabulousI was referred to this book by a friend. She sent me a pic of the book. I looked it up and thought it sounds just like something I would love. I was right it was. I love this author. The book has no dull moments in it to make you bored or want to skip pages. I devoured every word. I'm off to buy book two. Please try this series. Love Beth and Conner!!

    9. J. A.Lewis on said:

      Mediocre read about an attorney who loses her great aunt (who raised her) and decides to move to Ireland to regroup and recover. She immediately runs into a gorgeous Irish man coming out of the bathroom, naked of course. It's obvious where the book is headed. I used to read this genre when I was younger but have grown weary of the extremely detailed sex scenes and lack of more attention to the story line. The book ends rather abruptly but gives you a few pages of the next book in the series. Dou [...]

    10. Nancy Garbe on said:

      This is a captivating, romantic story of wounded people learning to open up to change and to love and to trust. It has a handsome, Irish leading man and a smart, attractive leading lady coming to terms with some changes/discoveries about herself. There are wonderful descriptions of Ireland and the Irish. The ending is a bit rough and abrupt, leading the reader to the sequels. Overall, well done.

    11. Saorlaith Ní Shuibhne on said:

      I never write reviews on , I just leave star reviews because I'm no good at writing. But I felt too bad giving this a one star review without saying anything. Especially after reading the afterword and hearing the author talk about the importance of reviews. So I want to attempt to be constructive. It just wasn't my cup of tea. I'm sure there are people who can suspend their disbelief and enjoy it quite happily but it just wasn't going to happen for me. The plot was far fetched and a bit ridicul [...]

    12. Esther on said:

      This was a pretty good story, but it loses a point for actually only being half a story you know, where you have to buy the "sequel" ebook just to get an ending. Which, of course, won't just be an ending, it'll be a new twist in a story you thought was just about to wrap up. And who knows if you'll then need to buy another "sequel" to get to the end of it once and for all? Ugh.(Also, what a relief that after a near death experience, Elizabeth and Connor were still able to have amazing sex. I tho [...]

    13. RJ on said:

      This is a 3 part series. Saying that I felt like there was some closure and I can't wait to read the next chapter in Beth's life. The characters are trite (she's the best divorce attorney & he's an incredibly rich, handsome lord). The author did write the characters in a way that I was drawn into their story. I wished their background story was more believable.

    14. Jamie Sloan on said:

      Not the story I thought I was going to readI was hoping for more answers about Elizabeth's past. About her parents. About Mags. It really was a great love story. I was just hoping for more.

    15. Christine on said:

      Loved the descriptions of the Irish countryside and loved the depiction of the heroine's aunt. However, the actual book read way too much like a childhood fantasy of wanting to date in the British royal family.

    16. Deborah Melendy on said:

      AwesomeGreat read believable characters loved it and wish to read more of the same thank you for writing this book helps to put this vs in perspective

    17. Gina1230 on said:

      Lovely pool / beach read which I really enjoy. As I'm actually Irish quite a bit it authentically Irish which I enjoyed as I live in US now. The ending is a surprise

    18. Sandra Klinkhammer on said:

      Well writtenWorth the time to read this book. Description of places made you feel like you were there. Would read it again.

    19. Joan on said:

      How perfect can a love affair be?Elizabeth Lara, who had been abandoned by first her father, than her mother, was raised by her Aunt Mags, a wonderful woman. Because of her background, Beth grew up, built a perfect life as San Francisco’s top divorce attorney, and when her aunt Mags passed at age 90, turned in her request for an indefinite leave of absence, as she was so lost now. She had never been in love although she had a boyfriend for a year. She didn’t trust love so she left her former [...]

    20. Juanita on said:

      Review: The Irish Cottage by Juliet GauvinI thought the book was well written and the characters held my interest for being a romance. It didn’t really have much gussied-gussy stuff and what there was just happen to be done in good taste. There are two more books to the trilogy but I’m satisfied with reading the first book that I won’t rush out for the others. The ending in this book really predicts how the story will continue in the second one.It was a fast read about a woman moving away [...]

    21. Connie D on said:

      Beth's beloved great-aunt, who raised her, has just died and left her a series of letters exhorting her to live her life well and also revealing secrets about the parents who left her at an early age. This sounded promising. Beth's decision to quit her job as a divorce lawyer and rent a cottage in Ireland for a month or two sounded interesting, although taking that particular jump wasn't the obvious reaction to the first letter. Almost immediately after arriving, Beth meets Connor, a handsome Ir [...]

    22. Patricia on said:

      I came accross this books while holidaying in Turin-Italy, I went to this lovely bookshop and as soon as I read the blurb I was in love with ite cover is gorgeous as well by the way. So, even though it was kind of expensive I bought it and started it straight away.I loved, LOVED! 95% of it yeahe end came and I was sort of pissed off.why, oh why do authors feel the need of leaving us, faithful readers, with a dreadful cliffhanger???? It really bothers me to no end. The actual ending was no so bad [...]

    23. Georgette on said:

      Ahh to be in Ireland again. Not only could I not put this book down, but it had me in its grip from the first Chapter and left me wanting more by the last. Beth/Elizabeth, a successful divorce attorney is at a crossroads in her life at age 35 so what does she do.nce losing her Great Aunt Mags(Magdalene) but rent a cottage in one of the lovliest places on earth: Dingle (and one of mine as well) in NW Ireland so search and heal and go home Meatloaf would sayTwo out of Three and Bad. Then through n [...]

    24. Claudia Hacker on said:

      I loved this bookI have too many books on my Kindle, a horrible admission from a book junkie. What I mean by that is I can't always remember why I have the book to begin with. The Irish Cottage fell into this category. But I'm so glad I began reading this lovely story. This book captures a place in your heart because it is relatable. We ALL are Beth and Connor at some point in our lives. We all react to our past and make decisions without knowing always why we do what we do. This is a love story [...]

    25. Suzan on said:

      I so wanted to love this book. I started out really enjoying the read and getting into the Irish countryside . Then the book turns into this "XXX" rated trash. So I skipped a few pages and back to the story. Only to be back skipping pages. This is book one of a series. I would have liked to have read more about Elizabeth and her journey in finding out who she is but the "XXX" is over the top. Why do authors feel they must describe every little detail of an act that should be intimate. I wish the [...]

    26. Pegg on said:

      I really wanted to like this book. Loved the premise, the back cover blurb. But I gave up after about six chapters. I'm not snowflake who can't handle coarse language, but when a 90-year-old woman is dropping f-bombs in letters to her great niece I don't know. It fell apart for me there. Are there 90-year-old women who drop f-bombs? I'm sure there are. Do I want to spend my time reading about them? Um. No.

    27. Betty on said:

      Moving to the cottage.I loved the book, once I started I couldn't put it down. I moved right into that Irish cottage. The way you describe Ireland brought me there , being Irish and having been there a few times, I could and smell it. I haven't read many romance novels but you may have given me a new genre to explore. The london flat is already on my kindle, so I must pack and get going. Thank you.

    28. Anne on said:

      This was not a bad book. I enjoyed the story. Simply I am not a big romance reader. And this was a big romance. Give me a murder. Or a haunted house. Even an embezzlement with romance on the side. Being in the minority on this I should probably give myself 3 stars and the book 5. I will read the other 2 books.

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