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Rapunzel Based on sources that predate Grimm Berenzy s Rapunzel is not about a beautiful maiden who sits helplessly by until she is rescued by a handsome prince Rather it is the story of a young woman who mu

  • Title: Rapunzel
  • Author: Alix Berenzy
  • ISBN: 9780805012835
  • Page: 353
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Based on sources that predate Grimm, Berenzy s Rapunzel is not about a beautiful maiden who sits helplessly by until she is rescued by a handsome prince Rather, it is the story of a young woman who must choose between the security of her sheltered tower and the uncertainty of independence Full color.

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    One thought on “Rapunzel

    1. Julia on said:

      A beautifully unique yet quite interesting retelling of Rapunzel that holds itself against all other variations. Although the book does a wonderful job in retelling the much older version of the story that I had read before there was a bit of a newer element in which the protagonist was only a pre-teen when she was locked up in her tower instead of being raised in the tower since the day after her arrival in the world. What also intrigued me the most was the introduction bit in the book that was [...]

    2. Mary Catelli on said:

      Faithful retelling of the Brothers Grimm tale. Pictures are all good. Some are quite gorgeous.

    3. Aleisa on said:

      I had forgotten how scandalous the real story of Rapunzel was! This version is not all-that-beautifully retold but Oh! the illustrations are gorgeous!

    4. Ally Copper on said:

      “Rapunzel,” retold and illustrated by Alix Berenzy, is a fairly straightforward, traditional retelling of the story of the girl with the golden locks, kept in a tower by an evil jailer (in this retelling, a fairy), and saved from her solitude by a handsome prince. The thing that makes this 1995 picture book stand out is the amazing illustrations created with colored pencil and gouache on black paper. Berenzy captures the facial expressions of the characters, as well as the shadows and light [...]

    5. Ziwei Cheng on said:

      A long time ago, there was a lovely girl, her name is La Peize. She has a beautiful golden hair, hair grows has been dragged to the ground. From her childhood, she was a nasty witch song Searle imprisoned in a dark forest in the castle. Sur La Peize song has been a servant to handle. Lapei Ze have two friends, one called Hopi, a man named Penelope. Penelope is just clumsy dragons. Hopi is a greedy rabbit. They are two of the most loyal friends Lapei Ze. Lapei Ze especially love painting. As long [...]

    6. Lisa on said:

      Rapunzel By: Alix Berenzy, ISBN 0805057935, 1995. In a German town lived a wife and her husband. The wife was with child and became obsessed with her neighbors garden of Rapunzel, salad greens grown in Europe. She wanted the Rapunzel at any cost. Her husband was caught while stealing some for his wife and agreed to hand over their child when it was born. The old woman kept the child named “ Rapunzel” in a tower with just a small window. The child grew up there alone when the woman wanted to [...]

    7. Amalie on said:

      This is the closest I read for the version of the Brothers Grimm. This must be based on Friedrich Schultz's "Rapunzel," published in Germany one hundred years later, faithfully follows La Force's plot but Schultz makes to the story is that the fairy is portrayed with sympathy. In this version, Mother Gothel (a generic name for a godmother) is a fairy instead of a witch. she doesn't throw the prince from the tower — he leaps himself, in a fit of despair. The oral version of "Rapunzel" collected [...]

    8. Miko O. on said:

      This version was the only one I've read that explained that rapunzel is a kind of lettuce. Suddenly her name makes so much more sense!

    9. Izzy on said:

      I thought this was a good book. The illustrations were very beautiful.

    10. Mikael on said:

      I enjoyed this version immensely. The artwork was original and different. However, the story was the same as all the rest.

    11. Shelli on said:

      A stunningly illustrated dark version of the well known Rapunzel story in a way that may surprise many readers. Alix Berenzy is one talented woman!

    12. Lisa on said:

      I really loved the illustrations in this book. I enjoyed the story until the ending, which was kind of weird.

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