Kindling Flames: Smoke Rising

Julie Wetzel

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Kindling Flames: Smoke Rising

Kindling Flames Smoke Rising Is there such a thing as a normal life when you live with an ancient vampire and a temperamental hellhound Victoria Westernly was just starting to think so With Samhain just around the corner and the

  • Title: Kindling Flames: Smoke Rising
  • Author: Julie Wetzel
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Is there such a thing as a normal life when you live with an ancient vampire and a temperamental hellhound Victoria Westernly was just starting to think so With Samhain just around the corner and the promise of a Halloween Ball, her life was looking good Even the addition of a new master vampire couldn t bring her down When Victoria and Darien become the victims of a sIs there such a thing as a normal life when you live with an ancient vampire and a temperamental hellhound Victoria Westernly was just starting to think so With Samhain just around the corner and the promise of a Halloween Ball, her life was looking good Even the addition of a new master vampire couldn t bring her down When Victoria and Darien become the victims of a series of unfortunate accidents, they know something s up Where there s smoke, there s fire But, the question is who is burning what

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    One thought on “Kindling Flames: Smoke Rising

    1. Greta Riordan on said:

      Liked much more than the rest of the series. really good. Bit upset i didn't get to see Darien and Vicky's relationship develop, it seemed they where just together all of a sudden.

    2. Julie Wetzel on said:

      With a cast of characters that we already love, and a few new faces, this is a wonderful continuation to an already delightful series. Trust me, you won't want to put it down!

    3. Ana on said:

      They were a little slow realizing who and what the new threat was but, apart from that and Vicky's kidnapping (everyone keeps saying she's safe but someone always manages to hurt her), it was good. I like the slow evolution of their relationship. They are so cute together. Even if he keeps letting her get into trouble. Although I did find the climax a little anti-climatic. 3.5 ★

    4. Runningrabbit on said:

      I think this is the best book so far. I agonised whether to give this a 5, decided that I honour it with that simply because of my enjoyment.The author has continued to inject new characters and new scenarios that is keeping this series fresh and constantly morphing with new information. I'm absolutely sucked in.

    5. V on said:

      A great series. Very intriguing and entertaining. Love the different paranormals we get to meet. The story gets better with each book. I will definitely continue the series.

    6. Charmaine Walker on said:

      This series is an interesting series, it is fast paced, has some action and the storyline is compelling. However, there was a few things that did irritate me somewhat. There was a loose thread, that I'm sure the author will tie up at a later stage, but I think that is just my personal peeve. The vampire hero seemed at times a little too human. But the one thing that may stop me from reading any further books, is the female heroine. She is just too perfect, its as if nothing impacts her. No human [...]

    7. Sandra on said:

      2.5 - 3 stars. I like Vicky & Darrien as a couple and the story started off well with potential new villain in Christian who was obvously up to something nefarious. But then nothing much happens (aside from Darrien acting more human and Darrien & Vicky throwing and interspecies Halloween ball. There was a brief return to the Christian storyline in the last couple of chapters but the whole story line was very underdeveloped. Also I don't get why D was showing more human traits - eating pe [...]

    8. Khanique McDaniel on said:

      I've never understood when a series felt the need to speak on prior events like we weren't there. Hello! We are at book 3 because we read through the first 2 novels! I know I had this series pegged as something fun & quirky to pass the time as I wait on some new releases, but I have now invested the hours and slowly come to like the outrageous story, so I am annoyed at coming into this novel and realizing that the story progressed way pass the point of what is acceptable. I understand that i [...]

    9. Stacey on said:

      I read book 3 in the trilogy set (books 1-3). The third book in this set still leaves much unanswered, and although not a cliff hanger like the first book it still leaves you unsatisfied. So the story has some good elements (the Halloween Ball was interesting), but some story parts are mediocre, (such as Vicky's mother, Ann, and her vampire lover). I do love Zak the hell hound; the author is consistent with his character and Zak adds plenty of action and antics to Darien and Victoria's romantic [...]

    10. Marcia on said:

      This is the third book in the series. Darien is acting weird and a new master vampire comes to town.This one was a bit disappointing. For one, the editing was poor with lots of typos. Secondly Clara and Darien romance is moving very slowly. I realize that this is suppose to be a clean teen book, but it could still be spiced up some what. Thirdly, Darien and Clara are smart vampires and especially with Vicky as his assistant, no one thought to google Christian and why he left his former town? I w [...]

    11. Antoinette Lewis on said:

      Boy oh boy it just seem like Darian should turn Vicky into a vampire, because as human she is just so fragile and new to the world of supernatural. I live Darian's character is big and bag yet he displays a soft and loving side just for his Victoria.

    12. Lisa Godina on said:

      My biggest complaint of this book is that I don't have book 2!!! This first book left me on the edge of my seat

    13. Noodle TheNaughtyNightOwl on said:

      7/10: Good solid read, something to get your teeth into. Darien tried not to feed from emergency crews. They did more good with their blood in them.I have to admit, I'm not really a fan of third person clean romance, but something keeps pulling me back to these books. Despite the fact they're not in KU.It's definitely got something to do with Darien. And, OK, maybe with Vicky & the world they live in, too.‘Kian Dubhlainn loves cailín’But this time, the lesser Fey stole the show. I loved [...]

    14. Ethan Gregory on said:

      Full review and more available at: oneguysguidetosp*****My Thoughts:You guys have probably read my other two reviews from this series already enough to know that I am in absolute bookish love with this one. It's been a long time since I read a paranormal series that has stuck with me like this one has. I've read lots of vampire novels in my day, but this one nearly takes the cake. I haven't been this excited about a paranormal series since Sookie Stackhouse solved her last mystery. The love is d [...]

    15. S.arinto on said:

      4.5 *Each book out-bests the previous one!A new Master arrives in town to cause trouble, Vicky's mother has troubling news and the Fay seem to really like VickyI could barely put my book down!! The intricate mystery story slowly reveals itself leaving you hanging on every word. This time, both Darien and Vicky go through transformations. But not like last time. In this book, Halloween and Samhain control part of the book's magic entourageyou need to read it, trust me! Look at the cover and, if t [...]

    16. Avid Reader Amy's Reviews on said:

      Following the story from the first two books, Smoke Rising carries the characters into the next stage of their lives. Darien and Vicky have been living with their lovable yet weird "pet" Zak, the fae. Life is going great until someone sets out to destroy it. Wetzel writes an entertaining and thrilling story that captures your attention from the start. The characters that we fell in love with previously, become more defined as the story progresses. I found that Darien seemed to be in the forefron [...]

    17. Laurie on said:

      The magical world around Vicky continues to expand as she and Darien embrace their love for each other. Darien is being challenged in a sneak attack that almost results in Vicky’s death. The lesser fey play predominate roles in this installment, and Vicky gets marked and “magically enhanced”. The Halloween Ball was an imaginative romp that became tangled up in a mass of borrowed identities and craziness. I personally would have liked a bit more detail with The Wild Hunt and a bit less deta [...]

    18. Kristy Hamilton on said:

      I received Smoke Rising from the publisher for an honest reviewThe Ancient Fire series has been a must read from the first book, Kindling Flames: Gathering Tinder. Victoria is a mortal character that had no idea the other world existed until she took a job to be the personal assistant to Darien Ritter. Her life has changed greatly in the months that she has known him. She knows about the vampires and fae that are in her city.Stolen Fire continues on from the first two books. It is amazing and it [...]

    19. Kaylan on said:

      Can't Wait Till The 4th Book!! (Hint Spoiler)I love how everything was revealed at the end. I was also shocked at Lillian! But I guessed the new master vampire wasn't going to live long. I was just surprised at how he brushed off the oldest & powerful vampire,he was egotistical jerk. But I'm a little frustrated that we don't know what's wrong with Darien and if Victoria will really change b/c of what he did. I can't wait till the fourth book to be released. I wonder what Darien and Victoria' [...]

    20. Natasha Gill on said:

      Lots more drama awaits the main characters in this book (who are now 6 months down the line and in a proper established relationship), but the story also expands out to new characters and new environments so it keeps you engaged from chapter to chapter. From the meeting with Vickys mom and her new 'vampire' boyfriend, to the magical Halloween ball there's wonderful levels of imagination and humour to this story. But of course the human changes in Darien still aren't being explained so that's yet [...]

    21. Rebecca Stigers on said:

      Gotta love those VampiresI really liked this story. The author had me laughing, crying and going WHAT? These characters are really good, they keep you guessing about what's going to happen next. The wolf's are great, I'm shaking my head with the Fay( loving Zak the hellhound) and the rest of the vampires are not bad at all! Would love me some Elliot! Great characters, great story line what more could you ask for! I definitely recommend it to anyone who likes hot vampires, a beautiful human, funn [...]

    22. Holly on said:

      What an awesome series!!! I started reading the first book in the morning, finished it in the evening, and immediately bought the second book--and then read it all that night--seriously! Sleep was totally not worth putting down this series!! As soon as this third book was available, got this one and was not disappointed. Julie Wetzel is brilliant, and sure knows how to write!! (And I thought I'd already read the best vampire series our there--totally not true until I read this one!) The Kindling [...]

    23. Amy Pellicer on said:

      It Just Keeps Getting Better!Going into book 3, I wondered what direction the story would take. Let me tell you it was an interesting one! The characters continue to be developed in a way that reader is totally caught up in what the characters are going through. I just love how different creatures and elements of the supernatural are being brought into the main story line and I am looking forward to what the next story in this series will offer!

    24. Vanessa on said:

      Another amazing bookThis book had me lol a few times. I won't say why because I don't like to give spoilers. This is a great fun read. This series is amazing! I'm loving the world the author is creating. I'm a huge Ann rice, Jeannine Frost, and charlene harris fan (bk 7)Now, I'm a Julie Wetzel fan. The only thing that I can say is neg. Is that it's YA, so you don't get to find out what happens behind closed doors

    25. Chele on said:

      I loved this next book in The Ancient Fire Series.We meet up again with Darien,Vicky and Zak. Strange things are happening with Darien,that have them a bit worried.Things that happen to Vicky that enrage Darien and Zak.New vampires in town , A Halloween Party with the Wolves the Fay and The Vampires,A Joyous event,Vampire fake,kidnapping and death. Emotions run high and leave you wanting more!I recommend you get this series !

    26. Jennifer, Just beyond normal ♑ on said:

      I am really enjoying this series and fully enjoyed this book. I love the characters and how things are developing. I enjoy Darien and Vicky's relationship. I wasn't impressed so much with Darien in this book in certain parts, he was a bit too flakey for me, but overall I was very happy with the book and could not put it down.

    27. Cc on said:

      Vicky and DarienThese two are openly living together now. Darien is becoming more human, the Fay would like to claim Vicky in fact Zak has marked her. Some one is trying to hurt either Vicky or Darien or both. And there's a Party and a HandfastingSeries is still well written and the plot, although slow, is still interesting.

    28. Amber Baca on said:

      CaptivatingI love this series. The way the back stories of each character unfolds is perfect. We get the progression of today while enjoying learning of yesterday. Couldn't put this book down.

    29. Joyffree on said:

      Darian , Vicky and Zak still hold my heart . Elliot and Rupert run a close second . A new vamp is in town and has petitioned the counsel for residence for him and his kiss. The wee fay are still up to no good . And the story is still full of twists and turns and a whole lot of fun .

    30. Danny L Walling on said:

      Not Bad #3I gave it four stars, instead of five because I didn't like the first part of the book. The author skipped around and was down beaten. I nearly deleted the book. I did skip forward

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