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David Levithan

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Marly's Ghost

Marly s Ghost Love and I once had a great relationship but I fear we ve broken up It cheated on me When Ben s girlfriend Marly dies he feels his life is over and the prospect of Valentine s day without her fill

  • Title: Marly's Ghost
  • Author: David Levithan
  • ISBN: 9781405276474
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Paperback
  • Love and I once had a great relationship, but I fear we ve broken up It cheated on me.When Ben s girlfriend, Marly, dies, he feels his life is over and the prospect of Valentine s day without her fills him with bitterness But then Marly arrives or at least, her ghost does along with three other spirits Now Ben must take a journey through Valentines past, present andLove and I once had a great relationship, but I fear we ve broken up It cheated on me.When Ben s girlfriend, Marly, dies, he feels his life is over and the prospect of Valentine s day without her fills him with bitterness But then Marly arrives or at least, her ghost does along with three other spirits Now Ben must take a journey through Valentines past, present and future and what he learns will change him forever.A remix of Charles Dicksons s A Christmas Carol with a Valentine s twist and the Levithan magic.

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    One thought on “Marly's Ghost

    1. Sarah Churchill on said:

      I have VERY mixed feelings about Marly's Ghost. This is a 'remix' of A Christmas Carol, set around Valentine's Day where a 16 year old guy who's girlfriend has recently died is being a 'scrooge' about love. I think that's fairly expected, personally. He's then visited by the ghost of his dead girlfriend (this is just 4 months after her death, mind you. Nice) who is weighed down by a chain of objects because he won't let her go or move on. FOUR MONTHS. There follows three ghosts who show him thin [...]

    2. Nicola on said:

      Marly's Ghost is a reimagining of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens but it is set on Valentine's Day rather than Christmas Day. Ben's girlfriend Marly dies and he has become bitter and no longer believes in the goodness of love. Marly's ghost turns up and brings three other spirits with her for Ben to experience Valentines past, present and future. We learn from the author's notes that he translated the original work section by section. I think that's an intriguing method and it does mostly w [...]

    3. Cameron Chaney on said:

      This seemed rather pointless to me. It's a modern remix of A Christmas Carol, only it is set on Valentine's Day. Even though it's updated to tie in with our world today, a lot of the exact dialogue is taken from the Dickens classic and used here. It felt all off. No one talks like that anymore, especially teenage kids. It was corny and I began to wonder why I wasn't just rereading the original story. Which is what I recommend doing. Leviathan is a good writer in a lot of ways, but don't bother w [...]

    4. Stephanie (Bookfever. ♥) on said:

      Marly's Ghost is a modern day retelling of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens with a Valentine's twist to it. I haven't read the original Dickens story but I am familiar with the story so I'm glad it ended up being a pretty great book.The story revolves around Ben (Ebenezer) who lost his girlfriend Marly due to illness. Her death made Ben bitter and uncaring about love and even his friends, until Marly's ghost send three spirits to Ben. That's where the remix of A Christmas Carol really starts [...]

    5. Kathryn on said:

      I'm not really that big a fan ofCharles Dickens, but I am a huge fan ofDavid Levithan andBrian Selznick. I was expecting a modernization ofA Christmas Carol with a twist and the amazing dialogue and true-to-life characters that I expect from Levinthan. What I didn't expect was the cheesy nearly word-for-word retelling of a book I never really liked in the first place.It should really come as no surprise that Marly is dead, the victim of a cancer that claims the lives of far too many people at fa [...]

    6. Bee (Heart Full of Books) on said:

      I'm not sure whether I should've read this at Christmas or closer to Valentine's day? The whole tone wasodd. I appreciated what ti was trying to do, but the actual story I felt was a bit lacklustre. Also, I haven't read Will Grayson, Will Grayson (and never intend to) so Tiny's significance went over my head meaning I wasn't too connected with the characters to begin with.

    7. Suad Shamma on said:

      I was quite disappointed with this book. I really expected something extraordinary with a Selznick and Levithan collaboration of a Dicken's classic, but what I got was a flimsy and unexciting interpretation of A Christmas Carol, with what looked to me as very ordinary illustrations. Swap Christmas with Valentine's and you have a very lazy edition of the magical original. I did not think this was a creative effort of the story, and it didn't feel like Levithan tried very hard to make it his own. [...]

    8. Charley Cook on said:

      Marly’s Ghost is the story of Ben, after recently losing his girlfriend he loses his love for the love festival itself, Valentines Day. In an almost line for line retelling of the Charles Dickens classic we follow Ben through his three visits from the ghosts of Valentines Day past, present and future. In the Authors Notes we learn that Levithan went through A Christmas Carol and translated the book part by part into this book. That makes this story completely unique yet a charming tribute to t [...]

    9. Mike on said:

      Alguna vez llegará el día que acabe un libro de David Levithan sin lágrimas en los ojos, pero hoy no es ese día. No es su mejor trabajo, pero es una maravillosa reflexión sobre el amor, la vida y la importancia de seguir adelante pase lo que pase y no dejar de lado las cosas que realmente importan. Muy recomendable.

    10. Soma Rostam "IOB" on said:

      When his girlfriend Marly dies, Ben takes a painful journey through Valentine's Days past, present, and future to realize just how much his life has changed, with or without Marly. I thought this book would be a painful contemporary romance. It was anything but that. This leans much more toward the MG Fantasy genre not the YA. And unfortunately, I am not much of a fan of MG. I just can't concentrate on it for too long and I become bored quite fast. So, this is the deal. I was bored by most of th [...]

    11. Jade Diamond on said:

      I have mixed feelings about Marly’s Ghost, I was quite disappointed with this book. Ben’s girlfriend Marly dies and he becomes bitter and no longer believes in the goodness of love. Marly’s ghost turns up and brings three other spirits with her for Ben to experience Valentines past, present and future. This is a modern day retelling of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens with a Valentine’s twist to it.Read Full Review Here

    12. Pia on said:

      1? 1,5? 2? Why it's so hard for me lately to rate some books? This just isn't for me. It was boring, and from the characters dialogues I would say they were 60 years old, no 16

    13. Kirsty on said:

      Posts this in August. Gets kicks from being unseasonal.David Levithan’s Marly’s Ghost is a ‘remix’ of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. The whole has been given a ‘Valentine’s twist’ to further set it apart from its original. Marly’s Ghost begins in rather an interesting manner: ‘Marly was dead, to begin with. There was no doubt whatsoever about that… When she went off the treatments, she decided she wanted to die at home, and she wanted me to be there with her family. So I sat, [...]

    14. Mike on said:

      3.5/5A lot of David Levithan fans disliked this book. I love the story of A Christmas Carol (I say 'the story' because I've yet to read the original), but even so, I figured I would be disappointed. Compared to my expectations, I was pleasantly surprised with how I liked this book. It had its weaknesses, but it's nevertheless a fairly strong retelling of the original story.The book is strongest in its character development. Ben's grief felt slightly over-the-top at the beginning, but by the end [...]

    15. Jenna on said:

      Marly's Ghost is David Levithan's take on Dickens'A Christmas Carol with a twist. Rather than focusing on Christmas, Marly's Ghost focuses on love and Valentine's Day. While I really enjoyed reading more of David Levithan's work, I felt that this book was a bit unoriginal in plot. It sticks very closely to the original work and was very predictable. I never found myself truly captivated by the story though I was interested in some of the events that took place in the past, present and future. I [...]

    16. Kejana on said:

      Ben's girlfriend, Marly, has died, and he can't find himself able to move on. He isolates himself from his friends, and he completely avoids any chance to celebrate Valentine's Day, which was his and Marly's favorite holiday. He begins to believe that love and this holiday are both humbug, and so begins his hauntings of the ghosts of Valentine's day past, present, and future. This story is a clever spinoff of A Christmas Carol, but it is experienced by a young man during Valentine's Day. It's re [...]

    17. Erin on said:

      This didn't work for me. I'm still a big fan of David Levithan, but this felt too constrained, too artificial. They've tried to stay too tightly to the original text and what's resulted is cheesy and stifled. And worst of all, it feels like it was commissioned, rather than done for the love of it. Two stars still for fleeting moments of brilliance as Levithan escapes from Victorian constraint, but overall a big disappointment.

    18. Katie (Kitkatscanread) on said:

      Received a copy of this from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book. It is my true opinion only. This is by far my favourite David Levithan book yet.A mix of a Christmas Carol and Valentines makes it so perfect.Was very touching as well as heart felt.This story is definitely one that will make you think.It is a quick and easy read. Perfect for all David Levithan fans.

    19. Clare Holman-Hobbs on said:

      Unfortunately, I think the Christmas Carol structure of the novel actually held the content back. It was too rigidly structured to the source material, and had it been a more "inspired by" approach, I think it would have been a much stronger piece.

    20. Sarika Patkotwar on said:

      Actual rating- 3.5*This review was initially published on The Readdicts Book Blog. For more reviews, go here.I literally go mad when I see David Levithan books in Indian bookstores and whenever that happens, I just have to buy the books. That's how I came across Marly's Ghost, which, very shockingly and disappointingly, I hadn't even heard of until I saw it and just couldn't resist purchasing a copy for myself. When I released that the book was less than 200 pages long or short, I decided to giv [...]

    21. Tyne Connolly on said:

      I've given this a 3* even though it could've easily been 5. This was a twist on the Dickens classic, which Levithan was rewriting in the 'modern day'. However it was done, in my opinion, very badly - as the story is modern and the things mentioned are from this generation - however the writing is still in Dickens' style - therefore I don't see the point in rewriting? May as well have just read the original. If Levithan did write this and used modern day language too it would've easily been 5*

    22. Kinsey Crosby on said:

      I have dnf’d because I could not get into it and i just felt like it was too similar to A Christmas Carol because it looks like they have copied text from the original story

    23. AuroraFitzrovia on said:

      "Marly's Ghost" ist eine Nacherzählung von Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol" (dt. "Eine Weihnachtsgeschichte"), nur dass es hier nicht um Weihnachten geht, sondern um den Valentinstag.Marly, die Freundin von Ben, ist vor vier Monaten an Krebs gestorben und musste Ben alleine zurücklassen. Und so fühlt er sich auch, er zieht sich zurück, kümmert sich nicht mehr um seine Freunde, die natürlich auch um Marly trauern, und Ben wünscht sich, auch tot zu sein. An Valentinstag kommt der Geist v [...]

    24. Miss Bookiverse on said:

      Above all things, this book is about love. You can find it on every page, in every sentence. Every word is pure feeling. As usual David Levithan managed to capture something beatiful in his words, something you can feel by reading those unique descriptions.This story has the undertitle "a remix of The Christmas Carol" which describes it perfectly. It is a retelling of Charle's Dickens classic but instead of Christmas the holiday of the moment is Valentine's Day. I'm impressed how Mr. Levithan ma [...]

    25. Michelle (Much Loved Books) on said:

      When I first heard about Marly's Ghost it drew my attention, a retelling of Christmas carol, but instead of Christmas it's based on Valentine's Dayunds interesting. I made my request and a short time later soon had the book in my handsor on my Ipad. Now please note that I have not actually read A Christmas Carol, but I have seen it and know what happens, but that being said I went into Marly's Ghost not knowing what to expect from this unique twist to the story.Marly's Ghost was a quick read tha [...]

    26. Beth Jones on said:

      thebooksareeverywhere/201I have to say, this book really shocked me. I’m not the biggest fan of A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens or even David Levithan, but I was a fan of this book.For a start, I started this book last night, and finished it this morning. I wanted quick read to finish before the end of the month, but I didn’t expect to read half of it in an hour. This book just flew past!“When the heart stops, you die. Love is everywhere that life is, and if there is no love for life, y [...]

    27. Charlotte Jones on said:

      This book is basically a remix of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and it takes the basic plot of that well-loved story and turns it into a contemporary Valentine’s Day tale.To begin with, I found that this book was a little depressing; firstly the catalyst of the story, which happens before the book begins, is really sad but also I found the protagonist to be a little too negative considering that this is four months on from that event. Some other reviewers have remarked on that and also [...]

    28. Sonja on said:

      I really love David Levithan's writing style and I definitely want to read more of his book.Marly's Ghost is a beautiful and moving story about death, loss, grieving and, in the end, hope and friendship. It tells us that live goes on after someone we love died, even if it doesn't feel like that. Even if we don't believe it, there's still an end of the time of grieving, there's always hope.David Levithan tells the story of Ben who lost his girlfriend Marly to cancer and fell in a deep hole where [...]

    29. LFPL Teen Services on said:

      “When you die, the heart just stops. When she died, my heart just stopped. I knew she was dead. In every hour, every minute, every second since that one small gasp, I knew she was dead. How could it be otherwise?”When Marly died, so did Ben’s passion for life and love. He found consolation in the fact that since she was dead, he should lead his life as though he were dead too. When Valentine’s Day rolls around and the school is decorated with hearts and flowers and everyone in the halls [...]

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