The Embers of Hope

Nick Jones

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The Embers of Hope

The Embers of Hope Alternate cover for this ASIN can be found hereAfter narrowly escaping the Shiryaevo Vault Nathan O Brien is on the run adapting to life without Jennifer Logan In his possession a powerful mind cont

  • Title: The Embers of Hope
  • Author: Nick Jones
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Alternate cover for this ASIN can be found hereAfter narrowly escaping the Shiryaevo Vault, Nathan O Brien is on the run, adapting to life without Jennifer Logan In his possession a powerful mind control device known as the Histeridae and evidence of the Hibernation Program s true agenda.Beginning with George Mohanty and his words Death is a relative term , he must unraAlternate cover for this ASIN can be found hereAfter narrowly escaping the Shiryaevo Vault, Nathan O Brien is on the run, adapting to life without Jennifer Logan In his possession a powerful mind control device known as the Histeridae and evidence of the Hibernation Program s true agenda.Beginning with George Mohanty and his words Death is a relative term , he must unravel the mystery of the Histeridae But Nathan is on borrowed time, trapped inside a body that was never supposed to last Can he bring back the woman he loves and expose the truth before it s too late, or will the past finally catch up with him From the mountains of India to the futuristic streets of London and Dubai, The Embers of Hope is the thrilling second instalment in the Hibernation saga.

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      322 Nick Jones
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    One thought on “The Embers of Hope

    1. Grady on said:

      'Death is a relative term'British author Nick Jones made a rather auspicious debut with his first full-length novel THE WHISPER OF STARS (his other publication is a short novella THE CALLING). Born in Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire he now lives and writes in Gloucestershire where he also tinkers with music. His current chosen genre is science fiction stories with a overlay of fantasy, a genre he manages to deliver with a lively style - terse structure and dialogue that propels this story forw [...]

    2. Pam on said:

      Having enjoyed Nick Jones' first book in the Hibernation series, I couldn't wait to dive into the next one (I'm assuming and hoping the third will be forthcoming.) This was just as engaging as The Whisper of Stars. The characters are well fleshed out and dimensional which causes the reader to truly care about them (even the less-desirable sorts) and when the more action-packed parts of the plot occur, we can fully visualize the scenes. Much of this portion of the Hibernation story revolves aroun [...]

    3. Shanna Davis on said:

      Wow!This hit all the marks for me. Nathan struggling to find his way after Jen's death. Searching for answers and intrigued by the notion that somehow he could get her back. The descriptions of her life after death and eventually being pulled back to Nathan in the midst of a tsunami! Very creative and pleasing results have me wanting more.

    4. Bernadette M Profit on said:

      Exciting SciFiReally enjoyed the story. It kept me turning pages. Was a great companion during my insomnia & possibly the cause occasionally.

    5. Dylan Hearn on said:

      In The Embers of Hope we follow Nathan O’Brien, paranoid, alone and grieving following the death of Jennifer Logan. He is still living with George Mohanty, the only person he knows who has any knowledge of the Histeridae. Haunted by the phrase “death is relative” he finally gets George to talk, revealing that it wasn’t him who said the words, but somebody called Victor Reyland. But Reyland is a dangerous man, the man behind the Histeridae programme, a man happy to sacrifice others to mee [...]

    6. Kieran on said:

      This particular reviewer is being introduced to the Hibernation series for the first time, and what a fascinating introduction it is! It can often be strange coming into a series that has already begun, but there is also a sense of mystery that accompanies that decision to bypass the first book of a series. If the experience is a good one, most readers will go back to the first book to fill in the blanks. And this experience was most definitely a good one.Nathan O’Brien is a very relatable cha [...]

    7. John on said:

      Opposed to so many post-apocalyptic or futuristic books where humankind is irrevocably changed and the world is barely recognizable, the world that Nick Jones creates is eerily similar to our own, with the notable difference of human hibernation being the sole option for the species' survival. Jones writes in a matter-of-fact way, almost clinically precise with his word choices and phrasing, making it easy to get lost in the plot almost immediately. Following from the success of the first instal [...]

    8. Ian Miller on said:

      This is the second book in a series of unknown length, but it will not be a problem to read as a stand-alone. There are references to what happened in the previous book, but I doubt it would make much difference to the reader if the previous book had not been read. Basically the plot involves a futuristic world in which the economies are falling to pieces through overpopulation/resource shortages, and the means of getting through this is that people have to periodically undertake a year of hiber [...]

    9. Leslie OBrien on said:

      “Embers of Hope” is book two in Nick Jones Hibernation series. Ok, not sure if it’s a series yet as this is only book two, but I do hope so. Now, if you haven’t read book one, I do recommend that you start there first, as it will fill in any questions you may have. And much like book one, this is classic escapism. Taking place in the near future, humans have managed to use up all the resources that the earth has to offer and we are dying. Ok, so most of us don’t know that we’re dying [...]

    10. Jay on said:

      I rarely will start a series with Book 2 but I figured why not (The truth is that I loved the cover)! I was thrilled to find that I didn't need to read the book that came before, although I now have!The Embers of Hope was an interesting title to me and one that made me think right off the bat of life and love and the way that we all hold on to hope. Whether it's realized or not, to a degree, we all have these embers inside us. Some will be extinguished with time and opportunity and others will a [...]

    11. Cheri Clay on said:

      Never Look At The Future The Same!!!“Death is relative.” The old man’s memories haunted him, so much so the strong homemade alcohol couldn’t wash it away. But Nathan needed answers now that Jen was gone. As George told his story of the Histeridae Project, he left Nathan with more questions than answers. He was sure of one thing Jen was still alive and he must save her and the others who used the solid black object that could glow like lava fire. The biggest questions still remain - where [...]

    12. Veritas Vincit on said:

      When I read Jones' first Hibernation book, I was wary at first, but as I got pulled further and deeper into the story, I knew that I'd be hooked for the whole series. The Embers of Hope carries on just as strong as the first book, and with the additional development of Jennifer, who is truly a fascinating character, we become even more enthralled with the mystery surrounding this futuristic world. The premise is so interesting in and of itself that almost any plot laid over it would be intriguin [...]

    13. Sheri on said:

      This is a humanistic story based in the future. It has the obligatory sci-fi elements but the strength of the story is in the characters and their interactions. Hibernation is taking place to conserve resources but of course there are complications. Nathan is on the run in a body he was supposed to have returned a long time ago.Mourning the loss of Jen, he is out to find the truth about the histidae. You want to know the power and capabilities of the histidae. Nathen believes it can link him to [...]

    14. Teresa on said:

      The Embers of Hope is the second book in the Hibernation Series. I did not read the first book (The Whispers of Stars) and while I didn’t feel like I needed to read the first in order to understand the second I do want to read The Whispers of Stars. What I enjoyed the most about The Embers of Hope is this sci-fi was not too hard to follow. I am not a sci-fi fan, but Jones makes this book very easy to read and follow the characters and the plot. Nathan is on the run with a mind control device t [...]

    15. Carol on said:

      The Embers of Hope did not disappoint! The 2nd in the Hibernation series it continued the stories of Nathan and Jen introducing new characters and delving further into the mystery of what Hibernation really is. The question of how humanity would face the potential end of the race as individuals and as a whole and those who choose to lead over them is ultimately at the heart of the conflict. When truth is hidden, regardless of intent, are we deserving to know? How would we respond? Can people wit [...]

    16. Curtis Kinnett on said:

      This is the first book I have read by Nick Jones. I haven't read the first book in the series, but The Embers Of Hope was a great read. This book had an intriguing plot line. It grabbed my attention from the beginning and held my attention to the end. It was well-written making it a very easy read. The title is intriguing, and the title is an eye catcher. It leaves you wondering what lies within the pages. This is unlike any other SciFi novel I have ever read. It takes place in the future, but i [...]

    17. Cherrie Wilkerson on said:

      What a GREAT StoryEnjoyed the first part of Jen's story so much I purchased the next book. I was really great too. Wish there was another. The author left room for another. The author invented a very believable future and wrapped Jen's story around and through that world. The characters developed well and the story had its threads all woven together very believably. I don't really want to talk about the plot except to say it was masterful. I don't like reading reviews that tell one about the plo [...]

    18. Brian on said:

      In the sequel to the first book in the Hibernation Saga, Author Nick Jones takes us along for the ride as Nathan O’Brien is on the run in the year 2091. As population explosions and global warming overwhelms the Earth, the solution seems to be Human Hibernation. On the surface, it makes sense, but O’Brien knows the Hibernation Program has ulterior motives. Exposing them and saving his love are his only priorities.I am a huge fan of the sci-fi genre and I consider myself lucky to have come ac [...]

    19. Ann on said:

      I read The Whisper of Stars first and couldn't wait to start The Embers of Hope, as other people have said you could read this as a stand alone book, but I think you will enjoy it even more if your read book 1 first. I am now hoping there will not be too long a wait for book 3. The characters are good, the pace is fast and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it. The future, very similar to now, with very much big brother is watching you and knows what you are thinking or has even told you what to [...]

    20. Rafael Rodríguez on said:

      I used to start any series after reading the first book but I started the series with the second book and I really enjoyed it. You can start with this book or the first one, from this book I'm confident that the series will be great and the way the author wrote this book, you don't need the first one to catch up. The plot is set a few years in the future which is always a challenge for the imagination, and in part the reason why I found myself reading for hours. The book has science fiction, mys [...]

    21. Karma on said:

      With exotic locales like India and Dubai as a backdrop, Nathan O’Brien is a on a quest to understand the mysteries of the mind control device in his possession and expose the Hibernation Program’s real plan. It’s a race against the clock. Will he get the truth out before it’s too late?The Embers of Hope is the second book in the Hibernation Saga. Full of action and suspense, it’s a must read for any fan of the sci-fi genre. I read the first book and was anxiously awaiting the follow-up [...]

    22. Dawn on said:

      Darker, deeper and more emotional (though not "sappy" by any means!) "The Embers of Hope" is a superb continuation of the "Hibernation" series, which began with "The Whisper of Stars".You don't need to have read "The Whisper of Stars" to enjoy this book, but why would you not want to?! Nick Jones' writing is superb. If you want to feel truly cocooned in a story, wrapped up in words, this is a book you shouldn't miss.

    23. Mrs. Barri Soreil on said:

      Great mix of futuristic dystopian world, spies, and non-stop action.This is book 2 of the series. I enjoyed both as good, solid fast-paced reads. I must confess that the overuse of particular words as well as British spellings made it slightly less enjoyable for me. It will be quite interesting to see where this goes from here!

    24. Marisa on said:

      While this book isn't a genre that normally appeals to me I have to give the author credit, it was engaging and still pulled me in. I am also not one who usually reads a series out of order and I haven't read the first book and I was still able to not feel lost and to continue through to the end. I am sure my son will be pulling this book out of the Kindle library soon!!

    25. Melissa on said:

      Looking forward to reading the next book in this series!I love the storyline and the science fiction ideas are really cool! I could imagine this as a movie! Left me scrambling for book 3.

    26. melancholymuse on said:

      A great sequel to Whisper of Stars. Just as suspenseful as the first book, with answers to the secrets behind hibernation opening up more questions. I enjoyed the development of Nathan and the side characters. Eagerly awaiting the third book.

    27. Michael Hamaker on said:

      Mankind has good imagination!!!I liked the characters in this story,but mankind's future does not rest in technology,the earth and its resources are being used up,like ,in this story,mankind's hope rests on godsKingdom!!!

    28. Marie A Moore on said:

      Great serieswaiting for the next book.Really like the characters and the story lineI wish the next book was available! This author knows how to keep his readers engrossed and entertained.

    29. Natasha Marie on said:

      4 1/2 stars. Looking forward to the third hibernation instalment.

    30. joe kingore on said:

      Great bookThe author kept me interested through both books in the series. They were interesting and exciting . there were many unsuspected twists and turns.

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