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Sarah Kleck

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The Concealed

The Concealed Can you be happy when what you desire most means your doom Evelyn Lakewood an orphan is crushed after the death of her beloved sister Zara But the nineteen year old enrolls in Psychology at Oxford i

  • Title: The Concealed
  • Author: Sarah Kleck
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Can you be happy when what you desire most means your doom Evelyn Lakewood, an orphan, is crushed after the death of her beloved sister Zara But the nineteen year old enrolls in Psychology at Oxford in honor of Zara.There, Evelyn first becomes friends with vivacious Sally and seemingly charming Felix But the encounter with Jared Calmburry, whose incredibly blue eyes im Can you be happy when what you desire most means your doom Evelyn Lakewood, an orphan, is crushed after the death of her beloved sister Zara But the nineteen year old enrolls in Psychology at Oxford in honor of Zara.There, Evelyn first becomes friends with vivacious Sally and seemingly charming Felix But the encounter with Jared Calmburry, whose incredibly blue eyes immediately captivate her, fundamentally changes her life She is instantly drawn to this mysterious stranger around whom unusual things happen and who simply disappears every time Evelyn tries to confront him about his puzzling behavior After finding a mysterious book with a unique symbol on its leather cover in the university library, her curiosity is perked She doesn t know what to make of it but Jared s best friend Colin Sullivan encourages her with cryptic hints to continue her search for evidence When she discovers the same medieval symbol is worn by hostile professor Karen Mayflower and engraved on another faculty member s seal ring, she realizes that an ancient secret surrounds Jared.

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      242 Sarah Kleck
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    One thought on “The Concealed

    1. Emma on said:

      Um, no.I had to give this 2 stars because the first 50% wasn't awful. In fact, I was so intrigued by the mystery that I couldn't put it down. Right at that halfway mark, though -- oh my god.These are British students at a British university speaking American English. UhhhhhThe sentence structure was awkward. The dialogue was stilted and embarrassing. Obviously I don't know how much of this was bad editing from the original or bad translation.There was instalove. There was insta bad guy. Female m [...]

    2. Leslie on said:

      I gotta say, this was an impressive debut novel by Ms. Kleck. Mostly because it was so well thought outd I mean every single detail. And those details also affected the pace of the story in the beginning for me personally. But clearly not enough for me to lose interest.I'm going to tell you a little secret; no matter what genre a book is written in, my true motivation for reading is the hope for good writing. Yes, this book was originally published in German and yes, there were a few awkward phr [...]

    3. Wendy on said:

      DNF--Spoilers and a bit of a Rant***************At first I was willing to give the author some slack due to issues of translation. The dialogue is clunky and varies from, "Shall we meet at the library?" to "What the hell does he want?" and other style inconsistencies that are incredibly awkward. There is repetition of the same phrase or idea, and a lot of needless prose. A lot of this I don't know how much is due to writing or the translating, but there are _two_ translators; it seems like they [...]

    4. Nanafewuphge9hgerhgeporghwpiwhv on said:

      **I received an ebook copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.**I finished this book about 3 days ago. In these 3 days i haven't been able to stop thinking about it. I really, really, really need the next book. NOW!!!This book kept me awake at night, because I couldn't stop thinking about it.I loved all the mystery. When evelyn was trying to figure it all out so was I.It was a little slow at times, but it's nothing compared to how f*cking awesome it was. I also loved Morgana. I know i [...]

    5. Sarah on said:

      (Source: I received a kindle copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to author Sarah Kleck.)This was an enjoyable supernatural romance story, and it definitely left me wanting to read the next book!I liked Evelyn, and I felt sorry for her in the way she had lost her family the way she did. She deserved to have something good happen to her after all that she had been through, and the problems she had with one girl at college were unfortunate and unfair.The storyline in this w [...]

    6. Andrea on said:

      Actual rating: 4.5First off, I want to thank the author for providing me an eBook copy in an exchange for an honest review.Two words: Unbelievably Amazing!This book for me was addicting. It has been a while since I read a book that took my sleep away. I'm not kidding, I woke up at dawn thinking about what was going to happen next. Those are the kinds of book that I love, books where I can't think of nothing else except it. When I first saw the cover I thought it was pretty, then I read the blurb [...]

    7. Aneesa on said:

      I received this book in an exchange for an honest review, thanks to Xpresso Book ToursFirst of all, can we establish the fact this book was written in German and it is translated in to English??? :O LIKE OHMYGOSH!!! This book is soooo good, it reminds me of why I like reading mythical folklore legendy type books! What a beautiful cover, this day just keeps getting better and better! :D I really like the way Sarah twisted this book in another direction with the British Literature and combined it [...]

    8. Charlotte on said:

      Firstly, and I think most importantly, this book is set in the UK but throughout it is in American English (dorms, going downtown, etc). Secondly, this author has clearly never been to an Oxford college other than as a tourist as they do not work the way she says (Tutorials are held in college, you sleep in a room in college - there are no "dorms", lectures are held in the various departments around the city, not in the college, you spend a huge amount of time reading in the library as you don't [...]

    9. Rawan on said:

      I received this book for a review so here it is. This book exceeded my expectations. It was slow at times and I'd preferred more action, but the storyline was really good and very very interesting and satisfying!The last 3 chapters and the end felt kinda rushed, but I liked it and it made me very excited for the next book!I liked both Evelyn and Jared, but just loved Colin (so adorable and goofy). The translation was good, you can tell it's been translated but maybe I wouldn't notice if I didn't [...]

    10. Rixxh.bree on said:

      Oh my gosh let me start off by saying I give this book 5 stars! This book was so great when I got to the end I was like nooooooooo why can't it keep going. My favorite characters was Jared,Sally, Evelyn,Collin they allow were nice and caring . I disliked Karen,Felix,and morgana. I still can't get over what Felix did. I had stop liking him when he kept asking where she was and stalking her. Yeah some parts in this book I was like okay let's get back to the action but I really liked it. It had a g [...]

    11. Kim Dyer on said:

      This novel unfortunately did not speak to me at all.I really did like the way that Kleck took inspiration from Arthurian legends yet made the myths her own and this gave me high hopes for this novel, but unfortunately the result was largely disappointing.While I can't vouch for the quality of the German version of this book, its English translation is very poor. The sentences are all very long and full of adjectives and adverbs which really bog down even the most exciting of scenes and make it d [...]

    12. Jade Stone on said:

      I received an ebook copy of The Concealed in exchange of an honest review of this book by Sarah KleckG, this book was amazing, from the beginning i fell in love with the book (and Jared). All the details are splendid and just the way that is written in is magical making you part of the character's universe.I spent two weeks reading The Concealed and honestly, i didn't want it to end, i want more and i cant wait to read the second book.My Favorite character was Jared because he is just perfect, i [...]

    13. Stephanie on said:

      free copy for honesty review The concealed was an amazing story. I personally feel like it was translated very well. This story had It's ups and downs but it was a great read. it was also very different. I can't wait for the next book. honesty one of my new favorite books.

    14. Eva-Maria Obermann on said:

      Evelyn beginnt nach dem Tod ihrer Schwester, die sie praktisch aufgezogen hat, ihr Studium in Oxford und trifft dort auf Jared, der sie sofort in ihren Bann zieht und widersprüchliche Signale sendet. Außerdem scheinen alle Stromleitungen verrückt zu spielen, sobald Evelyn und Jared aufeinander treffen. Während sie versucht, Jareds Geheimnis aufzulösen, freundet sie sich mit Sally und Felix an. Als Sally mit Jareds Freund Colin anfängt auszugehen, bekommt Evelyn erste Hinweise, dass mehr hi [...]

    15. Julia on said:

      Evelyn hat im Leben alles verloren, was sie geliebt hat: ihre Familie. Nachdem ihre Eltern vor Jahren bei einem Autounfall ums Leben kamen, starb vor kurzem auch ihre große Schwester. Evelyn hält nichts mehr in ihrem Heimatort und als sie die Zusage für das Psychologiestudium in Oxford bekommt, bricht sie auf ins kalte London. Schon bald lernt sie neue Freunde kennen, doch vieles scheint auch ungewöhnlich. Als Evelyn den atemberaubenden Jared Calmburry kennen lernt, ist es um sie geschehen. [...]

    16. Marie-Claire on said:

      Nach dem plötzlichen Tod ihrer geliebten Schwester ist Evelyn am Boden zerstört. Auch ihre Eltern hat sie vor vielen Jahren verloren. Nun fühlt sie sich ganz allein auf der Welt und sieht kaum noch Sinn in ihrem Leben. Dennoch beschließt sie, das Psychologie-Studium in Oxford aufzunehmen. Das Letzte, mit dem sie rechnet, ist, hier ihre große Liebe zu finden. Doch vom ersten Moment an verfällt sie den blauen Augen eines Mitstudenten, die sie seltsam in den Bann ziehen. Auch Jareds zur Schau [...]

    17. Claudia on said:

      Meine MeinungEins kann ich jetzt bereits sagen, ich hätte nach dem Klapptext von “Die Verborgene” nicht die Geschichte erwartet, die mir begegnet ist. Eine moderne Version der Arthurs und Merlin Sage.Ich kam schnell in die Geschichte rein und wurde gefesselt. Die Story beginnt eher traurig, denn Evelyn muss ihre Schwester beerdigen. Danach beginnt für sie ein neuer Lebensabschnitt. Sie geht nach Oxford um dort zu studieren.Dort geht es zentral um eine Liebesgeschichte zwischen Evelyn und J [...]

    18. Rachel on said:

      I'd like to thank the author for giving me a copy of this book in exchange of a honest review. I'd like to apologize for taking so long because I've my exams and all. Anyway, here you go.Honestly, I got bored half way through because the character development was so bad and the writing was really immature. It was exactly like how I used to write my essays in my junior year of High School. Maybe that's because the book was translated, making it the translator's fault. There was not a climax in it [...]

    19. Jennifer Heine on said:

      Meine MeinungIch habe das Buch über BloggdeinBuch entdeckt und wollte es direkt lesen. Leider kamen ein Umzug dazwischen und auch die Feiertage, so dass ich LEIDER erst gestern dazu kam, es zu lesen. Ich war direkt gefesselt - und traurig! Evelyn, die Hauptprotagonistin des Buches, durchlebt schlimmes. Man trauert von Beginn an mit ihr und man versteht ihre Ängste. Doch auch hat man als Leser Angst, dass diese Trauer sich durch das komplette Buch zieht - was definitiv nicht der Fall ist! Evely [...]

    20. Amy :o) on said:

      I just finished reading this book. It was a freebie at amazon and had gotten many 5 star ratings so I thought why not. I was on the lookout for a quick easy YA read. I got more than I bargained for. I enjoyed this book so much. It was a total surprise because frankly, I wasn't expecting much.One of the things I liked so much was how the author wrote her characters. Perhaps it was the way I related to them, but they definitely had their own voice. I could really 'see' them. Even some of the more [...]

    21. Nele on said:

      I just love, love, love it!Evelyn Lakewood, an orphan, is crushed after the death of her beloved sister Zara. But the nineteen-year old enrolls in Psychology at Oxford in honor of Zara.There, Evelyn first becomes friends with vivacious Sally and seemingly charming Felix. But the encounter with Jared Calmburry, whose incredibly beautiful blue eyes immediately captivate her, fundamentally changes her life. She is immediately drawn to this mysterious stranger around whom unusual things happen and w [...]

    22. Alyson on said:

      This novel seems to be rated highest as: Children's Books > Obsessions > King Arthur I would personally consider it to be a new adult, urban fantasy, paranormal and Aurthurian romance novel.I saw this off an 'also viewed' list and downloaded the sample on a whim. It kept me going. I checked the author's profile which says she studied psychology. One of my pet peeve's is that novels in these genres are often light on character portrayal/development. And the setting is Oxford among the "drea [...]

    23. Susan on said:

      I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review."The Concealed" is a mystery/ magical adventure with a medieval twist that is told from the point of view of Evelyn Lakewood, an orphan who is just starting college at Oxford. The characters are realistic including the heartthrob, Jared, the best friend, Sally, and the scone-serving Ruth. There was a certain event that took place where I felt Evelyn should have gone directly to the police, and in some places the story seemed a [...]

    24. Cinthia on said:

      I liked the whole story behind it there are secret groups that deal on different things this one dealt with ancestors, like Merlin the magician, and the importance of keeping his line safe and keeping him away from what similar occurrences from the past. I didn't like some of the things, like the MC's family being assassinated because they were looking for her. I like that Jared and Evelyn and up together regardless of all the people opposing their relationship because of history. I didn't like [...]

    25. Aly on said:

      So, this book has engaged me right in the beginning. I feel very bad and empathic towards the character. I know how it feels to lose loved ones. Evelyn has lost everyone she cares about most in her life but decides to go to the college that her sister wanted her to attend. I think this is a great book. I have really enjoyed trying to figure how Jared fits into Evelyn’s life and what the Amulet has to do with everything. I didn’t have any problems with the translation at all either. I would b [...]

    26. Stephanie Horton on said:

      This book was ok. Story was interesting bUT my major issue with this Too much description of how much Evelyn was in '"love" ( uh lust, hello ? You don't even know him) with Jared. The author could have spent more time developing to the climax, instead it felt rushed to the end, cliffhanger. No surprise. Will want to read the next to see how she resolves the conflict.

    27. Kelly Clare on said:

      The Concealed is a refreshing change from the predictable plot-lines which seem to be all through Ebooks now. I literally had two OMG moments. Out loud! I enjoyed an afternoon reading this book and if this is Sarah Kleck's first book, I am very much looking forward to her future works. - Kelly St. Clare/book/show/2

    28. Allina on said:

      This book is amazing!I wasn't expecting so much to happen but it was great!The ending though,it left me with all the feels!This book made me cry,laugh,and through my kindle right to Felix;) (get it?!) can't wait for the next book!

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