The Wolf Sea

Robert Low

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The Wolf Sea

The Wolf Sea A band of brothers known as the Oathsworn committed only to each other feared by many rises again setting sail on the wolf sea in search of vengeance and glory Washed up in a hostile city battlew

  • Title: The Wolf Sea
  • Author: Robert Low
  • ISBN: 9780312361952
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A band of brothers known as the Oathsworn, committed only to each other, feared by many, rises again, setting sail on the wolf sea in search of vengeance and glory.Washed up in a hostile city, battleweary and out of luck, the Oathsworn lie waiting for their reluctant leader, the young Orm, to bring them back once to wealth and warfare But Orm s prized sword, the legeA band of brothers known as the Oathsworn, committed only to each other, feared by many, rises again, setting sail on the wolf sea in search of vengeance and glory.Washed up in a hostile city, battleweary and out of luck, the Oathsworn lie waiting for their reluctant leader, the young Orm, to bring them back once to wealth and warfare But Orm s prized sword, the legendary Rune Serpent, is gone, stolen by the rapacious Starkad, and with it the runes writ upon the hilt that only Orm can decipher.The Oathsworn embark on a dangerous mission to reclaim their precious sword as they pursue the elusive Starkad across the turbulent wolf sea Unafraid to fight and cunning in the ways of men, they wreak violence and bloody revenge on their enemies.Caught up in the treacherous battles in the East between the rulers of Constantinople, aided by hordes of Viking mercenaries and the Arabs, their adventures will take them from Greece to Jerusalem, across the treacherous wolf sea where only the hunting hungry dare set sail.Epic adventure broad in scope and bloody in action, The Wolf Sea is a stunning follow up to Robert Low s gripping debut, The Whale Road.International Praise for The Whale Road a rousing, sprawling saga of Viking warriors and the quest for hidden treasure.Low mixes history, archeology, mythology and nonstop, often sanguinary action into a fast moving adventure tale Publishers Weekly A company of warriors, desperate battles, an enthralling read Bernard Cornwell A fantastic book, one of the best I have read for years There s a wonderful earthiness to proceedings and he creates a tangible sense of being there There s a sturdy, lyrical and epic quality about the writing which makes it feel like the kind of saga a Viking would recount in his old age Simon Scarrow A stirring Viking series of blockbuster battles and religious intrigue Publishing News Action packed and evocative Herald Glasgow All the right ingredients are firmly in place above all there is the storyline itself, told in an earthy, rough and ready style, which perfectly compliments this saga for the 21st Century Yorkshire Evening Post Low s debut novel of high adventure on the open seas is about as good as it gets his tale of harrowing deeds, violent clashes between warring factions, and betrayal and revenge is sure to appeal to fans of Bernard Cornwell Library Journal

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      309 Robert Low
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    One thought on “The Wolf Sea

    1. Marko Vasić on said:

      Gospodin Low puca iz svih raspoloživih sredstava. Još u prvom delu Sage o kletvenicima "kupio" me je svojim neposrednim načinom obraćanja čitaocu i plastičnim, lako prijemčivim opisima, zbog kojih imam osećaj da sam sve vreme pored mladog Orma, koji vodi priču. Osim što spaja elemente nordijske i slovenske mitologije i opisuje saradnju ta dva plemenska naroda, on to čini na neusiljen i jednostavan način, baš kao što mi danas obavljamo svoje svakodnevne aktivnosti, ne razmišljajuć [...]

    2. Terri on said:

      Robert Low is such an under-rated author and it amazes me that he is not more popular. I suppose to be more popular would make him main stream and that might take some of the eccentricity out of his writing as he strives to placate a larger reader base. Don't get me wrong, Robert Low is a popular and accomplished author, it is just that he is not as well known as say, Bernard Cornwell and Conn Iggulden. Although, he is as good as them, if not better at times.Low is a brilliant writer and he writ [...]

    3. Tamara Agha-Jaffar on said:

      The Wolf Sea, Robert Low’s second book of the Oathsworn series, continues where The Whale Road (Oathsworn #1) left off. The novel opens with young Orm, the Viking leader of the Oathsworn, with his scruffy, battle-weary band of men stranded in Constantinople. When Orm’s sword, the Rune Serpent, is stolen by Starkad, the Oathsworn embark on a perilous mission to retrieve the sword and rescue their captured brothers. Their mission takes them across the 10th Century lands of Cyprus, Syria, and J [...]

    4. Dawn on said:

      From start to finish this book is a great read.We follow the Oathsworn from where we left them in the first book; depleted and divided they travel from Greece to Cyprus to Antioch and Jerusalem. They meet Muslims, Bedouins and fellow Danes while battling their way to Starkard, in a quest to retrieve the Rune Serpent Sword he stole.Jumping from action to action this book seldom stops anywhere for long. Between the traveling or the fighting there was always something new to catch my attention and [...]

    5. Lee Broderick on said:

      Being the leader is not all it's cracked up to be; Orm quickly discovers that as he has the leadership of the Oathsworn thrust upon him. Such responsibility would be a test for any young man but especially so in an alien land on the edge of the known world; his naivety is shown by his willingness to trust those that he knows he should have doubts about. As he searches for his own albatross, stolen from him, keeping the Oathsworn together - and alive - is a tough task as he has to negotiate polit [...]

    6. Val Penny on said:

      The Wolf Sea was the recommended book for my book group. I was at a bit of a disadvantage as this is the second book in Robert Harris’s “Oathsworn” series. In this second novel, the story centres on the eastern Mediterranean.This novel takes the survivors of a Viking band from the streets of the medieval world’s greatest city to those of its holiest city. The group is united by an oath to Odin.Some early adventures take place on the sea and islands, however, the Vikings are soon in that [...]

    7. Howard Anders on said:

      This is the second volume in the series. In the first volume,"The Whale Road", a young Orm joins a group of Viking raiders - the Oathsworn. Much of this first volume deals with a search for buried treasure - the burial mound of Attila the Hun. At the conclusion of "The Whale Road" Orm becomes the leader of the Oathsworn. The start of "The Wolf Sea" finds the Oathsworn stranded in Constantinople. Orm's sword, the Rune Serpent, retrieved from Attila's treasure hoard, is stolen by the villain, Star [...]

    8. Arsenovic Nikola on said:

      Jako dobra prica o klevetnicima vikinskoj družini i njihovom vodji Orm Medvedoubica. puno stvari se preplice u prici i ona uspeva cesto da iznenadi a kraj ostavlja ipak gorak ukus.

    9. Patrick Murphy on said:

      Low follows the same basic formula as his first Oathsworn book: a Viking mashup of picaresque and noir, traversing a richly researched and reimagined world of medieval Europe and the Mediterranean knit by trading ties and ethnic feuds, given color by the author's spare and epithet-dense style. The Wolf Sea, however, turns out to be a halfway-decent reason to push through the The Whale Road, by immediately succeeding its predecessor while surpassing it in every measure. Low's writing is more comf [...]

    10. Ruth on said:

      C2008: FWFTB: oath, sword, battles, mercenaries, Jerusalem.Slowly getting throught the back catalogue of Mr Low who I have only just recently discovered.This second book is a lot “grittier” than the first but manages to include some really interesting bits of history. Mr Low is a wordsmith. Some paragraphs seem to be written just to be read aloud and savoured. “Even the sea here was corroded, heaving in slow fat swells, black and slick and greasy as a wet hog’s back, glittering with scum [...]

    11. Al on said:

      A band of brothers known as the Oathsworn, committed only to each other, feared by many, rises again, setting sail on the wolf sea in search of vengeance and glory.Washed up in a hostile city, battleweary and out of luck, the Oathsworn lie waiting for their reluctant leader, the young Orm, to bring them back once more to wealth and warfare. But Orm’s prized sword, the legendary Rune Serpent, is gone, stolen by the rapacious Starkad, and with it the runes writ upon the hilt that only Orm can de [...]

    12. Kenny on said:

      This floored me.Orm is now the (reluctant) leader of the Oathsworn - and manages to loose the dragon-runed sword he gained in the last book Lost to his great enemy StarkadWhat follows is how Orn and his Oathsword brothers bounce across the eastern Mediterranean and into the middle east trying to chase down this sword.This is fantastic writing, and absolutely chock full of battle, betrayal, bloodshed (all that good stuff), and has even better characterisation that his last book (the Whale Road) I [...]

    13. Kyle on said:

      An engrossing if unlikely Viking adventure in the Middle East. Life for Robert Low's turn-of-the-millennium raiders is brutish, nasty, and short, and he certainly doesn't shy away from vivid descriptions of the era's violence. However, his battle explanations leave a lot to be desired, and are usually over in a paragraph or two. But fear not, there is plenty else to keep you eagerly turning the pages, from pillagings to sand storms, from rune swords to talking ravens, and everything in between. [...]

    14. Charles on said:

      I enjoyed this a bit more than The Whale Road. It is amazing the number of characters who die off. I guess that's why the author doesn't do a whole lot of character development with them. One minor annoyance is the map in the book is almost worthless. It didn't contain all the places named in the book and really served no real purpose. Hopefully the next book will have a better map. That being said, all in all, I'm really enjoying this series!

    15. John on said:

      The Wolf Sea is a fast-paced tale that takes the Oathsworn from Constantinople to Cyprus, Antioch, Damascus, Jerusalem, and ultimately the peak of Masada. I did not like the Wolf Sea as much as the Whale Road, but that is a hard standard to surpass. Nevertheless the Wolf Sea is very good read with many complicated characters and storylines.

    16. Allancarlson on said:

      This entire series is simply epic. Less about heroics and more about basic human motivation and period depiction of life, feelings and culture is simply awesome. Gripping storyline keeps you moving at a great pace, but the joy of discovery is the best piece.

    17. Alex on said:

      Taking the oathsworn into the Mediterranean and all of the problems that entails - very messy. lots of historical intrigue.

    18. Laurie Pringle on said:

      Not as easy a read as the first book, but entertaining. Hoping for a little smoother read in book 3!

    19. Judy on said:

      Orm and the Oathsworn fight their way through the empire of Constantinople to Jerusalem.

    20. Audrey Cornelison on said:

      Loved this one just as much as the first, and I really loved the Goat Boy and Brother John. And Finn is growing on me too. Can't wait for the next one!

    21. Justin on said:

      Bloody, grim, and compelling, just like the first one. Few bring a world to life like Robert Low. I'll be sure to read on to the next novel.

    22. Kris Davidson on said:

      Continuing the saga of the oathsworn, the only thing lacking was bloodshed

    23. Adam Hunter on said:

      The voyage continues forward to the unknown and continues well!

    24. Julie on said:

      Vikings stuck in the Mediterranean. They pick up a friar who spouts Latin phrases that are handy.

    25. Vít on said:

      Druhý díl zavede Orma a jeho vikinské bratrstvo do Středomoří, dokonce až do Jeruzaléma a na řecké ostrovy. Není to sice taková jízda jako Velrybí cesta, nicméně pořád zaujme a pobaví. Trošku mi lezl na nervy bratr Jan - to že je někdo kněz, přece neznamená že bude kolem sebe za každým druhým slovem házet nějaký otřepaný latinský citát typu "morituri te salutant" který pak chudák Orm musí překládat :-)

    26. Tina Hileman on said:

      I love, love, love Robert Low's writing. The Whale Road and The Wolf Sea are complex, action packed, and meaningful stories. I am always surprised at the intricate story and ending that I did not see coming.

    27. Diane Cranson on said:

      I love Robert Low's stories and writing. I don't understand why he isn't better known. Blood, sea-foam, grit and poetry in a heady mix. Looking forward to the next in the series

    28. Ira on said:

      "Da wusste ich es. Ich spürte es plötzlich so sicher, als sei es mir offenbart worden. Ich sagte ihnen, wir seien durch eine Prüfung gegangen und die, die jetzt hier in diesem Raum standen, seien Odins Auserwählte, die er für würdig befunden hatte, seinen Eid im Herzen und auf den Lippen zu tragen."Die Handvoll Eingeschworener, die nicht nur Attilas Grab, sondern auch den aufreibenden Rückweg von dort, sind in Miklagard, der großen Stadt, gestrandet. Nach Einars Tod führt Orm sie an, de [...]

    29. Janice Bonczek on said:

      The follow up to Robert Low's first book in the Oathsworn series: The Whale Road.Another great viking adventure on a truly epic scale. Anyone interested in historical fiction, vikings, or this time period (late 900s) will be interested in this book.We continue the tale of Orm and the Oathsworn, chasing after his ancient (possibly magical) sabre. A great story, but truly a tragedy.I am definitely going to read the whole series.

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