High Tide at Midnight

Budjette Tan Kajo Baldisimo Yvette Tan

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High Tide at Midnight

High Tide at Midnight The unceasing rain muffles the screams of the victims being pulled down down into the murky flood waters In the places too high to be reached by the flood the party continues for the privileged who

  • Title: High Tide at Midnight
  • Author: Budjette Tan Kajo Baldisimo Yvette Tan
  • ISBN: 9789710545469
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Paperback
  • The unceasing rain muffles the screams of the victims being pulled down, down into the murky flood waters.In the places too high to be reached by the flood, the party continues for the privileged, who indulge in a new designer drug which grants them the supernatural abilities of enkanto and aswang.These are the murders and mysteries Alexandra Trese needs to solve as the tiThe unceasing rain muffles the screams of the victims being pulled down, down into the murky flood waters.In the places too high to be reached by the flood, the party continues for the privileged, who indulge in a new designer drug which grants them the supernatural abilities of enkanto and aswang.These are the murders and mysteries Alexandra Trese needs to solve as the tide continues to rise at the stroke of midnight.

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    • ✓ High Tide at Midnight || ã PDF Read by ✓ Budjette Tan Kajo Baldisimo Yvette Tan
      105 Budjette Tan Kajo Baldisimo Yvette Tan
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    One thought on “High Tide at Midnight

    1. Nicolo Yu on said:

      The covers for the last three Trese books are probably the worst of the entire series so far. It is nowhere as iconic as the covers of the first three book. I recognize that there is a plan for a multi-panel image for the at least nine books but still, casual readers may not understand the rationale of why the left part of a human torso and arm are the major images of a cover.Good thing is that I don't judge a book by its cover and this new installment of Trese shows the burgeoning skill and con [...]

    2. Mark on said:

      Just, just perfect! I'm out of words to describe how good this volume is. Having just started reading the series this year, I can't imagine the agony of the avid readers of the series in waiting for the next volumes. I was actually contemplating if I'll read this volume knowing that it will again take months before Trese 7 comes out. But I really can't help it because Trese 5 was such a cliffhanger. This volume is the thickest among those that were previously released and it lived up to the expe [...]

    3. Gieliza on said:

      4.5 mystical stars! A solid installment that takes several story threads from past volumes to weave a bigger story. Now we discover that some incidents in the past are only glimpses of a bigger picture. As always, I loved how Philippine folklore, urban legends and local personalities are interwoven in this series. I wouldn't say no to more appearances by the rest of the Trese clan. I also hope the backstory of the other members in Verdugo's squad will be explored in future volumes, in particular [...]

    4. Joanna Marie on said:

      Super intense! I love the squad! I'd love to meet the rest of the Trese brothers, the creatures in the Balete tree during Alex's training, and know more of Madame's revelations! They should release installments soon! :D

    5. Ninez Hernandez on said:


    6. Majuchan on said:

      A reflection of Manila’s flood problem. The story is sure getting darker and meatier. Budj and KaJo is incorporating their previous volumes and progress it on a much bigger picture.Supernatural creatures are getting weirder with the sorbetero’s treat. Alexandrea and the kambals needed help than ever. In this installment Trese Clan and friends are united to protect Manila from its unseen dark world that threatens it.I’m so eager to get my hands and get lost with the next Trese and beyond it [...]

    7. Kai on said:

      First comic to read on 2015. Worth of waiting and so many good scenes and stories Budjette and Kajo have done this time. I really like how they use Madame for this volume and putting all the Trese siblings into a superhero group saving the lives the people in a super typhoon which was fitting for supernatural. My hunger for this comics continues to grow and I'm sure the next one will be even more exciting.

    8. Nikka Calindas on said:

      Maybe because I wanted more - more action,more story. But somehow this 6th book has not really attained the level of which I was expecting it to attain. Maybe because this volume ends in such a cliffhanger that left a bitter taste in my mouth.All I can say is, a Volume 7 is in order for Mr. Tan and Mr. Baldisimo's Trese be resuscitated in my eyes.But that's just my opinion.

    9. Aviecayl Uy on said:

      "Trese #6: High Tide at Midnight" by Budjette Tan and KaJo Baldisimo was okay. Average. The illustrations here were quite different from the previous books. The story was about the flood, war, some backstories, and Alexandra Trese's family. As mentioned before, despite liking stories about the family of Trese, I prefer reading cases, which now explains my rating. My actual rating is 2.5/5 stars.

    10. Reinier on said:

      this is the most entertaining volume in the series, for me, and one of the most well-crafted (of ANY!) comic book ever.

    11. Elle on said:

      I am so ready for a Maliksi x Alex romantic spin-off! ♥And, of course, for more adventures with the Executioner's Squad, too. :)

    12. Frankie on said:

      In my opinion, this is possibly the best-drawn book of the entire series. While I enjoyed the art of the first installment, Murder on Balete Drive, other volumes of Trese did not maintain a similar quality of artwork (perhaps there are aesthetic reasons for this that I haven't thought about, but there are inconsistencies nevertheless). Not so in this book. From the beginning to the end, Kajo's attention to detail and the painstaking depiction of rain complements the written narrative for the und [...]

    13. Tays on said:

      This most recent installment of the Trese series is probably the best one as of yet - and that coming from a guy who read the previous volume and said that it was the best. It seems that for every installment of this title, Budjette and Kajo never cease to amaze me. The characters seem to be well thought what with the compelling back stories Budjette and Kajo provided for them. It was a fun read and the direction that were laid out on the previous volume was executed well in this one. Ever the b [...]

    14. Ian Cruz on said:

      This is the longest Trese novel as of late. Since it's somehow thicker than the others, us, the readers, needed to take our patience to the next level in waiting for it to come out. The wait was worth it. Kajo and Budjette have somehow proved to the Filipino comic geeks why they deserve the Philippine National Book Award for Best Graphic Literature. This book features prominently story plot lines involving other members of Alexandra's clan as they deal with the new threat of both the usual and s [...]

    15. Aljohn Laid on said:

      Initial thoughts:1. Simply my second favorite after Volume 3.2. Superhero overload in this one. Where did they all come from?Hopes:1. More exposure of the Trese boys please!2. Character development for the lead character. She can't be all too kick-ass and not have her own inner battles. I'm mean, come on you're already on the 6th issue. Something should happen.3. The Madam is someone to watch out for.4. Consistent drawings/sketches for the upcoming books. The art of Book 6 is reaaally good! The [...]

    16. Earl on said:

      *I wouldn't spoil so much information here, since I know a lot of people have not yet read this issue yet. I just bought this from the bookstore a while ago, having finished this a few minutes before writing this review*All I can say is that everything here is so close. Close to what is happening right now, to the Manila that we know, to the monsters that we are familiar with, and to the directions that I want the whole Trese series to take. Now she has find her foe, but not without finding her [...]

    17. Bomalabs on said:

      FINALLY!!! PLOT!!! :) I am so glad things are progressing! It's like those Anime series wherein the protagonist just fights a weekly monster on the first few episodes and then on the latter episodes of the season you'll finally have some plot ongoing. I was not wowed but everything's just right! Also, I loved seeing Alexandra Trese finally using some help and showing that she's not that invincible as one might be inclined to think seeing her in the previous volumes. Very welcome change

    18. Paolo on said:

      Oh man, this is everything I've ever wanted out of a comic from my homeland! There's finally a huge story arc that requires a whole bunch of superheroes, most of whom are siblings of the eponymous Alexandra Trese, and an awesome villainess who resembles a certain Filipino politician too closely to be a coincidence. A predictable story, sure, but I'm way too happy to just see my culture in print to legitimately care much about tropes and junk.

    19. Chikki on said:

      This is the last volume of Trese that has been published. And while the ending definitely leaves room for more stories (and actually, I do want more because there are still loose ends), it does not end on a cliffhanger. I loved the way that mythology, urban legend, and commentary on the anomalies happening in modern society all blend together to take us on an unforgettable ride. I cannot find any fault in this one, I enjoyed it too much.

    20. Stephanie Alexis on said:

      It's been years since my last Trese read, and thankfully I visited the bookstore yesterday and picked up the latest release. As always, Budjette Tan and KaJo Baldisimo did not disappoint! The story is able to sustain itself, and readers will enjoy the coming together of Carlos Trese's team, a la X-men. Five stars and another lengthy wait for the next issue.

    21. Lynne on said:

      The overall story development is pretty exciting! I like seeing Alex's brothers, and the "romantic" development between Alex and Maliksi! Other characters like Bantay, and Madame's assistant are getting pretty interesting too!Too bad printing is bad, copy's barely a few weeks old and its falling apart. Printer/Publisher please!

    22. suzi on said:

      I really like the Madame storyline and I can't wait to read about more of it. I love the epicness of the story and I really like all the new characters and new facets of the old ones.Of course, the best about it was the xontinuation if my OTP :p (alexandra-maliksi forever!)

    23. Sheryl on said:

      This installment is full of action but still bitin. I always love the glimpses of past inserted. Can't wait for the next one. :)

    24. Emiluz on said:

      A giant fat almighty WIN.The latest installment in the Trese series is on a different plane of awesomeness. Badass graphics.

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