The Haunted Hall

Michael Avallone

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The Haunted Hall

The Haunted Hall None

  • Title: The Haunted Hall
  • Author: Michael Avallone
  • ISBN: 9780502050048
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • None

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      151 Michael Avallone
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    One thought on “The Haunted Hall

    1. Edwin on said:

      A single mother and her five children fight for survival in a house long abandoned by an insane arsonist, a man who intends to reclaim his property - in flames! The story focuses on eldest daughter Laurie, who's sexual obsession with Duke, leader of a violent band of young squatters, and Jerry, a heroic film actor, drive the tight plot, as the musical family prepares to perform at at an outdoor concert event. In general I found the novel rather juvenile, and clearly intended for a younger audien [...]

    2. Greg on said:

      This book was bad, but it being about the Partridge Family made it all ok.

    3. Bryan W. on said:

      I enjoyed this book more for the nostalgic factor if for nothing else . The book has the feel of having been written quickly , and without much thought behind the story . I am a fan of the Partridge Family TV series , and enjoy the books as well . This book had several right at the exact moment coincidences , and wrapped up in far too neat a bow . It was as if the writer decided " There's my required page count !! Time to finish this book !! " The main problem with this book is that it is suppos [...]

    4. girl writing on said:

      This book gets four stars not for any stellar writing or excellent plot and character development, but for the nostalgic fun it provided. I stumbled on a collection of these books in a used bookstore I'd driven by forever but had never gone into. In this book, written in 1970, some of the writing is pretty painful with a lot of 'hippie speak'. And Laurie Partridge kept going goo-goo eye dreamy over every guy she met. But the book took me back to happy childhood memories like ordering books in g [...]

    5. Dean Anderson on said:

      I might have given this book one star if I was going on quality, but I gave it five based on the pleasure it gave me. Part of the pleasure came from blogging the book chapter by chapter, not just reviewing the plot, but also the searing social commentary found in the book. To see that blog, go to the late June and early July entries of deanaanderson/201.

    6. Arwen on said:

      This is part of a very strange habit that I don't even know why I have. For some reason every time I see a Partridge Family book I have to buy it. I was never a big fan of the TV show, but for some reason I feel compelled to read the books.

    7. Moejoo on said:

      Found a several beat-up copies from this series sitting around in an offbeat bookstore and bought a couple. Of the two I read this was the more enjoyable and had a feel close enough to the TV series but a more gritty or edgy plot and side characters. I've always preferred the show and its outdoorsy locations to the (by comparison) pimply and claustrophobic Brady Bunch series of the same period. The Brady Bunch was the first of the two series by one year, but I think most who remember the two ser [...]

    8. David Merrill on said:

      I had this book when I was a kid and bought it in a lot on Ebay. Hurricane Sandy had me reading some weird stuff. It turned out the Partridges are stuck staying in an old mansion with no electricity. How appropriate, since I was sitting there reading this with an Eveready lantern with no power myself! It's a very quick read, thank God, because it's pretty poorly written, no surprise. Avallone sometimes refers to one character's helicopter as an airplane. Is this normal? I'm not sure I've ever se [...]

    9. Arlene Allen on said:

      I still have volumes 1, 2, 4, 5, and 11, plus a few comics. Think they're worth anything?

    10. Aimée on said:

      What can I say I was in love with David Cassidy and watched the Partridge Family every week. It was fate that I would read the books too.

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