Uncovering You 7: Resurrection

Scarlett Edwards

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Uncovering You 7: Resurrection

Uncovering You Resurrection I know why I was taken How much does that change things I cannot say I still have a weakness for Jeremy when he is Jeremy But when he s Stonehart Well that s when all of my hatred comes back I have t

  • Title: Uncovering You 7: Resurrection
  • Author: Scarlett Edwards
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I know why I was taken.How much does that change things I cannot say I still have a weakness for Jeremy when he is Jeremy But when he s Stonehart Well, that s when all of my hatred comes back.I have to make myself detached, indifferent, and emotionally removed to make the proper decision on what to do next Jeremy makes detachment hard Stonehart makes it easy.What sidI know why I was taken.How much does that change things I cannot say I still have a weakness for Jeremy when he is Jeremy But when he s Stonehart Well, that s when all of my hatred comes back.I have to make myself detached, indifferent, and emotionally removed to make the proper decision on what to do next Jeremy makes detachment hard Stonehart makes it easy.What side of him will I get I don t know Only one thing s for sure right now, I m in the poker game of my life against the best player in the world.We ll see who blinks first.

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    One thought on “Uncovering You 7: Resurrection

    1. Naike Ror on said:

      Forse non dovevo spararmi la maratona Edwards e dovevo farmi una passeggiata al mare. dopo ore trascorse con lilly e stoneheath non so se ridere o piangere. Arrivo al punto di incazzarmi sulle ragioni che spingono la guerriera dei primi sei libri a trasformarsi in una sceneggiatrice di c'è posta per te vuole la pace con l'amica cerca e ritrova sua madre. ma dai cazzo. stai con uno che ti ha messo un collare al collo con la scossa elettrica. poi questa cosa che lui la fa credere schizzofrenica p [...]

    2. Candace on said:

      Suspenseful And Intriguing Lilly and Jeremy continue to captivate me. I am addicted to this series. I am dying to find out all of Jeremy's secrets!Just when I think that Jeremy really has genuine feelings for Lilly, he does some new, terrible thing that makes me reconsider. This book definitely has him reverting back to more of his "Stoneheart" persona. How far is he willing to go to manipulate Lilly's? Aargh!This book ends with a huge cliff-hanger. I'm dying to get my hands on the next book!

    3. Charlie on said:

      Unfortunately not much happened in this instalment. Maybe it's because I read the first 6 books together in one go but I just don't feel like the story really advanced much apart from proving yet again that Jeremy is a manipulative arsehole. I keep thinking that any day now the collar will come back and she'll be trapped again. At this point that might be a fitting end for her stupidity. She's finally free, at least relatively, and yet she hasn't run. I have no idea what is wrong with Lilly but [...]

    4. Katya on said:

      I am so wanting this story to end. I am addicted, I admit. But no man could be so screwed up and diabolical and still function. I keep seeing in everyone's reviews that they can't believe that Lilly has not run.but I can see it. Jeremy loves her mind.her intellect. He get's so excited when she figures things out. That is why she is there stillmeone as smart as she could have gotten away from him by nowbut she is intrigued by his gamen it be? I mean he got his Father, Rose, Paul and so many other [...]

    5. Elfina Renee on said:

      Is anyone out there as disappointed in this book as I am? I mean come on, we're in the seventh book and this is what we get?? Yes the storyline is all good, but felt there was more fluff and fillers then anything. So here goes with the review. Spoiler alertspoiler alert as I won't be holding back!What is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. (Albert Einstein)Here we have this cat and mouse game, where Jeremy Stoneheart is this evil [...]

    6. Yamna Rashid on said:

      Again, I would like to define this novel with one of the author's lines:Author's line: "Maybe that's the key to our relationship. It coalesces into something that provides a synergy that is both beautiful and vital". Maybe that's the key to this book's absolutely ridiculous plot. It coalesces into something that provides a synergy both disturbing and disgusting If I thought the series was going to get better, I was fucking wrongSo fucking wrongThis series is starting to suck.A lot I don't even k [...]

    7. Marsha on said:

      Resurrection by Scarlett Edwards is book 7 in the Uncovering You Series. Edwards really hits the mark with this one. Granted, it is still a very dark, erotic romance, but Edwards delves deeper mentally and emotionally in this one. There is a bit less action here, but I came a way with more understanding. But Oh Mye cliffhanger!

    8. Deborah on said:

      Story is starting to drag. It's time to wrap up this series. Please end it well

    9. Jennifer Finn on said:

      This one was a disappointment, it just felt like pointless filler to prolong the story. I'm also a little bit annoyed at why this book was $3.99 & all the other ones were $2.99.

    10. Expresso-Girls Just Wanna Have Books; A Mafia Romance on said:

      Narration is as dramatic as the story! Excellent adrenaline rush!

    11. Katy on said:

      je ne vais pas me casser la tete! car ce fichu truc n'enregistre pas mes revus !!!!!! c'est la 3 eme fois que je réécrive! bref , je suis au tome 9 et c'est trop bien, franchement j'adore l'état psychique des protagonistes ! c'est ouf! Jeremy est très fidele à sa première image ce que j'apprécie beaucoup, c'est un connard égoiste, sadique . et lily c'est la nana qui se fait emporter par l'océan qui est Jeremy l'histoire est très intrigante, et je ne regrette pas etre arrivée si loin ! [...]

    12. preppea on said:

      Jeremy has given Lilly her freedom but he’s not above playing mind games that make her question her sanity. With each freedom he grants Lilly, he does something else behind the scenes to hinder her progress or to keep her isolated. Jeremy’s love is far from unconditional and he revels in his power. With each volume of UNCOVERING YOU, I become more entrenched in Lilly’s journey and Jeremy’s depravity and narcissism. The ending of RESURRECTION is fantastic. It leaves you at the perfect mom [...]

    13. Denise on said:

      un-FREAKING-believableSeriously i'm so tired of this story, just end it! When i first read the 3 books it was okay, i kinda actually like it but then on the 3rd book i realize that there's still more i was thinking that it will have at least 5 books and it will finally have the cocnclusion i'm waiting but we all freaking know it didn't happen because there's 6 and now 7!!!!!!! I just don't get this part of the book, i mean the story can actually go on without this. I'm dissapointed because i lik [...]

    14. ★ Belle The Bibliophile ★ on said:

      3.5 / 4 STARS. I cannot stress over how unhealthy Lily and Jeremy's relationship is. I mean look at the foundation their relationship is based on -- they're doomed from the start. Lily's feelings towards Jeremy have been going back and forth and it's been happening since the 3rd, 4th book (?). I don't blame her though. Jeremy's pretty much has her wrapped around his fingertips.Jeremy Stonehart definitely lives up to his name. Stonehart. More like Stone-piece-of-shit. He had a bad childhood and I [...]

    15. Tanya Rae ~ TaSTy WordGasms on said:

      That "Oh Damn" moment at the ending gets me every time! Now I have to wait until Jan 20th argh. Crying & stomping feet "oh no moment" at the end. Okay I am over it and glad I won't have to wait too long. I loved Uncovering You 7: Resurrection & I wasn't ready for this book to end. I am loving the Uncovering You series and this book wasn't as dark as some of the earlier books have been. I have read some of the reviews for this book and most of the reviews are less than 3 stars because of [...]

    16. Michelle Quintana on said:

      Everytime that I think Jeremy might actually be changing his ways, he goes and does something else to Lilly. I had a feeling that he was messing with her mind regarding Hugh. I think that the drink he gave her helped with messing with her mind. He professes to love her absolute but he still goes back to his old tricks. I really wish there was something from his pov for the current time to show how he really feels toward Lilly. I hope that she doesn't forget what her ultimute goal is towards him. [...]

    17. Tanja on said:

      I really loved this serie but now, not so much. I still like it but I am frustrated and disappointed with this book. I feel frustrated with Lily. After everything he did to her she just let it go. She "moved on". Really? And even now after he gave her a " freedom" ho still controls her. He controls EVERYTHING. Stonehart said he love her. So THIS is his way of showing his love for her? And she always fall for his act. I am so frustrated with her she should pack her things and leave. And my guess [...]

    18. Sarah-jayne on said:

      I've been looking forward to this for ages!! Love the series so far, but this one left me feeling as if I'd gone backwards abit with how I connected to the characters. Granted the storyline moved on at quite a pace and things did connect together, but some parts (especially the ending) I felt were a bit rushed. I started to really get to grips with Jeremy in the other books, but in this one I felt really confused by his motives and the way he's treating Lilly ( for someone who says he "loves her [...]

    19. Maureen Nicholson on said:

      3 Stars. Hmmm, where do I start? First let me say that I enjoy reading this series. That being said, I feel like this book just kind of dragged. I am getting tired of constantly being stuck in Lilley's head with her thoughts of trying to figure the mystery that is Jeremy Stonehart. I feel like the forward movement of the story is stunted by this to the point that I just brushed over some paragraphs just to move forward. It was just a little too redundant. Jeremy is just as manipulative, cold and [...]

    20. Natalie The Biblioholic on said:

      I really liked this installment. It just goes to show that Jeremy or Mr. Stonehart or whatever you want to call him is as devious and manipulative as ever. Just when you think you have an understanding of the situation, as you think you've got it all figured out and there's no more secrets BOOM! Another twist is revealed. I love how he plays with Lilly's mind. I was even somewhat convinced that maybe she was losing her sanity. I like the sweet glimpses we get of Jeremy. I do believe he loves her [...]

    21. Big Joe on said:

      I've concluded the uncovering you series is much like the Friday the 13th movies the first few are great then the rest seem to be just a cooker citer money grab. But just like those movies I feel like I have to read till it's over. This novella was weak. Look at my reviews I'm usually positive even if I disliked a book. But this series seems like it needed to be 4-5 typos and the other five are just filler to ilk more cash from readers.Sorry this is harsh, but these last few books are dribble th [...]

    22. Karen on said:

      I absolutely loved this book, just as I have loved the whole series. As the series continues I become more and more hooked. I constantly change my mind about how I feel about Jeremy (the villain, sort of)and cannot decide if I want him and Lilly to end up together or if I want her to rip him shreds! I'm so excited for the next installment even though I don't really want the series to end! I cannot recommend these books enough. Great work Scarlett!x

    23. heather wright on said:

      Omg Ok I have to admit that the things that Lilly goes though with Jeremy is just crazy. But this book is a complete mind bender. Just when you think it's going 1 way it quite literally flips a bitch and takes a new wild turn you don't see coming. I love the series but love to hate it too! The entire book makes you think. The cliffhangers make you hate to have to wait till the next 1 in the series comes out. Way to go Scarlett Edwards. I can't wait for the next book.

    24. Julie Lavalle on said:

      I have to say this GAME is driving me NUTS!!! Its a roller coaster of CRAZY - In this book I so wanted to slap the shit out of Lily - why must she be so stupidly naiveI know if not the book would flow the way it does - but it makes me crazy!!! I'm absolutely addicted to this series and am not happy that I have to wait for 3 more books for the conclusion!!

    25. Irene on said:

      Arghhhhhh I'm in book hell and I can't escape. I swear Scarlett Edwards is actually Mr Stonehart in disguise. Will we ever get to the bottom of the puzzle that is Jeremy Stonehart Will Lilly get a backbone kick him into touch and make a run for it. Will there ever be an end to this addictive series. I can't take much more flipping cliff hangers.

    26. Julie arwine on said:

      Scarlett never disappoints!Just as I knew it would be, AWESOME! Started right where UC6 left off, had me read in one sitting, and completely captivated me to the end. Oh and it made me cry due to the fact that UC8 is a month away! Can't wait. Scarlett is an amazing Author and I read everything she writes. Thanks for sharing your brilliant talent!

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