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Snapped friends killer Who will snap In nine weeks Charlie Miller s life goes from absolute perfection to gruesome tragedy All it takes is one night one blade and her boyfriend best friend and new frie

  • Title: Snapped
  • Author: Ketley Allison
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • 5 friends 1 killer Who will snap In nine weeks Charlie Miller s life goes from absolute perfection to gruesome tragedy All it takes is one night, one blade, and her boyfriend, best friend and new friends all either end up as suspects or dead But Charlie s world of pro football golden boys, law school domination and New York City nightlife crumbles long before sudden d5 friends 1 killer Who will snap In nine weeks Charlie Miller s life goes from absolute perfection to gruesome tragedy All it takes is one night, one blade, and her boyfriend, best friend and new friends all either end up as suspects or dead But Charlie s world of pro football golden boys, law school domination and New York City nightlife crumbles long before sudden death Everyone she cares about is at risk because one of them has a twisted darkness lurking beneath, and if Charlie wants to survive, she ll have to see past these beautiful faces and find that single, poisonous soul Because they want Charlie out of the way Set up Gone And to succeed, they ll destroy Start at the beginning Question them all.

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      310 Ketley Allison
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    One thought on “Snapped

    1. Vivian Jane ✯ on said:

      **ARC provided by the author for an honest review!***Quotes may differ upon publication*3 "I Love You" Stars!"I don't need you in a dress," he said, pulling delicately on one of the straps. "Or in lipstick. Or tanned or impeccable or styled. You know what I need?" He stopped, waiting for me to meet his eyes again. When I did, he finished with, "You in sweats and your hair a mess. Your face all rosy because I just made you laugh--or something elseI need you. I love you, Charlotte Marie Miller."Th [...]

    2. CCAM&GZM on said:

      "Serial series" - hmm neither a short story nor a novel format so you cannot criticize that, in fact, nothing happens. OK, maybe to say nothing is an unfortunate choice of words, because the characters are introduced to us, we receive the premises of the game, but also, I could say, we get to know the "climax". Climax which takes the form of the prologue, maintains and continuously feeds the reader’s curiosity. This fact makes me consider, at this moment, that the author had been inspired when [...]

    3. Karine on said:

      I love it when a book starts with a glimpse of the end of the story. If it's done right, I'm hooked on a series straight away and Snapped was no different. The first chapter is about an event that happens in the future and it is very intense and I was instantly drawn into the story.However after that first chapter, the story started to fall away for me. I sort of lost interest in it and didn't care where it was going. But I keep reading hoping it would pick up again.There is a lot to take in; pl [...]

    4. Olivia-Savannah Roach on said:

      This was a serial of seven books, so I will be doing mini reviews for each and every one! These are quick reads, at about 100 pages each. The first one sucked me in with an intriguing prologue where we didn’t know who had committed a crime, and whether it was the main character who did it! We were then thrown backwards to the beginning of the story.I immediately fell in love with all the characters. Mostly, Charlie, our main character. I felt like I would be most like her, shying away from the [...]

    5. Anne on said:

      Not bad And if I'm being honest, I am intrigued. But the blurb got my hopes a little too high for only a part 1. We will see if I come back to it.

    6. Alyne Roberts on said:

      I was super lucky to receive a early copy of this book!I was immediately intrigued by the description. And the cover. Sarah at Okay Creations always catches my eye! I am not the biggest fan of novella series because I HATE waiting. It kills me, then I usually lose interest. But the description was enough to get me interested. I had to know WHO WILL SNAP. This series is in no danger of losing my interest. I promise that!As soon as I began, I was hooked. The prologue is in the future. Most likley [...]

    7. Chanpreet on said:

      The prologue was all it took to hook me. Seriously, if you don't believe that's all it'll take, try the sample on . I devoured every word and every page. At first everything seemed alright. Charlie and Jason were together again and all was good. When I first picked up on something that might not be right, it was from an unexpected source. And then surprises started rolling in. I wasn't sure who was friend and who was foe. When this first installment ended, I didn't stop to make notes, but immedi [...]

    8. Maria on said:

      4 starsI made a new bookshelf for this serial. It's called "one word: SHIT." Because that's the reaction it got from me. Honestly, from the quarter point forward I had this rock in the pit of my stomach, because I was wary of everyone. Snapped makes you analyze every conversation, every look, because you know that one or more of these things are foreshadowing the end result. And shit if I'm not thoroughly invested in the outcome right now.Charlie is just starting law school, and Slade, her bf, i [...]

    9. Amanda (Fandomly Bookish) on said:

      From the first page of the story, I was hooked and eager to continue flipping the pages of my eARC. It really intrigued me how Charlie Miller ended up in that kind of situation. My reaction upon reading the entire prologue was “What the freakin’ hell happened here?” The prologue is set in Week 9 and just whoa, what a way to start a story. It has an effect that you know readers will be clamoring for more. Clamoring to know every-freakin’-thing that happened in the story!I just noticed tha [...]

    10. Court on said:

      I reviewed this at MustReadBooksOrDie with my friend Shelley! Shelley: You know what? Wow. This prologue grabbed my attention and just knowing that every word was guiding me to that scene, kept me turning pages. I was very eager to get to that stage--where I had answers to my questions. I actually STILL have questions because as I discovered this morning, this is book one (or part one) in a SEVEN-ish part series. You should know this going in so that you don't feel disappointed when the answers [...]

    11. Cassia Brightmore on said:

      There are very few serials out there that I can say that I absolutely love. Serials are hard to write, as we have such high expectations in a very short amount of content. When I read a short story, I find I can be a bit more critical than with a full length novel in terms of what I’m looking for. With this new from author Ketley Allison, I was left completely destroyed. Not only did her writing style wow me, but the plot and the characters are addictive, seductive and dammit - just flipping G [...]

    12. Isabelle Morebooksthanlivros on said:

      Rating: 3.5 starsTitle: SnappedSeries:The Snapped series #1Author: Ketley AllisonGenre: New Adult Contemporary, Romantic MysterySource: ARC provided by AtoMr ToursCover: 3 starsCharacters: 4 starsPlot: 4 starsHeat: 2 starsFreshness: 3 starsAddictiveness: 4 starsTotal: (14/24) 3.5 stars***** This is part 1 of a serial, there is no ending per se. Also, this is a mystery serial, I can't divulge much without spoiling, so the review is going to be brief.*****Part one of the series explains vaguely ab [...]

    13. Brittany B on said:

      Charlie and her best friend, Lara move to NYC. Charlie is working towards being a lawyer and adjusting to life in NY as the girlfriend of a rising star. Jason 'Slade' Sladerman is Charlie's boyfriend and he's finally made it to the big leagues with his football career.I enjoyed Charlie's character . She's the girl next door type and the author really allows you to empathize and connect with her. Lara, the best friend, is her total opposite. Boisterous and chic, she seems to compliment Charlie. T [...]

    14. Melanie on said:

      I've never been one for novellas, however when I read the synopsis of SNAPPED, a new series by Ketley Allison I had a feeling it would be something I would enjoy. While writing this book review I am currently on book 3 and have to say my opinion of the series has changed somewhat as I've worked my way through the story (I'm currently at week 6)APPED starts at the end of the story, we find our leading lady in a really bad situation and being accused of murder. We know very few details and have no [...]

    15. Jennifer LaFon - Book Bitches Blog on said:

      **Review copy received from the author for an honest review**Who is going to snap?? That is the question that is killing me now, even after I finished this book. Yeah, the story just ended unexpectedly!! But not a cliffhanger. OR the kind of cliffhanger that most of us hate. And I think I would have preferred a crazy cliffhanger over that. I still have so many unanswered questions!!! But, lucky for me, I have the handy dandy next part to get started on immediately.So, the synopsis makes you thin [...]

    16. Lelia Taylor on said:

      When I started reading this, I was more than a little apprehensive about what precisely I was going to find. My concern was that, when I first heard about this series, I thought it was a straightforward mystery with some romance thrown in, which is fine with me. Then, as time approached for the blog tour to begin, some pictures came to light which are considerably racier than I anticipated, one in particular bordering on going too far (for me, not necessarily for others). I’d promised, though, [...]

    17. Victoria on said:

      Originally posted at Revenge of the Feels*Thank you to Netgalley for providing me with an eARC in exchange for a honest review.One problem - TOO FAST AND TOO ABRUPT.(Okay, that was two problems.)This story went by way too fast! I know there is only 90 pages but still, it ended too quickly and I have so many questions! It’s the first time I’ve seen an author using a flashback method to start off her story and I actually do like it! It got me a little confused at first but it only lasted for t [...]

    18. Jazmen This Girl Reads A lot on said:

      *A special thanks to Xpresso Tours and Ketley Allison for this review copy!*I have to admit now that I've finished this novel I'm a little confused. I feel like I was just watching a murder mystery show and lost service in the middle of the episode. I'm aware that this is apart of a series of novels but I would have liked it to end just a tad bit differently.The characters are interesting but there's not much I can say about them besides the surface information I learned in this first book. Foot [...]

    19. Alexandra on said:

      I was given an early copy by NetGalley & Oh My God I loved it. This is such a fast, easy & interesting read. SNAPPED is the first novella out of a serial, these novellas will go through 9 weeks of Carhlie Miller's perfect life that goes to hell in the process.The book starts in a really compelling way, it gives a glimpse of week 9 where we can see how Charlie is being questioned because of a murder. My first reaction was "What the fuck is going on? & just because of that I wanted to [...]

    20. Amie Morgado- We Stole Your Book Boyfriend on said:

      WOW hooked from the prologue , absolutely suspicious of everyone. I swear it was torture , everything anyone said or did I was reading into and I had no clue what had even happened yet !! This may have been the intro to the characters and what was going on in their lives but I have to say that prologue totally worked me over !!Charlie and her bff Lara are moving to New York to be with Charlie football star boyfriend Slade. Luckily for Lara , Slade and Charlie welcome her to be with them and it i [...]

    21. Rhiannon Overby on said:

      As Snapped is the first book in a serial novella series, it contains a cliffhanger ending of sorts. You should only read this book if you're planning to read the whole series. Ketley Allison started this story off in a way that most authors are unable to effectively pull off she started the story by giving us a flash of the ending. While she gave us enough to know that someone dies, we have no idea who died or who the murderer was. This risky moved was pulled off effortlessly and helped hold you [...]

    22. books are love on said:

      The prologue affects you and you are intrigued. Why is she a suspect? Who is dead? but this book doesn’t answer these questions. this book agonizingly gets you more intrigued and wanting more. This book gives you the background and buildup by showing you the main characters of the story.Charlie- the shy, quiet, smart girl who is with the pro football player. The girl who is insecure and scared she doesn’t meet the bill for her boyfriends career and is failing in all aspects of her life. The [...]

    23. Lcdk on said:

      I’ve always been a huge fan of the romance genre but, admittedly, I recently began to become tired of it simply due to the fact that I’ve been coming across the same mainstream cliches and plots being reused over and over again. That being said, I still decided to go into “Snapped” with an open mind, and having just finished the read, I can now definitely say that I’m glad I chose to do so as it has given me a great first impression of the author and some much-needed faith back into th [...]

    24. wendy Shelton(obsessedbybooks) on said:

      *** obsessed by books blog arc given for an honest review ***We have CharlieChar and her best friend Lara moving to NY to be with Chars boyfriend Jason Sladerman(Slade) the big time football star. The book starts out with the Prologue week9 with char being question by the police and we aren't quite sure what it is about. Then we go to the first chapter starting at week 0 with the girls moving to New York. Char is attending law school and we she her meet Reagan and her brother Nate who is a law [...]

    25. Rhiannon St. Clair on said:

      **I received an ebook ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review**This was such a great start to the series. Allison has created an awesome cast of characters, and I love how the book started off with a bang, then went back to give us the full story in a week-by-week playback. Even though the book was on the short side (as expected with any serial), there was so much in terms of character development and plot lines. Slade and Charlie's relationship is introduced, we meet Reagan (who is [...]

    26. Caro [The Book Rogue] on said:

      In this first installment, it's all character introduction and establishing the relationships. Char is a real sweetheart, understanding, truthful, relatively independent -- perfect. She turned out really well considering where she came from. Slade is a sweetheart, too. He is so in love with her, and he doesn't seem like the type who let's stardom get to his head. Lara was the feisty best friend, and I think she was content with sometimes being the third wheel. But since the prologue stated her t [...]

    27. LilisBooks on said:

      ARC provided for an honest review :)) Review to comeThis is part 1 of a series of novellaThe prologue is really intriguing. We know that a crime was committed and that Charlie is questioned by the police. . But we know absolutely nothing more. Who? when? Why? what happened?Then the book begins shortly before the prologue. Charlie move to New York with Lara, her best friend. They move in with Jason, Charlie's boyfriend. Jason is a profesional soccer player. Charlie is a law student.Charlie and Ja [...]

    28. Tina Lee Harris on said:

      3.5 starsThis is part 1 of a series of novella of mystery and intrigue. We get to follow Charlie and Lara as they move to NYC to be with Charlie’s star quarterback boyfriend Slade. As they are adjusting to life in the big city and the spotlight that seems to come with dating a football pro, things aren’t always what they seem.Charlie is starting law school meeting Reagan who becomes her study partner but has a crush on Charlie’s boyfriend.Then we meet Nate, Reagan’s tattooed brother who [...]

    29. Lisa on said:

      SNAPPED by Ketley Allison is the first book in her Snapped four-part series.What an opening - we start at the end of the 9 weeks with Charlie being questioned in her trashed apartment by a detective about a murder. She's on the defense and we have no idea what happened Then it begins at week 0 and we go into the beginning of the story just knowing it's going to end badly for at least one person. This book ends in Week two. New friends are made in New York that expands outside of the Charlie, Sla [...]

    30. Heather Wood on said:

      This novella was definitely entertaining! The author is very talented at teasing out the plot to make a reader keep turning the pages. The prologue was especially enjoyable and an actual reminder of why I really love prologues (I understand not all readers do).Without giving too much away, the characters are an interesting, albeit messed-up group, who have secrets between them. Although the central plot is a murder mystery, there’s a lot of light-hearted spots and humor. I have a tendency to a [...]

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