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SIN Charlie s first love is perfect He s kindhearted the sex is great and he only wants her despite the spotlight that brings him fame Her life is wonderful filled with purpose and cushioned by the man

  • Title: SIN
  • Author: Ketley Allison
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Charlie s first love is perfect He s kindhearted, the sex is great, and he only wants her despite the spotlight that brings him fame Her life is wonderful, filled with purpose and cushioned by the man of her dreams.Something is wrong here.Her instincts are kicking in, telling her that Slade isn t the man she thinks he is, but her heart is at war She loves him, despite tCharlie s first love is perfect He s kindhearted, the sex is great, and he only wants her despite the spotlight that brings him fame Her life is wonderful, filled with purpose and cushioned by the man of her dreams.Something is wrong here.Her instincts are kicking in, telling her that Slade isn t the man she thinks he is, but her heart is at war She loves him, despite the attraction that sparks between her and Nate, the lonely, magnetic man who has popped into her life solely to piss her off Slade loves her, despite the bright cameras and hot women and the ongoing pressure to succeed Doesn t he love her Slade s getting closer to Charlie s new friend, a girl who blushes in his presence and changes face as soon as he leaves Reagan seems sweet and everyone tells Charlie she s adorable, cute.cent as an angel But Charlie s starting to see her differently Problem is, no one believes her Simple jealousy, or a warning of what s to come Someone s plotting a murder, and its execution hinges on Charlie s choice If she turns the wrong way, ignores the right signals, and chooses the wrong man, wellThe ultimate sin will result.

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      432 Ketley Allison
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    One thought on “SIN

    1. Vivian Jane ✯ on said:

      **ARC provided by the author for an honest review!***Quotes may differ upon publication*4/4.5 "Obsessed" Stars!"You're fucking out of your mind.""Yes, I absolutely am."Yes. You are," I said. "So go fucking find your mind."I need more Because my mind=blown--REVIEW WILL BE POSTED ON DECEMBER 16TH, 2014--

    2. Olivia-Savannah Roach on said:

      LOVED IT. Finally things are heating up! There was a lot less about law school but a lot more betrayal weaving in and out of this book. The ending of it has me curious as to what could possibly happen next in the series! Things are heating up and the characters and drama has me in love. I want more now! 5 stars.

    3. Philomena Callan Cheekypee on said:

      This is the third novella in The Snapped Series. It's getting harder to review this series as I don't wanna spill any spoilers. Basically there's been a murder. Each series is bringing us closer to the murderer being revealed. As I get to know more about the characters my suspicions are all over the place. This story really does keep me guessing. Full of twists and turns I'm finding it a really interesting way of telling the story. Looking forward to reading more:)

    4. Shelee at Book Reader Chronicles on said:

      Okay, so if you cannot handle curse words, be wary, because there will be those in this review. It’s warranted. It’s needed. This book…Okay, let me tell you. I am laying here, at a god-awful time of the very early morning. My heart is thumping painfully against my chest. My heart and mind are thumping maniacally with so many emotions that even I can’t understand them: intense anger, amazement, more anger, betrayal, hurt…gah, I don’t even know! Ms. Allison — I am pissed at you!! Thi [...]

    5. Isabelle Morebooksthanlivros on said:

        Wow! Ms. Allison is only getting me more addicted to this. I wish I could read the next installment right now!Really this is one of the worst reviews ever, and I'm sorry for that. But I'm still in shock! When I believe I know anything, I'm always proven wrong. Oh, please: DONT READY SIN, IF YOU HAVEN"T READ SNAPPED AND SHADE! THIS IS A SERIAL AND ITS A MUST TO HAVE READ BOTH PREVIOUS INSTALLMENTS!At the end of Sin this is what I think:Is Reagan the one who is going to die? Is Nate going to b [...]

    6. Court on said:

      I reviewed this at MustReadBooksOrDie with my friend Shelley! Shel: OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD. I really don't even know else to say. COURT: SHOUTY CAPSL THE WAY. OH MY GOD.Shelley: .okayI'll say a little bit more, but it's getting VEEEEERY challenging to write about this series and not spoil anything. So, here's what I can say: Charlie has that voice in her head that is telling her something is very off and eveyone around her is dismissing it.d I DO NOT think she should dismiss it. Court: WH [...]

    7. Rhiannon St. Clair on said:

      **I received an ebook ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.**Ketley Allison continues her suspenseful series in the third Snapped installment, Sin. Sin kept me on my toes, and there were multiple times when I simultaneously wanted to jitter right off the edge of my seat and slap some of the characters. (Which is another testament to Allison's writing skills. Good writing = strong reader reactions.)Reagan gets crazier and crazier with every one of these books, and unfortunately Ch [...]

    8. books are love on said:

      this third part of the series revved up the thoughts and nerves. We keep getting more entangled and drawn into the craziness and deception all around Charlie. Her friend Lara is trying to like everyone and keeps changing faces like we change underwear. Her boyfriend is just I am not quite sure if he is a good guy or not. He seems to be but than again looks can be deceiving. Nate is hiding his sister’s issues from everyone but may be the only really honest person to Charlie.Now Charlie is looki [...]

    9. Angy Potter - Collector of Book Boyfriends on said:

      BOOK REVIEW: 4 STARSThe third part of The Snapped Series was really amazing. I totally enjoyed reading it, getting to know what was next to Charlie and her relationship with Slade and what was going to happen with Reagan, Nate and Lara was really great and now that I’ve finished this installment of the serials, I need the next one now! I like Charlie, she’s smart, sweet, loving, caring, a good friend. I totally understand her suspicious about Reagan, and sadly nobody believes her. Thank God [...]

    10. Jennifer LaFon - Book Bitches Blog on said:

      *Review copy received from the author for an honest review*5 WTF Stars!Oh, this damn series is making me curse more than I normally would. But, I am happy to have hopefully gotten some answers…maybe!! I’m still not sure that what I am reading is the truth!! I was hoping for the anxiety level to go down at least a notch or two with this installment, but it didn’t…damn it!! Still so many secrets and unknowns!!“Maybe if I immersed myself in pretend, in what I wished, it would actually man [...]

    11. Lelia Taylor on said:

      This third novella in the series begins with Week 6 and Charlie is having doubts about relationships, the first with her boyfriend, Slade, the second with her law school friend, Reagan, and the third with Nate, Reagan's brother who happens to be a musician and a lawyer. In particular, Charlie is suspicious of Reagan's intentions towards her and her interest in Slade and, as so often happens in romantic entanglements, Slade appears to be completely oblivious. Sometimes, it seems Charlie's BFF, La [...]

    12. Victoria on said:

      Originally posted at Revenge of the Feels*Thank you to the author for providing me with an eARC in exchange for a honest reviewN is a wonderful continuation of the Snapped series, with lots of surprising elements weave into it. Ketley Allison has outdone herself once again!WARNING: Currently feeling murderous and about to rip the characters of SIN into thousands of pieces.WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE PEOPLE IN SIN?Seriously, are they out of their minds or something?SIN picks up where SHADE left off, a [...]

    13. Lisa on said:

      SIN by Ketley Allison is the third installment in her SNAPPED novella series.Romance and plot twists and knives in the back, oh my!We began the first book in the investigation aftermath of a murder and have since been slowly working our way towards that from the beginning, weeks prior.In a continuation series like this with such a suspenseful plot line I refuse to even accidentally give away any spoilers. We are slowly learning more about Charlie, Lara, Slade, Reagan, Nate and friends and are al [...]

    14. Alyne Roberts on said:

      Every release of this series seems to impress me and fascinate me. Sin was no different and possibly my favorite so far. Stuff is happening! I can't give away the plot but. Wow. It continues to confuse me, make me thing and suspect everyone. I have no idea who's the good guy anymore and who's on who's side. Finally, Charlie catches on and is suspect of those around her too. Since we now form the beginning where this Tory will end, we keep trying to figure how we get there, who did what and why. [...]

    15. Amie Morgado- We Stole Your Book Boyfriend on said:

      HOLY CRAP , I can't even recall anything that happened in this part once Nate and Charlie had their argument at the game , seriously WOW. Again as much I would normally love Nate I am still holding out on Slade being honest and not letting Reagan get to him. Damn Reagan is making me crazy WTF is her deal and Lara is kind of weirding out too. I am losing it but that confrontation with Charlie and Nate , real good stuff !! Then the end , I don't even know what to think , really Slade , did you rea [...]

    16. Tina Lee Harris on said:

      4 starsI think this was my favorite installment so far in this short series of novellas. We get to see more into the characters lives and what they are “Really” like. As Charlie realizes that things are not at all what they seem. But when Slade does not believe her about Reagan, things get heated between them and not in a good way. Charlie knows Slade deserves better than her but she loves him. She is fighting a battle within herself about their relationship. Reagan is playing her part perfe [...]

    17. Vivian Nieves on said:

      This is the 3rd part of this series and in my opinion, it definitely delivers more than the first 2 parts. There is less focus on law school and more focus on the drama and betrayal beginning to surface between all of the characters.Char knows she loves Slade and that things should be perfect but she also has feelings for Nate. Why is this happening to her and why does she feel something just isn't right when it comes to her relationship with Slade?Reagan goes to a whole new level of crazy, and [...]

    18. Chanpreet on said:

      Holy mother of God. I apologize for the blasphemy and any cursing that you may read during this review. This installment totally messed with my mind. Seriously! Many of my suspicions were shown to be truthful, but I'm still no where near figuring out the identity of the murderer and what happened. No one is who they seem to be. I honestly really want Charlie to pack up her stuff and move the hell out of there. Right now, as I type this, my adrenaline is flowing and I'm on edge, the same way it w [...]

    19. Karine on said:

      Now we are getting somewhere with the story. The story line in Sin moved along faster than the previous book in the series. And I'm loving it so much more now.These characters are so interesting and complex. Just when I think that I have them all figured out and know who's side they are on and what they have been doing, the author throws another curve ball in and I'm back to square one again. I just can't figure out how some of them are turning into complete opposite of themselves.And don't get [...]

    20. Juletta Gilge on said:

      **Copy provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**Holy hell. I'm so glad I kept with this series. There wasn't much in this one about all the law school crap and her day to day boring lifee Charlie's life is no longer boring. It's full of deceit, lies, and hatred.Some parts of it had my jaw dropping in amazement at just how crazy some people are. I felt for Charlie in this one, because she is so confused, and who could blame her with everyone around her being untrustwort [...]

    21. Caro [The Book Rogue] on said:

      Off into the real action! Rae snapped, confirming Charlie's suspicions about her motives. It really pissed me off that neither Lara nor Slade believed her, especially Slade was a real jerk about it. This time around, even Char caught a hint of Lara's off vibe, but the fact that there's a rather reasonable explanation which then prompted Char to hold back about Nate's confession from her batty besty, a move I didn't approve of. I think their friendship can stand it. Btw, I think there is truth to [...]

    22. wendy Shelton(obsessedbybooks) on said:

      *** obsessed by books arc given for an honest review * * * this is the 3rd book in this series and we get to see how crazy Reagan is, but how she can manipulate all of chars friends into believing her. And that ending, I was so hoping that wasn't the case I hope I'm wrong, I want to like slade. I need book 4 right now.

    23. Debbie on said:

      **FULL REVIEW WILL APPEAR ON BOOK SEVEN RELEASE**OH MY DAYS! so glad I carried on with these!

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