Hello, I'm Special: How Individuality Became the New Conformity

Hal Niedzviecki

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Hello, I'm Special: How Individuality Became the New Conformity

Hello I m Special How Individuality Became the New Conformity Hal Niedzviecki is one of the wisest funniest and most acute cultural critics writing today Naomi Klein author of No LogoHal Niedzviecki has a blunt message for the army of tattoo and piercing enthu

  • Title: Hello, I'm Special: How Individuality Became the New Conformity
  • Author: Hal Niedzviecki
  • ISBN: 9780872864535
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hal Niedzviecki is one of the wisest, funniest and most acute cultural critics writing today Naomi Klein, author of No LogoHal Niedzviecki has a blunt message for the army of tattoo and piercing enthusiasts, bloggers, skateboard warriors, and anyone else walking around with the smug certainty that they are one of a kind Individuality is the new conformity.Niedzviecki s Hal Niedzviecki is one of the wisest, funniest and most acute cultural critics writing today Naomi Klein, author of No LogoHal Niedzviecki has a blunt message for the army of tattoo and piercing enthusiasts, bloggers, skateboard warriors, and anyone else walking around with the smug certainty that they are one of a kind Individuality is the new conformity.Niedzviecki s meditations touch on everything from designer religions to webcasts, from reality TV to the endless everybody is a star platitudes of global pop culture The result is a smart, witty, and impassioned argument that shatters the you can do anything pop myth and exposes the paradox of individualism.Hal Niedzviecki is the founder of Broken Pencil magazine and the author of We Want Some Too Underground Desire and the Reinvention of Mass Culture.

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      338 Hal Niedzviecki
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    One thought on “Hello, I'm Special: How Individuality Became the New Conformity

    1. Erika on said:

      This review is hella long because I wrote it for : Hal Niedzviecki is the guy who bums a ride with you and then criticizes the way you drive, tells you when to turn, and tells you where to park. He is the guy who walks into your kitchen and asks to be shown what you are cooking, and then makes unhelpful suggestions as to how to improve your recipe. He's the guy who crashes your party and makes snide comments about your taste in music, and how he was into it 'before they went all mainstream'. In [...]

    2. Miri on said:

      A great book that would be much better but for the fact that, near the end, the author begins essentially going on tirades against capitalism, globalization, and other things that have done much, MUCH more good than bad in the world.That was annoying.For once, I'd like to read about culture and society without getting liberal/socialist bullshit thrown in with the bargain.Also, frankly, I can't relate to any of the people he talks about--the ones who stand in a parking lot for hours to audition f [...]

    3. Mary Fons on said:

      I nearly bailed on this book early in the first chapter because Niedzviecki seemed like a real whiner. Thankfully, I stuck with it. I learned a lot from "Hello, I'm Special" and it, along with several other books I've read lately, have thrown me into a bit of a crisis. It's true: individuality is the new conformity. There are very few avenues for a rebel to choose if he/she wants to make waves. The waves are sold as quick as they appear. There's nothing new under the sun and, once there is, it's [...]

    4. Michael Boeke on said:

      Ugh. This was the first book I've read in a while that really disappointed. I expected some insight into why people all want to be different in the same wayke why do all the hipsters wear the same glasses? Unfortunately, the author makes the entire book about how everyone wants to be a pop star. His premise is wrong, and as a semi-famous author he just comes off as self-loathing. Additionally, he is a Canadian writer and tries to use the inclusive "North America" wherever he can, which ends up b [...]

    5. Mars on said:

      Hal Niedzviecki sounds like a whiny, unhappy man who hates everyone and everything. In "Hello, I'm Special", his tendency to generalize, some of the examples he chose, and his cynical, angry approach (softened only in the last couple of chapters) to the theme of individualism make this reading often unpleasant. However, some of his observations definitely resonate with my own experience and have helped me make sense of many things I'm seeing.

    6. Lisa-piece-a-pie on said:

      The premise of this book was more enticing to me than bananas foster, and boy do I LOVE bananas foster.Anyway, though there are many truths in what the author is saying, his structure was so sporadic and self-serving that I had a hard time absorbing his point. The end of the book is inconclusive, which negates his whole purpose for writing it. Still, an interesting read, but I recommend not buying it. In fact, you can have my copy.

    7. Funda Guzer on said:

      Kitap ikinci yarisindia fazla ornege bogulmus . Ornekler Amerika da yasanan ozel konular olmasi sebebi ile son yarisinda kitap tan koptum.

    8. Patrick Barros on said:

      This book changed the way i think about myself in society; it's also the reason i hate hipsters and fratpeople

    9. Jafar on said:

      “Hal Niedzviecki has a blunt message for the army of tattoo and piercing enthusiasts, bloggers, skateboard warriors, and anyone else walking around with the smug certainty that they are one of a kind: Individuality is the new conformity.” That sounded very interesting to me. Unfortunately I have to add the following sentence to the cover blurb: Hal Niedzviecki is a writer who picks a good idea for a book, but can’t write it.The only good part in this book is the introduction where the auth [...]

    10. Aron Newberry on said:

      *****Disclaimer!*****DON'T READ THIS IF YOU ARE DEPRESSED!!!!!!! ZERO STARS*************************As I get older I appreciate the art of subtlety, the ability to politely, not mention things that are perfectly obvious to anyone capable of abstract thought. I am disappointed that American culture has deteriorated such that a publisher would actually print this book. Growing up, we are given adages to live by. Our parents preach things like “sticks and stones…”, “do unto others…”, an [...]

    11. Michael Bennett on said:

      Nothing really revelatory in this book. This book probably in my college days would have caused more of a stir because it generally scratched the surface of many points and ideas I had learned. More or less, I started to second guess some of my own personal life choices, but realized that I did everything with my free will, I still actively seek out things to incorporate into my life on my on terms of both myself, my family, and community. I pick battles like everyone else and I keep myself more [...]

    12. MM on said:

      Certainly we're in a culture of heightened individualism facilitated by consumer culture: customized this, special-order that, niche media, reality celebs, and so forth. And as a journalist Niedzviecki makes some apt points and observations about this cultural context. But in addition to overlooking some important historical precursors and trends, theoretically what this book needs is a more serious consideration of power and politics. Underlining some of the snarky observations about the masses [...]

    13. Bryan on said:

      I'm about halfway through this book and was immediately struck by how his style of thinking mirrors my own in a very eerie way. However, the major difference between him and I: I have done zero research into this topic. I do think that we live in a very egocentric country that places comfort and self love - no, aggrandizement - as a top priority in life. I believe this affects not only adults, but has created a new generation of children who want to be regarded as Gods. This has contributed to m [...]

    14. Qu on said:

      93 - […] preying on the naïve and hopeful has always been part of the pop legacy117 – The pop system depends on shutting us out118 – In real life, we pay the corporation to give us the feeling of defying their-our-world.139 –155 – The practise of exorcism in contemporary America is remarkably well suited to the therapeutic ethos of the prevailing culture. […]Exorcism is oddly at home in the shopping mall culture, purchase of happiness culture, of turn-of-the-century America.186 – [...]

    15. Katie Pesznecker on said:

      Big topic tackled in this book, which broadly argues that individuality is the new conformity. A bit wandering at times but I owe that to the nebulous nature of the topic and not author error. Definitely thought-provoking and an intense look at what our social structures, pop culture and the "culture of celebrity" do in terms of driving people to define their own specialness and be seen as something unique. An interesting read.

    16. Wysteria on said:

      Everything you like is horrible because everything you like everyone else likes. You are the mass media greatest dream, and even though you think you are an "individual" you are not. -- pretty much the gist of this book so far. And way too much focus on celebrity and stardom. As if that's the only thing people aspire to anymore. This guy is full of himself and his alternative hipster, I'm cooler than you because I'm different attitude, is gross.

    17. Claudia Turner on said:

      I almost gave it 2 stars because even though the issues raised are interesting and having been mulling around in my head for awhile, blargh!e author writes with an uninspired, high-strung and elementary style that ruins the potential messages that could be addressed by someone with more thoughtfulness and dare I say a special writing style to express otherwise valid points. Ultimately lots of arrogance with limited insight.

    18. Molly on said:

      This book seemed like redundant, "I've figured everything out, and you haven't" tripe. Maybe having grown up in metropolitan areas my entire life I fail to realize that everyone around me may have this complex of having to be special to fit inMr.Niedzvecki, two stars for making this jaded urbanite take some time to reflect.

    19. Cara on said:

      Seemed rather redundant. Talked a lot around points, but never really came out and said anything productive. Hal's favorite word is apparently "ersatz" as he uses it in almost every chapter I think, in several cases where it is not the best word for the sentence. Another one of those books where I jived with the premise, but the execution of the text fell short.

    20. Ed David on said:

      Great read - a little too simplistic in theory but trying to understand current climate of North American thought/ideas. Main theory is that we all have been raised to think we are special and this ultimately compliments the insanity of our consumerist culture - I mean that's a pretty simple explanation but anyway the book gets the juices moving.

    21. Hannah on said:

      When I read this book it blew my mind. Granted, it's a little pedestrian, but it was one of those "he's saying what I'm thinking" moments for me. The book is about American society's focus on the individual in the face of globalization, and how that has affected our sense of community and self. Very interesting.

    22. emmy ganos on said:

      right after i graduated i started missing my sociology reading, and this book helped quench that craving. not overly academic, this book explores the concept of conformity in a way that is unique to the children of boomers.

    23. Frances on said:

      "The time has come to recognize just how much of what we have considered genuine non-conformity or rebellion over the past hundred years or so has really been ersatz articulation of Special conforming to the norms of ersatz individualism." I thought that was pretty damning.

    24. Eric on said:

      DecentI suppose my expectations were higher than the book came out to be. I felt like Niedzviecki said the same thing a thousand times with a hundred different examples. Good points, however; it's a good observation about our current culture of individuality.

    25. Natasha on said:

      Interesting commentary on what constitutes a rebel when previously rebellious actions are now considered the norm. Makes you think about why you do the things you do, and who else does the same thing.

    26. Cansu Arslan on said:

      It kind of book of personality development. But it little bit difficult. Therefore, it is more preferable book than classical the books of the personality development.

    27. Nick Wallace on said:

      I.e. you're not special. The rating only dips due to somebody taking it upon themself to point that out to people who probably think the book isn't talking about them.

    28. Tera on said:

      I found too many contradictions and dead ends. I was expecting something more Alain de Botton-ish but instead felt I was just reading someone's long blog entry.

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