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Cindi Madsen

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Crazy for the Competition

Crazy for the Competition The road to trouble is paved with sweet temptation Always the rebel in her ultra conservative family Quinn Sakata dreams of quitting her dad s real estate business and restoring the old Mountain Ridg

  • Title: Crazy for the Competition
  • Author: Cindi Madsen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Paperback
  • The road to trouble is paved with sweet temptation Always the rebel in her ultra conservative family, Quinn Sakata dreams of quitting her dad s real estate business and restoring the old Mountain Ridge Bed and Breakfast in her hometown of Hope Springs Except that Quinn s not the only person bidding on it Worse still, her competitor is her high school crush, Heath BrantlThe road to trouble is paved with sweet temptation Always the rebel in her ultra conservative family, Quinn Sakata dreams of quitting her dad s real estate business and restoring the old Mountain Ridge Bed and Breakfast in her hometown of Hope Springs Except that Quinn s not the only person bidding on it Worse still, her competitor is her high school crush, Heath Brantley, who is all kinds of ripped, tattooed hotnessSo much for her nice, conservative boys rule.Heath has his own reasons for bidding on Mountain Ridge, and he won t give in without a fight even to the red lipped hottie with a sailor s mouth But when their rivalry shifts into an unexpected zing of chemistry, Heath realizes he s in deep trouble Because it s inevitable that emotions will get involved, and he needs to keep his eyes on the prize before they both get hurt.

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    One thought on “Crazy for the Competition

    1. Jamie on said:

      4 Sweet Stars!It's Live! What a fun easy read this was! In the midst of the normal super sexy, edgy, sometimes angsty, erotic , and suspenseful books i read a book like this is just what I need to cleanse my pallet, so to speak. Just a sweet book with lots of laugh out loud moments and just the right amount of sexy. Now going in, I was a tad bit nervous with the type of heroin we have here what we have is a woman that believes in saving herself for marriage which is just about completely unhear [...]

    2. Michelle on said:

      ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest reviewIf you are a fan of sweet, cute and endearing love stories, then Crazy for the Competition by Cindi Madsen might be the book for you. This is the second book that I have read from this author and I might say Cindi definitely knows how to bring out the warm butterfly feelings of sweet love in her newest release. Ms. Madsen reminds us that love is full of unexpected surprises and the person you least expect to make your hearts flutter might [...]

    3. Valerie on said:

      I always enjoy Bliss books and this author in particular. She does a great job of mixing characters I care about with humor and a great story, to make an enjoyable read.The characters really grabbed me with in this one. I loved both Quinn and Health from the start. Quinn has a vibrant and wild side that doesn't sit well with her proper Japanese culture. She likes to laugh. She's funny. She's outspoken. She's independent. She resourceful. She tries to be respectful and do as her parents want but [...]

    4. Karen on said:

      Originally posted at For What It's Worth on June 22, 2015 - fwiwreviews/2015/06/reI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – you can’t really go wrong with anything from Entangled Publishing’s Bliss line if you’re looking for sweet romance with a guaranteed HEA. Especially if it’s written by Cindi Madsen – one of my top auto buy authors for swoony romances.I gotta be honest though and say I was a smidge worried with this one. I’m not usually a fan of books where there’s a lo [...]

    5. Irene on said:

      4.5 starsLoved Crazy for the Competition!The storyline was entertaining and held my interest from start to finish. I just couldn't put it down.The characters were both believable and very relatable.Loved Quinn and Heath, they had amazing chemistry and the way they would argue and then tease each other had me laughing and swooning. Quinn was such a hoot, she had no filter, loved her!!! And then we have Heath all I will say is tattoo's and piercings are one of my weakness's and Heath checked both [...]

    6. Sandy S on said:

      3.5 stars--ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date June 9, 2015The road to trouble is paved with sweet temptation… Always the rebel in her ultra-conservative family, Quinn Sakata dreams of quitting her dad's real-estate business and restoring the old Mountain Ridge Bed and Breakfast in her hometown of Hope Springs. Except that Quinn's not the only person bidding on it. Worse still, her competitor is her high school crush, Heath Brantley, who is all kinds of ripped, tattooed hotnessSo much for her "nice, [...]

    7. Ash P Reads on said:

      A lovely book about doing over your life and making a fresh start. Quinn feels stifled from conforming to her traditional parents ideas of the proper daughter. Being unable to be herself, dating people that her parents approve of but who in the long run would not respect her boundaries. Her ticket to freedom is Mountain Ridge, a place she hopes to win a bid on with the dreams of turning it into an elegant B & B.Heath is the perfect bad boy; motorcycle rider, band member with a scruffy beard, [...]

    8. Bette Hansen on said:

      Loved! It! This is a sweet, funny, and completely endearing story. Two people from totally different world who are immediately drawn to each other. Heath is the town's hot bad boy or at least that is how he is seen. Quinn Sakata was raised in a very conservative, very involved household and while she has always tried to be what her parents want she just can't do it anymore. When these two find themselves bidding on the same property, each with their own very personal reasons, they are thrown int [...]

    9. Kathy on said:

      I appreciate the fact that the main character in this story stuck to her belief that sex is something that should be forgone until marriage. Content: Innuendo, language, talk of sex

    10. Sheri (Tangled Up In Books) on said:

      Originally posted on my blog: Tangled Up In BooksI received a copy of this book, from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review. In no way did this sway either my review or my rating.I read the first book in this series, Second Chance Ranch, last year and absolutely loved it. There were a few characters in it that I was really excited to get to know better. One of them being Quinn of course. Quinn's book ended up being way more than I hoped it would be.Quinn is one of those really great ch [...]

    11. Carra on said:

      Cindi Madsen's wonderful novel, Crazy for the Competition, is a sweet, fun read that will make you smile, give you good feels---and do it all without the main characters ever showing up in a steamy sex scene. That doesn't mean there's no sexual tensionter all, when your female lead is waiting for marriage, and your male lead is absolutely irresistible (and not inexperienced)--and the two of them together have some remarkable chemistry--there's plenty to keep you glued to every page.Quinn is a st [...]

    12. Kim Reads (Read Your Writes Book Reviews) on said:

      Reviewed for Read Your Writes Book Reviewsby KimIf you’re looking for a totally sweet romance, Crazy for the Competition is the perfect read. Cindi Madsen pairs a misunderstood, reformed bad boy with a spirited, feisty woman, just bursting to allow the real her to show through.Heath Brantley grew up on the wrong side of town, and spent most of his time getting in trouble and dealing with his drunk father. Heath returns to Hope Springs to be involved in his seven-year-old brother’s life and t [...]

    13. Lisa Markson on said:

      I received a galley copy of Crazy for the Competition from the author in exchange for a honest and unbiased review. I have to say that I really enjoy how this author is able to pull a reader into the storyline and hold them captive. She is a rare comodity in a author. Lately these days authors feel they need to put in lots of sex into a story in order for it to sell regardless on whether it is needed. This author is able to tell a beautiful and interesting story without the unnecessary sex. This [...]

    14. Jaime Fiction Fangirls Book Review on said:

      I enjoyed the fresh take of a virgin and a bad boy because the bad boy wasn't really so bad after all and the virgin stayed true to her beliefs even after falling hard for said bad boy. I was extremely annoyed by Quinn's father for being so strict and so judge mental and disapproving of everything that she did. Even her sister made me angry because she didn't encourage her to be happy but rather to conform. I loved that Quinn was still pushing to be her own person even while struggling to be eve [...]

    15. SnoopyDoo's Book Reviews on said:

      This is the second book in the Hope Springs series by Cindi Madsen. I really enjoyed the first book that followed Sadie and Royce, plus I really love most books by Cindi Madsen that I have read so far and it was a no brainer for me to read this book.This book like most of her books, was sweet, funny and romantic. Both Quinn and Heath have more going on than they are willing to share to each other. They are come from different backgrounds but yet had the same struggle with family in a way. Both n [...]

    16. wrecked_life on said:

      I loved this funny and cute story. Two opposite people who are unable to fight their attraction. They both want same property and are competing with each other. Still they decided to be friends. Although friends is not what they want to be. quinn can't help but fall for this ultimate bad boy. He is not like the others, he is funny and gets her like no one else ever has. Heath is now a reformed man. He wants to prove to everyone that he can be trusted and others matter to him. When he first meets [...]

    17. Janna ♥ I'm A Sweet And Sassy Book Whore ♥ on said:

      dnf at 40% just didn't work for me

    18. Kelly on said:

      I love this book! It’s sweet, sexy, and full of diversity with culture, tattoos, romance and a whole lot of kissin’. But what I really like is that this book shows that some people do wait for marriage to have sex. That some people have made values and the respect and love it takes for someone to respect their values make that guy all the better. Then she has given herself to him as his wedding present! The words on the first page grabbed me, talking about how Quinn Sakata grew up opening he [...]

    19. Casey on said:

      Review originally posted at Ramblings From This ChickCrazy for the Competition is a standalone story in Cindi Madsen's Hope Springs Series. Though the characters in each book are interconnected, it is not required that they be read in order to enjoy each story. While this book had some great moments, this one was just okay for me. I had a tough time relating to the heroine, but it was still a good light and easy read. Quinn Sakata is working towards leaving her father's real-estate business and [...]

    20. Kim on said:

      Crazy for the Competition” has been sitting on my e-bookshelf for quite some time now, because I have been meaning to get a hold of Cindi Madsen’s third Hope Springs novel, which I kept forgetting to do. I’m the type of reader who likes reading serial books in sequence, even if each book can be read as a stand-alone. I was particularly crazy for “Crazy,” however, because of the book cover. Yes, the book cover. I judged it and I liked it. Why? Well, ‘coz the heroine looks ASIAN! Holy [...]

    21. Roberta Capizzi on said:

      What a pleasant surprise! This was my first book by this author, but it won't be the last. I loved this book! So many laugh-out-loud moments, and strong chemistry without graphic scenes made this book the perfect weekend read.I loved everything about Quinn. She is sassy, has a tendency to speak her mind without a filter and she's the white fly in her very conservative Japanese family. Even so, she does her best to be the perfect, hard-working daughter her parents want and she even dates the perf [...]

    22. April Symes on said:

      ***A gifted copy was provided by the publisher for my honest review****This is a sweet story about two people who meet up competing for a property in Hope Springs and its instant chemistry. Quinn Sakata is part one of the duo wanting this property and she wants to open a bed and breakfast inn where the other half, Heath Brantley , wants to open a hunting lodge. Neither wants to budge an inch on the vision the property could end up being. Between Quinn and Heath, neither is willing to come to an [...]

    23. Ava Brightly ☕ on said:

      This book opens up with Quinn, a young woman daydreaming at her sister's wedding rehearsal. Quinn's daydreaming about her goals and future and snaps to attention by Mr Hotness personified as he is finishing church repairor was it her startlingly loud expletive garnered by the sight of him, in front of, wellGod, parents, and everyone?Cindi Madsen has a gift of writing excellent and believable dialogue. Her characters are never cookie cutter. I loved that Quinn comes from a Japanese family. I love [...]

    24. Becky on said:

      Such a sweet romance!Quinn and Heath were both great characters--and both have such good reasons for why they need to be the one to win the competition for the property. I really liked that they didn't let their competition get nasty; even though going that route can be humorous at times, it wouldn't have been right for this story. They made their competition a perfectly fair one, with neither of them trying to undercut the other one in order to win.I also actually loved that there was zero sex [...]

    25. Dani on said:

      The story was fun but I had a really hard time connecting with her actions towards her family.When Quinn it's not around her family she is awesome, smart, sassy and sure of herself. I understand her heritage it's important, especially having the respect of her elders and also showing said respect to them, but it was difficult to support her when she's basically letting them walk all over her in the name of respect. Why didn't she spoke up for herself was beyond me, particularly when she had ever [...]

    26. Aseel (In My Secret -Book- World) on said:

       ** An eARC was provided by publisher in exchange of an honest review**It's been such a long time since I read a book like Crazy for the Competition! I devoured this book in one sitting.Quinn and Heath are two different people, complete opposites, and shouldn't have crossed paths after they finished high school, but when they both set their eyes on Mountain Ridge Bed and Breakfast, their paths cross again. Soon, they are going head to head in the competition and sparks are flying everywhere. I [...]

    27. Denise Van plew on said:

      This is my first time in experiencing this author's writing in the reading of this novel. It starts out right away with a window into the female main character's outlook on things and Quinn being the older will be watching her younger sister get married. Also she has hopes of winning the bid to a place that has fond memories that she wants to turn it into a bed and breakfast once again. Just before the actual ceremony she finds out there is another bid and split decision by town. She soon finds [...]

    28. Elle on said:

      I fell in love with Cindi Madsen's books when I read Getting Lucky Number Seven, and she's delivered another fantastic read with Crazy for the Competition. Quinn and Heath are in competition to win the bid to transform the Mountain Ridge Bed and Breakfast into their dream getaway spot. Quinn yearns for the freedom to create the bed and breakfast of her dreams and step away from the life her family planned for her. Heath dreams of having a hunting lodge with his reformed brother. He can use the l [...]

    29. Rosemary K on said:

      What happens when your dream collides with that of another and you are wildly attracted to that person. That's the situation for Quinn Sakata with Heath Brantley, her high school crush. They both want to buy the Old Mountain Ridge Bed and Breakfast. Who's going to be the winner? Quinn is from an ultra conservative family who are from the right side of the tracks. They have wealth and privilege and she feels trapped. Heath Brantley has drifted all his life. He and his brother raised themselves wh [...]

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