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A Bad Boy For Summer

A Bad Boy For Summer ROUGH TOUGH HARD DIRTY I ve been called all that and I don t care as long as she gives me what I want Her Frannie Turner spends all her time with her nose in a book It s been a few years since she gr

  • Title: A Bad Boy For Summer
  • Author: JoannaBlake
  • ISBN: 9781514253267
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Paperback
  • ROUGH TOUGH HARD DIRTY I ve been called all that and I don t care, as long as she gives me what I want Her.Frannie Turner spends all her time with her nose in a book It s been a few years since she graduated High School, but the way boys treated her back then has made her shy away from dating She hasn t even noticed that she s grown into her curves, and thatROUGH TOUGH HARD DIRTY I ve been called all that and I don t care, as long as she gives me what I want Her.Frannie Turner spends all her time with her nose in a book It s been a few years since she graduated High School, but the way boys treated her back then has made her shy away from dating She hasn t even noticed that she s grown into her curves, and that her big wide eyes, wild curls and tawny skin have got the attention of every male she comes in contact with Jace Singleton hasn t lived a charmed life Nothing has been handed to him and he likes it that way He works in his Uncle s auto shop by day and drag races at night He s the only one on duty when the rich college girl comes in with the wild hair and even wilder curves Something about her makes his body respond immediately He decides it s worth crossing to the right side of the tracks, at least long enough to nail the hot little book worm a couple of times The last thing he expects is to fall in love with her A Bad Boy For Summer is a stand alone novella with a guaranteed HEA

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      474 JoannaBlake
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    One thought on “A Bad Boy For Summer

    1. RJ on said:

      This was a so-so read for me. I liked that it had a hero who was completely obsessed with the heroine but it moved wayyy too fast. I also felt more lust than love. All he ever thought about was "fucking" her and there were many moments where he's just staring at her tits. Not really romantic in my book. And he was just so high handed with her. It was supposed to be "alpha" but shit like that would get you slapped had this been real life, lol.Oh and the manwhore + virgin heroine trope automatical [...]

    2. CC on said:

      This was not terrible, but even for NA, this seemed really immature. The hero. Well I usually love the male POV. I would have preferred to not hear his thoughts. All he thought about was fucking her. He was not a bad guy. Just had the depth of a piece of paper. The heroine. Wow, can you get to 22 and be that naive? It was a safe easy read. There is the perfunctory bimbo that wants to get into his pants that makes the heroine insecure. But it is a non event. He does not want her, never had her an [...]

    3. Chantal ❤️ on said:

      Ok I should not have read this one. Wow really!? Where is the love? I hear the sex but the love!? NOPE NOT BUYING IT HERE! Most lines/sex scenes read like a bad cheesy porno. No connection just sex sex and more sex. Not even hot sex guys so don't get excited here. It's not worth it!His lines are all I want you, see the doctor tomorrow, go on the pill, and on and on until my fav Lets joint the mile high club really!? That's how this crap ends Not worth my time it's totally safe but I don't care i [...]

    4. seton on said:

      Genre: NA novellaPages: 140Series: #2 but can be read standaloneSensuality: R22 yr old virgin meets mechanic.This was recommended in the Jealous Hero thread and in a moment of boredom, I tried it. Forgetting that I already tried this author before and DNF the bk. Well, the good news is that I think the author's writing has improved somewhat. The bad news is that it still was not good enough for me to want to finish it. Second DNF in a roll. The writing is still too simplistic/basic for me.DNF @3 [...]

    5. Deserie williams on said:

      This was just ok for me. Story was too fast that I couldn't really feel a connection between them. Also all he kept saying is he wanted to f**k her . It wasn't really sweet or romantic the way he took her she's a virgin and I felt like he didn't give her anytime . He tried to come off as a Alpha but it didn't work for me. I'll give him this he knew he wanted her and she was his and that's was that ! This was a safe read!

    6. Vieira on said:

      Enjoyable smut with a yummy alpha male pretty predictable but I liked it!

    7. Christine on said:

      2.5/3 starsIt was okay. Race car driver falls for quiet girl. It was nice but did not feel as connected as I hoped I would. Dual POVs.

    8. Sue on said:

      When I want a quick, hot, sexy and romantic read with a good story, this is the author that does it for me. I loved her book BRO a lot and this bad boy was even better, even though the HEA was a bit fast and seemed out of character for a "bad boy" to want to settle down so fast.Jace and Frannie made a really cute couplea shy and insecure virginal rich girl who grew up feeling unloved and a car racing not-so-bad-boy who had all the girls coming on to him but really was a very decent man inside. I [...]

    9. Chianti Summers on said:

      Given a copy for an honest review!This book was a fast read. I loved the characters Jace and Frannie. Jace the bad boy that was alpha and was truly loyal to the one he wanted. Frannie the bookworm that would have moments of doubt about her body. Neither one of them knew that a broken down car and a tow would start something new. Jace has a love of super cars and racing. Frannie is dedicated to finishing her degree. These two set the pages on fire with some of their scenes. You may need to fan yo [...]

    10. Nikki on said:

      I liked this one a lot. Sexy with a side of stalker-ish possessive alpha ;)

    11. Toria on said:

      Great fast read. Loved the book. Fast paced. But great for a beach or pool read. Great to have a easy read on a slow day.

    12. K.L. Donn on said:

      After finishing Bro, my first question to Joanna was “What about Frannie” I loved her! And there was a scene that really made me wonder, and I have to say boy did Joanna deliver with this book!!It’s not her normal writing style, it was a little more intense, I’m happy to say that Joanna’s growth as a writer is very noticeable in this book!Frannie is a young woman trying to erase the stigma that is her parents.Jace is a young man who likes to play hard.Together they are that meteor show [...]

    13. Brenda on said:

      First off that is a HOT cover <3 Lance. I am so happy Frannie got her own story. This was a nice sequel to Bro'. I am telling you if you want a super hot read Joanna is a great go to author. I definitely have to read more from her. You would never guess what a broken car could bring a person Well for Frannie she got herself Jace. Jace is all alpha. A smoking hot adonis she can't take her eyes off. But for the never been kissed virgin, she has doubts he could want her. She has no idea what goe [...]

    14. Heather andrews on said:

      This was a quick read and Jace was all alpha, "I want you to go on the pill.” She nodded, snuggling against my chest. “Call the doctor tomorrow." Even when he's hurt the boy is always roaring to go, "I’d given him a horse sized pain pill. It should have made him sleep. Instead it was making him loopy and horny. Very, very horny. Not that he ever wasn’t." I don't think he's one for foreplay, "Jace was naked. Naked and hard. And he looked p***ed off. “You are going to pay for teasing me [...]

    15. Jan on said:

      Short Hot read Loved Jace & Frannie, Frannie was in the previous book Bro as the not so hot looking girl who spends most of her time in her greenhouse.Love knows no class when hot racer and a rich girl meet Jace know she's the one and Frannie is his like it or not. Frannie isn't used to Alpha or dominant male, well no males for that matter and it's a journey of acceptance with plenty lol moments leading to a hea. Hot and enjoyable read

    16. Mindy Mccray on said:

      This book is HOT! I love Jace and Frannie's story, I didn't want it to end. Jake is the bad boy alpha mechanic with tattoos, races and rides a motorcycle. Frannie is the rich girl, book worm who lives in the bad part of town, just wanting to finish her degree. I received this book in exchange for an honest review!

    17. Tab on said:

      ARC in exchange for an honest review- Frannie's car breaks down and that is the night that changes her life. Jace meets Frannie and makes a decision that will change his life. If you enjoy an alpha male who is loyal to the girl he chooses this is the book for you! Buy it, and you will love it. I know I loved it!

    18. 100sweet on said:

      This was recommended to me and I enjoyed the heck out of it. The H was so crazy for the h: possessive, obsessive and jealous. I loved that he always wanted her. It was clear that he was besotted with her. I actually liked the h, which is rare for me. I like a sweet h.

    19. T on said:

      This was a quick, sweet read! Read in one afternoon, it was a cute story, no overly dramatic portions, and while it was a stand alone, enough information is given about other characters in the book that you want to know their stories as well. Nice bonus!

    20. beth myrick on said:

      Quick good read. Likeable characters and storyline. Great read for setting around the pool and relaxing. Sweet, hot, instalove that is fast moving, and the perfect amount of reading time for catching some rays.

    21. Olivia on said:

      I really loved this book. I really liked Frannie, she was just so adorable. I also adored Jace. I liked that he saw what he wanted and went after it. I liked that he was protective and cared about her safety. It was also nice to see Clay and Nevada again. I would absolutely recommend this book. <3

    22. Diana's (Books And Coffee Cups) on said:

      Another great addition to my favorite author's list. Enjoyed this book and this authors writting looking forward to read more of her booksFull Review: booksandcoffeecups77.

    23. Morgan Scott on said:

      Amazing!!This book was amazing and I loved it. I didn't feel sad even once throughout this story and recommend it to anyone who reads and loves romance!!

    24. Danielle on said:

      AMAZING!!!OMG I loved this book. I can't wait to read it again. I could not put it down. It was a great page turner. I didn't want it to end.

    25. Liz johnson on said:

      Very enjoyable, sexy read. Good fun and an alpha male. Not a long read but quite satisfying. It featured characters from a previous book BRO but is a standalone.

    26. Wendy Kelley on said:

      WOW! You will fall head over heals for Jace. The whole love story will make you fall in love. Bad Boys make better Men.

    27. Samantha on said:

      Bad boy. I was stuck between 3 and 4 stars for this. I really enjoyed the beginning but his obsession with having sex with her kind of ruined things for me. That seemed to be all he cares about. Even when he was saying she was different and he had all these feelings it was still his main concern. The ending also ended pretty abruptly. I was expecting some type of epilogue or something. I did still really enjoy the story and the characters. I liked the added characters at the end as well.

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