The Stone Murders

Matti Yrjänä Joensuu

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The Stone Murders

The Stone Murders None

  • Title: The Stone Murders
  • Author: Matti Yrjänä Joensuu
  • ISBN: 9780312006891
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Hardcover
  • None

    • [PDF] ✓ Free Read ✓ The Stone Murders : by Matti Yrjänä Joensuu ð
      454 Matti Yrjänä Joensuu
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] ✓ Free Read ✓ The Stone Murders : by Matti Yrjänä Joensuu ð
      Posted by:Matti Yrjänä Joensuu
      Published :2018-012-02T11:51:07+00:00

    One thought on “The Stone Murders

    1. Matti Karjalainen on said:

      Eivät vanhemmat loppujen lopuksi tiedä juuri mitään. Ja monet eivät haluakaan. (s. 198)Mikael on neljätoista, Leo kuudentoista. Mikaelin isä on poliisi, mutta kotona esiintyy niin henkistä kuin fyysistä perheväkivaltaa. Leon kotona asiat eivät ole sen paremmin: isä on lähtenyt kävelemään vuosia sitten ja istuu tiettävästi nykyään ruotsalaisessa vankilassa, äiti ryyppää ja huoraa.Nuorukaiset ovat ottaneet itsekin ensimmäiset askeleensa päihteiden ja rikosten maailmassa, m [...]

    2. Nancy Oakes on said:

      Like a 3.75 (I HATE rating books) rounded up to a 4. Set in Helsinki, The Stone Murders is the first in a series of three, followed by The Priest of Evil and To Steal Her Love. Timo Harjunpaa is a detective sergeant in homicide and he's seen his share of ugliness in the past. It's about to get uglier, as he's called out to investigate what seems to be another murder, but he finds the victim still alive yet barely clinging to life. The man has been brutally attacked -- while knocked out with a be [...]

    3. Anna on said:

      Matti Yrjänä Joensuu was one of the well-known and well liked Finnish crime writers. He died a few weeks ago, and I managed to find a copy of The Stone Murders which I read for commemorating him.I'm fairly sure I've read the book before, probably when I was still 12 or 13 (I skipped all the young adult stuff, so I was done with all the Agatha Christies my local library had to offer by the time I was 13), as many parts of it seemed familiar.A man is found stoned to practically death, and he lat [...]

    4. Andres on said:

      Peab ütlema, et jube keeruline on ikka raamatuid hinnata Midagi tegelikult halvasti ei olnud, lugu oli ajastutruu ja põnev, sissevaade inimestesse igati usutav. Ja mõned peatükid olid häirivamad kui teised. Pean siinkohal silmas, et heas mõttes häirivamad - sellise loo puhul seda ju ootakski. Eks muidugi ole sellistes lugudes ka helgeid kiiri. Vaadates seda, mis täna maailmas toimub (terrorism, masstulistamised jms) tahaks küsida, et kuhu maailm liigub. Vaadates aga mõnekümne aasta ta [...]

    5. Nightwitch on said:

      Scandinavian noir set in 1980s Helsinki. Less depressing than some of these books are (Harjunpaa seems to have a fairly functional marriage as well as young children), although still pretty grim overall. We learn almost immediately whodunnit and follow both sleuth and killer for the duration of the book. Occasional flashes of a four-star read but overall, just reliably decent.

    6. WakenPayne on said:

      Admittedly the translation is sub-par to say the least from this book. They spelled Harjunpää like Harjunpaa. It just seems off.The basic plot is that 2 teenage delinquents go around fooling around, but the definition of "fooling around" is used very loosely because they like to beat these random people to death with stones. One of them happens to be the son of a policeman (hence the Finnish title Harjunpää ja poilisin poika). Harjunpää finds the teenagers doing things other than the killi [...]

    7. Michael on said:

      Admittedly I have read all of the Harjunpää books that have been translated into English. Of all of them, I thought Harjunpää ja Poilisin Poika was the weakest, in spite of this, I managed to enjoy it.A man is found practically stoned to death and Harjunpaa is on the lookout as to who it was that could've done this. The answer is that two youths did it.That is not really a spoiler if you know Joensuu books. He doesn't as much focus on the mystery nor the action as most mainstream police book [...]

    8. Steve on said:

      While the reviews that I see have not been overly enthusiastic here on , I did particularly enjoy this short novel. While the action takes place in Helsinki (and it makes reference to various locations there, such as the Rider Statue, a/k/a Mannerheim Statue, the Post House and Kaisaniemi Bay and fieldsl of which I hope will come in handy if I do indeed visit Helsinki in this coming year), the general theme is Karin Fossum-like, in that Joensuu's approach is pretty psychological, especially as r [...]

    9. Petra on said:

      Ein weiterer finnischer Krimi, der eigentlich keiner ist. Es handelt sich eher um eine Sozial- bzw. Psychostudie. Man kennt von Anfang an die Täter und lernt sie im Laufe des Buches immer besser kennen. Die Täter sind Jugendliche aus untersten sozialen Schichten, die zu keinem Zeitpunkt eine echte Chance haben. Sobald der Leser allerdings Verständnis für die beiden entwickelt, werden ihm ihre Opfer und ihre Familien vorgestellt und die Gewalttaten in der ganzen Sinnlosigkeit beschrieben. Ein [...]

    10. Stephanie on said:

      I read this some time ago, but wanted to add it to my list because it was such a well crafted mystery, and one of the only Finnish mysteries that I could find at my library. It seems to be out-of-print now, which is a real pity, but I believe that some of the author's other books are available to purchase through amazon.

    11. Alma Q on said:

      Muisto jo karusta kirjoitustyylistä (saati tarinasta) karmii edelleen selkäpiitä, mutta uskottavuudesta tietysti tulee plussaa. En olisi lukenut omaehtoisesti loppuun, vaikka onhan tällä oma tärkeä viestinsä välitettävänä.

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