Denial of Conscience: A Modern Darcy & Elizabeth Adventure

Cat Gardiner

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Denial of Conscience: A Modern Darcy & Elizabeth Adventure

Denial of Conscience A Modern Darcy Elizabeth Adventure Adventure Exotic Romance DangerPassion Inspired by Jane Austen s most alluring romantic couple this modern adventure stars adaptations of characters from Pride and Prejudice and her other novels Fitz

  • Title: Denial of Conscience: A Modern Darcy & Elizabeth Adventure
  • Author: Cat Gardiner
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 229
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Adventure Exotic Romance DangerPassion Inspired by Jane Austen s most alluring romantic couple, this modern adventure stars adaptations of characters from Pride and Prejudice and her other novels.Fitzwilliam Darcy is steel, rock n roll, and Tennessee whiskey Elizabeth Bennet is orchids, opera, and peaches with cream Thrown together they are physically and e Adventure Exotic Romance DangerPassion Inspired by Jane Austen s most alluring romantic couple, this modern adventure stars adaptations of characters from Pride and Prejudice and her other novels.Fitzwilliam Darcy is steel, rock n roll, and Tennessee whiskey Elizabeth Bennet is orchids, opera, and peaches with cream Thrown together they are physically and emotionally charged TNT, ready to explode Elizabeth Bennet, a young woman hiding from living life to its fullest, finds herself willing to accept an untenable marriage arrangement solely for the sake of achieving her father s selfish aspiration to save the family s historic home But even duty and obligation fail to hinder her inner conscience from spurring her to leave to run to escape before it s too late Prompted by a cataclysmic event and the arrival of an attractive, enigmatic man, Liz is thrust into a dangerous liaison where her spirit learns to fly amidst international intrigue.Fitzwilliam Darcy was born into the wealth of Northern Virginia s world of refinement and competitive polo When a horrific family event rocks his world and shatters his trust in women, he leaves everything behind, determined to never look back Running from his past and the man he once was, he enters a world of danger, first as a Navy SEAL, then as a government sanctioned assassin After thirteen years fortified by his hurt and anger, carrying a career moniker The Iceman, Darcy finds he still can t avoid his own conscience beckoning him home to Pemberley, its demons and the man he was meant to be Fate steps in when a beautiful woman suddenly appears at the end of his deadly rifle scope and he chooses not to take his signature kill shot.Experience adventure, lust, and danger as we burn rubber on the back of Darcy s motorcycle through Washington, D.C and Mount Vernon, Virginia We ll fly with our hero and heroine to play roulette in Monte Carlo and take the bullet train to Seville to tango in the moonlight The island of Capri invites us to indulge before our final stop, Marrakech, Morocco where the exotic city of Arabian Nights brings us to our thrilling climax Will this seemingly mismatched pair find the peace and the life they were both meant to live Will conscience win out with Liz Darcy finding happiness in one another s arms As Darcy would say, Don t be afraid Get on let s ride Authors Note Jane Austen wrote such wonderful characters, I borrowed their names and some of their characteristics to tell my own tale of hard won, contemporary love ADVISED This story contains explicit sexual scenes.

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      229 Cat Gardiner
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    One thought on “Denial of Conscience: A Modern Darcy & Elizabeth Adventure

    1. Sheila Majczan on said:

      As I said earlier today this story is sexy, lush and riveting!I was sent a 34 page sample of this book by the author several weeks ago and upon reading that coined this book as "James Bond meets Jane Austen". It lives up to both genres! Excitement, thrills, espionage, flying across the Atlantic, riding bullet trains thru Europe, handsome men seducing the ladies and ladies with deadly skills, this book does not let down from hypnotizing action. The book description ends with a note from the autho [...]

    2. J. W. Garrett on said:

      “It was my duty to shoot the enemy, and I don’t regret it. My regrets are for the people I couldn’t save: Marines, soldiers, buddies. I’m not naïve, and I don’t romanticize war. The worst moments of my life have come as a SEAL. But I can stand before God with a clear conscience about doing my job.” Chris KyleWarning/Caveat: Know going in this is not for the faint of heart. It is graphic, and explicit. We are dealing with a covert assassin group that works under the radar and deals w [...]

    3. Sophia on said:

      James Bond Meets Pride & Prejudice in this exciting, sultry, and exotic mash up. I couldn't wait to read it. Darcy is an assassin, Lizzy's Dad is his target, and a terrorist has them in his crosshairs. Yep, that made for an intriguing romance and adventure.The story opens with Fitzwilliam Darcy having just completed a job only to get called in for his next ops. His cousin recruited him and the two Bingley sibs to be the four members of Obsidian a contract company used by the government when [...]

    4. Meredith (Austenesque Reviews) on said:

      Double O Darcy!TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Modern Adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, Mature AudiencesSETTING: Modern-day – Virginia, Monte Carlo, and MoroccoSYNOPSIS: Fitzwilliam Darcy, an ex-SEAL working as an assassin for a secret organization contracted by the CIA, is on his next mission to take out a man in Virginia who is creating a very harmful technology that, once sold to our enemies could cripple the U.S. and send us back to the Dark Ages. The target Darcy is sent to eliminate is an un [...]

    5. Claudine DiMuzio / Just Jane 1813 on said:

      I am thrilled I finally read this book by Cat Gardiner, who I believe writes some of the best modern JAFF stories. The chemistry between Darcy and Elizabeth is palpable, the storyline is engrossing and the way she folds Austen's characters from her other stories into this book adds to the wit and cheekiness of her book. The beginning is a little slow and then the book takes off and becomes a real page-turner. I am thrilled a sequel is due out soon, which I also can't wait to read and review! Tha [...]

    6. Sara on said:

      LOVE LOVE LOVE! It's everything described and more. Could not put it down!

    7. Candy on said:

      Wow! What a ride! I loved reading Denial of Conscience! I was so caught up in the action of this exciting story, that I had a hard time putting it down! Darcy is an assassin; a hired killer working unofficially for the CIA. He works alongside his cousin, Richard Fitzwilliam, and good friend, Charles Bingley. Their main headquarters and front is a dance studio run by Charles and his sister Caroline Bingley. Together, this crew is a badass team! In this story, there are only two Bennet sisters, an [...]

    8. Paige on said:

      Denial of Conscience is an original and exciting Pride and Prejudice riff. As the title indicates, it is a modern adventure involving Elizabeth, Darcy, and other Austen characters. Other reviews have perfectly described this book as being James Bond meets Jane Austen. At one point, Elizabeth thinks to herself that Darcy is like James Bond. There is so much to like about this book! Imagine Fitzwilliam as a former Navy SEAL, roaring around on his motorcycle. Imagine Caroline as a viporous ninja as [...]

    9. Carole (in Canada) on said:

      Rating: 4.5 StarsLock, load and hold on! This is an action packed story of a tortured soul, Darcy, and a heart-broken Elizabeth who feels obliged to stay behind and take care of her father to the detriment of her own soul. After Mrs. Bennet runs away from her life at Longbourn Plantation and Jane Bennet leaves to pursue her own career, Elizabeth feels abandoned, though she still sees her sister. Mr. Bennet is a self-absorbed, selfish creature who works for the government and holds on to Elizabet [...]

    10. Mary on said:

      If you're looking for a hot,fast paced,modern adventure that centres on the love story that is Elizabeth and Darcy then this is the book for you! It's witty, spicy, adorable, addictive and beautifully written. I loved this Darcy and Elizabeth. the chemistry between themeir words of loveThis book is Pride and Prejudice meets Bond's a melting pot that runneth over.'s one of the best I've read and I highly recommend it!!Ms Gardiner-take a well deserved bow!

    11. Elizabeth Hossenlopp on said:

      No other word except WOW!Wow. What a book. I mean REALLY. I admit I have never been into Bad Boys but this book has me contemplating Bad Boy Mr. Darcy. Yowser! This story packs a wallop of romance, intrigue, adventure, and just plain fun as Darcy and Elizabeth of Pride and Prejudice are spun into a modern, fascinating tale. I highly recommend this book. AgainWow.

    12. Erika on said:

      Excellent modern P&P variationI have to say that Cat Gardiner has done it again!!! She pulled out all the stops: romance, adventure, espionage, hot Harley riding Darcy, the sizzling tango, selfish Mr Bennet, exotic locales.d so much more!!! Elizabeth is out of character in here, to begin with she is demure and capitulates to her father, the good girl who didn't move away, who always takes care of her father. She continually states that she is not romantic.Darcy, what can I say but that he is [...]

    13. Nicole on said:

      3.5 StarsAuthors Note: Jane Austen wrote such wonderful characters, I borrowed their names and some of their characteristics to tell my own tale of hard-won, contemporary love ADVISED: This story contains explicit sexual scenes.

    14. Cat Gardiner on said:

      Well, I didn't add it to my shelf because that's my Lady Catherine or Mr. Collins nature! LOL! I had to rate it to add it to my shelf in order to recommend it to all my friends. :) And, you know, I did have five stars of fun writing it! I hope you'll have five stars of fun reading it. Hugs, Cat

    15. Margie's Must Reads on said:

      A whirlwind romance, a dangerous adventure, a HOT DARCY! What more do you want in LIFE?!?!? I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!

    16. Tlotem on said:

      When Pride and Prejudice meets James Bond it's explosive.A well constructed story that lefts you on your toes! I particularly enjoyed Darcy's and Caroline's roles. The author found a good employ for her strong character

    17. Evil Mommy on said:

      Pure entertainment!This book was such a wonderfully fun surprise. I really think that in Jane Austen were around today she would have had written something wild and fun like this.This isn't a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice, but the characters are there (as well as some others from other JA novels very cleverly worked in). It's a perfect read for a summer day.

    18. Priscilla on said:

      DoC gives you one of the most exhilarating rides ever with our dearest Elizabeth and Darcy. Beautifully written and so very wonderfully characterised too!! Loved this book to bits! (Though I'm pretty sure you've known this for quite a while now, Cat, but I shall never stop telling you that.)

    19. Stacy on said:

      I really enjoyed this one once it got going. I felt that the beginning took awhile to grab my interest. Maybe because it was so different from other retellings? Highly recommend if you are looking for a modern Pride and Prejudice story.

    20. Brittany on said:

      Well then. Wow. Didn't expect that to be awesome.But it was.I definitely have read my crazy plot twists relating to P&P tales - Darcy's a Vampire, Darcy's a Pirate, Darcy fights Zombies. But when I read the description of thisDarcy's a paid assassin??? I was like.ummmmm no. The rest of it sounded even crazier.And it is crazy. Crazy awesome. So the ratings were good, my friends on here rated it high, and I absolutely loved Cat Gardiner's book Lucky 13. So I stifled my initial hesitation and r [...]

    21. Janet on said:

      Oh. My. Goodness! This book was awesome! Cat Gardiner is an excellent author and writes a story that is fast-paced, entertaining and sizzling! She has done her research and it shows. The flow is perfect and the plot never skips a beat. I couldn’t put the book down but I didn’t want to finish it either.This is a modern day story and the characters are altered a bit in personality from canon but I did not find that to be problematic. Jane is probably the most changed in personality. She is not [...]

    22. Anna on said:

      Cat Gardiner’s Denial of Conscience is a modern-day Pride and Prejudice of sorts — not a straight retelling but inspired by Jane Austen’s characters. It’s safe to say I’ve never read anything like it. Fitzwilliam Darcy is an assassin contracted by the CIA. Part of the covert civilian contract group Obsidian, Darcy is the Iceman — able to eliminate targets without flinching and so haunted by his past that he has frozen his heart to any woman. That is until he is hired to kill Thomas B [...]

    23. Tina on said:

      This book has a plot that Mr. Bennet is a traitor to his country and Darcy is contracted to take him out of commission. Of course he ends up seeing Lizzy and then realizes he can't go through with it. But then a member of the CIA is contracted to kill daddy Bennet and well Darcy just happens to be in the right place at the right time. This starts an adventure to save Bennet from some middle eastern terrorists. Along the way the two end up falling in love.I will say that this book to me just seem [...]

    24. Gail on said:

      Denial of Conscience is an amazing ride from start to finish. It is so much more than a modern version of Pride and Prejudice. It begins with the premise that both Elizabeth and Darcy are damaged emotionally. Their adventure/quest strips them bare literally and figuratively. What they rebuild from the resultant components is more than worth the journey to get there. This story has it all: action, adventure, flowers, hard rock, opera, serpents, a tango to get the blood moving in your veins, thril [...]

    25. Susan on said:

      A modern tale of Darcy as an assassin (the Iceman) working for the Obsidian group with his cousin Fitzwilliam, friends Caroline and Charles Bingley. The group is contracted to the CIA and are given the task of killing the Bennet father. Plans go astray when the Iceman is unable to complete his task, but action and adventure follow.In this tale there are only two sisters and no Mrs Bennet. An enjoyable story.

    26. Teresita on said:

      An incredible adventure!They found the most incredible love in the most thrilling adventure. Rescued each other from loneliness and darkness. A story worth reading more than once.

    27. Susanne on said:

      I had hoped to enjoy this book more than I did. I'm not often a fan of more modern retellings of Pride and Prejudice, but this one looked really promising. The plot was definitely intriguing; I was completely taken in by the plot and its dramatic twists and turns. But the way the story was told was just a bit crass. The diction, the tone--it just wasn't my cup o' tea. Perhaps readers more accustomed to contemporary fiction/romance will enjoy this novel more than I did. I guess I'm just an old-fa [...]

    28. Karin on said:

      It's an interesting twist on the story--Darcy as a secret agent!--but poorly executed. The characters bear only weak resemblance to the Austen characters and are very one-dimensional, especially Jane. And Mr. Bennett. And, well, all of them. It became annoying. The author does Lizzy no justice. We don't get her sparkling wit, though we do get repeated references to her large chest. Read Darcy's dialogue out loud: it's awkward and improbable to imagine that the character described would speak lik [...]

    29. Cathy on said:

      I received this book from .Denial of Conscience is a fast paced, well written book. Nothing is left to the imagination regarding the Darcy and Elizabeth's love life so this is definitely an adult book. Darcy, the main male character, is the perfect male specimen. Elizabeth, the main female character is beautiful and shapely. The story deals with recovering a source code that if given to terrorist could kill thousands of people. The man who is developing this program is Elizabeth's father.The sto [...]

    30. Serena on said:

      Denial of Conscience by Cat Gardiner explores how people fall in love and why, how that relationship can encourage each partner to grow, and how mutual respect can spur them to greater things. Living a happier and fuller life is something we all should aspire to, and while assassinating evildoers might make the world a safer place, its toll can be devastating. Living for others and denying oneself even the simplest pleasures can also be draining. Gardiner explores all of these themes and more in [...]

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