So Not a Hero

S.J. Delos

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So Not a Hero

So Not a Hero A reformed villain After serving two years in a Federal prison Karen Hashimoto is out on parole and eager to put her criminal past behind her No easy task since she s also the former supervillain kn

  • Title: So Not a Hero
  • Author: S.J. Delos
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A reformed villain After serving two years in a Federal prison, Karen Hashimoto is out on parole and eager to put her criminal past behind her No easy task, since she s also the former supervillain known as Crushette A chance encounter leads to an unexpected opportunity, and she is recruited as the newest member of the city s premier team of superheroes The Good Guys.A reformed villain After serving two years in a Federal prison, Karen Hashimoto is out on parole and eager to put her criminal past behind her No easy task, since she s also the former supervillain known as Crushette A chance encounter leads to an unexpected opportunity, and she is recruited as the newest member of the city s premier team of superheroes The Good Guys A new hero Now Karen has new teammates, a new code name, and the daunting responsibility of trying to be the hero everyone thinks she can be Becoming a champion for Truth and Justice is going to be rough, especially for the ex girlfriend of the notorious Doctor Maniac Karen will have to do everything in her powers to keep her past from ruining her future It was so much simpler being the bad guy.

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      357 S.J. Delos
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    One thought on “So Not a Hero

    1. Robert 'Rev. Bob' on said:

      This is a rough book to rate.On the one hand, I really liked the characters and worldbuilding; I thought those were done exceptionally well, with a couple of snags. I enjoyed the story, although it was fairly standard for the genre. What I grew to despise, in part because the rest was so good, was the editing. I've seen worse, but this was right up there. Most of the issues were fairly minor, like dropped punctuation and comma splices, but there were a lot of them. In addition, there were severa [...]

    2. Lexie on said:

      More of a 3.5, however I was less than surprised the author is male. There's a rather large amount of sexualization and objectification of most of the females going on that at times made me uncomfortable. Though not any more or less uncomfortable as the comic EMPOWERED I suppose.Karen's struggle is mostly what I was interested in, though what's it say when the villainous ex-boyfriend is way more interesting than most of the heroes?

    3. John Longeway on said:

      TL;DR: A misogynistic tale of the world ogling a woman's boobs and butt when she is not busy shopping or worrying about men. Too much T & A. Too little super heroing. While there is some decent writing in this book, I felt the tone was completely uneven and the novel could have used much stronger editing for content. A reformed super-villain formerly known as "Crushette" joins a super team called "The Good Guys" after we get treated to her being coerced into non-consensual sex to avoid viola [...]

    4. Erin Penn on said:

      Book overall is heavy on misogynistic male characters and actions. I recommend reading the first two chapters on before purchasing - the worst actions appear there and if you can stomach those, the rest of the book is better. The author has set things up so you don't get caught half-way through a purchased book and want to throw it away.The overall world-building on this book kept me reading; the world is a well-layered superhero world with this particular story set in Charlotte NC (another dra [...]

    5. Jon Davis on said:

      An excellent book. It's well balanced between the action and emotions of the characters. Kayo is a good addition to the vast array of heroes. And S.J. Delos is a writer to look out for in the future of writing.

    6. Pippa DaCosta on said:

      99p in the UK - BOOM. It's on my kindle. I'm going to need all the help I can get if I'm going to reach my 2017 Reading challenge goal.

    7. Karlyn on said:

      I enjoyed this unusual take at the genre. How exactly does one become a hero or villain? Can you become a hero after being a villain? I was surprised by a few of the twist which I enjoyed. I am looking forward to the next installation.

    8. Sean Duggan on said:

      I picked this one up on an impulse after recommended it to me and I found I couldn't quite put it down. It follows one Karen Hashimoto, aka Crushette, former supervillainess in the pay of Doctor Maniac. Now, she's an ex-convict on parole, finding that her criminal past and her powers mean that she can't hold down a job, can't retain a place to live. After aiding Mister Manpower, member of the Good Guys, the local superhero team, she gets extended an offer to join them. Can a former villainess t [...]

    9. Ryan Mangrum on said:

      I was pleasantly surprised with this book. I came into it thinking it would be yet another of the ranks of mindless crap that pollutes the urban fantasy/paranormal/superhero genre, but by the end of the first chapter you realize the protagonist isn't a carbon copy of every other female protagonist: she's had a hard life, been to prison, homeless, penniless, friendless, living down a bad reputation in a society that's hellbent on denying second chances. Due to the weight (from density, not fat) h [...]

    10. SundanceAnn on said:

      I enjoyed it, but it could have used editting and was crude at times. It felt selfpublished.There were a lot of unnecessary characters. Some of them come and go randomly. There was a lot of sexdriven dialogue that borderlined excessive. There were way too many possible love interests! The only one I was interested in was the villain ex-boyfriend. I thought the leader of the hero's was a possible love interest, but that went nowhere. I had zero interest in the detective. He was my least favorite [...]

    11. Deanna Stanley on said:

      Not bad, not great. I did find the fairly explicit sex scene in the middle inappropriate, not part of the flow. The plot was a bit thin, some characters were jerks, but that's normal. There were also great people and even Dr. Maniac, the super badguy has honor.

    12. Brent on said:

      Wasn't sure, but glad I didChecked out the reviews for this book before I deciding to buy it. Glad I decided to give it a try and I'm very happy with my purchase. I'll definitely be picking up any follow up novels in this series!

    13. J. Judkins on said:

      Very much worth reading. Finally, an explanation for the skintight costumes! I I liked the fight scenes (which were frequent) and banter between the characters, and only saw the plot twist when the main character Karen did. Recommended

    14. Lindsey on said:

      Good superhero storyGood balance of fun and growth for our main character. Definitely a good read. I would recommend it for anyone interested in this genre.

    15. Matthew Malkin on said:

      Loved it. Full of laughs and very entertaining. I'll definitely be reading any sequels that are released.

    16. Morgan on said:

      Hmmm, where to start. I grabbed So Not a Hero by SJ Delos because I’m going through a bit of a superhero kick at the moment and the story sounded interesting.It is, don’t get me wrong. The story and world-building is solid and enjoyable. The main character has a ton of back-story and issues she needs to work through and you begin rooting for her pretty much straight away.Some of the support characters seemed a little cookie-cutter though. The story could have done without a lot of the deep-s [...]

    17. Felius on said:

      Mediocre at bestWhile there are some interesting ideas on the book, they end getting lost in the darkness induced apathy. Everyone except a select few characters are complete total hypocritical jerks to complete monsters, the few that aren't rarely have more than one or two notes to their character. Civil rights for the empowered seem to have gone full bigotry and are just missing a few organizations wearing pointy white hoods. The main protagonist is all but forced to become a hero because of a [...]

    18. Douglas Debner on said:

      I have been on a super hero kick lately. The problem: each book was worst than the last. Thankfully I finally found "So Not a Hero". From the title I was expecting something campy and/or witty. Instead I got the story of a young woman with super powers who fights through a lot of crap to attempt to make something of herself. Excellent storytelling and a relateble main character. If you are on a super hero kick read "SuperGuy" by Kurt Clopton, the Super Powereds by Drew Hayes and this book. Every [...]

    19. Gilbert Stack on said:

      Supervillain books seem to be the rage these days and this one does it better than most. “Crushette” is trying to go straight and not getting a lot of support from anyone. She used to be the girlfriend of Dr. Maniac—one of the biggest bad guys in the U.S. but after a two year stint in prison she’d trying to leave the villain life behind and become a typical American—except she’s nine hundred pounds, super strong, mostly invulnerable and unable to stop getting into trouble. The story [...]

    20. Meredith on said:

      It's a story that starts out dark - a male in authority using his power to manipulate a woman into agreeing to unwanted sex over possible law enforcement consequences. The remainder of the story has a grittiness to it, but not that dark. I was very much sucked into Karen's story - where does the motivation come from to be either do good or do bad? Can she reform? Does her anger control her or can she control it? It is also Exhibit A in why when a guy says, (view spoiler)["I'm a great guy. Why do [...]

    21. Hteph on said:

      Stable, butUntil the last chapter (or even last few pages) I was pretty sure I was going for a weak 4, but I really, really disliked the ending, so much I put this down to a average 3.The writing is good, the plotting good and the worldbuilding is sound (for a superhero world) but not very imaginative. The book is for mature reader and it adds a bit more edge to the story otherwise it would have been a very average story, however it do also have a sex scene that I felt was neither well written n [...]

    22. Jake on said:

      Not bad at allI would have given it a solid four, but I really hated all the things having to do with the MC's mother. That's probably a personal bias, but it did knock it down from four stars to three stars for me.I did enjoy the story as well as the writing, so like I said, I would have given it four stars if the things dealing with the mother hadn't happened.I am kind of excited to see what happens next based on the end of this book, but I think I might read something different before picking [...]

    23. Greg Kopstein on said:

      This could be straight out of a comic or a movie. Does Marvel know about Delos and this awesome first book? Engaging story, relatable characters, entertaining narrative, and a great heroine that, besides hyper-sexualization, is a strong and interesting character. I do think it's overly sexualized, but so are comics in general. This is changing though, so Delos should change and adapt with the times. If you're looking for a quick and entertaining read, you've found it. I cannot wait to read the n [...]

    24. Dustin on said:

      This is a below average superhero story. The characters are stock, the action is alright, the plot is just sort of there, and the running joke of the main character losing her shirt in every fight could charitably be described as dumb (The author's super power appears to be male gaze). I've read worse but I've also read way better. Skip it unless you're desperate to read something on Kindle Unlimited.

    25. Angel Ludwig on said:

      Good story, fun readI like the characters and world. I figured out the hero's secret early on, and had an inkling of a few other 'secrets' ahead of time, but was interested enough to keep going. And, because I'm me, the editing was rocky--words left out, out of place, wrong word used, etc. Still going to read book 2 despite those things, so

    26. M.A. Ray on said:

      I really, really enjoyed this one. Had the pleasure of reading it before it was published, and it didn't disappoint me even though I knew the fine, twisty ending. Told in high, snarky superhero style, with loads of great action and a heroine who stands out from the crowd. Highly recommended for adult superhero lovers.

    27. Debbie on said:

      Awesome, awesome book! I loved this so much. Look forward to reading the next one.

    28. Kyria on said:

      Not for childrenA few curse words, and scenes of a sexual nature. I won't be letting my children read it. It's a shame, I liked the main character.

    29. William on said:

      I found this book to be a little on the juvenile side. It's more of a comic book than a superhero novel. The misogynistic rhetoric was more bearable than the manner in which the empowered female characters accepted it. Our busty, hot super heroine, kicking butt in her panties, is intelligent and strong-minded, except when it comes to men. Her relationship with her parents, especially her dying mother, was touching, and added to her character. But why are the bad guys so excessively honest when a [...]

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