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Kaily Hart

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Pay Up

Pay Up Neighbor Friend Lover At least that s what Carly Wagner wanted Rio Reyes to be She d settled for two out of three for almost a year and it just wasn t enough Not any When Rio proposes a bet of the sex

  • Title: Pay Up
  • Author: Kaily Hart
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Neighbor Friend Lover.At least that s what Carly Wagner wanted Rio Reyes to be She d settled for two out of three for almost a year and it just wasn t enough Not any When Rio proposes a bet of the sexual variety she knows it s out of character and he s not really serious, yet she can t resist The payoff could mean finally getting her hands on the gorgeous firefigNeighbor Friend Lover.At least that s what Carly Wagner wanted Rio Reyes to be She d settled for two out of three for almost a year and it just wasn t enough Not any When Rio proposes a bet of the sexual variety she knows it s out of character and he s not really serious, yet she can t resist The payoff could mean finally getting her hands on the gorgeous firefighter she s drooled over since she moved in next door.The timing had never seemed right for him and Carly, but that hadn t stopped Rio from imagining wild and wicked things about her It had been a joke sort of but Rio s shocked when she takes him up on the dumbass bet Now he s in a world of hurt, because regardless of who wins, he might be crossing a line he never thought he would, and jeopardizing a friendship that means to him than anything.

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      498 Kaily Hart
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    One thought on “Pay Up

    1. LynnMarie on said:

      Lorien's Review Have you ever fallen for your best friend but the timing was wrong? That’s what happens when Carly Wagner falls head over heels for her best friend and sexy neighbor Rio Reyes. The first time they met in the elevator a year ago, Rio was in a long-term relationship. But when Rio breaks off with his ex, Carly was dating someone else. Now that they’re both single and ready to mingle, timing couldn’t be any better. When Rio proposes a bet involving sexual activities, Carly agre [...]

    2. Amelia on said:

      A scorching read! This story was more believable to me than Picture This because Rio and Carly (or Carls, as he calls her) have a history together and their connection builds from that. There were some moments of frustration because both Rio and Carly don't communicate and instead assume what the other would think of them resulting in missed opportunities. But this of course just brings the hot level to HOT when things are cleared up and they finally get together. Rio is so in my harem.

    3. Sarah on said:

      It was kind of sweet, and I liked both Rio and Carly.Living as neighbours and being close friends. Both fancying the other, but a bit scared of ruin their friendship and never finding the right time to make a move. Cute. But when a book start off with the H banging someone else, especially while the h & the H have feelings for eachother (although not together yet), it just puts me off. No matter how hot the sex seem to be, or how arousing the h finds it. It's justckI don't expect the H or h [...]

    4. Taryn Elliott on said:

      i sucked this one down in about 40 mins. it was wonderful, sexy, sweet and man alive i need me a firefighter. now, of course, i want the rest of the guys to have their own book. yeeesh. especially Cole. it was one of those quick reads that you don't realize you slurped down until it's over. Rio was delicious and Liz was funny and sensitive without being a sap. just my kind of readeat job, Kaily Hart. i'll be reading more from you.

    5. Elle on said:

      I wasn't that impressed by this. There is a very similar Lori Foster book - the same idea, two neighbours, bestfriends, run together, they both secretly love each other. I think the Lori Foster novella was called 'uncovered'.I liked the Lori Foster book better (Oh Harris you will remain #7 on my book-boyfriend list). I know it isn't fair to compare such similar books. Or maybe it is perfectly fair.Either way. I didn't find this book had anything special to offer, so it's just 3 stars.

    6. Lorien Lyn on said:

      A great contemporary romance story with a sexy firefighter. The sweet and sensual story was short but really enjoyable.

    7. Katerina Ribitsa on said:

      Doesn't reach the feelings.A disappointing read i have to say.Yeah, we get it, they have feelings for each other. mostly lust but still, we get it.But when they haven't spoke of their interest towards one another she can't just let him fuck her like it's nothing!! And then both act like it never happened.Weeks after the -ItNeverHappened- incident and (once again) none of them have spoke their feelings or thoughts for the matter, they end up in bed. They JUST admitted their attraction to each oth [...]

    8. Erika on said:

      ***I received an ARC of Pay Up by Kaily Hart for an honest review.***First of all, Miss Hart is a gem and a genius with writing hot, steamy, and lovable alpha males!!!! My book BFs keep increasing!!! Rio Reyes, what. Can I say but that he is a hot, smooth, sincere, sexy, fire-fighting, possessive alpha male that I wish I could meet in RL!! This story is about risking that perfect friendship for something more that you desire. It's about taking that leap into the unknown and hoping to come out th [...]

    9. Danielle Gypsy Soul on said:

      4.5 Stars! Perfect for a short, erotic story. This story is about taking a risk and maybe loosing something that is really important to you, your best friend, but maybe finding something even more! This story centers around Rio and Carly who are neighbors and best friends. They love hanging out together and just spending time together. When they first met, even though there was a spark Rio was in a relationship so they ended up being the best of friends. Once Rio was out of a relationship, Carly [...]

    10. Deanna on said:

      *** Slight Spoilers So Be Warned***This book was good but I don't understand what the title and blurb really have to do with it. The bet is something that's touched on in the semi-begining and not brought up again until the very last paragraphs of the story. Carly and Rio get together and it has NOTHING to do with the bet at all. Other than that, it was a sweet, sexy, unrequited love story.

    11. Sommertime on said:

      I really like this author's books. And this was a romantic story with great characters. But in the very first paragraph Rio is banging some random chick and Carly overheard everything. Everything. And after that it was just ruined for me. I mean I can take the fact that the H has a past. But to have an auditory reminder like that was too much. By the time those two finally got together all I could think about was the OW. And I couldn't read another page. Just

    12. Smut Junkie on said:

      This was a cute read. I am a sucker for the 'friends to lovers' theme, so it was no surprise that I enjoyed the story. And who can resist a hot, over protective firefighter, even if he does have his head up his ass for most of the story??! Just wish it had been a little longerbut again, good characters and steamy romance/sex.

    13. Shannon on said:

      Fast pace and discovery of hidden loveGood read of living someone but afraid tho admit it. Redo people who were meant for each other only to find true love when releasing the old complacent one.

    14. Laurie on said:

      A Great Read for a rainy dayThis is the first book I've read from Kaily and I really enjoyed it. Carl's and Rio has a chemistry that has the ability to keep the fire going for a long time.

    15. Bookgyrl on said:

      Not bad, but I don't like a story starting with the hero having sex with someone else. So, it was straight away a turn-off, but I read on and I can see the potential. Too short for a real in depth story but quite nice.

    16. Darlene Dupee on said:

      Absolutely love it. The sexual by play between Rio and Carly is great. Just enough frustration to keep you involved in the story. Carly admits to herself that she wants Rio. Rio on the other hand makes it pretty clear to everyone that Carly is off limits. Can't wait for Coles.

    17. Lee on said:

      I really enjoyed Pay Up! Friends to more is my favorite romance genre and this one is great for when you want a quick, shorter read.

    18. Tess Summers on said:

      Loved it!What a great read! So hot! Can't wait to read more from this author!

    19. Nancy Ku on said:

      Love firefighters Rio and Carly are quite the pairI'm glad they finally got past the friend stagelooking forward to more books in this series.

    20. Amy on said:

      A great read, love the characters. I can't wait to learn more about the rest of the crew.

    21. ... on said:

      Same as her other. A couple of eyebrow raising moments, but other than that, a hot, short read.

    22. Melanie King on said:

      Quick but sweetGreat for a fun, quick and sexy read. You can't help but adore both of these characters. They sweet and funny with each other. Very enjoyable.

    23. Mandy hawkins on said:

      If your looking to read a short story I recommend this one, friends who turn to lovers. I really enjoyed it.

    24. Kaci on said:

      Great readI love her stories. The characters have a great dynamic, and fantastic chemistry. The storyline is great and the only complaint I have is that I want them to be longer.

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