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Annelise Ryan

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Stiff Competition

Stiff Competition Every fall hunting season in Sorenson Wisconsin leads to some accidental injuries Deputy coroner Mattie Winston just hopes the hunters don t bring any business to her office But somebody seems to h

  • Title: Stiff Competition
  • Author: Annelise Ryan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Every fall, hunting season in Sorenson, Wisconsin, leads to some accidental injuries Deputy coroner Mattie Winston just hopes the hunters don t bring any business to her office But somebody seems to have declared open season on land developers One real estate developer who s recently come to town has been found dead in the woods with an arrow through his neck NowEvery fall, hunting season in Sorenson, Wisconsin, leads to some accidental injuries Deputy coroner Mattie Winston just hopes the hunters don t bring any business to her office But somebody seems to have declared open season on land developers One real estate developer who s recently come to town has been found dead in the woods with an arrow through his neck Now it s up to Mattie to get to the bottom of the killing That might be easier if she wasn t also hunting for Detective Hurley s teenage daughter, Emily, who has suddenly disappeared With a homicidal William Tell out on the loose, Mattie is desperate to find Emily before the killer notches another arrow

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      278 Annelise Ryan
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    One thought on “Stiff Competition

    1. March Shoggoth Madness The Haunted Reading Room on said:

      Review: STIFF COMPETITION by Annelise Ryan(Mattie Winston Mysteries #7)STIFF COMPETITION is an endearing emotional cozy mystery, with protagonist Mattie Winston, deputy coroner of small Sorensen, Wisconsin, coping with issues common, in whole or part, to many American women. As a new mother, she's virtually sleepless, and she's just returned to full-time work. Her son's father, a local detective, struggles with his adolescent daughter, whose mother is deceased, and until recently didn't know her [...]

    2. Mary Brown on said:

      Stiff CompetitionAnnelise Ryan5 StarsSynopsis:Every fall, hunting season in Sorenson, Wisconsin, leads to some accidental injuries. Deputy coroner Mattie Winston just hopes the hunters don’t bring any more business to her office. But somebody seems to have declared open season on land developers. One real estate developer who’s recently come to town has been found dead in the woods with an arrow through his neck. Now it’s up to Mattie to get to the bottom of the killing. That might be easi [...]

    3. Melodie on said:

      I really enjoy this series. I like Mattie & Hurley and Hoover & Rubbish. The stories are always good, but this one seemed to be missing something for me. Can't put my finger on just what it was, but it took a long time to get through. Found myself putting it down for long periods before picking it back up. An okay read, just not great.

    4. Jonathan on said:

      *I received a free copy of this book from Kensington and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and views stated in this review are entirely my own.*The Mattie Winston Series has quickly become one of the top mystery series I follow, and this book didn't disappoint! With the hilarious, quirky characters returning and a few new characters to add to the mix, Stiff Competition was a wonderful, enthralling book that both had me on edge and had me rolling in laughter. If you're look [...]

    5. Lisa Morin on said:

      It has been quite a while since I've read this series. I was immediately drawn in to the story and it felt like I was catching up with old friends. Mattie is trying to find the balance between work, a new baby, and her rocky relationship with Steve Hurley. Not only is Mattie a new mother to her son Matthew, but Hurley is now the sole parent of angst ridden teen Emily.When a shady community member is killed, it is up to Hurley and Mattie to put the puzzle pieces together. When Emily appears to ha [...]

    6. Meg on said:

      Mattie Winston is now a new, mostly single, mom – but still deputy corner. She's embroiled in a murder case her first day back on the job – and the second day, a personal crisis when her boyfriend's daughter goes missing. With Hurley off searching for his daughter, Mattie and Detective Richmond must figure out who had it out for the ruthless property developer and latest dead body. Was it one of his many lovers, or one of the many people he upset with his development and real estate ventures [...]

    7. Patrizia on said:

      In questo libro ci sono due misteri: la morte di un tizio che appare tutto fuorché simpatico e la scomparsa della futura (?) figliastra della protagonista. Confesso che ho apprezzato soprattutto questa seconda storia, che mi ha fatto trepidare molto per una soluzione positiva. Poi ci sono sempre i soliti momenti che, in questa serie, ti fanno perlomeno sorridere, se non proprio scoppiare a ridere.

    8. Heidi (Yup. Still here.) on said:

      I really like this series and it never seems to disappoint. Another good one.

    9. Linda Baker on said:

      Annelise Ryan's Mattie Winston Mysteries are such fun reads that I look forward to each and every one. Stiff Competition is no disappointment; in fact, it may be the best of the series so far. The book picks up eight weeks after it's predecessor, Stiff Penalty, left off. It's Mattie's first day back at work as Deputy Coroner after the birth of her son, Matthew. She and her son's father, Detective Hurley, are still living apart and unmarried for a lot of reasons. Hurley's teenage daughter, Emily, [...]

    10. Anne on said:

      I thought the series had taken a real down turn with Stiff Penalty, the book before Stiff Competition. Luckily, I liked Stiff Competition more. I definitely don't find the humor that was in the earlier books, perhaps thankfully, because having the same humorous elements such as Mattie getting caught with wardrobe malfunctions gets old quickly. Mattie is more competent and take charge in this book.Mattie and her various police partners do lots of investigating and there's several possible suspect [...]

    11. Laura on said:

      Basically, there are 2 mysteries going on concurrently. I wanted to know who killed Lars, but he wasn't a very likeable character. And we only got to know him from other's points of view after his death. Emily's disappearance gets a little less page play until about 80% through, but it is key to character development for both Mattie and Emily. Even Hurley's character benefits from this mystery in terms of growth.The one thing I could have done without in this book was the amount of description g [...]

    12. Betty on said:

      I love visiting with Mattie and Hurley. This is the second book I have read and the earlier ones are high on my TBR list. Mattie has recovered from having the baby and is back to work. She is still refusing to marry Hurley because of Emily. The first case is a dislike developer because is ethics is found murdered in the rural area during hunting season. He was shot with an arrow. Mattie and Hurley have just started the investigation when Emily turns up missing again. Hurley turns his case over t [...]

    13. Cindy on said:

      This was the first book that I have read in the Mattie Winston series. I really enjoyed it and want to go back and start with book 1 in the series.I liked the characters and although this was book 7, I never felt lost as to who was who in the story. The author gave a brief background on each person which I liked. I hate to read a book in a series and not have a clue what is going on. There was the mystery, of course, but there was also the side story that was very sweet and touching involving te [...]

    14. Tammy Kenney on said:

      I've read all the books in this series but I find myself losing interest in continuing. I can say that I liked the ending in this book but it took me forever to get into reading this one because of everything that bothered me in the book. I found myself disliking Mattie's selfishness in the beginning when it came to Hurley's daughter Emily. I got very tried of hearing about how you can buy everything on and I agree with another review about TMI on breastfeeding. The mystery itself was good.

    15. Sarah on said:

      5 starsHuge thanks to Annelise Ryan, Kensington Books and NetGalley for this copy in exchange for an honest review.This was a fun cosy for me, I wanted to be a forensic pathologist when I was younger and anything that involves an ME's office and dead bodies is a thumbs up for me.Interesting characters, intriguing mysteries and some good humour, can't believe I haven't picked up any of this series before. I definitely will be on the look out for the rest now though.

    16. Ann on said:

      This is a wonderful series and it keeps getting better with each book. Mattie is an assistant medical coroner in Wisconsin and she and boyfriend, Chief of police, Hurley now have a baby boy along with his daughter Emily. A dead body in the woods is her first case as she returns from maternity leave and a few days later, Emily disappears. This cozy series is becoming one of my favorites.

    17. Melissa on said:

      I continue to be entertained by this series featuring former nurse turned Medical Examiner Mattie Winston. There have been a lot of changes in Mattie's life and they seemed to take up more of this book than the mider case being investigated. I was glad to have less of a recap at the beginning than book #6.

    18. REBECCA on said:

      I love Mattie Winston and love all her adventures. I appreciate that she doesn't have to turn suddenly stupid to move the plot along and I love, love, love that she is subtly growing as a person through her relationships etc. Keep them coming Annelise!

    19. Kathy on said:

      I love Mattie Winston and her entourage Another fun, easy read with a mysterious plot. I love all the characters and I am enjoying the way Mattie’s life is progressing.

    20. Katey on said:

      I really enjoyed this book. It had been a while since I read the last one in this series, and this one just got put on the back burner due to me reading other books. But it was funny and exciting, and I enjoy this series as well. I'm already looking forward to the next book in this series.

    21. Deb on said:

      I can not figure out where this imaginary town could be in reality. I live in Wisconsin and the details just don't click. Irksome.

    22. Kristina on said:

      Stiff Competition by Annelise Ryan is the seventh book in the Mattie Winston Mysteries. Stiff Competition picks up eight weeks after the last book in the series. Mattie Winston has had her baby (named Matthew Hurley) and it is her first day back at work. She is called out to a crime scene in the woods. Lars Sanderson, the real estate developer, is the victim. There are many suspects because many people were not happy with Lars business practices (he was building strip malls and cheap condos) and [...]

    23. Mave on said:

      Last year I have read the sixth book in this serie and could not wait to read a new adventure of MattieMattie Winston is a new mother. She's almost getting used to her new and hectic life as a single mother who ends her maternity leave and must return to work. She is a deputy coroner in a small town in Wisconsin and works often with her great love and father of her son, the detective Steve Hurley. Her first day of work is very demanding, she must examine together with her boss (and close friend) [...]

    24. Beth on said:

      This book dragged out for the first 3/4's, but when it finally picked up, it was a good quick paced read. Hopefully the next in this series will be better for the WHOLE BOOK.

    25. Carla Johnson-Hicks on said:

      Stiff Competition is the seventh book in Annelise Ryan's Mattie Winston series. I had not read any of this series before, but I am going to now. I really enjoyed this book. Mattie Winston is a new, mostly single, mom who works for the coroner's office. The father of her son, Hurley, is a detective for the Sorenson PD who is dealing with his own issue. His ex-wife recently died and he now has a daughter, the catch is that neither of them were aware of the other. Mattie has returned to work after [...]

    26. Patty on said:

      I received this book from Netgalley and Kensington Publishing for an honest review.Stiff Competition by Annelise Ryan is the 7th book in the Mattie Winston series, and my first book by this author. I really enjoyed this book, and wonder why I have never read this author before. I will be reading the previous books in the series soon. So many books, so little time. Mattie returns to work as an assistant medical coroner in Wisconsin after her maternity leave. Detective Steve Hurley is Mattie's boy [...]

    27. RO G'ma on said:

      This is the seventh book in Annelise Ryan’s Mattie Winston Mysteries series and even though I haven't read the previous books, the author provided enough background information that I had no problem jumping right into it. This book is well plotted and has well-developed characters. Ms. Ryan’s writing style flows smoothly and the book is an easy read. I recommend it to others who enjoy cozy mysteries.Mattie Winston is a new mom and is employed as the Deputy Coroner in Sorenson, Wisconsin. Mat [...]

    28. Susan Johnston on said:

      Mattie is a wonderful character. She's funny, she's smart and she is very realistic. She is also nursing her new baby, trying to figure out how her relationship with the father is going to evolve, struggling with his newly found teenage daughter who is not happy about the new arrangements and still trying to do her job.Leaky breasts are the least of her worries as she attempts to become a single mother superwoman/career-girl. The least popular guy in town is found with an arrow in his throat in [...]

    29. Jeri on said:

      This is the 7th book in the series, though I haven't read the previous books I had no problem jumping right into it.Maddie is a new mom that lives alone, even though her boyfriend and baby's dad, Hurley, would like to make them a family. Maddie is just worried because they have all been through a lot. Hurley had a teenage daughter thrust upon him that he never knew existed right before her mom died. But Maddie has support from her friend Dom who takes care of Matthew when she goes back to work. [...]

    30. Sherry on said:

      No Competition for this Book!!Book #7 & each one gets better & better! Deputy coroner, Mattie Winston is finally back to work after giving birth to son, Matthew, just in time to investigate a murder. Mattie's life is chaotic, trying to balance out work, spending time with Matthew & also some quality time with BF Steve Hurley. Of course, adding to this trouble is Hurley's newly discovered teenage daughter & her terrible attitude. Things become even crazier when Emily, Hurley's dau [...]

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