Without Regret: Devil's Playground Las Vegas

Nicole Edwards

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Without Regret: Devil's Playground Las Vegas

Without Regret Devil s Playground Las Vegas The first book in the HOT new Devil s Playground series Isaiah Fontenot had never played the role of white knight At least not until his boss Maximillian Adorite gave him the order to That was when

  • Title: Without Regret: Devil's Playground Las Vegas
  • Author: Nicole Edwards
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The first book in the HOT new Devil s Playground series Isaiah Fontenot had never played the role of white knight At least not until his boss, Maximillian Adorite, gave him the order to That was when he found himself coming face to face with the stunning Cassidy Owens, the woman in need of saving Cassidy only thought she was hiding from the men who were looking for herThe first book in the HOT new Devil s Playground series Isaiah Fontenot had never played the role of white knight At least not until his boss, Maximillian Adorite, gave him the order to That was when he found himself coming face to face with the stunning Cassidy Owens, the woman in need of saving Cassidy only thought she was hiding from the men who were looking for her brother Not knowing where to go, Cassidy opted to hide in plain sight, taking up temporary residence in a Vegas hotel near her condo Turned out, she wasn t as good at hiding as she had planned When Isaiah finds Cassidy, it doesn t take long for passion to ignite But at the end of the day, when the threat to Cassidy has been neutralized, will the two of them be able to walk away Without regret Novella, No cliffhanger Devil s Playground is a spin off series from Southern Boy Mafia Each novella is complete and does not contain a cliffhanger.

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      407 Nicole Edwards
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    One thought on “Without Regret: Devil's Playground Las Vegas

    1. Lisa on said:

      4.5 Stars!Without Regret by Nicole Edwards was a superb novella. Loved it!

    2. Chris on said:

      2.5 stars - I'm pretty disappointed with this one particularly as I'm a Nicole fan. I know this was a novella, but it lost me with I Love You after 24 hours of knowing each other. Big tough gangsters don't say I love you and talk kids after one night, no matter the situation or drama ! I just couldn't buy it - maybe I expected more ?

    3. Aղցela W. on said:

      Spoiler Ahead This was a pretty good read. Cassidy Owens is on the run when her brother Jordan gets in trouble with a loan shark they come after her so she runs. Isaiah Fontenot is doing a job for his boss mafia Don Maximillian Adorite find Cassidy and keep her safe. This was the first book in a new series from one of my favorite author's and it was a really good start. Cassidy is not sure she should trust Isaiah or his twin brother Micah at first although she is pretty sure that Micah doesn't l [...]

    4. Tina on said:

      This is a quick hot read. NE is always a top favourite. I like this spin off because I can never get enough of her serious'. This insta love thing didn't do it for me love after one day? Living together after two days? I don't know about that, that's why the 4 starts and not 5. I am hoping that Micah is up for the next book, I want to know more about him!

    5. Ruthie Taylor on said:

      ~~I reviewed my personal copy of this book for Wicked Reads~~I always enjoy reading Ms Edwards' books - and have had this one and the next one in the series sitting on my Kindle waiting for a quiet moment. They were a perfect indulgence in hot, naughty and super sexy stories. I have not read the connected books in the Southern Boy Mafia series, but it didn't matter, I enjoyed the Mafia elements anyway. As long as you can go with the instant connection, which does makes sense given the situation, [...]

    6. Alison Fees on said:

      Looking for a quick read full of action and bad boys? Look no further! Without Regret is the first book in a new series of novellas from Nicole Edwards. This is also a spin off from the Southern Boy Mafia series. In this first book we are introduced to Isaiah and Cassidy. Isaiah is one of the club owners of the Las Vegas night club Devil's Playground and also works for Max Adorite of the Southern Boy Mafia. He has been asked to protect Cassidy after her brother got in debt with the wrong people. [...]

    7. Sandi Ramirez on said:

      Nicole Edwards I would love to visit your head for a while. Between the Walkers and Now the Southern Boy Mafia you have some hot as all hell men living up in there. HUM HUM HUM! This novella introduces us to the Devils Playground part of the Southern Boy Mafia enterprises The Vegas branch.I highly suggest that you read Beautifully Brutal first so you understand the workings of Max and Courtney. I think that it would help you understand more the way things more and how quickly people jump and do [...]

    8. Traci on said:

      I was really surprised that i liked Cassidy so much. I am really not a fan of female leads but she was so NOT annoying or upity or bi***y at all I really liked her a lot! Issiah was pretty hot but i have to say, Micah has intrigued me. hes got a story to tell and i really really want to hear it, whispered in my ear, on satin sheets . oh i mean yeah hes kinda cool ~~~This was a well written, short story that got the story told and i really enjoyed it. The grammar and spelling were spot on and the [...]

    9. Maureen Ames on said:

      I don't know how, but with each book, they just keep on getting better and better! Without Regret is a short, steamy, and sexy read. Isaiah and Cassidy come together quickly and set each other worlds on fire. Their action packed whirlwind romance had me wanting more with each turn of the page.

    10. Annette on said:

      Isaiah and Cassidy are plain and simply HOT!! This is a spinoff of Nicole's Southern Boy Mafia series and a novella, You don't have to read Beautifully Brutal or Wait For Morning first but I would suggest it since it has some of the same characters in it. A great novella about living and loving "Without Regret"!

    11. Lora Borzelleca on said:

      Very cute.a-loveort read and I loved it. I probably should have read Beautifully Brutal first because it kind ruins what happens in the end for mebut who cares, ill still enjoy it. Isaiah was all kinds of sexy,d to have a twin brotherwheww. fanning myself over here. I cant wait to read about his brother Micah.

    12. Centoria Coffil on said:

      as expected Nicole did not disappoint Without Regret is a great start to the Devils Playground series and as with all things written by Nicole Edwards I am "patiently" waiting for what's to come next.

    13. Denise - Shh Mom's Reading® on said:

      Without Regret: Devil's Playground Las Vegas amzn/1MWzNJO

    14. Patty on said:

      What happens in Vegast always what you expect! Cassidy is trying to hide from the men looking for her brother, and thinks she is doing a good job of it. When she is found by Isaiah with little difficulty, she knows she is in trouble, but he maintains he is there to protect her. But is she safe with a man that works for the mafia? The have instant passion and as he is keeping her safe, he is also keeping her warm in his bed. I loved this story, it was short, yet full of suspense, alpha male prote [...]

    15. Ddkmc95 on said:

      Quick novella about bad guys searching for good girl, whose brother owes $$. Enter club manager, Isaiah and his twin, Micah, who have been tasked to find Cassidy and keep her safe. Isaiah and Cassidy have that super sizzling chemistry. Will a relationship last between the pair? Will Isaiah be able to keep Cassidy from the clutches of the loan shark? Another awesome book by the author and great performance by the narration team. I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an unbi [...]

    16. Michaela Bishop on said:

      5 starsA short insta love mafia read. It was over quite quick but there was enough to get a good grip and feel of the story line and characters.

    17. Heather on said:

      As always Nicole Edwards delivered another AMAZING book. I was able to read the book in one sitting. Isaiah is given one job. Find Cassidy and make sure she is safe. Once he locates her, he is immediately attracted to her. The picture he was given didn't do her any justice. Cassidy was beautiful. Isaiah had woman falling at his feet every night being the manager of Devil's Playground in Las Vegas. But there was something different about this woman. He never thought that he would be one that woul [...]

    18. Chancy on said:

      This was a novella written as an addition to the Southern Badboy Mafia series. You don't have to read Beautifully Brutal to read this story, but I recommend doing so because that was, by far, my most favorite Nicole Edwards to date.Isaiah Fontenot, sigh. He is part of the Southern Bad Boy Mafia and he has been tasked with finding this woman, and keeping her safe. She happens to be hiding out in his Vegas hotel, The Devils Playground.Cassidy is hiding from the bad guys who are looking for her bro [...]

    19. Karen- My Own Bookshelves on said:

      “She didn’t have a single regret.” I’d feel the same way if I had bad boy Isaiah Fontenot sending smoldering looks at me. Ms Edwards is introducing us to a new version of “bad boys are so good.” Her alpha characters are usually honest, loyal men, sometimes troubled but always have a white hat. Well, not the boys of Southern Boy Mafia and Devil’s Playground. These are bad boys who can be very, very good boys right where you need them, between the sheets.This novella delivers what I [...]

    20. Kim on said:

      Even though I have a packed reading schedule this month, I dropped everything to read Without Regret when it was released, I have been a fan of Nicole Edwards' books for years, and I absolutely loved Beautifully Brutal (WR is a spinoff series from Southern Boy Mafia series) so I had to dive into Isaiah and Cassidy's story. As a novella it was a quick read but it didn't lack in storyline/ plot or heat for the length of the book. Even in the short amount of pages she was working with, Ms. Edwards [...]

    21. Missy Harton on said:

      Nicole Edwards continues to AMAZE me!!! Every story she writes sucks me right in!! Without Regret is no exception!! A spin off of her Southern Boy Mafia Series, it would be beneficial to read Beautifully Brutal before this book, but isn't necessary. It's a quick read that will have you truly believing in love at first sight! HOT HOT HOT water sports (LOVED that partde me laugh out loud)!!! Highly recommended read if your looking for something fast paced and STEAMY!!Cassidy is hiding from the bad [...]

    22. Cheri on said:

      This is a novella length story that is a really quick read. Therefore the insta-love is even more insta than most. From what I can tell this is a true standalone book, so if you get upset by characters falling in love overnight this is not the book for you. On the other hand, if you like a caring tough guy who is good with his hands then this is a great book for you.I like that this story shows more of the protective and kind side of the “mob” family. Also, as much as I loved the dynamic bet [...]

    23. Brenda on said:

      Loved it! Although it is intended to stand alone, it also ties in with several other of Nicole Edwards' series. It gives insider information on past beloved characters, introduce new characters and new story lines. Loved Isaiah and Cassidy's story and loved that they found love so quickly without the hassle of dancing around each other. Sometimes quick love is a lot more fun to read than one filled with chapters of angst (And sometimes angst is good too) (Southern Boy's Mafia, Club Destiny, Snip [...]

    24. SandyL on said:

      This was a quick and sexy story, the first in a new spin-off series. Isaiah Fontenot runs hot Vegas nightclub Devil's Playground for Max Adorite. He gets a call from Max asking him to find a woman and keep her safe. Cassidy Owens is hiding out after her apartment was ransacked and she finds out some bad guys are after her brother for gambling debts. Although Cassidy is understandably suspicious of Isaiah, she accepts his help to find her brother and get out of the mess they are in. And, it doesn [...]

    25. Karen Raines on said:

      When you open a Nicole Edwards book you know you're in for a treat. I loved the setting of this one the casinos, the bright lights the Devils Playground. The Fontenot Brothers, Isaiah and Micah, made for quite the leading men, both devilishly handsome and equal parts vicious.When Isaiah and Cassidy meet, it wasn't exactly love at first sight but it developed quickly into lust, which became so much more under the most worrying of circumstances.The story was spun in barely a few days but it felt l [...]

    26. Keri on said:

      I just love anything NEI really enjoyed this novella. It was an exciting, quick read. It's always fun to read about a couple thrown together under unique circumstances and see how quickly they fall for each other. I'm going with this was the story of how Isaiah and Cassidy meet and we will get their full story later on???? Fingers crossed anyway. I really enjoyed Isaiah and would love to read more about him and how good girl Cassidy will adapt to her new man being a part of Max's "mafia family." [...]

    27. Whispers From on said:

      Short but very goodCassidy is hiding in Devil's Playground, a club run by Isaiah. Isaiah is sent to look for her because her brother has disappeared and he's to protect her until her brother is found. He has a gambling problem and owes a loan shark money and that's who has him. Now to get him back and get on with their lives but Isaiah has falling in love ( in one day ) and he wants forever. Hot sex, hunky club manager and a pretty redhead.

    28. Colleen on said:

      I think I am going to love this spin off from the Southern Boy Mafia series by this author.This is the first in the spin off series and is a short read with heat, action, suspense, and a HEA.Isaiah works for Max Adorite, the leader of the Southern Boy Mafia, at The Devil's Playground club in Vegas. He is given the task to find Cassidy and protect her from the guys looking for her brother.The story moves fast but has everything needed to keep you hooked until the last word.

    29. Kay on said:

      MysteryCassidy Owens comes home to find it ransacked. She turns and runs away. She knows her brother has a gambling debt to pay and figures he did not pay it and she doesn't know where he is. Enter Isaiah Fontenot to save her. Why she didn't know. But, Isaiah and his twin brother run The Devils Playground, Las Vegas, and their boss , Max Adorite wants her protected. So begins the Mystery.Great book buy it, read it, and Enjoy.

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