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Arrival The crew of the deep sea exploration rig Leaguer discovers oil sweeter purer and sure to be easily refined than anything that s ever existed To confirm their own analysis of their billion dollar fin

  • Title: Arrival
  • Author: Paul Elard Cooley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The crew of the deep sea exploration rig Leaguer discovers oil sweeter, purer, and sure to be easily refined than anything that s ever existed To confirm their own analysis of their billion dollar find, a test barrel is flown from the drill site off the coast of Papua New Guinea to Houston Analytical Laboratories HAL As the unsuspecting scientists at HAL await theThe crew of the deep sea exploration rig Leaguer discovers oil sweeter, purer, and sure to be easily refined than anything that s ever existed To confirm their own analysis of their billion dollar find, a test barrel is flown from the drill site off the coast of Papua New Guinea to Houston Analytical Laboratories HAL As the unsuspecting scientists at HAL await the arrival of the oil, they ready their lab for what they know is an important job They ve seen the test results from Leaguer this find could make history.While the barrel is on its way to Houston, an infection breaks out on the far away rig And as life aboard the rig descends into chaos, the scientists at HAL make their own discovery what Leaguer found is indeed historic it just isn t oil Instead, they ve brought up a dangerous organism that could threaten all life on earth.Trapped in their labs, the scientists must find a way to fight a creature that defies chemistry, physics, and biology.The Black Arrival, a parallel story to the Horror Best Seller The Black, is a page turning suspense novel that will fill you with claustrophobic terror.Now that The Black has arrived, will humanity survive

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    One thought on “Arrival

    1. RedemptionDenied on said:

      This is the sequel or paraquel (I had to look it up), which means it runs parallel to the first book About three quarters of the way through the first book, a helicopter arrives at 'The Leaguer' exploration oil rig platform, to pick up a test barrel of what they believe to be pure oil - which they then deliver to the Houston Analytical Laboratory for analysis. It's not long after the events on 'The Leaguer' start to unfold, that the Houston Analytical Labs scientists come under attack from an un [...]

    2. Colleen on said:

      I think I was like two chapters into the first book, The Black--when I surrendered and ran online and bought the next two. And yesssssssss, there's going to be a fourth! At the end of the year when I look over all that I've read and survey, I can just say now that the two biggest finds for me have been SL Grey and Paul Elard Cooley. Sure the Downside series isn't perfect and neither is The Black books--but even their stumbles are almost kind of precious. If I had money, I'd be buying up the righ [...]

    3. Peter Dutcher on said:

      Good readI didn't think this flashback novel would hold my interest like the first one, but it did! On to the next one!

    4. BigJohn on said:

      The Black: Arrival is a paraquel to The Black. At one point in The Black, the oil rig sends off a barrel of oil to a lab to be analyzed. This book follows that barrel as it lands in Houston, and kicks off all kinds of shenanigans. If you've read the first book, you have an idea of what kind of things are going to happen. In this story, however, the things happen in a slightly less isolated scenario than the exploratory oil rig.The setup is a little similar to the second Jurassic Park movie, The [...]

    5. Jim Lay on said:

      Cooley's follow up to "The Black" is an awesome, smart read and very cleverly done. "The Black: Arrival" focuses on the Houston testing facility that receives the first barrel of "oil" that comes from the drilling platform featured in the first novel. A fast, gripping read that had me turning the pages as fast as I could. I wanted a little more development of the entity's terror and abilities, but an overall awesome read that I highly recommend. As soon as I turned the last page, I opened the th [...]

    6. Kristin on said:

      This is book #2 in this series and I have to say I'm really enjoying how Mr. Cooley is telling this story. You basically have 3 books that tell the stories of people in 3 different places all affected by the same biological entity that is found deep in the ocean. It plays in my head much like a movie would. The characters are all really fleshed out, but it doesn't bog the story down.I'm excited to start book 3.I would say it definitely conjures my memories of watching The Blob and The Thing.

    7. Rubi on said:

      In prima carte autorul iti prezinta ce se intampla pe platforma petroliera care extrage accidental mostra de "petrol". Pe platforma lucrurile o iau razna, dar butoiul cu mostra pleaca spre un laborator de pe uscat. Asta e povestea din cea de a doua carte, calatoria butoiului pe uscat si infectarea celor de acolo.Nu e rea cartea, dar doream mai multe detalii despre creatura din adancuri, nu despre aceeasi creatura prezentata deja in prima carte.

    8. Jessica Kormos on said:

      This is such a fun monster book - can't wait for the "The Arrival"!

    9. Lianne Burwell on said:

      In The Black, an experimental oil drilling rig hit something that initially looked like oil, but turned out to be anything but. Queue the running and screaming and almost everyone dying. But early in the book, a sample barrel of the 'not actually oil' was picked up by a helicopter and taken back to the states for more testing.This book follows that up, with the oil arriving at the lab. And after some initial work, queue the running and screaming and dying. Only this time, instead of roughnecks, [...]

    10. Jeff Correll on said:

      This was a great, fun read. It moved really well. Just sit back and go along for a great ride.One annoying thing though. For maybe the first half of the book, Mr Cooley has his characters "hissing" this or that sound through their teeth. I found it really annoying. A minor point in a fun read.Book 3 is already on my To Read pile.

    11. Peter Germany on said:

      This was a fun read. It's well written, and thought through. I like how it ties up to the first book, but you don't need to read the first book to enjoy this one although I'd recommend it. Something I liked in particular was how Cooley isolated the characters, it felt like they were isolated and was believable.

    12. Guillermo on said:

      Once again, I listened to the podcast rather than reading the books (I'll get to them someday, I swear - this explains why it took me so long to "read" the book). Pretty good stuff, I tell you. I'm sure my rating would improve significantly had I not been pestered by things like work.

    13. Chris Bauer on said:

      When an oil rig off the coast of New Guinea discovers a new oilfield deep in the depths of the ocean, they immediately send a sample of the strange material to Houston for testing. Unlike any other substance on earth, the lab technicians are at first baffled by the remarkable results the discover. Their curiosity and confusion quickly turns to fear and terror as they realize they have unknowingly unleashed a ravenous lifeform upon humanity; a creature which exists only to devour and grow.I read [...]

    14. Heather on said:

      I’m not sure how the CDC expects a quarantine to work on a creature that can devour (and add to its mass) anything that isn’t metal or glass. After it gets out at the lab, it eats everything. Sheetrock, carpets, rubber gaskets, plastic bags… people. And it’s gaining in size quite quickly. I still don’t understand how one (potentially major) detail went missing early in book one and is still a problem here. Early on in book one it’s discovered that metal the creature has touched becom [...]

    15. A.F. Grappin on said:

      After reading The Black, I was chomping at the bit to find out what happened when It reached land and broke out. Because we all knew it was going to. I loved the terms Cooley set for it to come out, with the labs and its ongoing construction, as well as how it events initially got going. The dread he set up for us in The Black are hyped up more with the threat of exposing the world to the nastiness of It. The whole time I read it, I was just dreading the signs of the thing appearing, even before [...]

    16. Nikko Lee on said:

      Why I read this book:The Black by Paul E Cooley was a stumbled upon recommendation from Michel Plested. I was immediately hooked by this novel about a deadly threat pulled from the depth of the ocean running amok abound an oil rig. As soon as The Black: Arrival was released I purchased it and have been listening to Cooley's podcast of the novel.My one sentence summary:It's Houston Analytical Laboratories' turn to try to survive and destroy the Black.Kudos:Cooley has a way of creating dread that [...]

    17. Jamey Goodyear on said:

      The Black: Arrival is the second in The Black series by Paul E. Cooley. In the first book, we are on the oil platform when the Black is discovered. It is thought to be some of the most pure oil to be found. This second book we are at the lab that receives the lone barrel for testing. The second story also is occurring simultaneously with the first story. This books starts out just a little bit slow, but speeds up very quickly. There are five scientists, 2 office personnel, the network guy and th [...]

    18. Amanda on said:

      A 4.5 star read. A fantastic “sequel” to the first book “The Black”. I use the word “sequel” in quotation marks because the story is actually running in parallel (partially) to the story in “The Black”. The book starts off with a Houston lab anticipating the delivery of a oil sample sent from a offshore rig. The horror starts when they realize that they are dealing with something much different than oil. I will say that the body count seems to be a lot less in this book than the [...]

    19. Damon Henrichs on said:

      Face it, most sequels suck. Think Jaws 2, 3, and 4 . . . Which is fine . . . because evidently this is a "Paraquel" (which like you, I had never heard of. . . but it makes perfect sense. "Para" as in "parallel". In other words, it sort of is happening at the same time as "The Black" book 1. )This has all the thrills of the original but never gets repetitive and takes the story to the next step. It's hard to say since I DID read the first book, but I would guess you could read this as a stand alo [...]

    20. John Walker on said:

      ArrivalAfter reading The Black, I thought for certain there could be no way to expand on it, at least not in a meaningful way. I should have known better, as Paul Cooley has once again written just an amazing science-horror thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. You want good reading? This is it. You want amazing work? This is what you should read. Don't hesitate. And of course, there's going to be likely be a Black 3, which is really going to be a treat. Cooley has definitely don [...]

    21. Karin on said:

      Brilliant story that runs in the same time line as The Black. The author narration really makes the story extremely engaging. I was listening to this at work, and couldn't wait each day to settle down at the office to start listening. And it does live up to Shadowpublications' motto: 'We don't believe in happy endings'.Only problem, now I have to wait for the third novel in series which is due for release in 2016.

    22. Matt on said:

      THE BLACK: ARRIVAL was a really good sequel (sort of) to The Black. It takes place at the same time as the first book and matches up pretty nicely. I like the new setting and the new characters in book 2 and the use of the creature from the deep. I look forward to the next book in the BLACK series (whenever it rears it's dark headeye stalkstentacleswhatever).

    23. Neil on said:

      Read The Black? Wondered what happened to the oil drum taken by helicopter from the exploration rig Leaguer to the lab in Houston? Then you need to read The Black: Arrival.It's old school monster time; a cross between The Thing and The Blob. I love the wisecracking, techie characters Cooley has in these stories. TB3 is apparently already in the "pipeline" :) Finally, is this an unbiased review? Hell no, I'm Dr. Neil Illing!

    24. Arlingtontexican on said:

      A three by any other author but considering this guy does this after work and put it up on a pod cast, which is how I listened to the story. Ande fact that he made a paraquel, another story to be read at the same time if you want to, I give this guy a gold star for effort. Great for a self publishing author. don't get me wrong, the story itself was good. Good as any other. I'm a fan.

    25. Eric Birtel on said:

      This book was a page turner. I could not put it down and had to see what was next. The technical parts were of interest as I have spent a good many years in the IT world, most recently as an IT Systems Specialist. Reading the book, I easily imagined some of the systems, computers, and technology. When you can see the wrold the book is describing, it takes on a while new meaning. Great read!

    26. Deb Randolph on said:

      One of my new favorites!Everyone around me knows that I love a good monster/creature book. This is definitely one of the best I've read to date. The characters come alive and the excitement builds at a great place. As this is a second book in the series, I really hope more are coming as the ending lead me to believe. I will be waiting.

    27. CJ on said:

      If you dig creature features, this book is for you. I really dig the premise and the progression from the first book to this one. It had vibes of 'The Thing' but with its own unique creature. Fun, quick read.

    28. Ralph Trickey on said:

      Good storyOverall it was interesting, I have issues with two things. As far as I know Halon is non toxic so talking about it killing everyone is a bit over the top. I also can't buy the postscript after the main story.

    29. Darby on said:

      The adventure continuesDoes very good job continuing the storyline. Really looking forward to more if possible. If read the first, need to pick up this one; won't be disappointed.

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