Achievement: Tentacle Lust (Redux)

N.K. Layne

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Achievement: Tentacle Lust (Redux)

Achievement Tentacle Lust Redux Genre paranormal eroticaTags tentacles mythical creatures interspecies m m m kink spanking bondage orgasm denial PWPContent Warnings dubious consent graphic violence a giant pile of smut Wor

  • Title: Achievement: Tentacle Lust (Redux)
  • Author: N.K. Layne
  • ISBN: 9781311984029
  • Page: 256
  • Format: ebook
  • Genre paranormal eroticaTags tentacles, mythical creatures, interspecies, m m m, kink, spanking, bondage, orgasm denial, PWPContent Warnings dubious consent, graphic violence, a giant pile of smut Word Count 5097NOTE This is the revised edition of a story originally published by the M M Romance Group on It features major character and world development, impGenre paranormal eroticaTags tentacles, mythical creatures, interspecies, m m m, kink, spanking, bondage, orgasm denial, PWPContent Warnings dubious consent, graphic violence, a giant pile of smut Word Count 5097NOTE This is the revised edition of a story originally published by the M M Romance Group on It features major character and world development, improved prose, and plot hole fixes Achievement TenSmashwords smashwords books view 544888Allromance allromanceebooks prodWattpad wattpad myworks 404580

    Customer reviews Achievement Tentacle Lust There was a problem filtering reviews right now Please try again later. Lists That Contain Achievement Tentacle Lust by N.K Layne members voted Achievement Tentacle Lust into the following lists Tentaclesex, yay , Horror Erotica, Best Books with Cephalopods, Don t judge Achievement Tentacle Lust Redux by Nk Layne NOOK Book Tentacle monster and dungeon master, Cadia, is trying to induce ravenous, spine chilling, life changing tentacle lust into his human mate, however, when his crush interrupts Cadia s scene, will Cadia be rough enough to enforce his DM capabilities or will he melt at the hands of his crush Character profile for Alec Achievement Tentacle Lust Alec Achievement Tentacle Lust has appeared in the following books Achievement Tentacle Lust Redux Steam Community Guide % Achievement Guide Welcome to my % achievement guide for Day of the Tentacle Remastered This will not only list all the achievements, including the hidden ones, but also tell you how to obtain them. How to Defeat Gluttony in Darksiders Tips Prima Games The Kraken will occasionally slam its tentacles on the sea floor as well, so try not to get in the way when that happens Focus on taking down Lust to earn a secret achievement in Darksiders Tips All Human Locations in Darksiders Here s where to find and rescue all humans in Darksiders . Tentacles Achievements List XboxAchievements Tentacles has achievements worth points View all the achievements here Last achievements Return of the Tentacle community itch Ok, so I have achievements After doing a whole walktrough I dont know what I can try The I have left are Unlock all achievemets obviously of the hidden ones Going mad does Sequel to the PointClick Adventure Day of the Tentacle By catmic Add to collection game Community Devlog Return of the Tentacle Enslaved by Lust Episode RAW Series Kindle edition Enslaved by Lust Episode RAW Series Kindle edition by Brooklynn Rivers Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets Achievement Tentacle Lust Redux NK Layne . out of stars Kindle Edition . Next Back to top Get to Know Us Careers Tentacles Enter the Mind Achievements List Tentacles Enter the Mind has achievements worth points View all the achievements here

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      256 N.K. Layne
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    One thought on “Achievement: Tentacle Lust (Redux)

    1. Optimist ♰King's Wench♰ & MANTIES Champion on said:

      Can you get fisted by a squid?"Man, by the time I squirm all eight of my arms inside of you, it's going to be straight up supersonic."So Yes?Did I enjoy this bit of tentacle porn?I giggled and made weird faces. We come (sorry) upon Tente fucking Alec in the fertilization dungeon with his beak? Tente's the Dungeon Master and his tentacles expand and vibrate when he gets esssssssited. Next thing you know Squalo swims (?) smack dab into the middle of their sexy times. He was the fantasy that humans [...]

    2. ☙ percy ❧ on said:

      shoutout to my GR friends for not unfriending me despite me adding stuff like this-i don't know why i read this so don't even ask

    3. Kristan on said:

      I read: "smoking hot tentacle hottie looking for his mate" with a content warning of a giant pile of smut and thought: "I have to read this"I did.I have no idea WTF I just read. I'm rating this 3 stars because I have no idea how to rate it, honestly. I've never experienced this level of tentacleness before I think I liked it? Can there be too many tentacles? I don't know. Kudos for the author providing exactly what the prompt suggested and for the good writing.

    4. G.R. Reader on said:

      Why is there suddenly so much tentacle erotica? Are we being groomed by aliens? My friends at SETI assure me that the answer is no, but I wonder if I can trust them.

    5. SheReadsALot on said:

      I felt just as clueless as a Sean Michael MC about this story before reading, Achievement: Tentacle Lust. Read awesome Cupcake's review. Figured what the hell, let's do this shit! I love tentacles.I still feel even more clueless like a Sean Michael character. So, um, like yes? Um, somebody was needing? I think. I'm not sure.What I am sure of is that this is P.W.P. And if there is anything Baby knows about, it's PWP.So there's this fuckslut human named Alec. Alec likes tentacles in his fuckhole, [...]

    6. K on said:

      very short fantasy piecethe prompter asked for I’m in for some hot tentacle porn and I’m okay with dub-con. If you get a whole story out of it, that’s cool but good piece of PWP is alright with me too. and this is what they got. Tente is the Dungeon Master at the Squd Fertlization Dungeon and has captured a human, Alec, to mate with. They are interupted by fellow squid Squalo, who like Tente is also in heat. Squalo joins in in to make this a threesome but then pushes it too far and gets th [...]

    7. Emma Sea on said:

      Not sure how to review this one.Possibly more porny tentacle gay erotica than porny tentacle m/m? Not that that's a bad thing.

    8. Vivian on said:

      Unique mashup. You don't often see tentacle porn and BDSM protocol paired, and I have to admit, that I found the beginning way more enticing prior to the dungeon derailment. Coitus interruptus for DM rules?! One thing that really worked for me--there's never too many tentacles.

    9. Adrianamae, Marco's fan on said:

      This isn't a story, but a drawn-out tentacle sex scene.

    10. Neyjour on said:

      I LOVE tentacle smut, but this story did not work for me at all.My main issue with it is that the author did not fulfill the prompt request. Well, to be more accurate, he/she only got 1 out of 3. PWP? Yes. Dub-con/non-con and mates? No and noAlec is an "abducted" diver, but in regards to the sex, there's no dub-con/non-con here. In fact, quite the opposite Alec is extremely enthusiastic about it all. And while there is some "mating" (sex/fucking) going on, Tente certainly doesn't find himself "a [...]

    11. Jenna on said:

      I'm pretty sure I just got punked. Like, I think it was purposely written to make no sense. It was all over the place and I could hardly follow what was happening. This was my facial expression the entire time I was reading:This was the first tent-sex story I've read where I was not turned on in the least. Thank goodness it was short!

    12. Samantha on said:

      This was a pretty unique story of tentacles and such. Not my cup of tea, so I'm not going to rate it, but thank you to the author for their time and story!

    13. Matthew on said:

      A surprising amount of plot and world development for what seemed like essentially non-con porn without point. The sex is pretty light, not as detailed as you would expect and there are outlines of a story, but it was far too short to be anything. Reminds me some of K.A. Merikan, Playing with Food. Very short, porny but with a beginning of a world that could be a future story.

    14. Serena Yates on said:

      My first attempt at seeing what tentacle sex is all about and I have to admit, I am confused. Not necessarily about the mechanics of it, but the motivation eludes me. Alec, the human in the equation seems more than willing (and must be a size queen), but Tent, the squid, makes less sense. Possible because he is in heat and gets interrupted by another squid trying to move in on the action. The thing that got to me most is that there is no clear ending, making this seem like more of one long scene [...]

    15. Serena on said:

      While this book did have a few redeeming qualities, due to a lack of editorial contribution I would not recommend.My Rating System:* couldn't finish, ** wouldn't recommend, *** would recommend, **** would read again, ***** have read again.

    16. Liz (Bugetta) on said:

      WTF did I just read? And not because tentacles were involved. It was just odd. The writing wasn't bad but the structure was weird. I almost felt like I feel when I accidentally start at book two in a series and I have no idea what's going on or who all the characters are or what the world building rules are.

    17. Alessandra Ebulu on said:

      First time reading tentacle porn. I'm giving the writer three stars because, firstly, I applaud the effort, and secondly with the prompt and what she was working with, it wasn't a bad story. Will I read more tentacle porn after this, I'm not really sure.

    18. Dawn on said:

      Ok, my first tentacle book and I have to say I had been curious why everyone was loving them, but this wasn't the story to learn that. This one is just tentacles and more tentacles with what I guess was sex, sex, sex.

    19. Sandra on said:

      Offered for FREE from the M/M Romance Group's Love's Landscapes event. Thank you too all the amazing authors who participated!

    20. Jeanne 'Divinae' on said:

      A very quick short story about a human and Squids(human/squid) during the squids breeding season. Tente is in charge of this particular breeding ground and his getting it on with Alec, the human. But we have a party crasher, named Squalo who comes and tries to get in the middle.

    21. Regencyfan93 on said:

      I felt like there were a lot of ideas here that were never completed. I felt rushed from ticking one box to ticking another. Poor Alec having sensory overload yet no pleasure, not after the beginning.

    22. Tailtiu on said:

      1,5* upgrade because it was exactly what the prompt was asking for

    23. Izzah Zulaikha on said:

      This was an odd yet entertaining tentacle porn hahaha. The number of tentacles had me intrigued xD

    24. Rissa on said:

      This story didn't do anything for me :( The premise was interesting though.

    25. jenTed on said:

      Thought i'd give it a try but turns out it's just not my thing, but you might like it.

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