The IX

Andrew P. Weston

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The IX

The IX Soldiers from varying eras and vastly different backgrounds including the IX Legion of Rome are snatched away from Earth at the moment of their passing and transported to the far side of the galaxy

  • Title: The IX
  • Author: Andrew P. Weston
  • ISBN: 9780986414008
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Paperback
  • Soldiers from varying eras and vastly different backgrounds, including the IX Legion of Rome, are snatched away from Earth at the moment of their passing, and transported to the far side of the galaxy Thinking they have been granted a reprieve, their relief turns to horror when they discover they face a stark ultimatum Fight or die

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    One thought on “The IX

    1. J.P. Wilder on said:

      I remember once – back in 1988 (yes a flash back). I was in a cavalry platoon on a pretty intense training exercise. It was late at night. We’d been going full on for weeks. I waited in my Hummer, the engine running, night vision goggles pushed up on my head. We were watching for an enemy armored force to attack the flanks of an infantry battalion for which we were providing a screen. Tension that night was high, my vehicle commander was nervous. He kept nagging the machine gunner to keep hi [...]

    2. Kimball Nilsson on said:

      Amazing. This is one of those rare books that pull you in right from the start, place you squarely within the narrative, and won't let go. I was there, I was in the storyd what a Unique and entertaining story it is.Other reviews have covered the basic storyline, no spoilers here. Suffice it to say that the premise is unique, well thought out and implemented, and most of all engaging I add my wholehearted endorsement--get this book and "experience it".Must read, if you are a fan of History meshed [...]

    3. Hunter Jones on said:

      For centuries, military historians and Roman scholars alike have argued about why and how the Ninth Roman Legion disappeared. Weston gives us one possible answer: they were spirited away at the moment of death, along with other hand-picked warriors from Civil War times and the 21st century, to fight for an advanced human civilization in the future against an enemy intent on destroying all humanity. "Fight or die" is the only choice for warriors from the past, present, and future in a novel sure [...]

    4. Cherime MacFarlane on said:

      First, let’s get this out of the way. I was given a review copy of this book for a fair and honest review. Anyone who reads my reviews, know I usually only post the ones where I can give a 5 or 4 star. Anything else I contact the author and attempt to explain why I can’t do better. That said, this is not just another 5 star review. I would give this one at least an 8 if it were possible. I stayed up way too late to finish the book. It not only had me on the edge of my seat, it twisted me int [...]

    5. Cas Peace on said:

      There has been much debate about the fate of the Ninth Roman Legion (the IX) which disappeared from historical records around the year 108. In his excellent new novel, author Andrew Weston gives us his take on what befell the legionnaires and what use they made of their specialized knowledge in the time following their mysterious disappearance.An entire civilized world faces destruction at the hands of a seemingly unstoppable enemy. An enemy that spends the lives of its forces so extravagantly t [...]

    6. P.J. Fiala on said:

      This book contains it all; military history, science fiction, heros, warriors, adventure. The IX is deep, thought provoking and insightful Weston is a gifted story teller and has a fabulous career ahead of him. The world he created was described in such as way it felt real and like I was right there in it. Bravo.

    7. Susan Tarr on said:

      Wow! I’ll say it again. Wow! I feel as if I have just been to a wide screen cinema and been right there in the movie. What an impressive story! It’s a mix of historic fiction and fact, supernatural, sci-fi, drama, intrigue, espionage, and plots within plots and scenarios I could never imagine…and I could keep going.Suffice to say this story gripped me and held me right through to the end. Compelling read!An accomplished work by an accomplished author.I was gifted a copy of this work for my [...]

    8. A.L. Butcher on said:

      Synopsis:Soldiers from varying eras and vastly different backgrounds, including the IX Legion of Rome, are snatched away from Earth at the moment of their passing, and transported to the far side of the galaxy. Thinking they have been granted a reprieve, their relief turns to horror when they discover they face a stark ultimatum: Fight or die.Romans, Native Americans, fierce Celtic warriors, Special Ops, American Civil War fighters – not a huge amount in common one would think. Wrong. Death is [...]

    9. Joe Bonadonna on said:

      "Weston's mix of history, metaphysics and real science ventures into territory not often explored in science fiction. Past, Present and Future are masterfully blended in an epic novel that takes classic elements to new heights. Weston has a true gift for superb storytelling and memorable characters. This one is not to be missed."Yes, that's my quote on the back cover of THE IX, the new science fiction novel by Andrew Paul Weston, published by Perseid Press. And it's a great story, too: military [...]

    10. Angie Martin on said:

      As a child and teen, one of my favorite things to read about were the Romans. I loved the history, the mythology, the tales and legends. It all fascinated me. Picking up The IX, I anticipated having a ride much like that. I was pleasantly surprised to experience not only nostalgia, but a beautiful blend of history and science-fiction like I've never read.Initially, it was not the tale but the writing style that blew me away. I connected immediately with the author as I was pulled into the story. [...]

    11. Marie on said:

      I am not an aficionado of military science fiction. I read a lot of fantasy, mostly dark, urban fantasy. I chose this book on the advice of a friend, and I am not disappointed.I love stories that are filled with action because they keep the pulse up and take me away from the mundanity of life in general. This story was filled with action – action and excitement that kept me turning page after page after page. I don’t pretend to be extremely knowledgeable of military in fiction, but this stor [...]

    12. Deborah McClatchey on said:

      I received this book as an Advanced Reader copy. It's not normally my genre, but The IX is an amazing story. If you like sci-fi, military history, warriors, and adventure, you won't be disappointed. It kept me turning the pages, and for that I would love to give it 5 stars. Kudos to the author Andrew P. Wilson, and I highly recommend!!

    13. Yelle Hughes on said:

      The IX focuses on Marcus, Centurion of Rome, Lex, Lieutenant of the US Calvary and Mac, Lieutenant of the UK Special Forces. Three exceptional leaders from different time periods that are snatched upon their deaths to aid a fighting force on another planet in a galaxy, far, far away (see what I did there) The author shows you the lives of these extraordinary men and their comrades and you learn why they were chosen to help save. The description of each man’s army is on point and just by readin [...]

    14. Sarah Hulcy on said:

      Please welcome the return of great science fiction in this amazing epic by Andrew P. Weston! A race of beings across the galaxy from earth is being decimated by an implacable enemy and their only hope of survival is a bold plan to use fighters from earth. From the Roman IX Legion fighting the Celts -- and losing, civil war military engaged in an attempt to unite two warring Native American tribes at the request of Presidential Candidate Abraham Lincoln being betrayed from within, to future Black [...]

    15. Hanne Klein on said:

      An intriguing Story This sci-fi, military history novel really gets your imagination working. The possibilities of going to another world to prove ourselves worthy of moving on to a higher more spiritual evolved planet sound intriguing. Andrew P Weston weaves a fascinating story of adventure mixed with a touch of metaphysics. I love these kinds of stories where your imagination is being challenged. This is a good read that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys reading sci-fi, military history.

    16. Travis Ludvigson on said:

      In The IX, Andrew Weston successfully delivers a brilliant work of science fiction that seamlessly combines past, present and future into a thrilling adventure. This story matched Romans with futuristic Spec Ops and included a myriad of other warriors, creating an interesting concept that worked quite well. I especially enjoyed how the Roman leadership's keen intellect and tactical prowess played such a pivotal role, even when thrust into in a society so far advanced from their own.It was great [...]

    17. D.K. Cassidy on said:

      Notable!This epic novel has elements of several genres including, science fiction, adventure, historical fiction, lots of military history, and heroes. Author Andrew Weston is an insightful and gifted storyteller. His descriptions are vivid, the prose smooth, and the characters are realistic. Excellent read!

    18. Stevie Turner on said:

      What a talented writer - combining history and science fiction, adventure, and suspense into one entertaining read. Well done Mr Weston; I'll be looking out for more novels from you!

    19. Matt Mitrovich on said:

      Originally posted here: alternatehistoryweeklyupdate.bI really wanted to enjoy The IX by Andrew P. Weston. It had a really cool concept. Humans on the verge of death are pulled from different eras of the past by a powerful alien entity to fight an army of seemingly endless murder machines, all the while having to overcome the cultural and language barriers to become an effective fighting force. Sounds like a fun action romp with a level of sophistication. Its in the execution, however, that the [...]

    20. S.E. Lindberg on said:

      Fresh Alien/Military/YA AdventureAndrew P. Weston’s The IX is fun and genre-spanning for sure, being a mashup of military sci-fi and fantasy. Think of mixing Star Trek, John Carter of Mars, and Alien/Predator into a blender. However, it actually reads more like a Young-Adult mystery. Give the proverbial Hardy Boys some assault rifles and space suits, join them on a distant planet, and save all life from alien corruption--be part of the IXth! Without spoiling, the premise revolves on the sudden [...]

    21. William O'Brien on said:

      The IXby Andrew P. WestonA superb, gripping and very well-written story from Weston, which will stimulate the senses of any reader.A tale that will take you to far side of the galaxy and engage in battles for life and death in this epic story. The book is compelling and holds the reader's attention magnificently - fate, destiny and anticipating the future spills from these pages.I am very grateful to have received an advanced copy of this amazing work by this author and surely more great things [...]

    22. Natasja Hellenthal on said:

      'The IX' by Andrew P. Weston is a superb sc-fi read that takes you on a a wild roller-coaster ride. It's packed with action, great descriptive and life-like characters. It's both an interesting story from a historical point of view and so realistic sometimes you wonder if the author knows more and an intriguingly well told tale. Highly recommended to lovers of epic sci-fi.

    23. Brandt on said:

      I really enjoyed this one. IX by Andrew Weston combines so many genres into what is a rich adventure. A pleasure.

    24. Greg at 2 Book Lovers Reviews on said:

      The premise of The IX was something that really intrigued me. Soldiers from different points in history snatched from the claws of death, transported to a new world to fight a war that they knew nothing about. The bulk of this group came from the IXth legion of Rome, they vanished while fighting in what is now Scotland.This was a difficult book for me, my expectations were set high. I was looking forward to a lot of confrontation between these groups, who were in the midst of trying to kill each [...]

    25. Paul Freeman on said:

      I was really attracted to the premise of The IX. Warriors and heroes from different ages coming together to fight a common enemy, and the three groups from the different eras could not be more different. The three groups, a Roman legion, a US cavalry division and an elite squad of British commandos from the near future, are all snatched away at the moment of their violent deaths on Earth and flung across the galaxy. In an interesting twist the enemies of each group are also transported to the ne [...]

    26. Colin on said:

      I bought this book on the strength of some outstanding reviews by others, here and in some other places. I stopped reading about 30% through it. I think I'm just going to have to stop buying books based upon reviews on , and maybe even here. I've been disappointed far too many times in the last year, especially with relentlessly pushing their self-published Kindle authors. So this isn't a horrible book by any means, and it did remind me a little of some of the Eric Flint stuff I have read so if [...]

    27. Allison Hawn on said:

      If you're looking for a rich, complex and compelling story, then look no farther than Andrew Weston's "The IX."As an avid Sci-Fi fan, this book caught my attention from the beginning with an interesting premise, good strong characters and just the right mix of the new and familiar. I love the premise behind this book, and the author definitely did it justice. The pulling of soldiers from unique time periods and cultures added a lot of depth to the book. Furthermore, Weston did well with each of [...]

    28. Ju Ephraime on said:

      This is a story like nothing I’d read before. I am not a Sci-Fi enthusiast, I just can’t relate, but the author did such an incredible job of introducing the reader to this new civilization, I was hooked from the opening prologue. After reading through the various battles, fierce warrior, great leaders, and the ultimate destruction of a prior civilization, despite their best efforts, I was on the edge of my seat. The author ended this epic novel with a lot of metaphors, taking care to accoun [...]

    29. Lance Greenfield on said:

      This is a quite amazing story and is a great read, although my view is that it is a bit long. I would have preferred it to be compressed into about 400 pages.The concept of bringing combatants and brains from various eras of Earth's history to save the planet Arden, on the opposite side of the galaxy, from the invasion of the "Horde." The horde appear to be an almost limitless force of suicidal beings, who are driven by telepathy and have psyche which is completely contrary to anything human.The [...]

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