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Heidi Cullinan

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Clockwork Heart

Clockwork Heart Love adventure and a steaming good time As the French army leader s bastard son Cornelius Stevens enjoys a great deal of latitude But when he saves an enemy soldier using clockwork parts he s well

  • Title: Clockwork Heart
  • Author: Heidi Cullinan
  • ISBN: 9781619233959
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Paperback
  • Love, adventure and a steaming good time.As the French army leader s bastard son, Cornelius Stevens enjoys a great deal of latitude But when he saves an enemy soldier using clockwork parts, he s well aware he risks hanging for treason That doesn t worry him half as much, however, as the realization he s falling for his patient.Johann Berger never expected to survive hisLove, adventure and a steaming good time.As the French army leader s bastard son, Cornelius Stevens enjoys a great deal of latitude But when he saves an enemy soldier using clockwork parts, he s well aware he risks hanging for treason That doesn t worry him half as much, however, as the realization he s falling for his patient.Johann Berger never expected to survive his regiment s suicide attack on Calais, much less wake up with mechanical parts To avoid discovery, he s forced to hide in plain sight as Cornelius s lover a role Johann finds himself taking to surprisingly well.When a threat is made on Cornelius s life, Johann learns the secret of the device implanted in his chest a mythical weapon both warring countries would kill to obtain Caught up in a political frenzy, in league with pirates, dodging rogue spies, mobsters and princesses with deadly parasols, Cornelius and Johann have no time to contemplate how they ended up in this mess All they know is, the only way out is together or not at all.Warning Contains tinkers, excessive clockwork appendages, and a cloud sweeping tour of Europe A little absinthe, a little theft, a little exhibitionism Men who love men, women who love women, and some who aren t particular.

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    One thought on “Clockwork Heart

    1. ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ on said:

      "Clockwork is so beautifully simple. It's people who are complicated."A soldier left for dead. A tinker out to save. And spies spies everywhere.Set in an alternate historical universe where Napoleon's army did not lose the Battle of Waterloo and the French empire conquered most of Europe, Clockwork Heart is a fascinating, fast-paced, sexy read with incredibly complex characters and a gripping plot. When Cornelius, a brilliant tinker and a self-proclaimed nancy, stumbles into an alley, he doesn' [...]

    2. P on said:

      Clockwork Heart is a steampunk novel which is thoroughly beautiful in many ways. Cornelius, a tinker, detests wars and he will do anything against his tyrannous father. That when he finds Johann, a soldier left to die alone, Cornelius is ready to save this man at all costs. Cornelius literally puts a clockwork heart into the soldier's chest to maintain his life, although the heart itself is the weapon that many armies have been raiding for.Cornelius is a naughty little man who tries to seduce Jo [...]

    3. Optimist ♰King's Wench♰ & MANTIES Champion on said:

      Steampunkalicious!I'm not going to perpetrate like I've read tons of steampunk but I can say this is the best steampunk I've ever read, the most steampunky with dirigibles, oodles of clockwork and let's not forget the outfits! There's something about buckles and bodices that do it for me. This AU Europe that HC built beamed off the page like a beacon creating a movie in my head. I want to live there and fly around on The Brass Farthing and learn to tinker. I could pirate! What? I could. There is [...]

    4. Ele on said:

      This was my first Steampunk novel and I feel torn. I liked some things, but some others did not work out for me.I'll start with the good ones.I found the setting and the world building to be brilliant. The story is set in 1910 alternate universe , where France rules most part of Europe. The alternate history is central to the plot than simply being used as background. I liked this a lot.This was a relatively long book, but it's fast-paced and there is a lot of action that never slows down. This [...]

    5. Heather K (dentist in my spare time) on said:

      As hard as I try, I just can't get into this one. I think it's a steampunk thing because I'm a huge Heidi Cullinan fan. DNF at 54% with no rating.

    6. Vanessa North on said:

      I feel kind of like I shouldn't review this book because I helped Heidi with some of the French stuff. Fuck that. My objectivity is whatever. I translated some words.This was fun! A reminder of the way Heidi has with writing characters who delight in the raw earthiness of their sexuality. Also, this book is not just gay men, but queer, queer, queer. Bisexual MC! Sexy lesbians everywhere! I'm in heaven. I hope the rest of this series gives us some lovely clockwork girl love to enjoy in addition t [...]

    7. Adam on said:

      Steampunk is usually a mixed bag for me. In this case, it was a total win. The world-building was excellent. Set in an alternate universe where Napoleon wasn't defeated at Waterloo and most of early 20th century Europe is ruled by the French, 'Clockwork Heart' follows a tinker and a broken soldier. I could very clearly imagine turn-of-the-century Europe, with the addition of clockwork technology. I especially liked the inclusion of airships, as I've always been a bit fascinated with these precur [...]

    8. Тамрико on said:

      I tried, I really really tried :/ I made it to 60% (barely) and it was either me or the book. Guess who had to go.Originally I gave this book 1.75 stars. Let me correct that. Book, you're demoted. 1 star. I was bored to tears by the pity fest and the long lists of who did what and where and only sometimes how they felt while doing itA warning: brush up on your French and German before you read this book.I dislike the use of foreign languages without translation immensely, no matter if I know the [...]

    9. Renée on said:

      Ms. Cullinan and I have an interesting relationship. I'm not a die-hard fan. It's rather hit or miss. Her writing is always smooth, and I never find fault with the style. I always enjoy it, in fact. This story was no exception. Her two books that I really liked: Fever Pitch and Carry the Ocean, the latter being downright brilliant! But, other than those, I find I can't side with the masses when they rant over her stories. I DNF'd Special Delivery many years ago, and people still talk about that [...]

    10. Macky on said:

      I don't pick steampunk up that often, but there’s definitely something about an alternative history style universe that draws me in. Whether it's an arcane, metaphysical twist—a la Jordan Hawk and K.J. Charles—or a fantasy/Sci-Fi historical universe primarily powered by clockwork mechanics and steam, it does tend to tickle my fancy.What I love about AU tales, is however intense the central romance gets, the storytelling surrounding and supporting is just as strong and equally compelling. C [...]

    11. R * A Reader Obsessed * on said:

      For someone who mainly is into contemporary romance these days, this really was a nostalgic trip back to my reading past who ate up anything paranormal, supernatural, or fantastical. Richly detailed with an interesting historical backdrop, I truly enjoyed many things about this book.I don't proclaim to be an expert in steampunk but the characteristics are fascinating. It doesn't hurt that both Cornelius and Johann were very likable. Cornelius is a genius tinker and he's just tapping into his tal [...]

    12. Arch Bala on said:

      I am writing this review while glancing over my shoulder every other minute (lol) so this will be fast. (maybe)First, let me tell you what I told myself immediately after finishing this book – “I need to reread the whole thing right away and enjoy it all over again!”lol. I just loved it! I feel that no matter how good the previous books of the author are (e.g Nowhere Ranch, Dance With Me, Love Lessons etc…), this book just totally surpassed them all or maybe I’m still on that after-rea [...]

    13. Dαɴιjα on said:

      2.75 stars. Maybe. Probably.This didn't go as well as I had hoped. Since I have enjoyed Heidi Cullinan's books so far, and this was my first full-length steampunk novel, I'm inclined to think the reason I didn't enjoy reading Clockwork Heart as much as I had expected is because it was steampunk. I guess I should just accept it's not a genre for me, and move on. Unfortunately. Ignoring the fact how much this alternate history where Europe was a war zone depressed me, I could say the beginning of [...]

    14. Catherine on said:

      When Dani puts a book on her "best-mm-romance-2016" shelf just nine days into the new year, you know it's gotta be fantastic. I'm seriously looking forward to this one.

    15. Bev on said:

      Love, Love, LOVED it!! A shower of golden stars from med it's a series, yay!!Read Dani's great review for the full blurb, but I fell in love with Conny and Johann. We have orgies, absinthe and coke parties (they certainly knew how to live in those days, hehe), wonderful flying ships, traitorous Arch Dukes.ooh, everything and more in this story.The Brass Farthing.Johann's Clockwork Heart.d arm.Princess Gizaad the story, you'll discover who she is. Don't miss out on this story if you like Steampun [...]

    16. Tamika♥RBF MOOD♥ on said:

      Review @Oh My Shelves BlogWow. I feel so star struck right now. Like starry eyed and happy. This book is awesome. I would have never picked up a steampunk book. Or I think steampunk is for me if this is what I'm going to get. Heidi Cullinan you rock. I don't even have all the words to get out how much I really enjoyed it. This is such a great cast of characters. I loved the concept from beginning to end, and it really is well written. Immediately after finishing my first thoughts were for me to [...]

    17. Veronica of V's Reads on said:

      Holy steaming smokes, folks!Delirious with stars for this fast-paced, espionage-packed, odd-couple, steampunk, alt-history, scorching hot, M/M romance.I do love me some steampunk, and this book brings alt-historical steampunk on strong--along with the romance, the yearning, the lovin' and the sexin', too. The world is a glorious alt-historical 1910's era Europe with France having conquered vast swatches of the continent, and in continual battle with Austria. The main fuel source is aether, a gas [...]

    18. Justin Nova on said:

      I am not much of a fan of steampunk in general but since Heidi Cullinan wrote it I figured I'd check it out. Fun book with some nice steamy bits thrown in to keep things interesting.

    19. Meags on said:

      3 StarsI’ve never really read a book within the steampunk genre before (unless Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy counts?), but I was ready and willing and raring to go because of two words: Heidi Cullinan. I was hard-core into this story when it started. I loved the alternate history and the immediate and impressive world-building, which wasn’t at all confusing to understand (major points for that!). I was instantly engrossed with the story and the characters, Cornelius Stevens a [...]

    20. ⚣❣☙ Michaelle ❧❣⚣ on said:

      4.5 StarsGawd, Heidi Cullinan knocked it out of the park here. I mean, I loved Special Delivery but this is a whole different kettle of fish. (I totally typed "fist" there during the first draftjust sayin'.)Steampunk has always been a hit or miss proposition for me, mainly because I'm primarily a SciFi girl and I want my science fiction rooted in actual Science. I want to understand the whys and whatnot because I think when that is done well it really enhances the experience. Yeah, that whole id [...]

    21. Vallie on said:

      Steampunk isn’t usually my thing –the few times I’ve tried reading it, it hasn’t held my interest. But this book made me seriously reconsider. Heidi Cullinan has created an amazing alternate world, where tinker surgeons are the epitome of masterful engineering. They can create anything, not only prosthetic limbs, but vital organs, including a top secret heart that could wreak havoc in the wrong hands.Conny is an apprentice tinker surgeon, but we soon find out that he is beyond a mere ass [...]

    22. Наталья on said:

      DNF at 62%Наткнулась на менаж, не мое это, да и подается странно, если желание участвовать одной из сторон очень сомнительно.Оценивать не буду, т.к. в остальном история занимательная. И не понятно как clockwork (заводное??) сердце заменяет настоящее, если кровеносная система замыкает [...]

    23. Chris, the Dalek King on said:

      Being the (bastard) son of the man intent on ridding Europe (and probably then the world) of any but French rule, Cornelius really ought to know better than to engage in treasonous acts. But he despises his father’s actions and plans, and the loss of life both French and foreign that come with them, so it should not be too much of a shock that he would consider–and then act–to save the life of one badly injured Austrian soldier.Saving that life, though, comes with a far greater cost to bot [...]

    24. Frederic on said:

      It is one of these books that inspiration was nowhere to be found once it is finished. It took a while to get myself to write this review. To be totally honest I almost did not finish it, but I had to keep going. The writing in Clockwork Heart is good, the story is somewhat interesting and it is a fairly good Steampunk story. I guess that you might be asking yourself why I am just giving it 2 stars then. Bear with me, you will know it soon enough.In Clockwork Heart, I was immediately hooked when [...]

    25. Achim on said:

      Finally I got over my reluctance on steampunk which was instilled by that Wild, Wild West movie. First Wicklow's Odyssey made it easy to believe this genre has its merits and now after Clockwork Heart it's like Give-Me-More! It's a great adventure and a sweeping romance all in one - and from my experience that's a rare find even more so with characters who don't care if they act according to their role. So what if you become the hero, are a marvelous tinker and a kind man, who says you can't be [...]

    26. Jess on said:

      This might not be everyone's perfect book, but for me, at the time I chose to read it, it was pretty damn close.I'm actually not much of a steampunk person--I don't mind it, but I don't really seek it out after it had a huge resurgence in popularity ten or so years ago and all of a sudden everything was steampunk. It's like trying to find a decent vampire or zombie story among the thousands of self-published volumes of rubbish. Aside from Gail Carriger's Soulless series, most of what I read was [...]

    27. Joyfully Jay on said:

      A Joyfully Jay review. 5 starsOh, this book was so much fun, I just adored it. Cullinan has created such a fascinating world here, a revision of history that sees France as a superpower and the rest of Europe struggling under its control. The book starts with an Author’s Note that sets the scene for this alternate world, and it is incredibly helpful to read. Without it I think I would have been pretty lost, but after reading the set up I had no trouble following along and I found it all wonder [...]

    28. Pjm12 on said:

      I love all things Heidi. So I was going to love this mm version of the sweeping sage encompassing tropes from genres including steampunk, sci fi, dystopia and alternate history (not to mention other elements like kink, humour, and magic), no matter what. But it may just be a little too much for some readers.But not me.Cornelius and Johann are such noble creatures. Their dislike of all things war, and their heroic attempts to end this one, make them extraordinary. The little band of ruffians they [...]

    29. ~ Lei ~ Reading Is An Adventure ~ on said:

      ★★★★★ ~ 5 StarsMMRG 2016 Member's Choice AwardBest Sci-Fi/Futuristic/Post-Apocalyptic/Steampunk3. (tie) Clockwork Heart by Heidi CullinanI can take or leave steampunk, I would like to read more but I haven't been enamored with the books I have read with few exceptions. Well, that changed with Clockwork Heart. If you've read Nowhere Ranch or Special Delivery, you already know Heidi can write very sexy books. I even like her less smutty books and that's saying something. But this? The pe [...]

    30. Kinga on said:

      Woa. I love steampunk in every way, be it art, books, clothing.Cornelius was easy to love. He rescues Johann after all. I pictured poor Johann as an older soldier full of scars and then he turns out to be (view spoiler)[ an 18 year old very much virgin(hide spoiler)]. It starts out very good. The whole clockwork/human parts and how they are surgically sewn into human flesh. Not to mention the infamous 'heart' was marvelous. (Wish I could do it in real life*sigh*) We have adventure, balloon flyin [...]

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