Murder Most Malicious

Alyssa Maxwell

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Murder Most Malicious

Murder Most Malicious In post World War I England Lady Phoebe Renshaw and her lady s maid Eva Huntford step outside of their social roles and put their lives at risk to apprehend a vicious killer December As a diff

  • Title: Murder Most Malicious
  • Author: Alyssa Maxwell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In post World War I England, Lady Phoebe Renshaw and her lady s maid, Eva Huntford, step outside of their social roles and put their lives at risk to apprehend a vicious killer December 1918 As a difficult year draws to a close, there is much to celebrate for nineteen year old Phoebe Renshaw and her three siblings at their beloved family estate of Foxwood Hall The dreaIn post World War I England, Lady Phoebe Renshaw and her lady s maid, Eva Huntford, step outside of their social roles and put their lives at risk to apprehend a vicious killer December 1918 As a difficult year draws to a close, there is much to celebrate for nineteen year old Phoebe Renshaw and her three siblings at their beloved family estate of Foxwood Hall The dreadful war is finally over eldest daughter Julia s engagement to their houseguest, the Marquis of Allerton, appears imminent and all have gathered to enjoy peace on earth, good will toward men But the peace of Foxwood Hall is shattered on the morning of Boxing Day, when the Marquis goes missing Not entirely missing, however, as macabre evidence of foul play turns up in gift boxes given to lady s maid Eva Huntford and a handful of others Having overheard her sister and the Marquis in a heated exchange the night before, Lady Phoebe takes a personal interest in solving the mystery As the local constable suspects a footman at Foxwood Hall, Phoebe and Eva follow the clues to a different conclusion But both young women will need to think outside the box to wrap up this case before a cornered killer lashes out with ill will toward them

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      320 Alyssa Maxwell
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    One thought on “Murder Most Malicious

    1. Angie on said:

      3.5-4 starsThis is what I would call an "upstairs-downstairs" historical mystery novel, most likely the setting inspired by the ever popular Downton Abbey tv series. Time period is just after the end of WWI, (1918). I was delighted that it just after Christmas which is about when I started reading it:) Our main sleuths are Phoebe, granddaughter of Foxwood Hall and Eva, Lady's Maid to Phoebe and her 2 sisters. Their friendship seems forged from a desire to correctly solve the mystery as much as a [...]

    2. Trish on said:

      I had high hopes for Murder Most Malicious and was delighted to find that this historical mystery not only met, but exceeded, my expectations.This novel is a wonderful read for anyone who loves Downton Abbey or Upstairs, Downstairs. It has a great cast of characters both upstairs and down. The story takes place after the end of World War II. The period details are perfect, and sure to delight fans of historical fiction.Murder Most Malicious is also a cozy mystery. I loved the way that Lady Phoeb [...]

    3. March Shoggoth Madness The Haunted Reading Room on said:

      Review: MURDER MOST MALICIOUS by Alyssa Maxwell (A Lady and Lady's Maid Mystery Book 1)MURDER MOST MALICIOUS is an enterprising historical cozy mystery, set in rural England in December 1918, the first peacetime Christmas for Western Europe since the First World War. Life at Foxwood has somewhat settled, until Christmas night, when nineteen-year-old Lady Phoebe overhears, then interrupts, a nasty and uncivil argument between her sister, Lady Julia, and the generally expected fiance to be, Lord A [...]

    4. Christina on said:

      This book was provided free in exchange for an honest review.This historical mystery was ok. The mystery was decent but I figured out who did it taking the suspense out of the book for me, and I did not feel connected to the characters like I should have. That and I kept confusing Eva and Phoebe every other page. Waitwho is the Lady? Who is the servant? I did it during the denouement too. It was distracting. I needed more well developed characters. The story held my interest, but nothing made th [...]

    5. Linda Baker on said:

      I was delighted to receive a copy of Allyssa Maxwell's new mystery set in England in the immediate aftermath of WWI. I had greatly enjoyed her series set in Gilded Age Newport, RI Murder at the Breakers, Murder at Marble House, Murder at Beechwood). They seemed to me well-researched and were populated with fully formed and believable characters. I wish I could say the same for Murder Most Malicious.Set in the large country house of Lord Wroxley, the story takes place at Christmas in the immediat [...]

    6. Hilary on said:

      There were some interesting historical details, as well as some good reminders of the overlooked sacrifices and effects of WWI, but these were balanced by a few inaccuracies and anachronisms. (view spoiler)[It would be highly unlikely for a murder trial to be successful without a body and with so little evidence, for example, and I'm fairly certain a lady would have worn more underwear than was suggested. (hide spoiler)] In addition, the copious number of tropes took it from a potentially fresh [...]

    7. LORI CASWELL on said:

      Dollycas’s ThoughtsAlyssa Maxwell has brought us a new team of sleuths, Lady Phoebe Renshaw and her maid, Eva Huntford. Christmas at Foxwood Hall has brought several guests to the hall including the Marquis of Allerton and his family. He has asked Lady Phoebe’s sister, Julia to be his wife. Phoebe happens to hear the argument that ensues when he gets a very unexpected answer. The next morning the Marquis is missing and foul play is suspected. Phoebe enlists Eva’s help when she notices the [...]

    8. FangirlNation on said:

      It is Christmas 1918 in Murder Most Malicious by Alyssa Maxwell, and the Renshaws and their neighbors the Allertons have gathered together to celebrate the new peace. Julia Renshaw is all but engaged to Lord Henry Allerton, but on Christmas, her younger sister Phoebe overhears Julia breaking things off with him. In anger and a sense of ownership of Julia, Lord Allerton threatens the woman and grabs her tightly enough to cause massive bruises.Read the rest of this review and other fun, geeky arti [...]

    9. QNPoohBear on said:

      Lady Phoebe Renshaw feels frustrated that even though the war is over and their lives have changed forever, her grandparents go on as they did in the old days. They are desperate to marry off Phoebe's older sister Julia and have invited her latest suitor, Henry Leiton, the Marquis of Allerton; his younger brother Lord Theodore; their mother and great-aunt to Christmas along with Lord Owen, Phoebe's crush. Phoebe overhears Julia fighting with Henry and witness a difficult scene but Julia won't co [...]

    10. Aaron on said:

      World War I has come to a close and the world has been ravaged by the Spanish Flu. Whether lord or servant, everyone in England has been touched by the recent events. The hope is that a new world has begun and the festivities of Christmas 1918 seem like a perfect way to start. The residents of Foxwood Hall are about to find out that not everything has started to look up.Lady Phoebe Renshaw and her three siblings have much to celebrate with the holiday. While they lost their mother, father, and a [...]

    11. Mave on said:

      I really enjoyed this cozy mystery, hooked me from the first page. Excellent idea to choose as "detective" two young women from two different social classes, it was fun to see them interact and it was possible to see the lives of the aristocratic class and that of people who work "downstairs".Lady Phoebe belongs to the British aristocratic class and lives in Foxwood Hall with her two sisters, her brother and her grandparents. She lost her mother many years ago and her father was killed in the wa [...]

    12. Lorraine on said:

      This new mystery series by Alyssa Maxwell has possibilities. Book 1 Murder Most Malicious by Alyssa Maxwell appears to be befuddled - not clear as what characters are playing good characters and which ones are bad. Also I do not know if I am sold on the premise of 'a lady and a lady's maid' as a good team to solve mysteries. It just does not seem to sit well with me, but this is just book 1. Let's see what book 2 brings to this new series.

    13. Anna Loan-Wilsey on said:

      What a wonderful read. Reminiscent of both Downton Abbey and Agatha Christie, this story is rich in historical details, characters you would love (and hate) to have tea with and a plot that keeps you guessing. Highly recommended.

    14. Judy Lesley on said:

      This was a somewhat pleasant reading experience, but definitely not a challenge when it came to knowing who the murderer was going to turn out to be. With such a few suspects to choose from, it really didn't leave a lot of room for suspense.This is a novel which pairs an "upstairs" young woman (Phoebe, middle granddaughter of the Earl of Wroxly) and the "below stairs" ladies maid to all three granddaughters, (Evie). Except I just couldn't seem to find the chemistry that should have existed betwe [...]

    15. Rosemary Marcellino on said:

      I must admit that the first sentence in the book put me off, "Henry, don't you dare ignore me!" It sounded like such a cliche and I thought oh no, here comes a stinker. But the book was actually pleasant to read, I would classify it as a beach book, light reading but very little plot depth or character development. It is about as light as a book can get, but I did enjoy parts of it. I was disappointed about the lack of character development, so much more could have been described, i.e. the beaut [...]

    16. Dolores on said:

      What a great first book I the series! This mystery takes place in England just after the first world war over Christmas. Lord Allerton and Julia are overhead having an argument Christmas eve. The next day, he goes missing. Eva, Phoebe's maid, along with all the servants are given gifts from their masters, except some also had very disturbing items in them as well. This brings in police and an investigation into the missing and very dead Lord Allerton. When a fellow servant is arresred, Eva and P [...]

    17. nikkia neil on said:

      Thanks Kensington Books and netgalley for this ARC.The different personalities and characters boldly adhere to their time period and station in life toward the world and each other. Sometimes this is stifling and hard to read from a modern view, but I like the way Alyssa Maxwell writes. There are so many ways this series can be expanded and taken in different directions, and I can't wait to see what happens next.

    18. Homerun2 on said:

      3.75 starsI received an ARC of this novel through NetGalley. The opinions expressed are my own. This was an interesting historical mystery, featuring an unlikely upstairs-downstairs lady and maid sleuthing combo. Wonderful behind the scene glimpses of life after the Great War. Lots of great period detail and well-thought out and appealing characters.

    19. Sharon on said:

      This mystery takes place during the same time period as Downton Abbey.It is Boxing Day, right after the end of World War I but when the servants find pieces of Lord Allerton in with their presents, things are far from jolly. I was totally surprised by the ending - I suspected everyone but the actual murderer.

    20. Kelley on said:

      What a wonderful debut! Even though I knew who the murderer was from their introduction into the story, it didn't detract from the story. I loved reading about the whole Upstairs/Downstairs relationships and goings on below stairs. Lady Phoebe and her lady's maid, Eva make for a great detective pairing, and I hope to see more of them soon.

    21. Delaina on said:

      3.5 stars, since it picked up in the later part of the book. It's strongly reminiscent of Downton Abbey in setting, and the three sisters, too (gorgeous and bored, "plain" and intelligent, pretty and youngest). They also have a younger brother, and live with their titled grandparents in a country manor (father killed in the war that just ended, mother from influenza, maybe?). Like Downton, it's slow to build and just interesting enough to keep reading. This series will do for when I'm waiting on [...]

    22. Kristen on said:

      This was okay, but I didn't love it.The story was good, and the sense of place was very well done. The pacing was good to keep the reader's attention.Where this fell down for me was Phoebe as the sleuth. She was just not believeable to me as someone capable of getting information, and getting the murderer unmasked. She came across for me as incredibly naive and inexperienced. She felt like what she was - a well-born young British woman. That means she was not exposed to any of the ugly in life, [...]

    23. Daniella Bernett on said:

      An elegant mystery, where things are not always what they seem. Alyssa Maxwell deftly weaves a tale of a gruesome murder among the nobility. Her protagonists, Lady Phoebe Renshaw and her maid, Eva Huntford, are a perfect match in intellect, charm and sheer plucky determination to see that a ruthless killer is brought to justice. Through Phoebe and Eva's relationship, Maxwell skillfully shows how England emerged from the dark shadows of World War I and into a world where class distinctions were c [...]

    24. Kelly on said:

      The mystery was interesting, but the characters aren't overly well developed. And the old fashioned language doesn't flow very naturally feels like the author is trying to hard and the conversation is stilted. The last few chapters were pretty good, although I don't see myself continuing the series

    25. Panda Incognito on said:

      Since many historical cozy mysteries have been sorely disappointing, I appreciated this book's well-paced plot, internal consistency, and realism. The often heavy-handed prose and character development made this a three-star read for me, but I'm giving it an extra star for totally surprising me with the denouement.

    26. M Kemp on said:

      bad attempt at a Miss Hart and Miss Hunter Investigates mystery series

    27. Marge on said:

      I read this book in search of a good Christmas or winter mystery. This wasn't it. I forced myself to finish, in case it got better at the end. It didn't. So the search continues.

    28. Trude on said:

      I love this particular time period in general, so reading a mystery that's fully wrapped up in the after-effects of WWI was great.

    29. KyBunnies on said:

      This series has a Downton Abby feel. Really enjoyed the historical aspects to this series. Will read more in this series.

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