White Gold

Caitlin O'Connell

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White Gold

White Gold In this pulse pounding follow up to Ivory Ghosts hailed by Jodi Picoult as a win for any animal lover or reader with a conservationist s heart wildlife biologist Catherine Sohon ventures into the dark

  • Title: White Gold
  • Author: Caitlin O'Connell
  • ISBN: 9781101883488
  • Page: 402
  • Format: ebook
  • In this pulse pounding follow up to Ivory Ghosts hailed by Jodi Picoult as a win for any animal lover or reader with a conservationist s heart wildlife biologist Catherine Sohon ventures into the darkest corners of China to hunt the world s deadliest poachers.Catherine Sohon has gone undercover in the Chinese underworld, where the illegal ivory trade is at an all time hiIn this pulse pounding follow up to Ivory Ghosts hailed by Jodi Picoult as a win for any animal lover or reader with a conservationist s heart wildlife biologist Catherine Sohon ventures into the darkest corners of China to hunt the world s deadliest poachers.Catherine Sohon has gone undercover in the Chinese underworld, where the illegal ivory trade is at an all time high Posing as a foreign buyer in the backroom of the Beijing Antique Market, she s closing in on the smuggler who has eluded her since Namibia Then ruthless gunmen burst in, leaving death in their wake and turning Catherine into a suspect in a triad turf war.After a close call with a king cobra on a boat full of endangered wildlife, new clues propel her across the country, from open markets to an ivory carving factory in Guangzhou to the forests of southern Yunnan, home to the precious few remaining Chinese Asian elephants Her quest pits her against the same vicious trafficking kingpin only now it s clear that even high level officials are looking the other way as the world s endangered species flood into China from all across Asia and Africa And when an old lover pays a surprise visit, Catherine is forced to confront the agonizing choices that still haunt her.As Catherine races to execute a daring sting operation along the mountainous border of Myanmar, a shocking betrayal sends her into a tailspin Now her life depends on the bond forged with an elephant named Lu Lu Meanwhile, in the shadows awaits a powerful new adversary someone with far at stake than Catherine could possibly know.

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    • Best Read [Caitlin O'Connell] ☆ White Gold || [Horror Book] PDF ☆
      402 Caitlin O'Connell
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    One thought on “White Gold

    1. The Pfaeffle Journal (Diane) on said:

      White Gold is the second book in the Catherine Sohon Elephant Mysteries. Catherine has recently moved from Namibia to China in hopes of capturing, Nigel Lofty,  a big time endangered animal smuggler (worst type of person in the world). With the help of her college roommate, Ling Ru who after college returned to China and became a customs agent. Catherine and Ling Ru find themselves in some pretty tight spots which they manage to find a way out off. The book brings to light how brutal the illega [...]

    2. Liz on said:

      2.5 stars I thought the premise of this book sounded fascinating concerning the illegal ivory trade market between Africa and China. But the actual book didn't quite wow me. The writing seemed rushed. In other words, yes there was action but it never felt fully detailed. I felt I was being pushed along. Does that make sense? The plot is not always believable. If you are willing to suspend belief, you might like this. At times, it had a bit of an Indiana Jones feel to it. Several scenes are excee [...]

    3. Elaine on said:

      I found the first book in this series an enthralling read and jumped at the opportunity to read this, the sequel. Rarely does any author have such in depth knowledge of the subject matter, bringing her descriptions of people, places, animals and events vividly to life in the imagination of the reader. The first novel focused on event in the beautiful floodplains of Namibia but this one is based on Catherine moving to investigate the Chinese underworld where she’s endeavouring to capture the sm [...]

    4. Joyce on said:

      A woman investigates ivory poaching in China, where it comes from and how it is being smuggled into China. She is working in assisting the preservation of wild elephants. Parts of the novel were, to me, pure chick lit, parts pure fantasy and the parts that dealt with the elephants were pure enjoyment and knowledge. They alone made the book worth reading. Thanks to Net Galley and Alibi for an ARC for an honest review

    5. Samantha Luce on said:

      Very fast paced and exciting. Takes place in and around China. If you're an animal lover you'll enjoy this thriller. Very good mystery. Kept me guessing the whole time. Wildlife biologist Catherine Sohon is a strong female to root for. This is book 2 in a series and I hadn't read the first, but it didn't seem to detract from the story line at all.NetGalley ARC received for an unbiased review.

    6. JFSully on said:

      Ms. O’Connell’s latest addition to the Catherine Sohon elephant mystery series, WHITE GOLD, takes the reader deep behind the scenes within China and the dangerous ivory trade world and does not disappoint. The fast-paced, exciting novel moves quickly, with great attention to detail about the shady, complex characters that continue to challenge Detective Sohon alongside the small handful of people she must trust with her life. Not to be lost, however, is the author’s description of the brut [...]

    7. Patricia Moren on said:

      An enthralling and absorbing about trafficking and preservation of the worlds wild life but predominantly elephants. A couple of love stories intertwined made the story one of non stop action. Loved every minute of the story.

    8. Jay Williams on said:

      This book is interesting and informative. At first it seemed a little dry, but I learned how much I wasn't seeing as the story progressed. Based on the author's description, everyone is damaged goods, even the animals. What this means is the people are real and easy to relate to. Lots of excitement and continuing danger. This story continues from the first book with Catherine Sohon, but is entirely readable standing by itself. Several characters suggest the folly of trusting anyone, and for the [...]

    9. Deb on said:

      The second book in the Catherine Sohon series, wildlife biologist and fighter of poaching, Catherine hs left Nambia for China, still after the villain of the last book, Nigel Lofty and quickly becomes embroiled in a large trafficking investigation. She re-encounters her old college roommate, Ling Ru, now an agent with the Customs Department. It quickly becomes apparent that there is some high-level corruption in the case and Catherine isn't sure who she can trust. This one picks up the action an [...]

    10. Philip Bailey on said:

      Since early school days I have been fascinated the wild life from prehistoric times. The Saber-toothed tiger, the wooly mammoths and other creatures of the earth. Having just finished this book I ponder if sometime in the future some teacher will be showing youngster pictures of extinct animals such as elephants, tigers, rhinoceroses and other creatures mankind has hunted to extinction for their body parts. Is there any scientific data to show that a rhino’s horn is better than Viagra? Likely [...]

    11. Melanie on said:

      This second installment of the Catherine Sohon series did not disappoint. In stark contrast to the desolate beauty of the floodplains of the Caprivi described in “Ivory Ghosts”, Ms. O’Connell now drops us in the middle of Beijing, one of the world’s most populous cities, and expands her story to delve into the business side of the ivory trade. Catherine’s wonderfully human character again struggles with self-doubt and uncertainty of who to trust, but her determination holds fast throug [...]

    12. Thelma Alane on said:

      Great Read. Story is a sequel to Ivory Ghosts, but can be read separately. I am usually very good at solving mysteries and this one kept me guessing until the very last! Loved that! Story fast-paced and engaging, but also delivers some good information (as did Ivory Ghosts) on the Ivory trade. If you want to learn more about that and do it in a very entertaining way, Ms. O'Connell's two books are a must read!I am looking forward to the next one!

    13. Ana on said:

      Thank you to NetGalley for my copy of this novel.I have not had the pleasure of reading the first book in this series, but I shall soon.This book is stand alone, you don't have to read the first one to understand what is going on.I have always been an animal lover, and it was great to see a great mystery and thriller touch on such a good message without shoving it down your throat. It was an exciting story and I am excited to see much more from this series!

    14. Breakaway Reviewers on said:

      The greed and ignorance of humans never ceases to shock. Catherine Sohon is in Beijing, China trying to trace and capture Nigel Lofty; a notoriously unscrupulous ring leader of elephant poachers. He escaped from her in Namibia and she is determined to bring him to justice when he sells the ivory to his triad connections. Her quest to get justice will put her in great danger and also make her question many of the people surrounding her who she is supposed to trust, including her boss, Craig. Cait [...]

    15. Jenna on said:

      Setting: Various locations in ChinaCharacters:Catherine, a wildlife biologist working to protect elephantsCraig, Catherine's bossLing-Ru, Catherine's college roommate and friendPlot: Catherine works in a dangerous field, but she's driven by her desire to protect wildlife, elephants specifically. In White Gold, she is tracking illegal ivory poachers. After being attacked while posing as a foreign buyer, Catherine embarks on a series of missions that, on their face, seem poorly timed or inconseque [...]

    16. Carol Keen on said:

      A rather different read. I love elephants, so I picked up this book. It stands alone okay. It does bounce all over China, which I think the author might have been there from the writing. This book deals with the ivory trade, something that doesn't make as much sense in today's world as it did in the 30's or 40's when ivory *might* have been needed for something. The book can be a tiny bit dry in places, but in other ways it's like MacGyve​r. The main charactor see things and knows she will nee [...]

    17. Nancy on said:

      Confronting the Illegal Ivory TradePoaching elephants for their ivory is illegal in Asian countries, but with the upsurge in wealth in China the trade is flourishing. Catherine Sohon, in this second book in the series, is in China to try to capture Nigel Lofty, a major figure in the trade. Her first encounter with Nigel leaves her in the hospital, but when she teams up with her college roommate, Ling Ru, the pair uncover a smuggling ring dealing in not only Ivory, but exotic animals. The best pa [...]

    18. Jennifer on said:

      You can tell this author loves animals because the book really connects when she is writing about them. In particular, I enjoyed a scene midway through about an encounter with a tiger (great descriptions and action) as well as all of the scenes involving elephants, which taught me a lot about the ivory trade.Unfortunately, this wasn't really a book about animals, it was about humans, and I just couldn't connect with them at all. For me, a lot of the dialogue felt inorganic--like one person was e [...]

    19. Patricia on said:

      I received this free from NetGalley and the publisher.I found this an engrossing, educational and horrifying read. Horrifying because I have no doubt that the things described have and are occurring. Aside from the conservation parts of the book, there is suspense, action and romance. All in all a great read.

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