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Blue Saffire

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Legally Bound

Legally Bound Legally Bound Bobby Mariettie is a successful lawyer with the world at his fingertips but he wants one thing and one thing only Her Paige Kemble the attractive brilliant lawyer in his father s fi

  • Title: Legally Bound
  • Author: Blue Saffire
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Legally Bound 1 Bobby Mariettie is a successful lawyer with the world at his fingertips, but he wants one thing and one thing only Her, Paige Kemble, the attractive brilliant lawyer in his father s firm Paige is the one thing Bobby never thought he would have so when opportunity knocks Bobby Pounces Paige has followed the rules and her plan for success and a happy lifeLegally Bound 1 Bobby Mariettie is a successful lawyer with the world at his fingertips, but he wants one thing and one thing only Her, Paige Kemble, the attractive brilliant lawyer in his father s firm Paige is the one thing Bobby never thought he would have so when opportunity knocks Bobby Pounces Paige has followed the rules and her plan for success and a happy life to a tee, but when her plan starts to look like it is failing she wants to step off course just once She has no idea that this is going to land her in the arms of the one man she never even considered She also didn t know that those arms would fit her perfectly Too bad he totally screwed her.Now Paige wants nothing to do with him and Bobby wants nothing but her Will Bobby get what he wants This book has strong language and sexual content This Book is for Mature Reader 18 This is book one in the Legally Bound Series Book Two is now available and book Three is coming soon To keep up with release dates sign up to the mailing list at bluesaffire

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    One thought on “Legally Bound

    1. Mspraise50 on said:

      I read this book on Kindle Unlimited. I finally got around to reading book 1 in this series. It was an engaging and totally frustrating read at times for me. I loved the couple you could feel the chemistry between them. I love Bobby I felt he did everything in his power to show Paige he loved her. He made one mistake because he did not want to lose her and you would have thought he had committed the unpardonable sin the way Paige reacted.Now don't get me wrong I am all for strong black independe [...]

    2. Elle1986 on said:

      Hot damn okay this book has been sitting on my tablet like forever, I have skipped it several times however last night I said hmmm let me go back and see what I can find and I randomly picked this book glad that I did. So the ending first of all my mouth is hanging opened because I have no damn clue what the hell to think or what the hell could actually be going on good thing that all the books are out already so I don't have to wait but the ending threw the hell out of me. Now I loved the book [...]

    3. Lin ( Nerdy Bookworm) on said:

      I'm extremely surprised at all the good reviews this book got. I managed to finish this book, but it was really out of curiosity as to how bad it could get. I had several thoughts that maybe, just maybe I was reading the wrong book. This book was a mess. There are so many things that was going on in this book which took away from the main storyline. This is the story of Paige and Bobby and truly a large puzzle and needs clarification. Paige was an educated black women who before she reaches th [...]

    4. Sonia on said:

      No. No. No.If I read this book before reading "Ballers" by this author, I would not have read "Ballers" and that would have been a tragedy because I totally enjoyed " Ballers' This book is so bad, I wanted to stop reading it about 35 percent in and I slough on through because I had to finish since I started. This book is about a wanna be alpha and a total obnoxious and moronic h. The moronic h spends her time blaming everyone for her problems in her love life, totally failing to understand that [...]

    5. Tiffany on said:

      I had ups and downs about this book. If Paige was such a good people reader, how did she not know that the sisters "friend" was attempting to play game with Bobby? I don't know. Some parts I enjoyed an others I did not. Paige and Bobby got on my nerves. Bobby was definitely needy and if Paige continued to blame him for her past relationships, why even stay?! The cliffhanger tho?!

    6. Vondetta Carter on said:

      First time I have read this author. This book was a definite page turner. Bobby is a sexy Alpha male - hot blooded Italian Lawyer - aka Mr. Fabulous. He was thought to be a confirmed batchelor. However, he had his sight on a fellow lawyer, his father called "Princess". Paige is a hot shot AA lawyer, who is sharp and a cutthroat. Paige has not had the best of luck in her realtionships and just found out her lover of 18 months has gotten engaged. What she is talked into doing was over the top. Her [...]

    7. Bennita on said:

      After I got past the info dump in the first few chapters, I was all in! The way the H/h had their first sexual encounter was something I haven't encountered before, which was a plus. The tension was great. The relationship was exciting and not rushed. The heroine's issue with trust drove me insane, but it was justifiable. I would have liked Bobby to have some kind of flaw. I adored him, but I like my heroes a little screwed up. This book kept me turning pages and I burned through it in one day. [...]

    8. M.J. Friday on said:

      It was okNo bad, good plot & interesting characters,Paige and Bobby were really cute,and super hot. My only complaint is this book was way too long,that is usually not and issue when a book is really good now, I'm not saying this wasn't a good book,I'm just saying there were a lot of unnecessary fillers that the story could have been great without. I get the set up for upcoming books and character introduction,but sometimes the book got long winded and was hard to finish,not my favorite but [...]

    9. Miranda on said:

      OMG!!!!!!I absolutely LOVED Bobby, I liked Paige, but I think sometimes women take it to far being independent. There were a couple of times, I wanted to reach out and smack her! I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!!!

    10. Nene on said:

      GreatThis was a great read,loved the storyline and the relationship between Bobby and Paige. Can't wait to see what happens next.

    11. Lissa Smith Reads'~Bookaholics Bookshelf Reviews on said:

      Beautiful beginning5 Star Kindle Unlimited ReadThis is my first read from author Blue Saffire and I absolutely loved it. Check what was not to love? The lead and side characters not only wore their brown skin with beauty they did it intelligence. Moreover, th e leads were an interracial couple and first came together under a mind blowing sex induced haze that Bobby masterminded just to f*ck his princess off his mind only to thrust her powerfully in his heart. Bobby will stop at nothing to make P [...]

    12. Jacque Golden-raines on said:

      This was not what I expected but I enjoyed it any way. I read this series completely out of order before I decided to start from the beginning. I was in love with the Ballers series, The Hush series, The Lost Souls series and my new fav the The Brothers Black series. All those series start AFTER the Legally Bound series so after reading them I decided to go back, back, back to the beginning. Bobby and Paige were exciting to read and I loved their chemistry. My fav book by Blue Saffire is Book 1 [...]

    13. Shari on said:

      He's been into her for a long time, but they work together. There are some hot sex scenes in a BDSM club and outside of it. This story ends in what I thought was going to be a HEA, but actually became a cliffhanger. This kind of ticked me off. This was just an okay for me. I didn't connect to the heroine in this story. She rather annoyed me with her flip-flopping.The couple finally got it together in the end, only to get their lives ripped apart. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

    14. Debra Spears on said:

      Don't judge a book by its cover! I really like the author and had borrowed the book multiple times but just wouldn't read it! Finally finally I did! So sorry I waited so long!! It started off a little crazy but so much fun. It was a great little story. I liked all the characters and really appreciate the history of their lives together. I'm excited to read the books in the series.

    15. Sammie Shorter on said:

      Loved, loved itI was really not liking Paige for about 85% of the book. I understand her past hurts, but I felt she was narrow minded and judgmental. Bobby loved her anyway. Both their families seem to be a joy. That cliffhanger was a heartbreaker for sure. I think I'm going to love this series.

    16. Renee on said:

      This is a good book, written well, no typos or. editing errors that I saw and GREAT characters The kind of characters that I know have depth that will mske this series a must-readParticularly the way the book paints The Mariette family I can't wait for more The beginning of the book was a little bit predictable but don't let that discourage you the next parts are awesome

    17. Breonna on said:

      **bit of a spoiler**So I read this book on a recommendation from a family member and honestly I wasn’t thrilled. The book is average length book but the plot seemed really rushed and the ended literally came out of left field. It was a cute wedding but then a year later her kids are kidnapped, like where did that even come from???

    18. Benita Cleaves on said:

      HmmBobby and Paige are a great couple, though there were moments Paige was irritating. Loved the family, the development of each character and story line. This ends with a cliff hanger so moving to book 2.

    19. Lee Jones on said:

      Legally BoundBobby is a smitten lawyer that wants a colleague. Paige is a lawyer that follows the rule and always is accountable and loves her boring life even if she is lonely. Bobby devises a plan and it backfires. Will Paige forgive Bobby or will she remain

    20. Amona on said:

      Gotta love me some I good love story - has passion, mystery, good yummy s@*, and heartwarming love.

    21. Carolyn King on said:

      Love ItI love reading everything you write Blue. When I am reading your books I feel like I am right there with everything going on. Love Bobby and Paige together.

    22. Shantia Shaver on said:

      Paige and BobbyPaige was so irritating at times not trusting Bobby or herself. The family rallied around to make sure that she and Bobby worked it out. I love this family.

    23. Judy on said:

      Paige wasn't a bad looking woman and she did turn heads of men when she walked by them. With that being said, why did she have such a hard time finding a descent man? She was 32 and her biological baby clock is ticking away fast! She wants a husband and a baby. But, with the creeps she's been dating it looks as though she'll be having that baby without a husband. She's a power attorney for pete's sake and a good one at that! She should not be having this problem!Bobby works with Paige and has th [...]

    24. Keisha on said:

      Thank you NetGalley for an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review.I liked the characters. They were believable. They had their problems, but they were family and had each other's back. Paige and Bobby worked well together, from their indecision to their stubbornness. I liked that she wasn't stupid and she was willing to do what she felt she needed, despite how easy it could've been to make other choices. Their friends were nice compliments and I felt welcomed into their circle. Camille was a [...]

    25. Avid Reader on said:

      At the time of this review there were three books in the series and each focused on a member of the Mairettie or Briggs families. The Mairettie's are wealthy and use the Briggs family's security company to them. It seems that each Briggs family member is personally assigned to be the best friend and security detail to a Mairettie of about the same age. This has been the way for several generations.Each book is about a sexy, wealthy, alpha Mairettie or Briggs finding, romancing, conquering, and p [...]

    26. A on said:

      Annoyed by Paige but decent read If you read a book in less than 24 hours, you can't give it less than 4 stars regardless to how you may truly feel about it. The story was enough to keep me up till 3 in the morning and get me up early enough the next morning finish it. So it earned the 4 stars!The story between Paige and Bobby was ok. Paige seriously annoyed the "shit" out of me for lack of a better word. I can understand being driven but come on.e had a list. Paige's character was well develope [...]

    27. Rena on said:

      I read all three books back to back and they did not disappoint. I love how all the characters intertwined with each other, and how some holes were filled within each book. I love Bobby and Paige, and I could feel their love for each other. I love how each book made me feel like I was watching a scene as it well along. I could feel Bobby's hurt when he said "I can't let go. How do I lose her and live." Talking about emotional. These two were made for each other. Blue Saffire had done it again wi [...]

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