The Dawn of Darkness

A.L. Boyd

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The Dawn of Darkness

The Dawn of Darkness Dear Author The man in this picture is extremely shy he might have some social anxiety disorder You decide but also extremely intelligent His only real contact with other people is with his small fami

  • Title: The Dawn of Darkness
  • Author: A.L. Boyd
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 499
  • Format: ebook
  • Dear Author,The man in this picture is extremely shy he might have some social anxiety disorder You decide but also extremely intelligent His only real contact with other people is with his small family, and he uses his horse to fill in for the emotional contact that he misses As a direct result, he is an extremely good dressage rider though most people at his barnDear Author,The man in this picture is extremely shy he might have some social anxiety disorder You decide but also extremely intelligent His only real contact with other people is with his small family, and he uses his horse to fill in for the emotional contact that he misses As a direct result, he is an extremely good dressage rider though most people at his barn think that his horse is wasted on him and he doesn t ride at all One day, someone the love interest else sees him riding and realizes that 1 He really is a good rider and 2 He should be competing Conflict and romance ensue.Photo Description A tall, thin man dressed in a navy blue and white hoodie, rides a black stallion in an outdoor arena lined with short hedges The horse, accented with white polo wraps and black and white bridle, trots along the arena rail.This story was written as a part of the M M Romance Group s Love is an Open Road event Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story This story may contain sexually explicit content and is intended for adult readers It may contain content that is disagreeable or distressing to some readers The M M Romance Group strongly recommends that each reader review the General Information section before each story for story tags as well as for content warnings.

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      499 A.L. Boyd
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    One thought on “The Dawn of Darkness

    1. ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ on said:

      ~2.5~This story is a bit info-dumpy, and there's not enough showing, but there are HORSES and FOREVER and two men with stars in their eyes. Wes was a bit of a douche. I understand his attitude, I do, but he needed to give Chris a break. All Chris did was TRY, and Wes became so much more with Chris around. Yes, this was Insta Love galore, but I'm sappy like that. I LIKED the sweetness.I was bummed, however, that this was so low on steam. The one brief scene at the end felt perfunctory somehow. An [...]

    2. Catherine on said:

      The highlight of this story for me wasn't the characters or their growing relationship, but the author's love of horses and everything associated with them. Because I know next to nothing about thoroughbreds or dressage or the rules and regulations of the F.E.I the author's passion for the subject gave the story an incredibly strong sense of place and helped to immerse me in Wes and Chris' world.Unfortunately, the overall story was a total fromagefest filled with instalove and a handful of truly [...]

    3. Jennifer☠Pher☠ on said:

      Very sweet story of hope and acceptance.Thanks to all the Group members who provided awesome prompts with lovely pictures, the authors for writing free stories based on those prompts for all of us to read for free and the M/M Romance Group for all their hard work in putting this years Don’t Read in the Closet event, Love is an Open Road, together.

    4. Trisha Harrington on said:

      3.5 stars!This was a nice story. I liked Wesley and Chris. Especially Chris. His determination to get Wesley made me smile. I also liked seeing Wesley struggle with his eye disease. It seemed realistic and made me feel for him. It really did. I couldn't imagine how hard it must have been for him. Knowing he would be blind by the age of 40.This didn't wow me. But it was a nice, quick read. And I would definitely revisit the characters again.

    5. Ami on said:

      The first story I read from the annual Don't Read In The Closet Event this year and it was a lovely one. I thought the combination of a couple of appealing plot-lines -- the art of horseback riding and the idea that one of the characters losing his eyesight. I don't see this a lot in stories I have read so far. The romance is quite slow-burned; Wes wasn't ready to open himself for relationship due to the retinitis pigmentosa he suffers from. It could've been a good set-up for a lengthier story, [...]

    6. Kristan on said:

      3.5 stars Weston might not be good with people, but when it comes to horses, he's an accomplished dressage rider. No one knows this however, because he's so standoffish and withdrawn with everyone at his mother's horse farm. At 21, Wes was diagnosed with a rare degenerative eye disease that is causing him to lose his sight. By 40, he'll be blind. He's so wrapped up in these details that he can't see how much living he has left to do, and how many years of sight he has ahead of him. And Chris, we [...]

    7. Claire on said:

      A lovely story to start the LOR season. Thank you to the author and the MM team.

    8. Serena Yates on said:

      People withdraw from society and their fellow human beings for a range of different reasons. Weston, the first-person narrator of this story, is motivated by fear. But although he has never gotten on with people, it isn't just the fear of what others will think of him because he is clumsy, it's his knowledge that he is going blind.Wes has a degenerative eye disease, and it will take twenty years for him to lose all sight, but the effects have already started and he is understandably panicked. Th [...]

    9. Meags on said:

      2.5 StarsA while back, I made some lofty declarations pertaining to this years DRitC event and how I was going to “attempt to read them all!” It’s quite a laughable statement, considering the sheer number of stories submitted, but I’m choosing to focus on the word ‘attempt’—and by god, I’m going to attempt to read the hell out of these stories.A.L. Boyd’s The Dawn of Darkness is my first read from the current collection, and I must say, so far so good. This story was sweet; may [...]

    10. K on said:

      approaching 3.5 starsNice contemporary story about a young man, isolated through choice, who is starting to go blind. His life centres on Darkness, his dressage horse, which he rides extremely well but never on front of others for fear of being laughed at. His mother hires Chris to help at the stable and Chris won't leave Wes alone. Persuing him and at the same time pushing him to try new things. There is a slow growing attraction between the pair with the story finishing with their first intima [...]

    11. Meep on said:

      Thanks to the author for participating and offering this freebie.Not one for me. I got to about 65%.The authors love and knowledge of horses came across strongly but unfortunately the characters less so.I found it all a bit much and info dumpy; Weston's father died in a car-crash, his grand-father died in Vietnam, Christopher's grandmother was born blind. Weston's horse was Darkness, Christopher's horse was Dawn as in sunrise.Weston's (never Wes) mother (never mom) was strangely formal, I get th [...]

    12. Lorraine Lesar on said:

      I wished it was longer, there is so much to knowthere's so much more I need to know! Could be a clever plot by the author? If so, it worked! - I'll buy the full length novel tomorrow!

    13. Lori on said:

      3.75A wonderful story with beautiful characters - I just wish it was longer so the storyline had time to develop more slowly.Thank you for your contribution to this event.

    14. Dawn Sister on said:

      I loved this story of a shy, retiring young man and a not so shy confident man that draws him out of himself and helps him see he isn't at the and of his life because of a disability but just at the beginning.It's a "When life deals you lemons; make lemonade" kind of story with Weston, the shy young man who has been dealt a bucket full of lemons and Christopher, the man who helps him make lemonade.Does that make sense?The interactions between Wes and his horse are also very sweet. I especially l [...]

    15. Kevin on said:

      I enjoyed this story of young love. I have read several similar disabled person stories in the past, and I am disabled myself, so I can relate.This is set in the world of horse-riding but the jargon is kept to a minimum. I appreciated that.The disabled man has an extremely supportive mother who pushes him for his own good.Of course as in all such stories, the love interest has the patience of a saint, never gets upset at rejection or rudeness, and after just meeting is already talking about a lo [...]

    16. Ale on said:

      The Dawn of Darkness is a very cute story about a man slowing losing his sight meeting a guy that will not take no or the cold shoulder for rejection. Weston has just been going about his life not really living since getting his prognosis. When the new hire Christopher starts at his family's horse farm and training facility, Weston's life starts getting interesting again. Chris brings excitement and hope to opportunities presented to Wes. Though the story ends just as the two men really start to [...]

    17. Alexis Woods on said:

      Beginning of story was fairly weak, but author turned it around. More telling than showing, except for Weston's anxiety which came cross loud and clear. Without the emotional content, it was hard to get into these two MCs. Chris' spirited nature was another bonus point, a good opposites attract storyline.

    18. Lumina on said:

      This was a cute little story but a lot of it was just told where it could have been shown. Wes' interest in Chris could not have been that obvious which made his wooing feel a little odd to me. But overall a good short story.

    19. Kinga on said:

      Sollege has barely started and I've got no time to read. And my roommates are nagging me constantly. I NEED my reading time. Alone. Anyway, lovely horses everywhere, but where is the relationship? It just happened. Period.

    20. Melanie~~ on said:

      [NOTE: I rate most writing event stories (free reads) 4 or 5 stars because of my appreciation of the author's participation and gift.]Beautiful. Would love to have more of Chris and Wes.

    21. Rissa (an M/M kinda Girl!!) on said:

      STORY INFO:Genre: contemporaryTags: equestrian, MC going blind, ginger/red head, first time, self-discovery, family, competitionWord Count: 11,875

    22. Heather C on said:

      Cute story. A bit rushed and not as "deep" as I hoped it would be. But a nice story over all. 3.5 Stars

    23. Pamela Su on said:

      It's an understated love story but it appealed to me for some reason.

    24. Victoria on said:

      Sweet story. Thank you A.L. Boyd for donating your story, your time and your talent.

    25. Dale Hankins on said:

      A beautiful, but short read, would love to read an extended story of Wes and Chris.

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