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Slipperless Dominated Humiliated And desperate for After defying Gabe I experienced first hand just what it means to be in trouble with the boss I ve learned once and for all he s a man who always gets what h

  • Title: Slipperless
  • Author: Sloan Storm
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Dominated Humiliated And desperate for .After defying Gabe, I experienced first hand just what it means to be in trouble with the boss I ve learned, once and for all, he s a man who always gets what he wants in every way he wants it.But satisfying him comes at a price.As the time draws closer for me to do the presentation, I m finding I may not have the abilityDominated Humiliated And desperate for .After defying Gabe, I experienced first hand just what it means to be in trouble with the boss I ve learned, once and for all, he s a man who always gets what he wants in every way he wants it.But satisfying him comes at a price.As the time draws closer for me to do the presentation, I m finding I may not have the ability to pay the cost Debilitating physical ailments threaten to derail my progress and put an end to my chance to get ahead Determined to keep me on track and focused, Gabe takes me away for personal supervision and instruction in a tropical paradise But, what happens when we get there may mean losing him, and my careerForever.

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    One thought on “Slipperless

    1. Carol-Ann on said:

      Another Amazing Read in this series beautifully written and created love how the character's of Gabe and Fiona are developing has we get to know them more has we read the next chapter about there personal and professional life's, Love the fact that she isn't letting him having everything his own way like he is used too having! Love there chemistry and can't wait to read the next book in this series to see what's going to happen next, I received an Advance copy for my honest review!

    2. Alicia Kline on said:

      I received a copy of this book directly from the author in exchange for my honest review.This third installment is all about Fiona facing her fears, both on the professional and personal fronts. Fiona's already been working on her fear of public speaking a little bit, and she continues to do so here, all in preparation for her upcoming big presentation. Her grandmother's health is also something that gives her pause as she comes to the realization that the end may be drawing ever closer. And the [...]

    3. Emily Maynard on said:

      3.5, review on the wayFirst off, many thanks to Sloan Storm, who kindly provided a copy of this work in exchange for an honest review. Hey, evil cliffhanger! I had been warned that it was there, but it still took me by surprise!I am happy to report that we see both progress and growth from both Fiona and Gabe in this third installment of the series. First, we find Fiona driving herself into the ground with worry over her problems, both personal and professional. Upmost in her mind is her affair [...]

    4. Holly - Page To Page Reviews on said:

      I received a free copy for an honest reviewThis series just keeps on getting better but this book has to be the best so far! After a smoking hot cliffhanger at the end of book 2 I couldn’t wait to read what happened next…After a dressing down (quite literally) in Gabe’s office, Fiona knows she can neither stay away from Gabe nor ignore his demands any longer. Gabe says she needs to do this presentation and learn how to manage her team and if she doesn’t then she’s out of a job. With he [...]

    5. Babel on said:

      I can't say no to this story as much as Fiona can to Gabe. It's just addictive with the multimillion company and its overbearing projects, the larger-than-life CEO, and the heartbreaking situation in Fiona's life.I really pity this poor woman. She's hard-working, sweet, driven, but she's manipulated by her circumstances and the cocky, cold, all-professional attitude of her boss. She's all emotions and fears while he's so demanding, work-obsessed to the point of inhumanity.In this installment, he [...]

    6. Brianna at Renee Entress's Blog on said:

      5 Stars!Well well! Ladies take a seat because a new-ish, or maybe not, author is in town and taking the throne for erotic serial romances. I dig these type of books as they build so much fire and suspense that captivates you as the series progresses. And this series. HOT HOT HOT! I love it so far. It is sexy, sweet, sinfully delicious, naughty, tempting, intense, and edgy. When I started this series, it grabbed me and reeled me in. And as each book passes, the steam and suspense build making me [...]

    7. Indie Editor Nancy on said:

      Gabe and Fiona's story continues with Fiona hiding her past and her true feelings for Gabe and Gabe trying desperately to understand Fiona and begging her to talk to him. I felt bad for Gabe while reading this third book; Fiona doesn't seem to be moving forward except with her Toastmaster's group and public speaking. I just want Fiona to say, Gabe I love you and I need you in my life! Maybe in the next book?"Gabe flipped his head back and as he did, his hair flashed a wave of spray in every dire [...]

    8. Dolores on said:

      I was given this AMAZING Book for Free to Give MY True and Honest ReviewOMG Sloan Storm HAS DONE IT AGAIN.We catch Fiona and Gabe where we left them off, what we're seeing here if Fiona is having doubts about casting on with the arrangement her and Gabe arranged for her Career and payment for his sexual desires. Since she had the melt down in the restaurant they haven't been the same and she is NOW becoming VERY ANXIOUS about not just the presentation but what to do about Gabe as she keeps sayin [...]

    9. Angie7 on said:

      I was give this free read in exchange for my honest review, Slipperless #3, by Sloan Storm. with that said.OH SHIT! WHAT A CLIFF HANGER! WHAT THE F#@*! That was my response to the last paragraph! OMG! what drama has in sued in the 3rd installment of this story as it has been developed! I can't begin to explain how Sloan Storm has gripped me to this story; her descriptions of emotions and environments just captivated me.Let anyone his story line. That damn shower scene was so intensely HOT! the e [...]

    10. Miranda Beazley on said:

      I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.Fiona is struggling in her role as team leader and with the way her relationship with Gabe is going. Things are tense between them and she wants to end it but she afraid she'll loose her job, which is a huge problem with her debts from her gran others illness. Gabe is getting increasingly frustrated with Fiona, she isn't living up to his expectations and he knows she's got it in her to do so.It felt like things were [...]

    11. Naughty Mom Story Time on said:

      I'm starting to like Gabe more. I can tell he means well but his delivery methods could use some polishing. When he first set eyes on Fiona, he could see her potential and set it upon himself to help her achieve it. Gabe is quite rough around the edges and approaches everything in a business like manner but in book 3, we're seeing that this method doesn't work well with Fiona's personality. He's learning that he as to use a gentle hand and be more personable with her in order to alleviate some o [...]

    12. Liz ~ Liz's Reading Life on said:

      Oh my goodness!! What a ride this book is taking us on!!Fiona and Gabe's personal relationship is very unsteady at best and their professional relationship is rocky as well.Fiona is still hiding her financial situation and grandmother's condition from everyone while working nonstop on the protocol. This much work is effecting her health, but she is pushing it because she knows what this research means.Gabe believes that Fiona can get the job done, but is worried that she may not be able to handl [...]

    13. Lynkcheck on said:

      ***I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I am LOVING this series!!!! This series is so much more than I expected - for once the heroine is portrayed as a real life woman and not some picture perfect model with great hair and even better ass! Fiona is smart and funny and curvy! She doesn't see her true worth as a beautiful woman but her new boss Gabe seems more than willing to show her! The sexual tension and chemistry between Gabe and Fiona is off the charts HOT! [...]

    14. Kathleen R. on said:

      Fiona isn't a crowd giving presenter, and yet, Gabe sees something in her that just might seal the deal with the investors in their project. Noted that Fiona gets severe stage fright, she still wants to make Gabe proud of her by presenting her speech to her grandmother and with the Toastmasters. Little by little, Gabe finally sees the woman he met at the bar, not the new Fiona. As the days near the presentation, Gabe decides to help Fiona relax and smile again by taking her to St-Barth's a week [...]

    15. Melissa on said:

      Give Me MORE!!!This installment of this story has me freaking out! The last part, yes the cliffhanger most of all, but the author is really outdoing herself with this series! I love the way that the characters are evolving, and how HOT was this part?!! Now truths are coming out finally and I'm positive that there are more to come, I can feel it in my bookish bones. The author has us all at her mercy. (I can't believe how many people are saying "I can't believe she did that!", Seriously? Come ooo [...]

    16. Stephanie Powell on said:

      3.5 stars For me this has been my least favorite in the series. But on one hand were finding more about Fiona which I love. Honestly I love Fiona and believe she deserves so much better than Gabe to me he's really selfish. His character should not always be thinking business sorry a hole lol. As if you can't tell I don't like him very much. Fiona though has been through so much and I truly believe she is starting to heal. She is struggling so much with her Grandmother and work. But mostly Gabe e [...]

    17. Cilicia White on said:

      This the next installment of this awesome crazy series and Fiona is trying hard to overcome her insecurities about her job and her relationship with Gabe. At times I wanted to slap her and tell her to grow up and grow a backbone. She is so wish-washy that sometimes I wanted to tell Gabe just leave her alone and find you a grown woman not someone pretending to be. On the other hand I understand her because she is trying to keep it all together when she is so afraid. I hope their communications wi [...]

    18. Veronica LaRoche on said:

      I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review With Gabe believing in Fiona, he is trying all he can to let her see what he sees in her. With the pressure of her home life ( her grandmother being sick), the promotion and her feelings for Gabe, will it be too much for Fiona? I think Fiona needs to make her own decisions, I feel she wants to please everyone and make everyone happy and she needs to make herself happy and I believe Gabe wants to make her happy. They are amazin [...]

    19. Gail on said:

      ARC given for a honest reviewOMG SERIOUSLY WTF WOMAN!!! That ending!!! WHAT!!! OK Rant over I have LOVED this entire series so far this one did not disappoint I am glad that FINALLY Fiona told Gabe about the bracelet, about what happened to her family maybe just maybe this will help there relationship allow them to move forward Fiona did frustrate me more than once in this book just as Gabe did in the last Hoping that after the talk they will get the feelings out there Sloan you are a brilliant [...]

    20. Cheryl Sanders on said:

      Gabe is still being a grade A jerk to Fiona but she doesn't seem too interested in taking it anymore. He knows that there's more going on with her then she's telling him. He gives her an out, she takes it but then he tries to pull her back in when he realizes she may mean more to him than he's willing to admit.We get to see a softer side of Gabe, which really looks good on him. AndOMG! That was one hell of a cliffhanger! I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for the next book in this very interesti [...]

    21. Kendra Needs on said:

      I don't know how much more of Gabe's back and forth I can handle, one minute he wants Fiona and the next he's giving her the cold shoulder. I just wish he would make up his mind and decide what he wants, he is really making me dislike him and I was rooting for Fiona and Gabe to be a couple from the start of this series.Fiona needs to learn how to stand on her own two feet and tell Gabe what she feels for him, and Gabe needs to stop with this whiplash behaviour.This book ends in a cliff hanger th [...]

    22. Colleen on said:

      I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review.This book continues on with Fiona and Gabe's story. Fiona has started taking lessons in being able to talk in front of a group of people, so she can present the project to potential investors.Gabe goes to Fiona's place when he realizes she left work early after not feeling well. He gets a big shock when he sees what area she lives in.This book ends with a big cliffhanger and leaves you wondering what will happen with Gabe, will Fiona be ab [...]

    23. Judie on said:

      *An ARC was provided in exchange of an honest review* Completely loved this read but I'm totally kicking myself for not reading books 1 & 2 beforehand! Something I def suggest. Gabe and Fiona's story continues in this book and it was a little bit of an effort for me to catch up with what was happening, again Totally my bad for not reading bks 1&2. However, once I dove in I was able to get through the book because it totally sucked me in!!! The cliffhanger had me like what?! I must have m [...]

    24. Sarah on said:

      Gabe and Fiona's story continues, drawing you into their characters more. In Book 2 I thought that Gabe was an arse! In this book I still think Gabe is an arse, but this is overridden with the incredible frustration, I feel towards Fiona who is a doormat on every level - just tell him what you want! Well if you ever get the chance, with the cliff hanger book 3 leaves us with. Hopefully their story will continue with a happy ever after, but is Fiona going to have to pull her big girl panties up f [...]

    25. Jyoti Achameesing on said:

      Gabe is a fine specimen what a guy. No doubt Fiona keeps going insane with wanting him. Oh his moods swings doesn't improve things between them❤️. He is undoubtedly a sexy beast who knows what he wants in a woman, he ruthlessly pushes Fiona into becoming an independent and assertive person. Sloan books is becoming like old wine. The more you read the more you want ! Totally addicted to this series. Plz Sloan give us the next book fast . A huge cliffhanger I assume you want Fiona to take the [...]

    26. Mariana Lee on said:

      OMG!! How on earth can you do that to us? What a cliffhangerI can't believe it!!! This story is driving me insane! I go from loving Gabe to really hating him and back again! I'm loving how Fiona is becoming more assertive and her self esteem is slowly increasing and she's growing in confidence. I love how the dynamics of this so called relationship is changing for both of them. Every time I think the story can't get better, Sloan you prove me wrong!! I can't wait for the next instalment in this [...]

    27. Charmaine Walker on said:

      Received this free ARC Copy from the author for an honest review.Fiona is still trying to focus on the job without her Nan noticing but not very well. After a panic attack she goes home but Gabe follows. Nan wants to know who he is. Gabe can be annoying but caring when needed. After a bad time Gabe takes Fiona to the Caribbean for a few days sailing. She loses her bracelet overboard and he tries twice to retrieve it. well you know what they say3rd time lucky!!! Oh my This is getting serious now [...]

    28. Meledy Blumberg on said:

      Sloan Storm did it again with this book this series was an awesome book can not wait to see what happens in the next book. Fiona has come along way she has grown some balls but to me she needs to grow some harder ones. Lol We have seen her grow but also i think she has grown to love also. Gabe on the other hand not sure if he is growing to love her or he just sees another conquest but to me i think with all the things he has done for her i think he is getting there just does not know it yet. You [...]

    29. DawnMarieCarpintero on said:

      4 StarsI was given this book for my honest reviewAs their journey continues Fiona and Gabe have another obstacle in their path but it may not be an obstacle both are will too for-take upon or is it? The feelings that are becoming evident within Gabe are enlightening and sweet. His dominance within himself is beginning to take its toll on his inner self. Will he be able to reign them or let them show there true colors to Fiona? What happens in this installment will have you gasp.To the author: Ku [...]

    30. Judy Miracle on said:

      OMG what an ending to book 3 I need book 4 like now!! Gah that ending In this book you see the growth in Fiona but at the same time she is still holding something back. Gabe tries to get her to talk to him but to no avail she is still holding things close to her. She has grown in her public speaking but in every day things she needs to grow a pair and speak what is on her mind at all times. Her and Gabe get a little closer in this book and not in the sexual way either. I'm hoping to see her open [...]

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