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Kiki and Jacques

Kiki and Jacques Preteens prove that cultural differences can be overcome in this middle grade novel about a native Mainer and a Somali girl who form an unlikely and supportive friendship Twelve year old Jacques s mot

  • Title: Kiki and Jacques
  • Author: SusanRoss
  • ISBN: 9780823434275
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Preteens prove that cultural differences can be overcome in this middle grade novel about a native Mainer and a Somali girl who form an unlikely and supportive friendship.Twelve year old Jacques s mother has passed away, his father is jobless and drinking again and his grandmother s bridal store is on the verge of going out of business Plus he s under pressure from an oldPreteens prove that cultural differences can be overcome in this middle grade novel about a native Mainer and a Somali girl who form an unlikely and supportive friendship.Twelve year old Jacques s mother has passed away, his father is jobless and drinking again and his grandmother s bridal store is on the verge of going out of business Plus he s under pressure from an older boy to join in some illegal activities At least Jacques can look forward to the soccer season After all, he s a shoe in for captain.But the arrival of Somali refugees shakes up nearly everything in Jacques s Maine town, including the soccer team So Jacques is surprised to find himself becoming friends with Kiki, a cheerful and strong minded Somali immigrant Despite their many differences they are able to help one another triumph over problems with friends, family and growing up.

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    One thought on “Kiki and Jacques

    1. ShortReviews on said:

      “We have a new student today. Her name is Saynab, but she says that she likes to be called by her nickname, Kiki. Is that correct?” Mrs. Sinclair looked anxiously at the girl.“Yes,” the girl replied in a low soft voice, “sometimes I am calling myself Kiki.”5 stars.It's not everyday I read books about people of my own ethnicity (I'm Somali). It was nice to see small things the Somalis did, and it was easy for me to relate! Like eating Sambusa (Samosas). I love that shit.Although the b [...]

    2. Ryan Zee on said:

      Susan Ross's debut middle-grade novel Kiki and Jacques is wonderfully written, and offers keen insight into the struggles faced by children living in multi-cultural communities. It's a highly-readable coming-of-age tale with a hopeful message for young readers.

    3. Teresa Bateman on said:

      A small Maine town has many residents descended from French Canadians, including Jacques. Now they are facing an influx of Somalian refugees. Can two such diverse populations find common ground? That may not be Jacques' worst problem, however. A local bully is trying to pull him into illegal acts, his position as soccer champ is being challenged by a new Somali student, and his drunk father seems to have given up on the world. Jacques has a lot of challenges to face. Can he do the right thing de [...]

    4. Christine on said:

      I received an advanced review copy of this book. I love it when a book brings me to a world I didn't know before. KIKI AND JACQUES did just that. It's the world of twelve-year-old Jacques, who lives in a small town in Maine. His mom has died; he's getting drawn into trouble with an older boy, but he's hoping to become captain of the soccer team. What makes this story rise above that more familiar territory is the arrival of Somali immigrants in the town. Everything changes for Jacques when he me [...]

    5. Linda Pryde on said:

      I wish I had a book like this to use with my students during guided reading when I was teaching! Ms. Ross has succeeded in creating a most engaging story that any middle grade child would enjoy. It was easy to get caught up in the lives of the multi-dimensional characters. There are so many rich themes in the book- friendship, bullying, cultural differences, the immigrant experience. I would highly recommend this book to educators who want to engage their students in a meaningful discussion of i [...]

    6. Christine Koch on said:

      This story explores important realities of children's lives today: relationships with friends and adults, immigrants, new and generational,difficult choices, less than ideal parenting, and good people trying to live ethically in the world.I lived for some time in the city that is the setting for this book. Ms. Ross captured the place so well, especially the experience of being French Canadian, which I understand better than the Somali experience. I won't relate the story, as others have done so [...]

    7. Amy L. Dale on said:

      I loved this book! I am a teacher and often have students who are grappling with the challenges of immigration, either because they are immigrants themselves, or because multiculturalism is a steadily more prominent feature of their lives. Kiki and Jacques by Susan Ross is an engaging read that has a delightful tone at the same time as it touches on themes that are important for youngsters growing up in today’s society. We see the challenges of multiculturalism realistically portrayed, when So [...]

    8. Deborah Hall on said:

      Finding good literature that engages middle schoolers from the first page to the last, addressing universal and sophisticated themes while challenging students with more complex text is an important task for the middle school teacher. I was thrilled to read Susan Ross's book, Kiki and Jacques, which fully meets this criteria. Set in a small town in Maine during the Somali immigration in the early 2000's, her characters face issues relevant to adolescents world-wide including relationships with f [...]

    9. Maggie Mudd on said:

      This is a touching YA book that adults also will enjoy, since it deals with themes that are highly relevant today. It tells the story of two preteens who overcome the suspicions they have about each other and the prejudices they have absorbed from their families and from the elders in their community to nevertheless forge a friendship. Kiki is a Somali war refugee who is Moslem, and Jacques is a white American of French-Canadian heritage who is Catholic. Kiki and her close-knit and highly protec [...]

    10. Sharon Cooper on said:

      As a parent I'm always looking for books that can introduce children to new cultures and address topical issues; Kiki and Jacques manages this feat while still being a thoroughly entertaining read. I wish this book had been published when my children were younger! Jacques is a relatable, well rounded character, faced with an increasing set of issues in his life. This is not a book that shies away from covering the realities of life. This coming of age story covers bullying, alcoholism, unemploym [...]

    11. Paula on said:

      I just finished reading this lovely book by Susan Ross. I live and work in a Maine community that has a significant Somali population. This book nicely addresses some of the customs and issues that children face here. Kiki and Jacques is a good book to open discussion, among young people, about issues of muticulturalism, racism and the power of friendship. We are more similar than different; Ross' book addresses that in a gentle manner.

    12. Rebecca on said:

      This is a perfectly timed book that deals with families, multiculturalism and how to handle it all while being a young teen. Knowing the area that was written about made this book come alive even more. Talking about different cultures and learning acceptance at a younger and older age are needed topics. Some parts seemed a little rushed and the ending a bit predictable but for a first time author, Kiki and Jacques continues to be a springboard for so much more.

    13. Debbie Tanner on said:

      This book has a lot of cultural diversity-it's about a French Canadian boy living in Maine and the Somali refugees that come to live in their town. It has a nice piece about bullying as well as racism, alcoholism, and standing up for what's right. It's a nice story.

    14. Martha on said:

      Somali immigrants blending into a French-Canadian town in Maine. Lots of various family, school and friendship topics all together.

    15. Hoover Public Library Kids and Teens on said:

      Soccer serves as a bridge between a Maine boy and a refugee Somali girl.

    16. Ro on said:

      There are stories about the hardships young people suffer when they live in neighborhoods where crime and drugs are predominant. These stories are real and serve as a mirror to kids living in those circumstances. Kiki and Jacques is a story that brings a less harsh but, nonetheless, dangerous, situation of a neighborhood that is for the most part quiet, but hard economical times have fallen on all, making the business of selling drugs or aiding in a robbery seem more like a necessity than a comp [...]

    17. The Book Girl (Andrea) on said:

      "We have a new student today. Her name is Saynab, but she says that she likes to be called by her nickname, Kiki. Is that correct?” Mrs. Sinclair looked anxiously at the girl.“Yes,” the girl replied in a low soft voice, “sometimes I am calling myself Kiki.”Kiki and Jacques is so good. I enjoyed this book so much. It had great diversity and representation in a middle-grade story. The story starts in a small two in Maine that has mainly French Canadians in it, they are now facing an infl [...]

    18. Nadine on said:

      Sensitively told tale of a young boy facing personal difficulties and his relationships with Somali newcomers, including a young girl and her sports-talented brother.

    19. Darin Raguse on said:

      Rationale: This story is about the internal struggles and social pressures of a high school boy in a small Maine town in decline. It brings to light a multitude of cultural issues that impact so many of today’s young adults. The book explores aspects of socioeconomic status, religion, and the internationalism associated with the sport of soccer. The main character, Jacques, was reared as a French Canadian catholic boy who lost his mother as a toddler. He aspires to earn status as captain of th [...]

    20. Ms. Yingling on said:

      ARC from Baker and TaylorJacques is having some difficulties in middle school in a small town in Maine. His mother is dead, his father unemployed and unable to handle her loss, and his grandmother's business struggling. Not only that, but he is made co-captain of his school soccer team since a new player is better than he is. Having even more problems, however, are the Somalian students who are moving into the town in increasing numbers. Kiki's father was killed in Somalia, and she occasionally [...]

    21. Elise on said:

      "Kiki and Jacques" is a coming-of-age tale of two middle school students that live very different lives, but find that there are struggles that they each face. In a small town in Maine, these two tweens fight to know right from wrong, juggle family expectations, and bullying. Kiki moves to this small town in Maine after originally immigrating from Somalia. Jacques, and native Mainer, seems drawn to her different heritage but notices that the rest of his community doesn't seem as welcoming.I was [...]

    22. Terryann on said:

      Gr - 4-5Jacques has been bullied by an older boy for years, and lately the older boy has been telling Jacques to do illegal things. Jacques has been trying to avoid the older boy and has resisted him until now. New pressures come down on the 12-year-old: Jacques’s grandmother is having money troubles and may lose her bridal shop, and his father has been drinking more and was fired from his job. When Kiki and her family, refugees from Somalia, arrive in the small Maine town, Jacques starts to l [...]

    23. Barbara on said:

      Eleven-year-old Jacques Gagnon has a lot on his mind: He doesn't want to disappoint his father who expects him to be captain of the soccer team, he's worried about his family's financial situation, and he faces pressure from Duane, an older boy who wants his help with various criminal activities. The small Maine town where Jacques lives is down on its luck with the closure of a factory causing financial hardship. As several refugees from Somali move to the town, he befriends Kiki, a pretty, comp [...]

    24. George Smith on said:

      Susan Ross’s book is a “middle grade novel” but I thoroughly enjoyed it myself, and I am a very long way from middle school. Kiki and Jacques, a Holiday House Book, delivers a very important and timely message. The story features the arrival of Somali refugees to a Maine town dominated by Franco Americans. A young middle schooler, Jacques, who is involved in a difficult family situation, takes an interest in a Somali girl whose brother, a great soccer player, becomes a rival of Jacques on [...]

    25. Dawn Moews on said:

      What happens when foreigners move to your town and manage to upset everyone? Is it possible to be friends with people who are different?Kiki and Jacques attempts to answer those questions. Jacques has his own troubles to face, but he has been looking forward to being named captain of the soccer team--everyone knows he's the best player on the team. And then, they move in--Somali refugees bring their culture to threaten his way of life. Fortunately, Jacques' background and his grandmother have ma [...]

    26. Carole on said:

      The story of Kiki and Jacques contains more issues than could possibly be addressed well in such a short novel. While the story has little depth, it is surprisingly interesting and certainly speaks to Somali youth trying to integrate into American communities. I question a few words included in the story and wonder about their appropriateness. Words that particularly concern me are "baboon-faced boy" (Chapter 19) which is used once in the novel and refers to an otherwise unidentified character w [...]

    27. Melissa on said:

      ~Disclaimer: I received this book for free in a giveaway~*Not going to give you a summary since there is one provided*I actually quite liked this book and have added it to the bookshelves at my work so the kids can read it.It has some really positive messages for kids about growing up and generally being a decent human being. It had a fairly diverse cast of characters and felt very from the heart. The writing style is accessible and has decent pacing.As far as cons I think this book was trying t [...]

    28. Kellee on said:

      Full review with teaching tools: unleashingreaders/?p=9460Kiki and Jacques is a perfect introduction to refugees for middle grade students. What makes the story work so well is that Jacques is just like so many middle school boys, so reading about Kiki and Mohammad from his point of view makes the story easy to connect with. The reader also gets to learn about the refugees and their lives and situations along with Jacques which makes it so students with no prior knowledge can live Kiki and Jacqu [...]

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