The Counterfeiter-Catching Cat

Alannah Rogers

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The Counterfeiter-Catching Cat

The Counterfeiter Catching Cat The leaves have turned and autumn has finally come to the small town of Ashbrook New Hampshire Beatrice Young the sixty two year old owner of the Cozy Cat Caf is busy slinging coffee for tourists

  • Title: The Counterfeiter-Catching Cat
  • Author: Alannah Rogers
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The leaves have turned and autumn has finally come to the small town of Ashbrook, New Hampshire Beatrice Young, the sixty two year old owner of the Cozy Cat Caf , is busy slinging coffee for tourists Yet when her ever perceptive Maine Coon cat, Hamish, sniffs out a fake twenty dollar bill, the hunt is on to find its maker And then there s the fact that Jordan Clark hasThe leaves have turned and autumn has finally come to the small town of Ashbrook, New Hampshire Beatrice Young, the sixty two year old owner of the Cozy Cat Caf , is busy slinging coffee for tourists Yet when her ever perceptive Maine Coon cat, Hamish, sniffs out a fake twenty dollar bill, the hunt is on to find its maker And then there s the fact that Jordan Clark has disappeared he was seen walking out of a bar towards the woods, never to be seen again With the help of the ever grumpy sheriff, her black cat Lucky, and her ex husband and best friend Matthew, Beatrice finds intriguing links between the two mysteries Jordan has a complicated past, one that could draw out a dangerous killer and place him squarely in Beatrice s path In the end, it s up to her feline companions to find the clues that will keep her safe, put the culprit behind bars, and restore order to Ashbrook once .The Counterfeiter Catching Cat is the first book in the Beatrice Young cozy cat mystery series.

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      302 Alannah Rogers
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    One thought on “The Counterfeiter-Catching Cat

    1. Yvonne on said:

      This book had a few things I love starting with two adorable cat sleuths. It’s so much fun when the cats help solve the crimes. No, these cats don’t talk but they didn’t have to. They got their point across and helped to save the day.Beatrice Young is an older amateur sleuth, which is another aspect I liked. She owns a Cozy Cat Cafe - an excellent setting for a cat mystery :) There’s a hint of romance which will probably be explored in future books.It’s not a complex murdery mystery an [...]

    2. Barbara on said:

      Good first story. Very short. Not much of a mystery. Good writing. Cozy feels. I like that the characters were already established as amateur detectives. Since I read a few of the other stories not in order I know they get better.

    3. Michele on said:

      What a delightful book about a 60 something woman who owns a cafe has 2 cats who accompany her everywhere and a penchant for solving mysteries. She makes sure to listen to all the gossip so she knows what is happening in the small town she lives in.Then she receives a counterfeit 20.00 bill from an old (male) friend and starts to wonder who is passing them out. Well, her maine coon knows there is something wrong with that boll and tries to take it from her! Then comes the fun as she, her 2 cats [...]

    4. Angie Boyter on said:

      There were a lot of reasons I expected to enjoy this book, and obviously many people did. HOWEVER,I wanted to make a note to warn those who, like me, have their pleasure spoiled by poor mechanics of writing. There were so many in the first chapter that I gave up. Examples: "She spooned in ground beans into the portafilter". "Mosteither worked at the park or in various tourism-related jobs." If those examples bother you,I suggest you skip this one, even if it does feature a cute Maine Coon cat.

    5. Elaine on said:

      I'm basically a dog lover, but the curious cats in this story won me over!A mystery that takes place in a small town in New Hampshire and the Cozy Cat Cafe. It seems that the owner of the cafe is destined to get involved in the mysteries that spring up. Her cats are not just her loyal friends, but indeed true investigators that help her discover the murderer. I recommend it as a short lighthearted read.

    6. Aunt Meanie on said:

      The Counter feiter-Catching Cat ****By: Alannah RogersThis was a charming, easy and quick to read mystery book. An excellent book for middle school ages and up. It is fast paced and sure to keep the reader's interest.The story is set in the small tourist town of Ashbrook, New Hampshire. The town and local businesses as well as the main characters are well described. The author does such a great job, it made me want to take a [long] road trip and visit this town. I also enjoyed that one of the ma [...]

    7. Annette on said:

      I am sorry to say, I did not like this book very much.The writing was very well done. Ms Rogers is a talented author, but she created a plot that was preposterous and the lead character, Beatrice acted dumber than a box of rocks.Bee is not some young woman who does not understand life. She is a woman in her sixties. And yet, every time the sheriff asked her to stop doing something, or not do something, she went right ahead as though she were impervious to the law.And finally, I enjoy cozy myster [...]

    8. Lynne on said:

      This was a very short book, but it was fun. Beatrice runs a coffee shop, but is hardly there. She and her two kitties like to solve mysteries. I love the cats. They are very entertaining. I like the characters, but the story did really work for me. The revealing of the murderer happens so fast and yet, there really isn't a ton of sleuthing. Also, I felt that there were parts of the story that were missing. That's why I gave this a 3 star rating. The story was enjoyable but the mystery wasn't ful [...]

    9. Raven on said:

      Good writing style with two interesting cat characters and likable main characters. Knowing this series is very short-length books explains the simple mystery. I was expecting another twist at the end, but that didn't happen. Still, a very enjoyable book. Giving 4 stars based on the fact that the story was well written for such a short format.

    10. Lee Ann Horner on said:

      The cats are cute but who takes their cats everywhere -and who tolerates cats being taken everywhere? The story is predictable and the mystery too quickly solved for my taste. The characters are endearing Bee and Matthew as old divorcees who still get on are really sweet. This book was a quick easy read but something was missing.

    11. Pumpkinpuddy on said:

      Short and sweet. It's the first book in the series, but is written like there are other stories before it. I felt like I was missing something and had to double check that this was the first book.

    12. Kat Lebo on said:

      The Counterfeiter-Catching Cat, A Beatrice Yount Cozy Cat mystery, Book #1by Alannah RogersThis was a short and fun read. The series is a true cozy, taking place in a small community, with limited characters, where the main characters are seldom in any real danger. The main character is pleasant and easy to like, as are most of the supporting characters. Even the "baddies" aren't 100% bad, just local folks caught up in a bad situation. So, if you are a fan of heart-stopping danger, violence and [...]

    13. Marti on said:

      Very nice story of Beatrice, her cats and her friends. No criminal has a chance with them around.

    14. Teresa on said:

      There are a couple of things that intrigued me about this book when I chose it to read. I love cats, and I love to read about cats especially when they are basically the stars of the book. I also liked the fact that Beatrice is a older lady not a young 20 something. I really wanted to see how life experience would play a part in solving the case. By the way it did. I think that and the cat had a lot to do with me enjoying the book so much. It's hard to believe in a lot of books that a 22 year ol [...]

    15. Lexxi Kitty on said:

      Another cat book. Another short story. This time the cat(s) aren't the narrators. A stubborn busy-body vaguely offensive woman is the main character. Beatrice Young is sixty-two, owns a cafe called Cozy Cat Cafe, and has two cats. Who follow her everywhere. And I mean everywhere. She wants to visit a friend? Pack the cats into the car, drive over, enter friends place with her cats. I love cats but . . . that's just unreasonable. Stores, restaurants, homes - everywhere the cats follow her. And sh [...]

    16. Marie on said:

      Strictly amateur hourMarie's ReadIt's not awful. There's only one or two "ah-ohs". It's just that there is nothing really appealing about anyone, including the cats and I'm a cat lady.I had most of the mystery "unraveled" before the middle of the book and really just didn't care who killed the guy (you do get a who, but that's it, no how, etc so that's a bit lame).Nice try, but no cigar.

    17. Kathy on said:

      A very good book!Beatrice is the owner of a popular cafe and has two cats. She loves nothing better than solving crimes. Her cats Hammish and Lucky also help her solve crimes. They have an excellent knack for sniffing out the guilty party. I really enjoyed this book and I will be reading the next one right away!!

    18. Denise R. Smith on said:

      Murder and Counterfeiter ActivitiesI liked this book because it drama, suspense, humor, and Fun. Beatrice, a lady in her 60s and her two cats, helped the sheriff figure out who the counterfeiters were and who committed the murder. This is a fun book and I'm sure you'll like it. Enjoy!

    19. Frances L. Ehrig on said:

      Cat CapersA pleasant and enjoyable read with the main players two extremely clever crime fighting cats. Of course, the supporting part goes to Beatrice or Bee who is allowed to travel with them as the cats solve the mystery. A fast and gracious way to spend a few hours.

    20. Crystal Toller on said:

      Amazing catsThis was a great cozy cat mystery. The two cats and Beatrice and other characters are wonderful. So enjoyed this book I bought the 5 pack set too. Would definitely recommend this book and series. Loved this one and can't wait to read the others.

    21. Eileen E Cartwright on said:

      Fun readThis book was just plain fun to read. I needed cheering up and it did the trick. Loved t h e cats. Loved the characters. Loved the scenery and the food descriptions. And I loved the way the story moved along. No dragging its feet.

    22. Nancy Houghton on said:

      Good book ! I chose t book because I like cats. And I enjoy all the things that they can do.I liked the way the team worked together to find the ones that were guilty of the crimes.

    23. Michael on said:

      Short and PredictableI read the book in one sitting. The side and back stories were more more interesting than the case being investigated. Too few suspects led me to the outcome before the narrative ended.

    24. Robert D Wyant on said:

      Comfort reading for any dayBeatrice is a nice lady who should not forget she has a cafe to run. Hamish and lucky should open a detective agency. On second thought if that happened we would miss out on the fun they experience together.

    25. C on said:

      cuteThe Counterfeiter Catching Cats is a cute short novella. I appreciate these stories that do not include a lot of crude language and sex. The story itself was too short to really develop the plot more thoroughly.

    26. CHERYLYEAGER on said:

      Good readingI liked that the story is in a country town. The main characters could be real neighbors. This story shows how crime is treated in a small town.

    27. Stacey Lamson on said:

      My ReviewAwesome book!!!! Especially that one of the main characters is a Maine Coon Cat!!!! I have one and he's the love of my life!!!!

    28. Robin on said:

      I liked that the cat just DID things, but didn't have written thoughts.

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