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Stalked Who s dangerous a stripper an assassin or a serial killer The Stripper Ripper is stalking the streets of New York City preying on male strippers and the press is making mincemeat of a helpless pol

  • Title: Stalked
  • Author: H.C. Brown
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Who s dangerous a stripper, an assassin, or a serial killer The Stripper Ripper is stalking the streets of New York City, preying on male strippers, and the press is making mincemeat of a helpless police force.In desperation, the police refer the serial killer s case to the Slayers, a team of enhanced, undercover super soldiers The commander of the Slayers puts hisWho s dangerous a stripper, an assassin, or a serial killer The Stripper Ripper is stalking the streets of New York City, preying on male strippers, and the press is making mincemeat of a helpless police force.In desperation, the police refer the serial killer s case to the Slayers, a team of enhanced, undercover super soldiers The commander of the Slayers puts his team on the streets to watch over the Ripper s favorite targets.One of these targets is Micah, a twink stripper and a desirable sub Micah s baby sitter is one of the newest members of the Slayers, Sorren, as cold blooded an assassin as they come, and the last person you d expect to harbor feelings for his charge.True to form, Sorren is as surprised as anyone at his new infatuation, but Micah is hiding something Will Micah learn to trust his protector, or is he destined to be the next victim on the Stripper Ripper s list

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    One thought on “Stalked

    1. SheReadsALot on said:

      1.5 HEARTS--Come join me in WTF land, won't you? There are pancakes.We'll need the sustenance.New to me author, H.C. Brown's "Stalked" is the second book in The Slayers series. It is about nano enhanced super soldiers or ex-soldiers who are extremely rich, like mega billionaires (they like throwing that around while stating it's not a big deal) who investigate murders under the FBI's nose (for why?) and run an ultra exclusive BDSM club.The setting is supposed to be New York City where the city t [...]

    2. *P*u*r*p*l*e* Masochist on said:

      ~ ARC provided via Netgalley in exchange for honest review ~This review is posted on Way Too Hot Books.20 pages into this book and my thoughts were: What have I gotten myself into? O.O I haven't read the 1st book in the series, but my biggest worry was the mention of the BDSM Dom/sub romance, because those type of romances were usually hit/miss in my reading history. It turned out I shouldn't have worried about that at all, because this was your typical, lighter Bdsm relationship with a little s [...]

    3. Ije the Devourer of Books on said:

      I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. This is book two in the series and I haven't read book one but I liked the blurb and the description of this book on NetGalley and decided to request it.Sorren is a slayer, part of a group of soldiers who were a government experiment and enhanced by technology. Although Sorren's body has been enhanced by technology he has little emotion and doesn't believe in relationships. He is also a Dom, participating in Club Slayer which is where the Slayers [...]

    4. Reflection on said:

      "your nanos make you distant and a little unstable at times but you’re my crazy son of a bitch and I know you’ll never hurt me . . . unless I want you to, Master.”You know? I enjoyed this book I found it entirely unbelievable and full of dark humour and sexy times between exotic dancer and stripper Snake aka Micah and his nano enhanced ex soldier Dom, Sorren.If you were trying to take the story in any way seriously, I imagine you would struggle instead, it is like a superhero tale for adul [...]

    5. El on said:

      Rating: DNF at 40%I want to say first that I really wanted to enjoy this novel. The premise sounded interesting, and I love novels with BDSM elements.I was unable to finish this book for a number of reasons. Initially, I struggled to enjoy the book because of the writing itself. The plot is confusing, the characters inconsistent, there are too many things that are conveniently explained away by use of "nanos", and the language itself was ridiculous."I'm a Dom and I understand you're a sub, so wi [...]

    6. Maree Repa on said:

      I so enjoyed this awesome series series so much. Such adorable guys. And just so sexy. The second book Stalked centres on Micah and the new guy Sorren. It involves the Club Surrender, The BDSM where they all are called Slayers who help out the FBI to help them. In this particular case it's the Stripper Ripper.Such a exciting book this is. I couldn't put it down even once. I so enjoyed the second book. Such amazing writing from H.C. Brown. Such a sexy thrilling book I just loved. I recommend this [...]

    7. Nicole on said:

      ~ ARC provided via Netgalley in exchange for honest review ~I must say it is the first time i read m/m super soldier bdsm type of erotica and it wasn't bad at all i liked the hot hot hot scenes between Sorren and Micah and the evolution of their relationship but i would prefer if it had more intensity and mystery with the Stripper Ripper. Also for a bdsm book it didn't had many scenes about this subject. Nonetheless it is a good choice for someone who loves m/m and super soldiers (science fictio [...]

    8. Sadie Forsythe on said:

      When I came here, to , to write this review is when I discovered that this is a second in a series. I wouldn't have picked it up if I had known that. I like to read series in order. But I don't think having read the first book would have made me like it any more. But I am always baffled why publishers don't put that information on book covers. It's freakin' important!Anyhow, this book was a fail for me. My overall impression was of overpowering almost unbearable cheesiness. Everything about The [...]

    9. Vanessa theJeepDiva on said:

      All the key ingredients are here for this to be a big win for me. H.C. Brown has created the Slayers series with big uber sexy alpha super soldiers. The romance (sex scenes) is super sexy and burning up the pages hot. The suspense element was obvious and a bit mild even though the whole purpose of the book is for Sorren to protect Micah from the Stripper Ripper.The Stripper Ripper is carving up twink dancers all over the city. Delano and his fellow Slayers are following a few that match the char [...]

    10. Claudia on said:

      bikebookreviews.bI must confess that I usually don’t read mystery books, but I was hooked by this blurb from the first time I saw it, then I jumped on board when Bec asked if I wanted to review it.Only when I started it, did I realize it was the second one from a series, so, as we’re talking about Enhanced soldiers, genetic experiments and secret government projects, I decided to read Unlocked first (1st one of the series) so I could have the whole experience of it… And I loved that I did [...]

    11. Christi Snow on said:

      My Review:This is another one of those books had such great promise. I was really excited when I got it for review because the blurb sounded amazing. It just didn't quite live up to the possibilities. Sole stripper, serial killer, nano-enhanced super soldiers sounds incredible, right? I'll admit it had it's moments and I never once debated dnf'ing it so it definitely wasn't all bad. What I liked:*I really liked the Stalkers and the whole back story behind them and how they ended up like this.*I [...]

    12. Is on said:

      “Do you think because I strip for a living, I should just deal with attempted rape, because I tell you that’s what most have on their minds.” Incidentally, whilst I was reading this book, on a Friday afternoon I found myself watching LMN’s movies, which was on the subject on stalking. By the end of the movie, I was wreck right behind the main character. It was thrilling and horrible, and tight-grip-can’t-stop-watching kind of movie. So, with that thrilling and on the edge of my seat fe [...]

    13. Daniela W on said:

      I've read the description above on NetGalley and it sounded interesting as I've got a thing for stories about serial killers. After a few pages I was truly confused, so many characters who didn't get introduced, alphas, bounds and nanos were mentioned and used for explanations. I checked and learned that Stalked is the second installment of a series. Okay then. So the confusion I've felt hasn't influenced the following review.I struggled to read as far as I did before I filed this book under dn [...]

    14. Blow Pop on said:

      Content warnings: sex, gay relationships, death mentions, murder, attempted murder, violence, blood, kidnapping, BDSM/kinkI received a free copy of this as an ARC from NetGalleyWow. This book was a trip. It was definitely an interesting read.I really like the idea of nano chips inserted into people making them more super soldier-y on one hand. And on the other, I REALLY DISLIKE the idea. Because of the potential of abuse of that kind of power or someone going "fuck you I'm not following your ord [...]

    15. Ashley on said:

      Even have not read the first book in the series, this a was a good book that could be read as a standalone. Micah is a stripper that has had a feeling of being watched for six weeks, shortly after his Dom was killed. Sorren is a member of the Slayers, who has been tasked to watch Micah, because he fits the description of previous murder victims of the Stripper Ripper.Sorren and Micah must learn to trust each other if they are going to survive being the target of a serial killer that the police c [...]

    16. Molly Lolly on said:

      Original review on Molly LollyThree stars!The premise of this story was very interesting. The follow through just didn’t deliver the way I had hoped it would. It was fascinating being in the head of the killer at points and seeing how he tried to hide himself. Then see how everyone else tried to figure out who he is with the minute clues that are left. Micah made some pretty bad decisions throughout the book that put him in harms way. Sorren was interesting in how he had his emotions removed y [...]

    17. Robyn on said:

      This book had it all for me. Blend together a mix of paranormal, m/m romance, a little bdsm, a suspenseful murder mystery with a HEA and you have me hooked. This is my first H.C. Brown novel and I look forward to reading more that hopefully include the remaining Slayers. There is a string of unsolved murders involving male dancers which point to a serial killer in town. An elite group of enhanced ex-soldiers are tasked with protecting those who may be in danger of being next on the killer's list [...]

    18. Elizabeth W on said:

      Book 2 in a series. This wasn't an issue; It was a fairly decent stand alone book. BUT for some of the background to the characters, i'm guessing it will have been explored more in book 1?! - It wasn't a massive issue. Micah's character - timid, but feisty when it needed it; sexy in his own skin and most certainly a head turner in this story. The chemistry between Micah and Sorren was great, not completely over the top cheesy/cringe worthy and cliche BUT just right! - It was HOT!.This is typical [...]

    19. Jenna on said:

      This is a new to me author. That being said. Wow. I found this to be a very unique story that I enjoyed. I didn't realize until I was well into the book that it was the second in the series. I thought this was a well planned out story and a quick read. Who doesn't love man love?This story with give you elite soldiers, a secret society, regenerative nanos, domination, suspense, sci-fi, and a cat. Let's not forget the hope of more stories to come in the series.

    20. Karen Roma on said:

      Ex-Special Ops, cyber-enhanced, genetically perfect men, who are only attracted and destined to mate with other men. This is one seriously HOT M/M story!The book is a crime/thriller with all the tension and suspense that accompany that genre, but teamed with extremely erotic undertones and just a touch of BDSM too!H.C. Brown has a brand new fan, and I’ll definitely be looking for more from The Slayers!!

    21. Tammy - Book Lovers Events (Co-Owner) - After Dark Book Lovers (Reviewer) - on said:

      this just didnt do it for. i enjoy a good light bdsm or m/m but there was just so much lacking.

    22. kerryann williams on said:

      Awesome story, want more pleaseGreat book, very well written. The book pulls you in almost right away ,you can't put it down. It's fast paced yet leaves nothing out. Hot strippers, nano enhanced Hot men and a strange murderer all in one book wow . :) Get this book you'll love it to. Well worth the money spent . Hope there's a Series with this group and we see lots more of them and the two main in this story.

    23. Avid Reader on said:

      Stalked by H.C. Brown4.5 starsM/M Mystery, BDSM, Murder, Paranormal, RomanceI was given this book for an honest review by Inked Rainbow Reads.I have to first say that I have not read book 1 and didn't feel that I needed to. There were a few places where it might have been helpful, but overall, it was not necessary.I really enjoyed Micah's character. He seemed genuine, if not a bit timid, but when push came to shove, he was all in. The chemistry between him and Sorren was off the charts! I enjoye [...]

    24. QUEERcentric Books on said:

      Reviewed by Nikki K. for QUEERcentric Books2.5 starsStalked by H.C. Brown was an interesting take on the “enhanced soldier” theme. While some parts fell a bit short, Stalked still had some redeeming qualities and was an entertaining read.So this book had a lot going for it when I originally read the blurb and I was really excited about it. Unfortunately, while there were some bright spots, there were also things that didn’t quite work.There’s a serial killer brutally murdering young men [...]

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