Lavender Lane Lothario

David Handler

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Lavender Lane Lothario

Lavender Lane Lothario Every year the Gant family performs an annual ritual desecrating the tomb of Aurora Bing The Gants have held a grudge against the legendary silent film star for almost eighty years but for Sherm Gan

  • Title: Lavender Lane Lothario
  • Author: David Handler
  • ISBN: 9781250076113
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Every year, the Gant family performs an annual ritual desecrating the tomb of Aurora Bing The Gants have held a grudge against the legendary silent film star for almost eighty years, but for Sherm Gant and his son, things have become personal Aurora s only grandchild, Hubie Swope, has shut down Sherm s notoriously rowdy beachfront bar, and refuses to allow The Pit to reoEvery year, the Gant family performs an annual ritual desecrating the tomb of Aurora Bing The Gants have held a grudge against the legendary silent film star for almost eighty years, but for Sherm Gant and his son, things have become personal Aurora s only grandchild, Hubie Swope, has shut down Sherm s notoriously rowdy beachfront bar, and refuses to allow The Pit to reopen until Shem undertakes expensive upgrades This means war And when The Pit catches fire and Hubie Swope s charred remains are found in the rubble, it also means murder.Who killed Hubie Swope Crime fighting duo Mitch and Des have no idea Not only are Sherm and his son prime suspects, but so are the women in Hubie s life To their surprise, Mitch and Des discover that Dorset s building inspector, a quiet widower who repaired cuckoo clocks in his little house on Lavender Lane, was secretly juggling four girlfriends at once And then there s Gaylord Holland, a builder who had a beef of his own with Hubie Dorset is in turmoil, and only New York City film critic Mitch Berger and Connecticut State Police Resident Trooper Des Mitry can put it back together.

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      338 David Handler
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    One thought on “Lavender Lane Lothario

    1. Kesha on said:

      As usual I love this series. I'm always dumbfounded when I find out who's the villain. I can't wait for the next couple of books.

    2. Nancy H on said:

      This is a wonderful series, and this addition is no exception. In this story, Des and Mitch have to join forces to solve the murder of a man who seemed to be a quiet, mild-mannered loner, but who, as it turns out, was anything but that. This is a very good read.

    3. Gretchen Stein on said:

      3.5 stars. This series takes place along the coast in a fictionists wealthy CT town. love the references to the area.

    4. Susan on said:

      The quiet, some would say dull, town building inspector Hubie is found dead in the ruins of a burned building. Resident trooper Des Mitry agrees with the other police on the scene: The motive must be something related to his job. But Des' significant other Mitch has been hearing gossip about the building inspector and more than one local woman. Since it's seemingly impossible to keep a secret in gossipy Dorset, how did Hubie keep so many women on a string--and which one of them decided enough wa [...]

    5. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) on said:

      I loved this book. It's my first crack at the Berger and Mitry series, but I am hooked. The writing is so smooth, it practically read itself to me. The humor is fantastic and Mitch and Des are such a cute couple. I love that Mitch is a plump hero, something you don't see too often, and as a fellow movie buff, I truly adored how he references movies for much of what he says and even in his crime-solving. Definitely recommend!Reviewed for Affaire de Coeur Magazine. affairedecoeur.

    6. Val on said:

      Mitch Berger and Desiree Mitry have to figure out who killed the local building inspector. Was he killed because of his unbending adherence to the laws, or was he killed because of his secret life as the local secret Casanova? Berger discovers that he is a sounding board for many of the local women and therefore learns some things that he probably wouldn't have know otherwise. The story hangs together well and is very entertaining.

    7. Cardyn Brooks on said:

      As usual, Des and Mitch's relationship anchors this story with the mystery and the secondary characters as the backdrop. Lavender Lane Lothario is funny and sad, and more revelations about Desiree's parents add extra intrigue to this story about how far people are willing to go to feel loved, respected and appreciated. Expectations remain high for the next entry in this very satisfying series.

    8. Liz Clappin on said:

      Good classic Berger and Mitry mystery. There were colorful characters and a good sense of place here, looking at the competing sides of Dorset, the blue blood core versus the more honkey-Tonk summer tourist culture. I confess there was a red herring and I jumped on it whole heartedly so the murderer being revealed was a good twist. I also enjoyed The Lothario, it was simultaneously ridiculous and also not so crazy, the ladies live a ladies man.

    9. Madelyn Flammia on said:

      The first book I have read in the series, and I adore the characters. They are wonderfully quirky. I especially enjoy the discussion of classic movies.

    10. Grey853 on said:

      When the local building inspector is murdered and burned to a crisp in a dive bar one night, Des sets out to find the killer. There are two very obvious suspects, but as she investigates, she finds that the quiet, unassuming man was quite the player. So was it a businessman being thwarted or a wronged lover that did Hubie in? I'll confess I did not see the ending coming.As usual the quirky relationship between this odd couple, Des and Mitch, is the heart of the novel. These two shouldn't be toge [...]

    11. Nese on said:

      I enjoyed the story telling that has a natural and smooth flow, complex story line, good character development, and so many delightfully quirky characters. This is the first time I read a book by this author and was pleasantly surprised how talented he is. While reading it, I didn’t want to put the book down because I liked the main characters, an unlikely and interesting couple. The book has a surprise ending, like all good mysteries should, but I personally don’t like a character described [...]

    12. Jenny Smith on said:

      This Berger and Mitry was a super fast read. I’d missed the duo—the writing, characters, and setting are different than most cozies.This mystery was good and very solvable, but it was also sad. The victim is a philandering romeo who strings several women along for the ride. Yet all of his friends and even the unsuspecting women think the world of him. Talk about a double life when you have everyone fooled. The book didn’t have as much Des/Mitch interaction as others, but I still enjoyed it [...]

    13. Kathleen Gray on said:

      With its murder rate, one really would have to think twice about living in Dorset but this is a charming series. I've read all of them= you don't need to do that to enjoy this one (or any of the others.) These are quick, funny, entertaining reads with enough twists to keep you guessing (the deal here didn't appear until half way through). I look forward to more with Des and Mitch (AND with the person who appears on the last page.) I laughed out loud at Mitch's efforts to bread and fry fish. :) T [...]

    14. Hrn1947 on said:

      Once again no clues to help you figure out the culprit. We never get to see how Mitch figured it out. That being said, I’ll read the next one

    15. Gayle on said:

      David Handler always does a great mix of edgy crime within a cozy setting in small town Maine. Combine that with an equally great set of main characters--Desiree Mitry, resident state trooper and Mitch Berger, displaced New York film critic and you have a terrific series. Add the extra dimension of a romance between the two--better and better. Here the local town building inspector is murdered and Des and Mitch are on the case.

    16. Jim Hart on said:

      David Handler’s The Lavender Lane Lothario is the eleventh novel featuring the quirky couple Berger and Mitry. It is every bit as well written as the first – as well written as all of Handler’s novels and that tells you a great deal why he is an Edgar Award winner and a Derringer, Anthony and Dilys Award finalist. For fans of well written, fast passed works of mystery David Handler is simply one of the best. I recommend Mr. Handler’s work to everyone who enjoys the genre.

    17. Denise Dougherty on said:

      3.5 stars as usual. Is this grand literature? No but from the first paragraph he engages me. He is talented in creating realistic conversational dialogue dappled with the fun of crime and its detection. His characters are only as eccentric as your own family/friends/neighbors which makes then believable. Loved the next book set-up in the ending sentences DD@Phila

    18. Ginny Tata-Phillips on said:

      Even though this series has cats, not Basset Hounds like David's earlier books - I still like it! The characters are really endearing and the stories interesting. Seems like there will be more so long as there are more colors in the rainbow!

    19. Lori on said:

      Short and sweet (less than 250 pages), this eleventh book in the "Berger and Mitry" series is an enjoyable read, and leaves you eagerly awaiting the next one.

    20. Gretchen on said:

      I look forward to each new chapter in the life of Berger and Mitry. I'd like to visit their home town and see the historic district of their town. This was a good one.

    21. Kimberley Cornwell on said:

      Handler does it again! I love, love this series. But he is killing me with the cliff hanger endings!

    22. Janet Schaffner on said:

      This book was pretty well written, with interesting characters and plot, but had a little too much foul language for my taste.

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