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Parnell Hall

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Presumed Puzzled

Presumed Puzzled Jessica Fletcher meets Groucho Marx RT BookReviewsA shocking crime of passion has Bakerhaven buzzing The Puzzle Lady gets than she bargained for when she s hired to track down Paula Martindale s stray

  • Title: Presumed Puzzled
  • Author: Parnell Hall
  • ISBN: 9781250061232
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Jessica Fletcher meets Groucho Marx RT BookReviewsA shocking crime of passion has Bakerhaven buzzing The Puzzle Lady gets than she bargained for when she s hired to track down Paula Martindale s straying husband She finds him, all right hacked to pieces on his living room rug, while his blood drenched wife haunts the crime scene clutching a butcher knife.It s a to Jessica Fletcher meets Groucho Marx RT BookReviewsA shocking crime of passion has Bakerhaven buzzing The Puzzle Lady gets than she bargained for when she s hired to track down Paula Martindale s straying husband She finds him, all right hacked to pieces on his living room rug, while his blood drenched wife haunts the crime scene clutching a butcher knife.It s a tough spot for attractive young attorney Becky Baldwin Paula is presumed innocent until proven guilty, but try to find one juror who s going to think so.It s up to Cora to find the evidence to save the day She has just two problems she s a witness for the prosecution and every bit of evidence she finds in Paula s favor, from crossword puzzles to Sudoku to alibi witnesses, tends to indicate that Cora herself is the killer

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    One thought on “Presumed Puzzled

    1. pammy 🍓 on said:

      I love these books. They are a quick read and I love the characters. Cora is a hoot!

    2. Mark Baker on said:

      Roger Martindale is missing, and his wife, Pamela, has received a crossword puzzle. That evening, he returns home only to be hacked to death. Chief Harper thinks that Pamela did it since she was found with the bloody knife in her hand, but the twists for Puzzle Lady Cora Felton are just beginning.And twists there are. Yes, Cora is right in the thick of things, and as the book progresses she gets even more involved. The characters are a little thin, but they usually are in this series. The real s [...]

    3. Susan on said:

      Here's a conversation between Puzzle Lady Cora and attorney Becky.[Becky] "Why would the killerto frame you?"[Cora] "I have no idea.""So think it out. What does framing you accomplish?""Absolutely nothing. Except it draws attention away from the murder.""The one you're being tried for?""Yeah,murder. I didn't do that one, either, in case you're asking.""I never said you did.""You never said I . Okay, why did the killer need to frame me? He didn't. So why did he do it? Maybe he didn't. If hedo it [...]

    4. Kwoomac on said:

      This is a silly little book. A little slapstick, a little witty repartee, and a liitle murder. I thought this would be fun because there were crossword puzzles and sudoku. In actuality, I didn't want to stop reading to solve them. No need to because the answers were on the next page. This is #17 in a series about a professional crossword puzzle writer (there's a nword for them, but I can't remember it) who finds herself solving murders. Just like Murder She Wrote. You probably don't want to get [...]

    5. Earl on said:

      Every year, I look forward to a new Puzzle Lady mystery. I love the wordplay and the characters. But when the story gets too convoluted even by this series' standard and when the puzzles have no relevance then it's no longer fun. Cora, in particular, is becoming too tiresome. I hope the series ends soon- maybe book 20?

    6. Virginia Winfield on said:

      This was not my favorite in this series. It was good but didn't seem quite as fun. I always love the puzzle lady but there didn't seem as many puzzles as usual. I like there to be a little more of her daughter also. I still am looking forward to the next in the series. Still an enjoyable read.

    7. Al Stoess on said:

      Humorous. Convoluted. Confusing at times (at least to this reader). Perhaps intentionally so.

    8. Larrygodin on said:

      Picked this off the bookmobile. Number 17 in the series. Might go back an try #1 if I can find it. Maybe the heroine won't be as mean spirited in the early books.

    9. Cynthia Diestelkamp on said:

      Good book. Good puzzles-not too hard but hard enough for them to be interesting. Want to read more of this series.

    10. Cherry on said:

      It was ok. The plot seemed a bit too clever, getting very convoluted. I won't think about it too much, or I'll start doubting what I took to be the actual events.

    11. Kyndra Jones on said:

      Not my favorite book by this author in this series. Not sure if I will continue reading them when the next one comes out, but it happens!

    12. Weezie on said:

      Each one of the books of this series seems to be a little less enjoyable to read. During conversations, it's hard to keep up with who is saying what. And I don't think Cora is a very likable person.One part that i thought was dumb was when Cora's niece picked up her daughter from day care & put her in the car with no carseat & in the FRONT seat. I don't know about where they live, but you sure couldn't get by with where I live. Not that I would want to endanger a child if that airbag wou [...]

    13. Jessi on said:

      Huh. I thought I had been keeping up on the Puzzle Lady books but my library is lagging seriously behind. When I got this ARC, I was surprised to see how much time had passed. But that didn't affect my enjoyment of the book.Becky , the local lawyer is having trouble finding a client so she asks Cora for help. When Cora finally finds a client, it doesn't go well. Paula Martindale is found over her husband's dead body with a knife in her hand. And she doesn't want to let Becky do her job. The prob [...]

    14. Sandy on said:

      I liked this. Cora Felton is the Puzzle Lady (Will Shortz, crossword puzzle editor the The New York Times contributed Sudoku puzzles for this book. Other New York Times cruciverbalists (puzzle makers) constructed the crossword puzzles). Becky Baldwin is a lawyer who has asked Cora to find her a client. When Cora finds Paula Martindale's husband dead with Paula standing over him with a knife, she feels that her work is done. But, Becky needs help with investigating Paula's involvement, since no j [...]

    15. Catherine Woodman on said:

      This is a book that might be better to own in a hardcopy rather than on a Kindle, or borrowed from the library as AI did. Will Shortz has done some puzzles that might be enjoyable to do--as it was for me, they were a distraction that were not appreciated, but are certainly a hallmark of the author. Cora gets herself into trouble for reasons that are hard to fathom initially but later it all becomes clear. I do like that the plot is not excessively twisty. A good installment if you like the serie [...]

    16. Karen Holman on said:

      This Puzzle Lady mystery gave the reader many ideas to solve this murder. I enjoyed the clues in the setting, characters, and conclusion. The story was able to hold the reader even if the reader had guessed the culprit and was correct. If you enjoy puzzles this is for you to read and solve. copy right 2015

    17. Joanna on said:

      Dependable cozy mystery series. Mildly slapstick, with likable enough characters. I have read a few of these, but a little goes a long way, so I just leave gaps. It appears that I missed some "character development" in skipping the last several, as a primary character now has a small child of unknown provenance, but it didn't seem to affect my enjoyment of the latest installment.

    18. Shelley on said:

      This was another fairly typical Puzzle Lady book, but I liked it better than the more recent ones. The dialogue was witty as usual, but not as overwhelming and hence, annoying, as in other books. You won't be disappointed if you like the series.

    19. Michele on said:

      I love The Puzzle Lady. It was a little weird, though, because she has quit smoking and didn't whip out her gun and threaten to shoot anyonebut still, a great plot, lots of crazy twists and turns, and lots of Cora!

    20. Kathleen on said:

      Clever and witty, with interesting twists! The included puzzles are a nice bonus. I had some trouble telling who was talking in the long dialogue passages where you don't get any names, just back-and-forth lines for a while.

    21. Ann on said:

      Cora is smack in the middle of another murder investigation where she soon becomes the prime suspect. As Becky defends Cora they soon run out of suspects and it might be the end of the Puzzle Lady. Familiar friends and family in our favorite small town.

    22. Pxipenguin on said:

      It was a good read but with waaaaaaaayyyy too much dialog between the main characters, which tended to bicker and natter page after page after page! When the ratings includes half stars, I will change this to three and a half - but until then, I gave it four stars.

    23. Brenda Sharp on said:

      Cora as always was a delight. She is hilarious as she gets herself into one scrape after another.

    24. Joanne on said:

      The bantering and word play seemed to get out of hand in this one. GREAT ending though!

    25. CV on said:

      Not much character or scene development. Basically a "puzzle" read: read to find out who-dunnit, not for the quality of the writing.

    26. Debbie on said:

      Always entertaining. The dialogue is witty, the characters realistic, the storyline "puzzling". An enjoyable series.

    27. Elaine on said:

      Great series. love the characters, the "puzzle lady" can do no wrong!

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