Coco Pinchard, The Consequences Of Love And Sex

Robert Bryndza

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Coco Pinchard, The Consequences Of Love And Sex

Coco Pinchard The Consequences Of Love And Sex Since Coco Pinchard found first husband Daniel in bed with another woman she hasn t just picked up the pieces she s now a best selling author married to her hunky soul mate Adam She feels stronger an

  • Title: Coco Pinchard, The Consequences Of Love And Sex
  • Author: Robert Bryndza
  • ISBN: 9781514192207
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Paperback
  • Since Coco Pinchard found first husband Daniel in bed with another woman, she hasn t just picked up the pieces she s now a best selling author married to her hunky soul mate Adam She feels stronger and wiser and surely the second time round she ll have learnt from her mistakes But things aren t going quite according to plan Adam has lost his job, Coco s grown up son RSince Coco Pinchard found first husband Daniel in bed with another woman, she hasn t just picked up the pieces she s now a best selling author married to her hunky soul mate Adam She feels stronger and wiser and surely the second time round she ll have learnt from her mistakes But things aren t going quite according to plan Adam has lost his job, Coco s grown up son Rosencrantz seems to have derailed his life in spectacular fashion, and ex mother in law Ethel keeps letting herself into the house thanks to an endless supply of spare keys When literary agent Angie takes on Coco s arch rival, the indomitable Regina Battenberg, it looks as though things can t get any worse And then Coco discovers she s pregnant at 44.Can she really go through it all again Sleepless nights, stretch marks on top of stretch marks, and poo as a normal topic of conversation The third book in Robert Bryndza s bestselling Coco Pinchard series which can also be enjoyed as a stand alone story is a hilarious diary with Coco s trademark wit and honesty, tracing the raging hormones and extraordinary twists that take her to motherhood for the second time.

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      271 Robert Bryndza
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    One thought on “Coco Pinchard, The Consequences Of Love And Sex

    1. Yolanda on said:

      I was fortunate enough to receive an ARC of this book from the author which was awesome so thank you Robert!!This book was great just like the previous ones. If you haven't read them go and buy them. They are a great read. Coco continues to be kind of crazy, funny , and lovable. This time she is pregnant at 44 years old so she is more emotional especially with Regina Battenberg taking her spotlight again. I loved Adam. He was very patient with Coco and very supportive. Overall I just really enjo [...]

    2. Lucy on said:

      A fun read! Once more, Coco Pinchard's life is in retrograde. She's pregnant at 44, her husband is still unemployed, her son is in deep doo doo, her agent seems to have abandoned her, her ex-laws keep on invading her privacy. On the plus side, her dog, Rocco, seems to have it together.There are times when I want to shake Coco & her surrounding messed-up co-dysfunctionaries but then I realize that they're all normal abnormal, just like me.The author hooks you in with the humor and humanity of [...]

    3. Sarah on said:

      I am a huge fan of the Coco Pinchard series so was very much looking forward to reading the next in the series.Even though I am slightly younger than Coco, it very much feels like she has grown up in this novel. The fact that she is pregnant with her second child is probably something to do with it. The whole story actually made me feel like a mother sending her child out into the world, it certainly felt more emotional than the others.The author yet again delivers a novel packed full on fun and [...]

    4. Anima on said:

      Having received a copy from the author I dove right into this treasure. You need to have read the others in the series to grasp a full history of Coco and Adam with their motley crew of friends and family, exes included. Immediately we start off after the honeymoon and Coco' s pregnant. I truly love how her pregnancy experience is spot on, bravo to a male author for taking on that challenge. Lots happening with this book, babies, moves, different jobs and serious addiction issues. The humorous w [...]

    5. Dee Rose on said:

      I really can't remember the last time I laughed out loud several times while reading a book. Hilarious! My favourite bit was the mix-up between the quote for Coco's humorous book cover and the quote for a stark, holocaust memoir.This book is about 44 year old Coco who suddenly finds herself pregnant. She has to deal with a grown up son, an unemployed new husband, a nosy ex-mother-in-law and an assortment of other odd, quirky characters. The story spans the whole of her pregnancy. The humour is v [...]

    6. Elaine Miller on said:

      I received an ARC of this book in exchange for review. This did not affect my opinion in any way. Coco is back and as funny as ever! I found myself laughing aloud several times which is rare for me with books. The characters in this series are so well written and likable that I've grown attached to them and am sad to see this come to an end. I will be looking forward to more from Mr. Bryndza. Highly recommended!

    7. Teresa on said:

      I really enjoyed this book! From beginning to end this book did not disappoint. All the characters are very likeable. I was surprised that I ended up liking Daniel. I laughed throughout the whole book although my favorite part is when Daniel visits Coco in the hospital. I am sad to see this series come to an end. Can't wait to see what Robert comes up with next.

    8. Aleighacreations Tina allkins on said:

      Brilliant!!!! absolutely loved this book! had me giggling so much!!

    9. Ana on said:

      Also posted on This Chick Reads*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*'Coco Pinchard, The Consequences Of Love And Sex' is the third book in the Coco Pinchard series, but funnily, it's the first one I've read. However, after reading this book, I'm definitely going to bump up the other two parts to the top of my TBR pile.Coco is a wonderful character, she's 44, recently married (for the second time) & is a successful writer. Or at least she tries to be. We all know publishi [...]

    10. Lorraine Sears on said:

      Robert Bryndza has done it again with another fabulous chronicle in the life of the wonderfully vivid Coco Pinchard. And I was lucky enough to receive an advanced copy from the author so I could share just how much I loved it with all of you!Settling down to a life of marital bliss with her hunky husband, Adam, was never going to be straight forward, not for our beloved Coco. With Adam's expunged criminal past still stalking him and Coco's crazy ex-in-laws refusing to get out of the picture, not [...]

    11. Paula Acton on said:

      Now as you know I always use the Goodread blurb in order to avoid spoilers but I actually think this blurb sells this author short this time. As well as the wit and humour I have come to expect in this series, he also tackles some very serious and dark subjects but manages to do so in a way which in no way detracts from the laughter, rather it provides a poignant counterbalance. I confess one semi spoiler in that part way through the book I thought I was going to fall out with the series over th [...]

    12. Elaine on said:

      Coco is back! Coco's life is going great. She is fabulous at forty four and living happily ever in newlywed bliss with hunky hubby Adam. Her second book, Agent Fergie is being published in a few months and they have moved back in to her oh so loved family home And then she finds out she is pregnant!!!The third instalment into the fabulous life of Coco is just as great as the first two. Follow Coco and Adam on their latest adventure through life. All the crew is back - rosencranz, loved up Marika [...]

    13. Erin on said:

      I've got to hand it to Adam in this one for putting up with CoCo's mood for 9 months!! There were so many times throughout that I wanted to tell her to get over herself!! Maybe it's because I have four kids of my ownIt's not all about you anymore!!! Aside from her persistent bitchyness, the storyline was great. Again, it was not fluff. It reached into deeper and darker places. Relationships struggle to remain strong and family & friendship bonds are tested. A much beloved character falls int [...]

    14. Steph on said:

      This book absolutely topped off the Coco trilogy perfectly.She doesn't have it easy, what with Adam losing his job, Rosencrantz going through stuff and having to deal with Angie and Regina, but through it Coco has her reliable family of eccentric brilliant people to keep her grounded. She has the most loving husband Adam, the brutally honest yet hilarious Ethel, and the best best friends a girl could ask for Chris and Marika. Robert Bryndza is one of those amazing authors you come across by acci [...]

    15. Glenda on said:

      Oh man, I'm going to miss Coco. I laughed a whole lot. Cried a bit. Was devastated at one point and gasped in disbelief, my thoughts zooming to surely it's a mistake! When a book can get me that emotionally involved in the characters, it's a total win. Even the ones that are a painquite a feat. I applaud the author's gift of story telling. Overall these are delightful books and worth the time.

    16. Jennifer on said:

      My First Coco PinchardThis story is a sweet, hilarious, love story. It is full of great friends, and crazy in-laws. I loved it. Ladies, you want to read a great book, Coco is waiting.

    17. Melody on said:

      Coco is back! I received this ARC for an honest review. I loved it. Our fearless Coco is pregnant! Yikes and her son Rosencrantz needs rehab. This hilarious and poignant book is well worth the read. Mel

    18. Katie Chapman on said:

      Hysterically DelightfulLaughed loud and long. Will be reading more from the brilliant Robert Bryndza. No long winded blathering, this book moved quickly, with tons of action to keep the reader fully engaged.

    19. Nancy on said:

      This is a fun series. It is best to read the books in order. The characters are wonderful, especially Ethel ( the naughty Nana).

    20. Dianne on said:

      The talent of this author is astonishing. Producing books of the calibre of the DCI Erika Foster series, and now the Coco Pinchard series. Coco is comic genius, and like chalk and cheese to Erika Foster, yet both are brilliant reads. Coco is an awesome character. So wittily written, with relationships that are so real that you feel you've stepped into their world each time to begin a new read. I'm really disappointed that Kobo Books have such a limited supply of Coco Pinchard titles. Hope this c [...]

    21. Julie Haigh on said:

      A stonkingly superb book!!!!!Wow, what can I say! I 'discovered' this author when his first book (The Not So Secret Emails Of Coco Pinchard) was in the top 100 Free Bestsellers-and I loved it. I bought the sequel before I had even finished the first one as I just KNEW that here was a great new author. His second book I loved even more!. It had a satisfying conclusion so, although I wanted to read more, I kind of hoped that Robert Bryndza wouldn't 'milk it' and for any further books not be as go [...]

    22. Lisa on said:

      Rob Bryndza as done it again!Coco is back in true coco style and I loved it. She is as witty, sarcastic, funny and well just as coco as ever.At the end of Coco Pinchard's Big fat tipsy wedding we finally thought Coco was going to ride off into the happily ever after, but this is Coco and life never goes smoothly this book proves thatThis book has it all pregnancy, drugs, alcohol, unemployment and annoying ex in laws there is never a dull moment.One thing I really loved is how spot on Rob was abo [...]

    23. westernway on said:

      Like many reviewers on here, when I was offered the chance of an ARC copy of this book I did not hesitate. This is the third (and possibly last, boo hoo) instalment of the Coco series, and I fairly romped through this book, in firs of giggles throughout.We pick up with Coco and the hunky Adam happily married (at last) and living in Coco's London home. However life throws them a curve ball when she finds herself pregnant at the age of 44 and then finds out her son needs to go into rehab!The way t [...]

    24. Sneh Pradhan on said:

      This is my 1st Coco Pinchard novel and am pretty sure every novel in a chick-lit series should be as fun as the starter novel probably offered !! So , this , the #3 of the well -known series does start off well . but the quips though generously framing the first half , seem to gradually vanish towards the latter half . The humor is just too scarce and rarefied towards the end and you get the ( now familiar for me ! Sigh ! ) sense of ennui and i am swimming ( more like drowning ) through the " l [...]

    25. Maryline M's Bookshelf on said:

      This review was first published at M's Bookshelf - mssbookshelfThe first thing I noticed about this book was it's fabulously colourful cover and title. It just looks like something you have to read, something highly entertaining. And I wasn't disappointed. The Consequences of Love and Sex is written as Coco's diary. This threw me a bit at first and I wasn't too sure about it, but I forgot all about these doubts after only a few pages. I love how Robert Bryndza really knows his characters and rea [...]

    26. Silvana on said:

      Coco Pinchard is 44 now, beautiful and funny she is married to Adam and she is bestselling author. Its seams as she lives her perfect life. Things are going upside down in the second. Adam has lost his job and considering his past is difficult to finds another job. Coco’s grown up son from first marriage is in spectacular fashion. When her ex mother in low saw Coco in vomit situation she ask her if she pregnant and yes, she is pregnant at 44.I like Coco so much and see her as funny, beautiful, [...]

    27. Caroline Montague on said:

      I received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair review. I loved the first two Coco Pinchard books and the third did not disappoint. I could not put this book down and read it in one day. Coco is such a wonderful character, everything that happens in her life happens with drama, be it funny or sensitive or both! Coco is pregnant in this story and is classed as a 'geriatric mother'. Coco is mortified at this but she handles the situation well or as well as can be expected. I laughed out loud [...]

    28. Kathy Bryson on said:

      Coco's back, but this time with an unexpected surprise. And as if dealing with an unexpected pregnancy wasn't enough, Coco's friends and family are all still up to their crazy antics. Even so, their loving hi-jinks aren't quite enough to offset a hooker granny tenant, the return of wine-guzzling Regina Battenberg, and a 5-inteview hiring process! I love the descriptions of everyday life in London that Bryndza includes. They're just over-the-top enough to be funny, but never so much as to be unbe [...]

    29. Leeny on said:

      I loved this next installment of Coco and Co!! Ethel has grown on me and she is now one of my favourites. Quite a few laugh out loud moments - also some gasp out loud moments too. If you aren't acquainted with Coco yet then I would highly reccommend that you do xI went through a stage of downloading all of the free books on and that is how I first came across Coco - didn't read it for months, until I joined a book club page on facebook and made a reading challenge for myself to read as many boo [...]

    30. Dawn rizzi on said:

      my favorite by far in the series Special thanks to the author for giving me the free copy. Sorry it took me to long to get to . Seriously vowed to make this one of my first challenges of 2015 because I felt so bad he gave it to me and I didn't read it right away . That being said I am now mad at myself for not reading it sooner it was amazing . I laughed out loud to the point of spitting out my drink from some of the one liners and true to life things that happen and I can relate too. Great fast [...]

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