A Unicorn Named Sparkle

Amy Young

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A Unicorn Named Sparkle

A Unicorn Named Sparkle When Lucy sees an ad in the newspaper for a unicorn she sends in her twenty five cents and waits four to six long weeks for her very own unicorn to arrive She imagines the flowers that she ll braid i

  • Title: A Unicorn Named Sparkle
  • Author: Amy Young
  • ISBN: 9780374301859
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When Lucy sees an ad in the newspaper for a unicorn, she sends in her twenty five cents and waits four to six long weeks for her very own unicorn to arrive She imagines the flowers that she ll braid into his beautiful pink mane, and she even picks the perfect name for him Sparkle But when Sparkle arrives, his ears are too long, his horn is too short, he smells funny anWhen Lucy sees an ad in the newspaper for a unicorn, she sends in her twenty five cents and waits four to six long weeks for her very own unicorn to arrive She imagines the flowers that she ll braid into his beautiful pink mane, and she even picks the perfect name for him Sparkle But when Sparkle arrives, his ears are too long, his horn is too short, he smells funny and oh, he has fleas Lucy isn t pleased, but in the end she warms up to Sparkle and realizes that even though he wasn t exactly the unicorn she wanted, he might be just the one she needs.

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      223 Amy Young
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    One thought on “A Unicorn Named Sparkle

    1. Schizanthus on said:

      Dragging on 🦄 UNICORN MONTH 🦄 because I'm not done yet and, well, unicorns!!!Cuteness overload! Just on the cover we have glitter and butterflies with happy faces. SOLD!!!When Lucy orders a unicorn for 25 cents - BARGAIN!!! - she doesn't get the unicorn of her dreams. If your heart doesn't melt when you see Sparkle snuggled up with Bear-Bear after a bedtime story to calm his fears during a storm, then I don't know what will. Plus he has a heart shaped patch of fur near his butt and loves c [...]

    2. Annie Pasma on said:

      There are not enough words to describe how much I love this book Story time anyone?

    3. Amanda on said:

      *sigh* I am adulting too hard. Maybe I am too tired? Adults are KNOWN for ALWAYS being tired (i.e. borrrr-ing!). I am such an adult!Ok, just going to put my head down and cry a little now.Back to the book review: my first thought, after the "oh I love the super cute sparkly cover!" thought was:"I wonder if that is really a goat, and they glued that horn to its head 'cuz it sure as anything acts like a goat."Yep, I am an adult. A very tired, cranky, borrrr-ing, adulty-adult. *sigh*All that aside, [...]

    4. Jocelin on said:

      A little girl sees an ad for a unicorn for only .25. She pays her money and patiently waits for her "unicorn". When she finally receives her unicorn, it is nothing what she expected. She imagined herself and her unicorn (goat with a cone on its head) as having sparkly adventures. Of course, she doesn't get that and she tries to make the best of it. Sparkle is not easy to manage.What I like about this book was the patience the little girl showed towards Sparkle. It was rough going at first, but s [...]

    5. Mary on said:

      Lucy's dearest wish is for a unicorn that she can name Sparkle, but when she finally gets one it isn't at all like she imagined. An engaging story with an affirming message about wishes, expectations, acceptance, and love.

    6. Heather on said:

      Slightly predictable but completely, delightfully exuberant story of a girl named Lucy and her new pet unicorn, which looks distinctly goatish rather than the elegant magical creature Lucy expects. This book is great to read aloud (as long as you can make the appropriate bleating noises). Would pair well with other unicorn picture books - Uni the Unicorn and Lily the Unicorn - for a fun storytime.

    7. Lynn on said:

      Calling all unicorn lovers! This story also tells the reader about unexpected results as we feel the emotions of desire, rejection, and acceptance. My heart almost audibly gasped when she put Sparkle into the truck!Full color illustrations, cartoonish lines, text nicely spaced in various locations around each page.

    8. Gemma on said:

      Very cute and touching story, made all the more so with soft and colorful illustrations. A touch of kid (no pun intended) humour & a true-to-life message that sometimes it takes time and understanding to appreciate someone/something for who they are.

    9. Barbara on said:

      Lucy is thrilled when she answers an ad selling a unicorn for a quarter, and as she waits for the animal to arrive, she imagines all the fun she will have and how beautiful this creature will be. She even thinks about what colors the unicorn will be and what she name her new pet. But the unicorn is nothing like she imagined, which will clue readers into the possible reasons for Lucy getting such a great deal on a unicorn. Instead of being majestic and magical, this unicorn resembles a goat in ma [...]

    10. Katie Fitzgerald on said:

      There is a definitely a need for more unicorn books, and I think this fits better with what kids are looking for than Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great. I also think that this story is similar to The Princess and the Pony, but more preschool-appropriate and a million times better-written. It's not my favorite, but it's a solid offering for patrons looking for unicorn stories and a perfectly appropriate addition to a fantasy story time.

    11. Amber on said:

      I wish I could get a unicorn for 25 cents! Even if that unicorn looks like a goat with one horn, smells funny and has fleas! A story written in the same vein as books like "Land Shark," a young girl learns that sometimes we get what we need instead of what we thought we wanted. Or something like that.

    12. Samantha on said:

      Lucy is so excited for her pet unicorn to arrive, but when Sparkle shows up, more goat than unicorn, she struggles to see the good in him. Things change with time and Lucy starts to see Sparkle in a lovable way.Really cute illustrations, great read aloud for PreK-2.

    13. Jill Pickle on said:

      To be perfectly honest, I thought this book was going to be not enjoyable--hyper feminine and sickly sweet. But I ended up loving it. The characters were flawed, the unicorn was an animal (truly) and the ending warmed my heart. Give Sparkle Unicorn a chance. I think John Lennon said that.

    14. Beth on said:

      When Lucy orders a unicorn from an ad that declares "Unicorn, 25 Cents" she dreams of how beautiful and regal her new unicorn will be. What she expects and what she gets are two totally different things.

    15. Alison on said:

      This book was a really cute lesson about friendship and making the best with what you have. A good alternative to fantasy unicorn books

    16. Sarah on said:

      This book has glitter on the cover. Automatic 3 stars. And I loved it as well. 4 stars. The end.

    17. Lauren Kramer on said:

      Prepare for a story of mystical proportions in A Unicorn Named Sparkle by Amy Young. A young girl named Lucy discovers an ad for a unicorn that is for sale for 25 cents. She hurriedly sends in her money and eagerly awaits the unicorn's arrival.While she waits, she begins to dream about all of the things that she and her unicorn will do together. Lucy has even picked out her new pet's name: Sparkle. She also prepares a special cupcake treat to present to Sparkle.The unicorn man soon arrives with [...]

    18. Melanie on said:

      Lucy answers and ad for a unicorn. She sends in her money and waits eagerly for the delivery. While waiting she imagines what her unicorn will look like. She decides she will name him Sparkle and she will take him to show-and-tell at school.The day finally arrives and Lucy eagerly meets the delivery truck. But what comes off the truck is not at all what she imagined. He was short, his ears were to long and he had fleas! He ate everything in sight; even the underwear on the clothesline!Lucy calle [...]

    19. Lara on said:

      I'm not as gushy about this one as some of the other books I've read recently, but it's still really cute. It's a bit predictable, and I wish they'd drawn a clearer line between Lucy enjoying Sparkle for himself and her wanting him to stay. Her recognizing that he made her smile seemed more off-hand than her realizing that he's fine as he is, actually learning the lesson of the story.Still, Sparkle is a cute unicorn goat unicorn-goat. And it would definitely be a fun read-aloud book with all Luc [...]

    20. Elizabeth Kennedy on said:

      Samantha is now insisting for the moment that we log every new book we read together, as though we are going to win a prize by doing so. At least it’s helping me close the gap with my 2017 reading challenge. A Unicorn Named Sparkle is exactly what you’d expect, a cute book about a little girl and her pseudo-“unicorn,” and how even when something or someone does not quite match up with our most idealistic expectations sometimes we find they’re dearer to us than we’d realized, and that [...]

    21. Jessica on said:

      Oh, I can't love this one more! Lucy buys a unicorn named Sparkle for 25 cents. Once he arrives she finds that he isn't quite what she wanted - until he grows on her. I loved the illustrations, story and flow of this one. I'll definitely need it for story time at some point, and may just need a copy for my personal collection.

    22. Maria on said:

      What can be better than having a pet Unicorn, and the best thing, it's only $.25. Lucy is very excited to get her new pet Unicorn, and his name will be Sparkle! But what happens when Sparkle isn't quite what Lucy imagined?

    23. Katie on said:

      Unicorns are all the rage right now and this book was so cute! I loved the unicorn that really looked like a goat and evolution of their relationship. Good book to use for expectations versus reality.

    24. Mark Adams on said:

      Everyone needs “A Unicorn Named Sparkle!” For a quarter I would have answered the ad as a kid.

    25. Anna on said:

      The story was surprisingly short, but it's just really stinkin' cute.

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