Barefoot with a Bad Boy

Roxanne St. Claire

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Barefoot with a Bad Boy

Barefoot with a Bad Boy A man who trusts no one is forced to believe the unbelievable For years former spy Gabriel Rossi has been secretly searching for CIA linguist Isadora Winter a woman he loved and lost long ago But re

  • Title: Barefoot with a Bad Boy
  • Author: Roxanne St. Claire
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 267
  • Format: ebook
  • A man who trusts no one is forced to believe the unbelievable For years, former spy Gabriel Rossi has been secretly searching for CIA linguist Isadora Winter, a woman he loved and lost long ago But recently, he learned of her untimely death in an accidentd death of her son named Gabe Angry, hurt, and uncertain of his next move, Gabe is stunned when a woman he s nA man who trusts no one is forced to believe the unbelievable For years, former spy Gabriel Rossi has been secretly searching for CIA linguist Isadora Winter, a woman he loved and lost long ago But recently, he learned of her untimely death in an accidentd death of her son named Gabe Angry, hurt, and uncertain of his next move, Gabe is stunned when a woman he s never met approaches him on the beach and claims to be Isadora She doesn t look, act, or talk like his beloved Isa, but she knows things about their past that only a lover could know, and she assures him that his son is alive as well As much as he wants to believe her and knows that in the spy world, anything is possible, doubts and distrust plague him Still, he sees glimmers of the woman he once knew shine through and she begins to melt his hardened heart A woman who is tortured by emotions must endure the pain of love Lila Wickham has been working deep undercover for so long that sometimes she s forgotten who she really is Now that her assignment is over and the surgeries she endured left her utterly changed, she is determined to fix the broken life she left behind and assure that her little boy is safe With lingering threats from an unknown source and blinding headaches that torment her whenever she feels deep emotion, she seeks Gabe Rossi for help and protection But instead of setting her up with a new undercover identity, he insists on luring her nemesis to Barefoot Bay so he can end the threat to Lila and her son once and for all Can they survive the worst betrayal of all Even if they succeed in drawing out the killer who has Lila in his sights, a much serious threat hovers over thema treacherous, deadly truth that could not only destroy their love but end their lives as well.

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    One thought on “Barefoot with a Bad Boy

    1. UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish on said:

      4.5 StarsBarefoot with a Bad Boy is the 3rd book in Roxanne St. Claire’s Barefoot Bay Undercover series. It’s a story filled with passion, adventure, romance and lots of humor. Blurb…A man who trusts no one is forced to believe the unbelievableFor years, former spy Gabriel Rossi has been secretly searching for CIA linguist Isadora Winter, a woman he loved and lost long ago. But recently, he learned of her untimely death in an accidentd death of her son named Gabe. Angry, hurt, and uncertai [...]

    2. Jonetta on said:

      Gabe Rossi is still reeling after learning of Isadora (Isa) Winter's death. Unfortunately, soon after learning she had his son, he finds out he died before he was two years old. He's rudderless until a mysterious woman named Lila Wickham approaches him one night with an incredible story that completely changes his life. I won't say much about the details of the story but this was one I couldn't put down. It surpassed my expectations and was worthy of Gabe Rossi. Lila's history was pretty incredi [...]

    3. ◊♦ Naomi on said:

      Guys, I'm speechless. I think I've just read the best romantic suspense in the history of romantic suspense. Barefoot with a Bad Boy was phenomenal, gigantic, extraordinary, mind blowing, the perfect book. We've been waiting for Gabe Rossi's story for years now and I can tell you, the wait was worth it. It was worth every minute and every hour, I believe Roxanne St. Claire has become one of my favorite author ever. My mind cannot process how amazing that book was, I'm feeling completely lost and [...]

    4. Julie on said:

      Barefoot with a Bad Boy by Roxanne St. Claire is a 2016 publication. I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I have enjoyed every one of the books in the Barefoot Bay series. I like that you can read them in order or not, read the trilogy arcs, or the entire long running series, this being the fourteenth installment. In this story, Gabe Rossi, is the hero who lost everything he ever wanted when his beloved Isadora left him for an undercover assignment, never to return [...]

    5. Jonel Boyko on said:

      Once again St. Claire has created a novel I simply couldn’t put down. Not only was this story intense & fast paced throughout, but the intricate backstory that St. Claire presented had my heart on my sleeve. The combination of everyday life in Barefoot Bay with the very spy-esque premise was fantastic. There were definitely some plot twists and turns that I never saw coming. St. Claire combines with best of real romance with subtle intrigue and some all-out action throughout to create a wh [...]

    6. RachelW (BamaGal) on said:

      I really like this series, but I had a hard time buying into the premise of this one. Gabe’s storyline has been weaving in and out of the earlier books, so much of the background is already known to the reader. We've all been waiting for his story.Lila leaves the love of her life Gabe to do super important undercover work for the CIA, work that absolutely no one else in the world could do except her. He’s been looking for her ever since. Lila has had plastic surgery, breast reduction, liposu [...]

    7. Pj Ausdenmore on said:

      Readers first met Gabriel Rossi when he appeared as a secondary character in Roxanne St. Claire's Guardian Angelinos series. The mysterious CIA agent set hearts a'flutter and left us begging for more of the sexy, smart-mouthed, bad boy of the Rossi clan. It took a few years - and a move from Boston to an island off the coast of Florida - but he's finally back with a story that is all I could have hoped ford more. There is nothing easy about this book and that's what makes it so wonderful. It's d [...]

    8. Quynh on said:

      I've been waiting for Gabe's book ever since he appeared in The Guardian Angelinos series. I always imagined a heroine deserving of him enough but can also bring him to his knees. A heroine that's strong enough to match him but also challenge him. And the author definitely delivered in Lila/Isadora.Book 1 and 2 built up to this finale. Gabe thought he lost the woman he loved along with his only son. Until a woman shows up claiming to be Isadora and that his son is also alive and well. In a world [...]

    9. Sonia Cristina on said:

      I've waited so many years to read Gabe Rossi's HEA and I still can't believe it's done! Far from the rest of the Rossis - and Angelinos - and living and working now in the beautiful venue of Barefoot Bay, Gabe finds the woman he fell in love so many years ago and thought dead - or she finds him - along with a son. Through some terrible circunstances, they have to learn again to deal with each other and working together to find the enemy that wants them bad. Still the hardest part is for Gabe tru [...]

    10. LaFleurBleue on said:

      Gabe's story was built up over the last 2 books, with his character mysteriously and almost mythically developped over an even longer number of books. So that creates high expectations which are difficult to reach.The overall plot seemed a bit far-fetched (view spoiler)[, with the heroine coming back completely and so thoroughly transformed that she's completely and thoroughly unrecognisable by anyone, physically and voice(hide spoiler)]. The heroine's character was not easily grasped and accept [...]

    11. Michelle the Romance Witch on said:

      MILD SPOILERS:The story we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. For long-time fans of Ms. St. Claire’s romance suspense novels you know who Gabe Rossi is and you have been dying to see him find his match for years, which is a category I can say I fall into whole-heartedly. Gabe’s story is one that has been building for the last three novels in real intensity, setting up the circumstances of the book and even offering us an idea of exactly what we could expect. Roxanne has a unique [...]

    12. Terri on said:

      I received this book in exchange for an honest review, but I'm not sure I can do this book justice with my review. It was the best book I've read for quite awhile. It is a suspenseful romance that really keeps you on the edge of your seat while you read. Everyone who has read Ms. St. Claire's books has been waiting for Gabe's story. It was well worth the wait.Gabe had finally found the love he'd been waiting for. He loved everything about Isadora, but she didn't love him enough to stay. Then he [...]

    13. Cindi on said:

      I'm so depressedI purchased this book the day it came out (which helps authors, I'm told) but saved it for a special read. I'm on vacation at the gulf coast, I get to lay out in the not-too-hot sun and do nothing; THIS is the special time. So I started BBB and it was so much fun to read Gabe's happily ever after! But now I'm done with it and there's no more Barefoot :( I've read them all and loved them all, especially this suspense trilogy. Now I have to waitWhat can I say about this story? Rock [...]

    14. Sunny (Kindles & Wine Book Blog) on said:

      Having just finished my favorite Barefoot Bay story (and there have been so many great ones), I have to give major props to Roxanne St. Claire for her GRAND FINALE to the Barefoot Bay Undercover trilogy, Barefoot with a Bad Boy. She masterfully tied up all of the loose ends that have lingered throughout the series, as well as provided a shockingly perfect romantic suspense for Gabe and Lila.I have totally loved Gabe Rossi throughout this trilogy. The vulnerability he experienced in earlier stori [...]

    15. Liza on said:

      Review copy provided by publisherThere are times when you meet a secondary character in a book and you just want to know more about that character. Gabriel Rossi is that character for me from Roxanne St. Claire. I've wanted Gabe's story from the first time he appeared on the page back in the Guardian Angelinos series. I'm one of those readers who always wanted to know more about Gabe and wanted him to find happiness. Well, Gabriel Rossi fans, Roxanne St. Claire not only gave us Gabe's book, she [...]

    16. Paula Robinson on said:

      I received a copy of this book for an honest review. I have been a long time fan of Roxanne St. Claire since her romantic suspense days, and I was a little reluctant to move with her when she wrote her contemporary romances. Needless to say, I am glad I made the jump. If not I would have missed the best book she has ever written. Barefoot with a Bad Boy is a great blend of both her worlds. St. Claire's voice sings throughout it all. I first fell in love with Gabriel "Gabe" Rossi when he entered [...]

    17. Sue on said:

      Barefoot With a Bad Boy is a fast paced romantic suspense that sucked me in and didn't want to let me go. Gabe is a former spy now in the security business with his own private agenda. Lily is a mysterious woman who is not at all who she appears to be.I really enjoyed Barefoot With a Bad Boy and didn't want to put it down! Roxanne's smooth, well paced writing along with great characters and a unique, believable plot kept me feeling like I was in this story with Lily and Gabe. Lily and Gabe are a [...]

    18. Susan Parkes on said:

      I received and ARC of this book for an honest review. Phenomenal suspenseful romance story telling by the wonderful Roxanne St Claire and a MOST DEFINITE well deserved 5 stars for this book. I have also read all the Barefoot Bay books so I could not wait for Gabe's story to come into words.Well what a story Gabe Rossi has - this book answers all the questions on why Gabe an ex CIA agent is the way he is and what happened to the people he thinks he has lost in his life. Gabe thinks the woman he l [...]

    19. Mona on said:

      Loved itMs. St. Claire has brought us our Bad Boy Gabriel Rossi. She has shown us just what Gabe lost. He has been hit hard with that loss. If his sister hadn't shown him those words on the computer he wouldn't have believed it. Well that's until Lila Wickman approaches him on the beach of Barefoot Bayaiming to be something that can not be. It literally turns his world upside down which is putting it mildly. What to do with the information she throws at him he isn't sure. She has to be a spy of [...]

    20. Lisa on said:

      Well finally we get a Gabe Rossi book. Feels like it's been ages waiting. It's hard to read a book you have been waiting for for so long but exciting too. There are expectations. Gabe was this larger than life character to many fans of Roxanne St Claire's Guardian Angelino's series. When that series was dropped for various reasons she was able to keep those characters alive in her Barefoot series of books. I am so glad she found a way to do that. Barefoot Undercover finally tells what happened t [...]

    21. Brandi on said:

      I received this book in exchange for an honest review.With that out of the way, all I can say is WOW!!!!This is the last of the Barefoot Bay Bodyguard Trilogy. Ms. Roxanne St. Clair ended this trilogy with a bang! You don’t have to read the other books to appreciate this story. If you have read any of the Barefoot Bay Bodyguard Trilogy, you already have an idea of whom and what you think makes Gabe Rossi tick. Well with this book, Roxanne has finally told his story. Put your detective hat on, [...]

    22. Kay Pflueger on said:

      Disclaimer: I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.I have read all the Barefoot Bay books by Roxanne St. Claire and have been anxiously waiting for this one. Gabe Rossi has been mourning the loss of the love of his life and of the son he never knew. A woman shows up in Barefoot Bay claiming to be his lost love Isadora she looks different and sounds different but something about her is the same. Gabe struggles to accept that she might be his beloved Isa and Lila/Isadora [...]

    23. Pennie Morgan on said:

      Gabe Rossi is the ultimate bad boy and it is about time he received his HEA. Years after leaving Cuba and after finding out Isabella and his son were killed he is just coming to grips with this reality when his world is turned upside down with the arrival of Lila Wickham at the resort. Secrets are uncovered, super spy tricks are employed, intrigue abounds, and, of course, all the love that goes with Uncle Nino is used both in and out of the kitchen (I could almost smell the peppers and onions). [...]

    24. Isha Coleman on said:

      Reading is believing. This story is marvelous. Barefoot With A Bad Boy answers so many questions about Gabe. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Barefoot With a Bad Boy is the final link in the chain of a series that is laden with suspense, powerful performances by well developed characters and an exceptionally gifted writer. Ms. St. Claire's writing expertise is put on full display with Gabe and Isa. As a reader the more complicated the plot I tend to shy away from but this read [...]

    25. Amy Williams on said:

      First of all, I have been waiting for Gabe and Isa's book for a while now. Let me tell youI was not disappointed! You finally get the whole story as to why Isa had to "die" and what Gabe went through. Ida had to go deep under cover and by that, she had to physically change. Someone is after her now whether it be her own company, the CIA, or someone else, she must go to Barefoot bay to find Gabe and get his help to protect her and their son. She must tell Gabe the truth about herself and their so [...]

    26. Kelly on said:

      Barefoot with a bad boy is a great book. This is Gabriel story, the beginning the previous book filling you with questions and now this book delivers on them. Gabe is mourning his loss of his Lost love Isadora, who is out died. Or did she? Lila walks into his life and says she can answer all his questions. Can she trust her? Spies never trust anyone, especially another spy. But does he have a choice? She may be the answer to saving his son and Isadora. With the help of his family and friends, He [...]

    27. Diane Saul on said:

      Five years ago Isadora Winters left Gabe Rossi for a deep undercover CIA assignment. Gabe finds out later that Isa had his son but he believes they were both killed in Cuba. Now Lila Wickham shows up claiming to be Isa. She looks nothing like Isa but she knows things she shouldn't know, things that happened between Gabe and Isa. Is it really Isa or an imposter? When she shows Gabe a picture of a 4 year old boy there is no doubt it his his son. Gabe is determined to keep his son safe and wants to [...]

    28. TJ on said:

      4.5/5.0Oh yeah! Rocky is back on her game in a fabulous way! After being a bit disappointed with the last installment of the Barefoot Bay Undercover series, I was a little worried as to whether the set-up for this story would fly. But, oh how it flew! I can't say I loved Lily/Isa - the jury's still out on that one - but there is no denying Gabe is everything we have dreamed of from the moment he stole the stage in this big, beloved family. And the suspense and intrigue? Played to perfection, fol [...]

    29. Nelle on said:

      I was lucky enough to get the ARC, in exchange for an honest reviewat said, O.M.G Finally, sexy, smart mouth, Gabe gets his girlor does he? I loved the story and adored his son, Rafe, the little terror!

    30. Visionary on said:

      Review courtesy of Romance JunkiesGabriel Rossi, Gabe to family and friends, is a former spy. He operates his own version of a witness protection program in the picturesque and balmy Barefoot Bay, Florida. Gabe’s new career change is a clever front to allow him close to Cuba enough to search for a former lover’s whereabouts. With his sister’s computer skills, he learns Isadora bore him a child yet both died in Cuba. Mourning their deaths, Gabe is approached by an icy, mysterious blonde pro [...]

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