Murder by Matchlight

E.C.R. Lorac

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Murder by Matchlight

Murder by Matchlight On a damp November evening in wartime London a young chemist sits on a bench in Regent s Park and watches as an approaching stranger suddenly disappears beneath a footbridge Seconds later another fig

  • Title: Murder by Matchlight
  • Author: E.C.R. Lorac
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • On a damp November evening in wartime London, a young chemist sits on a bench in Regent s Park and watches as an approaching stranger suddenly disappears beneath a footbridge Seconds later another figure appears on the same overpass, stops to smoke and discard a cigarette, and strikes a match that briefly illuminates a face beyond his own Through the succeeding darknessOn a damp November evening in wartime London, a young chemist sits on a bench in Regent s Park and watches as an approaching stranger suddenly disappears beneath a footbridge Seconds later another figure appears on the same overpass, stops to smoke and discard a cigarette, and strikes a match that briefly illuminates a face beyond his own Through the succeeding darkness come the sounds of a thud and a falling body then silence.Thus begins this chilling mystery from the Golden Age of Detective Fiction by Edith Caroline Rivett, author of than seventy books written under the pseudonyms of E C R Lorac and Carol Carnac Murder by Matchlight features Scotland Yard s imperturbable Chief Inspector Robert Macdonald, who is tasked with finding the killer of the man on the bridge His only evidence a set of bicycle tracks that come to an abrupt end His suspects a colorful cast that includes the shy, soft spoken witness, a respected London physician, a screenwriter, an unemployed laborer, and a vaudevillian specializing in illusions a lively group whose questionable activities will keep readers guessing until the final twist and turn of this deftly plotted whodunit.

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      285 E.C.R. Lorac
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    One thought on “Murder by Matchlight

    1. Susan Johnson on said:

      I received this book from Net Galley. Thank you. This is a Golden Age mystery book originally written in 1945. It perfectly captures the setting of war time in England. The descriptions of the bombing and the shelters were realistic probably because it was written in that time. I loved Chief Inspector Macdonald and would like to read more with him. I'll have to check and see if there are more books featuring him. First of all, I really needed this book. After reading two books that featured grue [...]

    2. Olga Godim on said:

      2.5 starsI received the Kindle version of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This is the first time I read this author, and no surprise. The novel was first published in 1945. It belongs to the Golden Age of British detective fiction, but I wasn’t impressed. The writing was mediocre, the story faintly boring, the editing dismal, and the characters flat. Let me elaborate.WritingThe author’s language was very dry, with no emotional subtext, not in the story and not in t [...]

    3. Tracey on said:

      It's so lovely to find a new-to-me golden age mystery, and one that almost lives up to favorites of its era. Murder by Matchlight – which I received through Netgalley, thanks very much – is a Dover reissue of a book originally published in 1945, the story of a murder in a park in London as the war continues to rage across the Channel.And it was wonderfully enjoyable. The mystery is a lovely puzzle, with the wartime setting, some fun and exotic elements, and sheer happenstance combining into [...]

    4. Bandit on said:

      Classic British mysteries always put me in mind of the great Agatha Christie. This wasn't quite that strong, but entertaining enough in its own right. A charming, but reprobate scoundrel gets himself killed during a blackout in the 1944 London and it's up to Chief Inspector MacDonald to solve the crime. Suspicion's net falls on a pretty interesting cast of characters, from circus performers to professors. It's sort of a locked building mystery if you will and at that it is quite Christielike. Ku [...]

    5. Judy Lesley on said:

      This novel is a prime example of the good mysteries I find when I seek out Dover Mystery Classics. For me, the intriguing aspect of this novel is that the mystery takes place in November of 1944 and the book was originally published in 1945. I got the definite feeling that the author had been exposed to the conditions which played such an important part in the setting of this novel. In these modern times it is difficult to imagine a city the size of London being so dark at night that people coul [...]

    6. Christine Cody on said:

      What a shame these books are so rare and hard to findour library, which has many of the great series of the Golden Age and beyond, complete, has only this one Robert MacDonald, and this is #25 in the series. What wonderful characters Lorac creates and the tale she spins so intricate. Just as McDonald pulls in the various suspects, the author pulls in the reader, always twisting, turning, letting us peek for a second at understanding then, oops, we're lost again, left to ponder the secrets and li [...]

    7. M. on said:

      A young man whose girlfriend could not get away from her military service sits alone in a darkened park during the Blitz, not far from a small bridge. Then a match flickers and two faces appear on the bridge. The match dies out and a sickening sound mars the dark. So begins Murder by Matchlight.This is the second book I've read by E.C.R. Lorac, and I have come to understand that one of her strengths are her characters. They are not lifeless stock players, but become rather real people by the tim [...]

    8. Crittermom on said:

      I like reading classic mysteries in part because they have a complexity rarely seen in modern mysteries. Method and motive are rarely straightforward, so readers need to think, to work through the narrative rather than simply observe.Murder by Matchlight is a cleverly plotted whodunit set against the backdrop of wartime London. This unusual mystery makes a delightful change of pace, challenging the reader to discover not only who the killer is, but how the murder was successfully carried through [...]

    9. John on said:

      This is just the sort of detective story that I like. The murder happens in the first few pages and all of the evidence about how and why and by whom is discovered by the detective. Chief Inspector Macdonald is in the same vein as Crofts' Inspector French or Bellairs' Inspector Littlejohn being thorough, painstaking and clever but humane as well. A very likeable character. A man is hit on the head and killed in Regents Park during the wartime blackout. There were several witnesses unseen in the [...]

    10. ❇Critterbee on said:

      Murder by Matchlight is a fascinating and challenging mystery set in Word War II London.A murder that seems rather impossible. Competent and methodical police detectives. A wide variety of suspects and people of interest, including magicians, doctors, historians, out-of-work snoops and a commando. All set among bombing runs and the blackout.On an inky November night of compulsory blackout in wartime London, a chemist takes an impromptu jaunt through the park after hearing news that his lady is u [...]

    11. Apryl Anderson on said:

      Utterly fascinating, this! Not that it was a cliffhanger by any means. It seemed to require a bit of determination on my part, in contrast with today’s mystery thrillers. To its credit, the characters—everyman in his time and place—ruled the day. Lorac certainly had to have relied upon his personal experience to set the stage: Dark and foggy London during the Blitz, stiff upper lip and loose lips sink ships, vaudeville entertainers, transient Irishmen, changing times in the midst of Britai [...]

    12. Vanessa on said:

      Well-paced Golden Age mystery; it's always a joy to find a new series and Inspector MacDonald appears to be a detective that a reader can sink his or her teeth into. Leans away from upper-classes that Christie is so fond of and firmly towards the lower-middle and middle classes - there are definitely no hunting parties at the Castle hereabouts and we're all the better for it. Stands out for an especially insightful scene set in a bomb shelter during the Blitz.I received a free Ecopy from the pub [...]

    13. Leyla Johnson on said:

      What a lovely book - full twist and turns and very likeable characters. Written in the London blitz era, it really portrays the condition of the time. I really like the detail that was put into writing this book, It isn't a fast moving book, with lots of violence and chases, but more a sedate read with a mystery that develops the more that one reads, and finally all the ends get tied up very satisfactorily in the final chapter. A great one for lovers of English style mysteries

    14. Pam Thomas on said:

      our intrepid Scotland Yards finest detective has to solve the killer of the man on the bridge. Set in the wartime where everyone was not above suspicion and all the clues he has are a tyre track which ends abruptly and in the eerie silence all that was heard was the thud of the body falling.

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