Matters of State

A. Phallus Si

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Matters of State

Matters of State Situated at the edge of the galaxy Space Portal Vector Z is the last stop before the Void of Between Primarily accessible via a wormhole it attracts a clientele of merchants adventurers and m

  • Title: Matters of State
  • Author: A. Phallus Si
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 433
  • Format: ebook
  • Situated at the edge of the galaxy, Space Portal Vector 7Z 218 is the last stop before the Void of Between Primarily accessible via a wormhole, it attracts a clientele of merchants, adventurers, and mercenaries Hidden beneath its battered exterior, SPV houses a vibrant community of free spirited species who adhere to a live and let live policy Damien Altamura has spentSituated at the edge of the galaxy, Space Portal Vector 7Z 218 is the last stop before the Void of Between Primarily accessible via a wormhole, it attracts a clientele of merchants, adventurers, and mercenaries Hidden beneath its battered exterior, SPV houses a vibrant community of free spirited species who adhere to a live and let live policy Damien Altamura has spent his whole life on SPV7Z 218, and as the Captain s son he s reaped the benefits and rubbed elbows with all the influential clients moving through this end of the galaxy Self assured, he s never been at a loss until Hayden Ferrier, captain of the Rebellion Suddenly, nothing s clear at all.

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      433 A. Phallus Si
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    One thought on “Matters of State

    1. Emma Sea on said:

      “I didn’t traverse 12,000 kiloparsecs in the last six cycles, achieve the rank of Kapit, and smuggle Boson lasers for your father just to fuck you.”I'm bursting with pride that I'm friends with this author. I loved this; it hit my favorite tropes for age gap, surreptitious claiming, exhibitionism, "mine", dirty talk, and has a plot. I found the entire setup completely believable and the world building was great: I imagine McCaffrey's FSP ships docking at SPV before they head out into the g [...]

    2. Vivian on said:

      Due to a conflict of interest I can't rate this.Follow on story planned, details and blurbs:**HERE***************************************And yes, Strange Charm takes place in the same SPV.

    3. SheReadsALot on said:

      “With a deep breath, he pulled in the scent of his boy, his beloved.“So hard and desperate with your cock dripping.” He wrapped a hand around it and gave a couple firm tugs along the shaft. “This is mine, now. Mine.”4.5 Stars--Well, beam the fuck up, Scotty! Baby is on planet FUCKSTARS after reading "Matters of State".This had my favorite things! Let me get over my excitement to enumerate them:1) Age Gap *quelts*2) Interspecies Bonding (Maybe a little forced) *growls* Hayden is a slick [...]

    4. Optimist ♰King's Wench♰ & MANTIES Champion on said:

      Kinky Space Fuckery!I didn't think sci-fi when I initially read this prompt but it works.Damien is a young man moving up the ranks on SPV under the tutelage of his father. Damien, when not working, spends his free time in the Pleasure District happily gyrating his way through the clubs and various bed partners, though his thoughts frequently return to the elusive and taciturn Captain Hayden Ferrier.Captain Ferrier unnerves Damien at every turn, always undressing him with his eyes and looking at [...]

    5. ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ on said:

      Matters of State is an entertaining, sexy space opera with fairly extensive world building for such a short story. Some of the politics went right over my head, and I wanted more kinky action once Damien and Hayden got together, but I enjoyed the talk of bonding and mating. Thumbs up for Hayden's possessive growling and delicious dirty talk, both of which were mantie melting!

    6. Sunny on said:

      So many grins as I read this story. I love this world, with all the creative details that are slipped in. The characters are my favorite, though. The level of heat as they started exploring that sweet D/s dynamic? *fans self* I was squirming.This is where I'll put my official request for another story or two. I want more of Damien and Hayden, because I can't get enough of Hayden playing with Damien, and Damien's reaction to all of it. So flippin' hot. And reallywe so need a public sex scene.And [...]

    7. R * A Reader Obsessed * on said:

      4.5 Stars!Geezus. This was freaking awesome! You’ve got space, aliens, claiming - fabulously wrapped up in some serious UST until it culminates into all sorts of hot-dirty-wonderful. The cherry on top is the growly possession made that much better with a good sprinkling of jealousy and protectiveness. UNF!Apparently this just pushed all my buttons. Why the hell is this only 49 pages? Where’s the rest of Damien and Hayden’s adventure? How the heck do I get more? Dammit!! I seriously would k [...]

    8. Chelsea on said:

      This was a great story. but i'm not going to talk about the story. Just the sex :D This had one of the hottest most descriptive rim-job's I've read!! I just kept staring at the words as they made a visual image for me. IT. WAS. HOT!!! Then there was their first time phew all that rough fucking and ass clenching "Ride me boy. Show me how much you want it." *shivers* Just delicious!Also all that growling possessiveness mixed well with Hayden's willingness to let other watch, or at times, 'interact [...]

    9. KatieMc on said:

      A creative intergalactic/interspecies romp, with echos from last year's DRitC entry Strange Charm. If you like the possessive daddy-esque trope, you will find this yummy. It's filled with good humor:“He was assisting in docking assignments for the gala when he became intrigued by your dimensions.”There are also plenty of nuggets planted for more follow stories in this verse.Reader tip - load it up in your ereader so you can get the quick access to dictionary/ definitions. The author has some [...]

    10. Don Bradshaw on said:

      Fuckstars, this is no simple fluffernutter of a story. It is a well thought out short sci-fi adventure. This being the second short that I've read by A. Phallus Si, I have to say that the author's writing is getting better with time. Set on a solar outpost in deep space, many species occupy or visit the station with each bring their own peculiar customs and cultures. Damien is the station commander's horn dawg eighteen cycle old son who would do just about anything to practice some serious docki [...]

    11. Meep on said:

      3*-4* Well that was highly entertaining.Lots of exhibitionism, some dirty talk, steam, some kink - admit I skimmed some of that, but did enjoy Damien's confidence and attitude through-out. No shy wallflower there! And refreshingly no shame.A lot was fit into this short story, the courting, several different races and a smuggling plot, felt it could easily have been a longer story or have more parts. But it was interesting, something different that bubbled cheerfully over, I followed the link to [...]

    12. Makhda on said:

      F*ck. Chemistry overload. It was so sensual I could taste it. You're right, SRAL. You know me so well. There's gotta be a sequel, right? There's no way it would just end like that. I really really hope this would be a full length novel Am I asking too much? I hope not *grin*Thank you for participating in this event and sharing this with us, Dear Author. <3

    13. ♣ Irish Smurfétté ♣ on said:

      Holy fuckstars, batman!!Let's check the boxes, shall we? Yes, let's!My sci-fi loving heart was most satisfied with the names and the protocols and the spacey politics.My sexy times loving heart was most satisfied with the chemistry twixt Damien and Hayden.My humor loving heart was ohhhh soooo satisfied, what with Damien's sarcasm and young one ways.My I-want-more loving heart wasn't at all satisfied, but that's how it's supposed to be at the end of a fun, funny, heartfelt story. I want to know w [...]

    14. Lori on said:

      Hot space sex ftw!Coming in public.Talk of spankings.It was justhot.Deliciously so. Thank you A. Phallus Si.

    15. Lilia Ford on said:

      This story is the perfect example of why I love this event--a quick, fun, extremely sexy read, which only exists thanks to its terrific prompt, generous author, and whoever came up with the whole idea of Don't Read in the Closet. Endless gratitude to EVERYONE who made this possible.

    16. Meags on said:

      4 StarsA saucy sci-fi romance romp. Me likey!This story had a lot working for it. To begin with, the prompt is so fricken delicious, I found myself in a frozen state of appreciation for far longer than was appropriate. Once I tore my eyes away and finally got into the story, I was swiftly drawn into the remarkably imagined sci-fi world which the author so effortlessly created. The writing style was smooth; the world-building was impressive; the two lead characters were likeable and beguiling; an [...]

    17. BWT (Belen) on said:

      I loved both MC's: Captain Hayden Ferrier with his possessive growling and dirty talk and Damien Altamura with his need to be dominated while not being a milquetoast pushover.Though there was some fairly extensive world building, I found myself lost quite a number of times in trying to figure out some of the terms, etc. A glossary would have come in handy (for example - T-cycles versus T-units that like minutes, hours, or days?).I would have liked more information about what happened with Brixto [...]

    18. Bree Cheese on said:

      Fuckstars, commets, collisons and solar flares! This was fun times!

    19. Syfy on said:

      An absolutely delightful read! Clever and fun, sexy with a side of intrigue, once again leaving you wanting more of this fantastic world and its wide variety of inhabitants. Thanks a million, dear author!

    20. Eve on said:

      This was a really fun story with some very likable characters and awesome world building. I loved how ready Damien was to jump into everything and experience life to the fullest. Hayden was also a wonderful toppy character, and pretty sneaky with his wooing of Damien! Very enjoyable read that had me grinning throughout.

    21. Elizabetta on said:

      3.5 starsOhhhh man, this gets a bump up just for the delicious dirty talk and teasing kinky exhibitionism the two lovers get off on. There is also some nice world-building at this edge of the galaxy outpost… reminds me of DS-9, all the comings and goings of exotic cargo and folk. This is just a taste, but I’ll def be sampling more of this author’s work.

    22. Skye Blue ☆*~゚ლ(´ڡ`ლ)~*☆ on said:

      TEASE!!!This was good. I was sucked into the story immediately. The characters were likable very quickly. For someone who prefers her scifi on screen, instead of in words, I was surprised at how quickly I was all on board for the book.The writing was nice and flowyI did get mixed up on names a bit, but not bad.I WANT MORE. Oh, the promise of kinky f-ckerywhat was there was awesome, but it seemed to promise more to come.When I read the words THE END, I was surprised to see it. It seems like there [...]

    23. Dee on said:

      Every now and then you find a book offered for free and find a gem! This story was a treat indeed. I'm not normally a fan of sci-fi but the author made this story work, for me. Not that she wrote it 'for me' personallyokay you get the picture :)Well done, indeed!

    24. Bookbee on said:

      Please let there be more to this story! I really, really need a sequel!

    25. Fritz42 on said:

      An amazing science-fiction story with some fantastic world building. Damien is the son of the Captain who is in command of space station by a worm whole, the last stop on the way through a Void. When he first sees Captain Hayden Ferrier of the Rebellion on his 18th birthday, he is mesmerized by the handsome man. Throughout the next cycles, he receives more and more contact with the enigmatic man. Little does he know what a Caurentian courtship is like. The sex scenes between the two of them are [...]

    26. Jeanne 'Divinae' on said:

      Damien Altamura is the son of a high ranking Captain. On his eighteenth cycle he meets the devilishly handsome Captain Hayden Ferrier. Then the story skims over the next six cycles, of Damien’s crush never getting less and Hayden Ferrier not pouncing on him. Though he does act jealous of others touching Damien. It leaves him confused. Captain Jayden Ferrier isn’t human(though he looks like one). His kind have protocols and different ways when it comes to courting and finding a mate. Sadly, D [...]

    27. Sarah_loves_books on said:

      The writing and world building are excellent. The story is well built, we get to learn more and more about the world while we progress.What I learned is maybe I shouldn't choose to read about alien cultures, even if they're in space. The Earth so called Western culture may be enough for me to deal with.It was very imaginative. And I would recommend it to readers who enjoy scifi-erotica involving different alien cultures and species.

    28. Lumina on said:

      For such a short story this was just great! I love sci-fi not to mention age-gap, dirty talk, exhibitionism and possessiveness. The world-building is amazing for such a short story but the plot gives too many loose ends. I have more questions than answers after I've finished this. Please give me another 150 pages with those characters.

    29. Erika on said:

      Hmm.This story was fun for me at first, like an extra sexy M/M sci fi Harlequin novel space opera mashup featuring the usual Harlequin inspired ultra possessive and growly male. However, when the Hetaerae (another species) showed up it started to become a bit disjointed to me, like there were whole chapters missing between the action that was shown. Because of this, some things were downright perplexing, but I would love to read a longer, more fleshed out version of this story. Now that would be [...]

    30. Spark on said:

      Only taking a star away because the story ended where it did - and quite abruptly, I felt. I shall be forever left to wonder what happened with the several subplot stories (or not? Please, please, pretty please, dear author?) I liked the tension, the emotion, the slow reveal, the familial relations and the sense of growing. I liked Hayden's stradfastness and quiet control, and I definitely loved Damien's surety and competence outside the personal interractions. Capable sub kink much? :D I would [...]

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