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Logan In this continuing saga the seven brothers in arms who have retired to their little slice of heaven finds themselves embroiled with some kind of mastermind criminal ring With suspicions rising about

  • Title: Logan
  • Author: Jordan Silver
  • ISBN: 9781514642986
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this continuing saga, the seven brothers in arms who have retired to their little slice of heaven finds themselves embroiled with some kind of mastermind criminal ring With suspicions rising about the death of their old friend the commander, Logan has his hands full with his new lady love A little firebrand who doesn t fear the SEAL not even a little bit and is set onIn this continuing saga, the seven brothers in arms who have retired to their little slice of heaven finds themselves embroiled with some kind of mastermind criminal ring With suspicions rising about the death of their old friend the commander, Logan has his hands full with his new lady love A little firebrand who doesn t fear the SEAL not even a little bit and is set on giving him fits at every turn.

    • Unlimited [Christian Book] Ü Logan - by Jordan Silver ✓
      422 Jordan Silver
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    One thought on “Logan

    1. Snow on said:

      OMG!This was even worse than the first book!WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?!

    2. Diana Rising on said:

      I loved, loved, loved this book. So, first you want to read Connor , the first of the seven SEALs who have retired together to Georgia, and started finding the loves of their lives.Logan is the leader of the group. They retired from the Navy, but have found there is some trouble in the paradise they retired to. In Connor, they were trying to figure out if a group was running drugs into their town, and found that the bad guys had used Connor's lady-love's charity to launder some money. They stopp [...]

    3. Raine on said:

      After reading for the second time I am struck with the fact that I feel shafted by not reading about the Gaby and Logan from the beginning of their romance. There was that part in Connor that shows when Gaby is at the bar dancing with some other guy and Logan grabs her and forces her to sit next to him for the rest of the night and then takes her home. We don't really hear anything in the first book except that Logan and Gaby are together. And in this book they start in the middle!!! I really wa [...]

    4. CC on said:

      2.5 stars. Did not love Logan and did not like Gaby (? Sad I cannot remember her name) at all! The story did not allow you to connect with them and I could not figure out at all what brought them together or kept them together. Logan was cold and distant. Always complaining about her both verbally and inside his head. The other story lines are taking over and we are losing sight of the main couple. This was a safe book. Just did not like it all that much.

    5. C.J. on said:

      Great second part to the series. Loved Gabriella, she had lots of spirit and I liked that she was always up to mischief. Looking forward to Zak and Vanessa's story.

    6. Jennifer Kennedy on said:

      I devoured this book yesterday and today I am going to reread Connor and Logan AGAIN!!! Jordan has sky rocketed to the top of my favorite author list, since I found her in late feb 2015. This series has what I want, hot uber alpha men, sassy women, plot twist and hints of things to come. For those who seemed to miss ite guys call Logan"Lo", and Connor "Con", we have the set ups for future books Ty and Victoria, Zak and Nessa. Again people seemed to miss some thingsNessa was a marine, and had a p [...]

    7. Jennifer Finn on said:

      This is the second book in the SEAL Team Seven series. Logan is a former Navy Seal who retired & moved to a quiet town in Georgia with six of his Navy "brothers". The seven men inherited a large chunk of land from their deceased Commander & built houses inside their own gated community. They started their own Construction Company that is doing very well & making them all a lot of money. Logan is engaged to Gaby & she is planning their double wedding along with Dani, Connor's fian [...]

    8. Hot Reading Mom on said:

      So as soon as I saw the link in my email for this baby I downloaded. I have been waiting on the next book in this series for a while. Nice setup in this book for additional stories. I must say the punishment of sexm. I thinking I like that idea! Who wouldn't be a bit sassy for that kind of servicing.

    9. Carol on said:

      Amazing story, Love the hot alpha seals, the story line very good , mystery in town and around keeps you waiting to see what happens next.Love Jordan's work she is awesome author, .buy her work always.

    10. Nana Pickrell on said:

      Another great book from Jordan Silver. I was so happy she felt she was able to go back to the Seal Team 7 series. It was definitely worth the wait. I can't wait to read about the rest of the team!

    11. Djg on said:

      While I like this series and I liked this book, I had issues with this couple. When it starts, they've been together over a month and I feel gyped not getting to see their relationship evolve. Unlike Connor and Dani who started with a literal bang but were very tender and sweet.The biggest problem is Gabriella, she was immature, spoiled and too stupid to live. I actually wish he would have beat her a$$ black and blue because after she did something tstl, she didn't even get that she put others i [...]

    12. Tom Carbone on said:

      Sadly I have gone back to this novel several times and have been put off by the vocabulary and descriptive sexual content. I wasn't quite sure if I had a serious work of fiction in my hands or an article from Hustler Magazine. After multiple attempts I came to the realization that there just didn't appear to be anything in this novel capable of holding my attention and interest.I put this aside unfinished.

    13. beth myrick on said:

      Of courseThese guys are serious alphas, and who is our genius alpha writer, ohat's jordan Silver. These guys are a book load of alpha. No lie there. Logan was quite extreme, and I have a feeling when Tyler and Cord get their stories, well it's gonna get really rough for the women they take on.

    14. sammie on said:

      Let's see. A HOT ALPHA, a heroine who is a troublemaker, and A HOT ALPHA! Jordan makes the best Alphas! Logan is protective, thoughtful, and a no-nonsense type of all man! I loved every thi about the book. The length was perfect ( in more than one way!) the heroine and hero have chemistry and are super cute!

    15. Belletab on said:

      it was hard to read because of typos/editing errors.while words were spelled correctly they were the wrong words

    16. Linda Wager on said:

      How can this series get any better?!Logan is the leader of his team even though he is on home ground. Logan and the team have discovered there are illegal actions in their town. There are deadly circumstances that threaten the town and it looks like it's building so fast they might not find the ringleaders in time.Logan isn't looking for a serious woman when Gabrielle is suddenly there. He knows she is the one for him and there's no way he's letting her go. Possessive, protective and controlling [...]

    17. Traci on said:

      Again should have been 5 starsI will say the mistakes in Logan were not as bad as they were in ConnerIf you can get around that, it's a good book.I felt there was less of Logan & Gaby in this one and more about the smuggling going on in their small Georgia town. Finding out what really happened to the Commander is their main concern along with keeping their women safe. I wanted to question why they were not deployed yet, but finally some questions were answered, however you are left with man [...]

    18. Mary on said:

      WARNING: This book, and series, is filled with misogynistic men. There is the threat of violence against women they claim to "love" and very crude language. There are a LOT of sex scenes that are VERY detailed. There is little actual conversation, mostly just the thoughts of the hero. Also there are a TON of grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. I was able to read past them to a point but it was hard sometimes and resulted in having to reread a lot. I still finished this book and contin [...]

    19. Marisa on said:

      Neanderthals vs alpha maleI love an alpha male but these guysey aren't alpha it's more Neanderthals. And using his dick as punishment by slamming into her and then just coming on her back because he is angry at her? That wasn't sexy for me. I like aggressive sex but using his dick as a weapon? That's a bit brutish. And what's with all "like a bitch" comments? I think the author tried a bit too hard to make these guys sound military tough and they came off as assholes. The sex scenes that weren't [...]

    20. Angie on said:

      I am really liking this seriesI am really liking this series, great emotion, good story line, some hot scenes.However, that being said, the author really needs to get a better editor! It looks like maybe auto correct chose to use different words than what the author intended (example, church should have been couch!) and the proof reading should have been done better. I still look forward to the next books in the series, but hope that the authors vocab improves along with the editing.

    21. Amy Plank on said:

      Logan is another old fashioned, the man is in charge, alpha male. I liked him better than Connor. I thought Gabrielle was annoying. There was a lot of hot sex and intrigue. Even though I liked the book, it would be nice to see a female character that isn't from the area and that can stand up for herself.

    22. Andrea on said:

      Love JSJordan Silver always writes the best alpha males they love and protect and can be hard headed, but somehow that makes them hotter. Jordan weaves a great story line with no cheating or the screwed up story lines that some authors like to give their characters. She can also write a love scene like no other author I've ever read.

    23. Rachel Wheeler on said:

      3 mixed starsOkay so I love how super intense and bossy these men are BUT and this is a big BUT! I am not a fan of a man thinking he needs to control through abuse It's not impressed with Logan's constant need to manipulate Gabby through sex, ass whooping and silence. Ehh not my favorite But he smutt was great ! :)

    24. Laura Colson on said:

      I've been waiting for Logan's book and Jordan Silver certainly delivered in her classic style! I'm really loving this series and can't wait to read the next book in this series. If you love hot, bossy, over-protective alpha males, you will love this book! Actually, that goes for all of Jordan Silver's books!

    25. Rhonda on said:

      I Loved LoganThis book is classic Jordan Silver lots of hot Alpha bossy man. This ladies is the real raunchy deal. There is also action and mystery. With characters from a previous book making an appearance to tie the whole group together. This book moves and flows well. There is no lag in this story .

    26. Lorraine Beswick on said:

      The second book was hot. Logan was sexy and hot Alpha male. Gabby is strong will and like to get into trouble. Please read the first book Conner to get the whole story. You will laugh and cry in this book. Its a page turner and you will not stop until the end. Yes we have hot sex in this book and laughter. The sexual scenes were tasteful and beautiful.

    27. Carmen Townsend on said:

      BAM!!!Another hot man bites the dust.Logan is too funny, he has sooo much alpha goodness, you need a spoon. Abby adds the right touch of fabulous to the ladies. As always Mama B you give me reasons to change my undies.

    28. Rachele on said:

      Well, Logan is not my type of hero and Gaby.damn she annoyed the shit out of me. Didn't see a connection between these two at all. The best part of the book was seeing glimpses of Connor and Dani, who were just ok in the first book but I liked a whole lot better than this couple.

    29. Dena on said:

      No wordsWhat the F@@&??? Men hitting their woman because they disobeyed. I mean they look them up in the house for their protection. This book went off the deep end for me. I am so annoyed with the controlling men in this story I'm celebrating the fact this is over.

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