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Falcon His life is a race against time And time is winning He was a prince until his world was plunged into civil war He was a son until he discovered his mother s secret He was an exile until he became N

  • Title: Falcon
  • Author: Emma Bull
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • His life is a race against time And time is winning He was a prince, until his world was plunged into civil war He was a son, until he discovered his mother s secret He was an exile, until he became Niki Falcon, piloting a ship linked to his nervous system, crossing light years in a breath, addicted to the drug that makes it all possible Now he needs to free a planet.His life is a race against time And time is winning He was a prince, until his world was plunged into civil war He was a son, until he discovered his mother s secret He was an exile, until he became Niki Falcon, piloting a ship linked to his nervous system, crossing light years in a breath, addicted to the drug that makes it all possible Now he needs to free a planet But to save Lamia and defeat its enemy, Niki Falcon needs to cheat both physics and death A Locus Recommended Novel for 1989 New York Public Library list of best books for young adults, 1989 Ms Bull has an unabashed enthusiasm for the mythic dimensions of adventure fiction The New York Times Book Review I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see how the story was going to end Bull knows how to fit bombshells in unobtrusively, then explode them at exactly the right moment Locus magazine AbsorbingEntrancing Lois McMaster Bujold Emma Bull is one of the best writers working today She combines an elegant style with high adventure and thoughtful speculation Falcon is one of my favorite novels Read it Steven Brust Falcon soars Exciting, evocative, and entertaining I couldn t put it down Chris Claremont A taut and chilling SF adventure Bull is outstanding among the new generation of writers Julian May Stark and strong Strict science fiction, purely myth A perfect novel R A MacAvoy

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      240 Emma Bull
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    One thought on “Falcon

    1. Andrew on said:

      I recently read a post on the structure of this early Emma Bull SF novel; I was inspired to pick it back up for a re-read. (Thank you, ye-who.)A couple of years ago I re-read John M. Ford's _The Princes of the Air_, and found that it was the book that I always mix up with _Falcon_. Returning to _Falcon_, I realize how very much it is a love letter to Ford. One can trace any number of plot elements and themes back to Ford's SF novels, _Princes_ and _Web of Angels_ (both published in the decade le [...]

    2. Eve on said:

      This has been one of my favorite books for a long time. This is one of those books with a lovable hero that everybody loves, even his enemies. I have a terrible appalling weakness for these types of books and Falcon was one of the earliest ones I ever encountered. Although rereading has made me aware of some weaknesses, I still can't bring myself to give this less than 5 stars.

    3. sj on said:

      I've been wanting to read Falcon since I was in junior high, shortly after I read and fell in love with War for the Oaks. My crummy small town library (where I volunteered my weekends and summers) didn't have it, so I put in an inter-library loan request that was never fulfilled. I guess someone had failed to return it, and it wasn't a big enough title to warrant replacing. When I got my reader a few years ago, one of the first books I purchased was WftO and I got this one discounted for purchas [...]

    4. Stephanie on said:

      What a strange book. Parts of it are lyrical and lovely, but the structure is a mess. It starts slowly, in tight third person, and immerses us in the politics of a colony world. Then there's a break in the middle with a ten-year time jump, leaving the original world behind. The second half of the book rotates among three narrators. The original one pops up only a couple of times, and we're told the rest of the story by two new people. Bull does an excellent job of making us care about the newcom [...]

    5. Josh on said:

      A little disappointing; the book built well, but there wasn't the payoff I'd been expecting. (or the one that the back cover OR the occasional "notes from the future" in the book itself suggested was coming) That's where most of the downgrade comes from, otherwise the book is a fairly good space adventure wrapped around some sci-tech that's more Maguffin than anything else.I have high expectations from Bull, having loved War for the Oaks (a book where she manages the climax in a much more satisf [...]

    6. Jamie Collins on said:

      I liked the first part of the book, about a teenage slacker prince turned revolutionary leader. The second half of the book reads like an entirely different novel, one that I didn’t like as well. The writing is fine, but the science fiction elements didn’t work for me.

    7. Vendela on said:

      Absolutely heartbreaking and fantastic. I couldn't put it down. Compelling hero, surprising love story, and a fabulously out-of-nowhere ending.

    8. Q on said:

      It was very good. A bit too slow in places, which made picking it up after a break rather difficult but also made the ending all the more dynamic.

    9. KA on said:

      Started out great, became something completely different, Trump was elected, had to read something else for my own sanity.

    10. Mary B. Grove on said:

      Could have been really goodThere's a lot to like in this book, especially in the beginning: the writing is fluent, the opening section is taut and full of interesting characters, dirty politics and creeping tension, all leading up to a major explosion and an unexpected enemy is revealed.Then the story goes off in a totally different direction and seems to lose its way. The enemy disappears for most of the rest of the book, while the main character slips out of the story's focus and it never real [...]

    11. D.F. Haley on said:

      I love Emma Bull but had somehow missed this one. Glad I finally read it. It is intensely readable, fun and carries right along. Yet in retrospect, I did have some problems with the story, the plot and the storytelling. Nevertheless, I'm a sucker for Yeats, and the author's choices of quotes were perfectly nuanced to capture the internal momentum of the "rough beast" as it lurches toward transformation. The parallels to the Easter Revolution in particular were nice.I found the primary characters [...]

    12. Althea Ann on said:

      Part one" of this book gives us Niki, a prince on a well-established colony world heavily influenced by Welsh culture (but not the Welsh culture that one usually finds in fantasy novels - more like that of modern Britain.) 19-year-old Niki has been a typically self-centered teenager, but when he returns from summer vacation to find the political situation in his city rapidly deteriorating, he finds a new sense of responsibility. But it seems that it may be his family responsible for the troubles [...]

    13. Julia on said:

      One of those things where I accidentally read the back and I shouldn't have. So I knew that most of these characters I was coming to know and enjoy in the first half of the book were going to be offed, though I didn't expect it to take so long, and I think that dulled the effect. Sort of an odd experience all the way through; I understood by the end what the author was doing with some of the structural oddities, and that they had to be that way and were probably brilliant, but they still made th [...]

    14. Adobe on said:

      After his royal family and homeworld are betrayed, Niki Falcon (né Glyndwr) becomes a gestalt pilot. The good news is that he can directly plug into his starship and fly it with his mind; the bad news is he's now a junkie with five years before inevitable madness and death. He's at the end of that allotted time when he gets the opportunity for one last score: a dangerous passenger, deadly opposition, and a ghost from Glyndwr's past. Also, W. B. Yeats. Falcon starts slow but gradually builds int [...]

    15. Zandra on said:

      I stumbled upon this book in a used bookstore--I loved Emma Bull's War for the Oaks and Territory but had never heard of this one until I saw it on the shelf. I was really excited to find it, but felt like it wasn't as amazing as War for the Oaks. The first half of the book takes place much earlier than the second half, so I spent a good while waiting for the "main plot" to start (because Part I seemed mostly unrelated to the plot blurb I'd read on the back of the book, so I felt like I was tryi [...]

    16. Colleen on said:

      Falcon was half of two really great books. If this had been published today, there's no way Emma Bull would have gotten away with smashing together two half-novels and calling it a day; in our current environment of "the longer the series the better," it would have been at least a trilogy.And I'm the kind of person who's buying those long series, frankly. I would have bought a trilogy about Dominic Glyndwr in a heartbeat. I'm disappointed there isn't one. I want a full book about Dominic on Cymr [...]

    17. Mike on said:

      On the upside, Emma Bull writes beautifully and competently. On the downside, she has a tendency to be on the downside--to write beautifully about tragedy and despair and things going terribly, horribly wrong.Which is why, when I was a bit down emotionally because of some pain issues, I stopped reading this at about 92%, since the last thing I need in that mood is tragedy. It turns out that I stopped just before the most tragic part--but it also turned out that, immediately after that tragic par [...]

    18. Julia on said:

      A denser, more complex novel than I typically read, this sf novel published nearly 20 years ago is about Dominic Emrys Ieuan Glynwr, Viscount Harlech, Prince of Cymru, who was second in line to the throne of this Welsh- governed planet. But all of Niki’s family was assassinated and he got away. Years later, we meet him again as Niki Falcon, the longest- living gestalt pilot in the verse. Gestalt pilots have implants and take drugs to become one with/ navigate their ships, which are capable of [...]

    19. John on said:

      I see this as two novellas, one a sequel to the other, and wonder why the author felt that they should be so rudely forced together. They're very different in style, in general sensibility, and in types of character. And the second part of the story is better than the telling--I just can't see how switching among narrators benefits the episode. I know the author's mostly a musician, but also Chrysander's flights of musical abstraction seemed jarring to mea total change of narrative type and a br [...]

    20. Gregory Close on said:

      4 1/2 Stars,This was an interesting book, full of wonderful ideas and prose and characters that packed quite a bit of narrative punch for such a short novel. I will look for more work by Emma Bull, she is a wonderful writer and a bit of a philosopher, I think. I was left wishing that she'd developed the story a little more - into a larger book or a pair of books. The ideas and characters were certainly worthy of it - but part of the story's charm was in its brevity, so perhaps author knows best. [...]

    21. Heather on said:

      emma bull delivers!this book departs from her usual urban fantasy into science fiction usual her characters are layered and her plots come together to make sense of one another in the end my opinion her pacing is more solid in this book than it was in finder or in territory, and she explores leaving more information unrevealed through the bulk of the book.overall, i think this works for her, and builds a suspense that kept me intrigued all the way through.

    22. Daniela on said:

      Very good. I liked it at lot.At the beginning it read like fantasy and then turned into science fiction. Very fascinating, especially the second part. It felt a bit as if something in-between was missing. I also would have liked it if some points had been dealt with in more depth, amaong them the science and the development of the main character, yet still, great book.

    23. Peter on said:

      Sometimes I wonder if there is anything Emma Bull can't do--when she's not writing novels she's playing in bands and who knows what else. Unlike her other novels, "Falcon" is straight science fiction. Exactly like her other novels, the protagonist is impossible not to warm up to and the story keeps you turning pages and guessing.

    24. Robin on said:

      Someone explain to me why I let this book sit on my shelf for YEARS before reading it? I should have known it would be a delight, considering how fond I am of everything I've ever read by Emma Bull.Love Niki. Love this universe. Majorly crushing on Chrysander Harris. Really wish there was a sequel.

    25. Laura on said:

      This book was such a treat to read and reminded me why I love reading Emma Bull's writing. Thoughtful, with plenty of depth, the characters live in what could have been an world that was difficult to relate to, but I found that I spent the entire book relating current world politics and events to those the characters faced. Thank you, Ms Bull. You always make me think!

    26. Cj Tremlett on said:

      I don't think there's a single Emma Bull book I'd give less than five stars to. Someday I'm going to write up some lengthy thought type thing about heroes and Niki Falcon is definitely going to be a big example. He understands the down sides of being a hero even when he's in the middle of becoming one.

    27. Hallie on said:

      I had such an emotional response to this one - I could see exactly why other people saw flaws in it (the two sections of the book being a bit too disconnected), but it was total love for me. Emma Bull does the best heroes ever!

    28. phoenix on said:

      This book me a few pages to get into, then grabbed and didn't let go until its odd transition in the second half, which took only a few pages as well. I would have loved a more intricate ending, but on the whole it was a great yarn.

    29. Deborah on said:

      I know War for the Oaks is supposed to be her first book, but I'm guessing this was written first. It is choppy, and it doesn't seem to know where it's going. I was disappointed -- I love War for the Oaks.

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