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Redemption Living is the easy part Agent Lucky Lucklighter and his partner escaped Mexico alive only to plunge into bureaucratic fallout from their mission Hell maybe Lucky should have stayed south of the bord

  • Title: Redemption
  • Author: Eden Winters
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 216
  • Format: ebook
  • Living is the easy part.Agent Lucky Lucklighter and his partner escaped Mexico alive, only to plunge into bureaucratic fallout from their mission Hell, maybe Lucky should have stayed south of the border Especially when the Southeastern Narcotics Bureau places Bo into rehab, and Lucky s facing both therapy and an inquiry into a fatal shooting Watching over his shoulder fLiving is the easy part.Agent Lucky Lucklighter and his partner escaped Mexico alive, only to plunge into bureaucratic fallout from their mission Hell, maybe Lucky should have stayed south of the border Especially when the Southeastern Narcotics Bureau places Bo into rehab, and Lucky s facing both therapy and an inquiry into a fatal shooting Watching over his shoulder for a vengeful drug lord or a cartel don calling in favors leaves him scarcely able to imagine a future for them as agents, or as a couple.Bo Schollenberger once had a vision for their life together, but he s bowed beneath the weight of his undercover work Lucky s hanging on by his deeply chewed fingernails, clinging to hope by making Bo s dreams of a home into reality The last thing he needs is a phone call from a dangerous man who knows too much, summoning him back to Mexico for an early Christmas present Not when the SNB brass asks tough questions, like How well do you know your partner

    • Unlimited [Chick Lit Book] ☆ Redemption - by Eden Winters ✓
      216 Eden Winters
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    One thought on “Redemption

    1. Susan on said:

      If someone were to ask me "What book(s) do you wish more people were reading?" I'd answere Diversion series by Eden Winters. It's smart, well-researched, funny, and surprisingly tender. The relationship between Lucky and Bo has really grown on me and I'm bought in for however many books the author wants to write (please write more booksease!)Redemption is book 5 in the series and boy have Lucky and Bo come a long way. It's post Mexico (for those of you who haven't read the serieswhy not? and als [...]

    2. Christelle on said:

      **4.5 stars**I’ve been good, I know that and I got a great reward for that : some swooning time with Lucky and Bo, with this 5th instalment of the diversion series. Me greatly satisfied !!This one picked up right where Lucky and Bo where left in Manipulation. I had no doubt that “Redemption” was going to slay me but I had doubts that Lucky and Bo’s love would be strong enough to overcome all the coming obstacles. Lucky’s mission this time : saving Bo from himself. Bo’s depression run [...]

    3. Kaje Harper on said:

      If you enjoy cop/mystery stories with an unusual angle to the plots, snarky characters, and a hot and complicated relationship, start this series with Diversion and read through to this fifth book in the series. (There may be spoilers for previous books below.)In this instalment, Bo and Lucky are back from their near-disastrous Mexico adventures in book 4. But both of them, particularly Bo, are feeling the after-effects of the undercover mission they were on. Their relationship, which had been w [...]

    4. Karen on said:

      If you've read the first 4 books of this series you know of what I speak. If you haven't than what the hell are you wasting time reading my silly meanderings for get thee now to the nearest e-book store and fix this.Lucky and Bo have survived Now what remains to be seen is can they survive the after effects of Mexico?I love these guys they're such an odd and yet perfect pairing and in 'Redemption' we get to see somewhat of a role reversal. Lucky has to develop a bit of a nurturing sid [...]

    5. Steven on said:

      It's taken me a bit of mulling to put my thoughts about this book into words. I picked up this series with more than a bit of trepidation. I'd just finished Abigail Roux's Cut & Run series and Sidewinder series. From what I'd read from other reviewers I was afraid I wouldn't be able to focus as I'd be continuously comparing and dissecting. I'm glad I didn't listen to my stupid brain. Here goesFive books into the Diversion series by Eden Winters and absolutely no disappointments. Lucky and Bo [...]

    6. Ariana on said:

      I can't even*5 stars +++* is all I can say, and .absolutely blooming amazing. The angst, the tension, the worry, the pure love shining through everything Lucky does, and Bo, so torn and vulnerable, it was painful to watch. Actually I am just sitting here, sighing soppily and smiling like an idiot, I am so happy. (Book heaven must be like this, surely!)Not to forget the mystery , of course: Is Victor dead or isn't he? Who knows what and why? I had an inkling, but the solution the author presented [...]

    7. Renée on said:

      Warning: Redemption is the 5th in the Diversion series by Eden Winters, and this is a series that must be read in order. If you have not read Manipulation, the 4th in the series, do not read Redemption (or this review). You’ll be completely lost!Redemption picks up right where we left off in Manipulation. And as a reader, I felt as lost as Bo and Lucky. Mexico had left them swimming upstream with no help. Neither were the same men they had been before they left. And their relationship was in d [...]

    8. Sandi ♥'s way too many M/M books on said:

      I love Lucky and Bo, the way Lucky took care of Bo in this book blew me away.

    9. Td on said:

      There's no way I can be objective when it comes to Lucky and Bo. I love them. Loved them from the beginning, hopefully always willeven when the sadistic bastards try their best to give me an anxiety attack or two.

    10. Breann on said:

      Best of the series. Hands down, this is the best of the freakin' best.Lucky and Bo are home from their Mexico shenanigans, but are far from being okay. Bo went through the wringer in his last undercover op and didn't come back quite whole.Oh, how my heart broke for Lucky during the first half of this book. He was just so lost without Bo. Their roles were a bit reversed with Lucky pining after Bo and Bo being unsure of where they stand. Unsure if he's even ready to think about long term.I've alwa [...]

    11. Xing on said:

      What a trip.While Redemption didn't hold the action pack adventure of the previous book, I still felt my emotions riding along a rollercoaster. This book is definitely a hurt/comfort story that truly demonstrates the devotion that these two guys have for one another. I think it's also a book that allows the readers to look back and just see how much our favorite ex-con has changed.Redemption requires patience. There's a lot of emotional fallout following Mexico, and things definitely get stirred [...]

    12. Feliz on said:

      This is Book 5 in the Diversion series, and I'd strongly recommend reading the books in order for full enjoyment. Bo and Lucky are dealing with the aftermath of their Mexico assignment, both suffering from their own pain. Lucky has a hard time coming to terms with the fact that he might or might not have killed a man, and Bo apparently finds it difficult to shed his alter ego, Cy Cooper - assuming he wants to shed him at all. "Assuming" because Bo's either can't or won't speak to Lucky, which in [...]

    13. Barb ~rede-2-read~ on said:

      My favorite book of the series, this installment in the life of Lucky and Bo deals with the aftereffects of their time undercover in Mexico, principally Bo's recovery from the drug addiction and the PTSD which resulted from both Mexico and his previous time in the Marine Corps. Unknown to Bo, Lucky has purchased their dream home, but every time he tries to tell Bo about it, either something happens or Bo says something that leads Lucky to believe that he's not ready. In a total reversal of his t [...]

    14. Alisa on said:

      So I thought after the last book that Lucky and Bo were headed back on track and this book would be them back together and working a case and everyone would be happy. Yeaht so much. This author is working these boys (& their fans)!! She is making them fight tooth and nail for their hea. This book mostly focused on their relationship and Bo's struggle with the fallout from Mexico. Probably pretty realistic but it was a painful process. No "love concurs all" here. I was yelling at Bo in places [...]

    15. Natalie on said:

      I bought this a couple of days ago, but had to reread (for the third and fourth times) the previous books. You have to read the first four in the series to really understand everything happening in this book. There are a few brief sentences that give some of the background but you'll miss the magic that is Lucky and Bo. Eden Winters writes a richly detailed tapestry of characters, action and excellent research. The first books really revealed the way our health system works with prescription dru [...]

    16. WhatAStrangeDuck on said:

      I like this book and I like this series. The author beautifully takes advantage of the opportunity to let the relationship between the two MCs develop naturally, including all the bumps in the road. It's not always easy to read because the author really takes the charactes through the wringer but at the same time they get so much more interesting and multidimensional. Kudos! Well done.

    17. Viv on said:

      Bo and Lucky have earned their happily ever after everything they have been through! This book was really good. I cannot wait to move on to Reunion as I have been dying to find out what is up with Lucky's family.

    18. ConM on said:

      This was a great addition to the series.It focussed primarily on Lucky and Bo's relationship, and had a melancholy tone. But the guys pull through. Lucky has come so far as a person, it's wonderful to read.

    19. The Novel Approach Reviews on said:

      4.5 Stars ~ Bo is in rehab after the rescue from Mexico. Lucky is going crazy because Bo won’t see him, and he’s stuck on desk duty. And on top of his worry about Bo, Lucky can’t seem to elude the nightmares that keep plaguing him about the shootout in Mexico—so things are not going at all well for our heroes.Thank goodness for Loretta Johnson. I love this character. She is the most awesome friend/co-worker ever, and I really, really hope that we get more of her story in the next book be [...]

    20. Cryselle on said:

      This should have been a slam dunk review for me, but because I love the entire series so much, I had to refresh myself with a complete run-through of the first four books. I do love Bo and Lucky, and this fifth book really puts them through the ringer.Here they’re back from Mexico and a hellacious undercover operation (details in Manipulation). Bo in particular has been damaged by this operation, since their nemesis Stephan has a way of hitting people at their most vulnerable points. Of course [...]

    21. Ineztey on said:

      Love this series so much. My heart was hurting for Lucky and Bo. One of my favorite parts about the book were Lucky's conversations with Cat Lucky. It was sweet how Lucky struggled with all the new feelings that came with domestic bliss and commitment. Poor Bo was having a hard time adjusting after his undercover assignment, but of course stubborn Lucky never gave up. Love Loretta and Walter so much, even Charlotte was there to give Lucky support while coping with his and Bo's problems. This boo [...]

    22. DaisyGirl on said:

      3.5 (4.0) Reclaimed StarsSo I'm kinda through with Bo the Junkie. I don't like him. Bo the recovering drug addict is better but not great, which about sums up my opinion of Redemption. This was a true blue hurt/comfort/rehab story. It was better than book 4 but not great.Bottom line: Still not my fave book in the series but this story was better than Manipulation.

    23. PaperMoon on said:

      Superb reading = keep it up Ms Winter. Especially since I heard a rumour there will be 8 books in this series. Hurrah.

    24. Sonia ~Ruber's fiancé in Crystal Court universe~ on said:

      4.5 starsLOOOOOVED IT! I sure missed my boys! Is just at times I got a bit confused with the timelines

    25. Jenn on said:

      This series just keeps getting better and better. Love Bo's journey in this one.

    26. Jessy Mpdl on said:

      #CoupCoeur Lien de mon avis ici --> wp/p5AuT9-34lUne suite qu'il me tardait de lire. Pourquoi ? Après une dernière mission qui n'a pas été sans conséquence, le duo de cette spectaculaire série se retrouve à un tournant important de leur vie Il me fallait absolument savoir comment ils allaient gérer cette situation.Et une fois de plus, je ressors de ma lecture littéralement conquise.Grâce à sa plume exaltante, frappante et absorbante, Eden Winters nous offre une suite très différe [...]

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