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Valkyrie From the bestselling author of the Pegasus books Kate O Hearn comes an exciting new series that puts a fresh twist on Norse mythology Valkyrie Norse Goddess Reaper of Souls Defender of the Weak Not

  • Title: Valkyrie
  • Author: Kate O'Hearn
  • ISBN: 9781481447379
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the bestselling author of the Pegasus books, Kate O Hearn, comes an exciting new series that puts a fresh twist on Norse mythology.Valkyrie Norse Goddess Reaper of Souls Defender of the Weak Not someone you want to mess with Freya is dreading her upcoming birthday when she ll officially have to take up her duties as a Valkyrie She doesn t want to follow in the foFrom the bestselling author of the Pegasus books, Kate O Hearn, comes an exciting new series that puts a fresh twist on Norse mythology.Valkyrie Norse Goddess Reaper of Souls Defender of the Weak Not someone you want to mess with Freya is dreading her upcoming birthday when she ll officially have to take up her duties as a Valkyrie She doesn t want to follow in the footsteps of the legends before her legends including her mother and sisters And she certainly doesn t want anything to do with humans Freya thinks humans are cruel, hate filled creatures, but as she observes their world, she begins to wonder what it would be like to make friends with the girls or laugh with the boys she sees And what would it be like to live without the fear that she could cause someone s death with a single touch Then when she s sent on her first mission, she reaps the soul of a fallen soldier with unfinished business business that sends her on an epic quest to the mortal world Will Freya find the true meaning of being a human, or will she finally accept the legend she is destined to become

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    One thought on “Valkyrie

    1. Willow H. Wood on said:

      This got stupider and stupider. The main character made illogical and dangerous decisions that constantly put other people, including the entire world, in danger for unjustifiable reasons. No body had any sensible reactions to this other than Freya's sister, who is sadly not the main character instead. The only thing that kept me going was the character of Archie and the fact that the main relationship was platonic. I feel like this is poor fan fiction of a much cooler novel that doesn't exist.

    2. Jasmine on said:

      Okay I'm embarrassingly excited to read this. But come on; Kate O'Hearn was one of the authors (along with JK Rowling and Derek Landy) that truly got me into reading, so I'm overjoyed that she's bringing out another series after all these years.

    3. Rebecca on said:

      Valkyrie is written very much for young readers but it still resonates with the inner child in adults as it recalls moments of childhood and the turbulent years of being a teenager and trying to find our own identity as well as learning that the world isn't as innocent and nice as we thought it was.The mythological world Kate creates for her Valkyries is rich in it's own culture with a great social structure and I am very impressed with the orginality and uniqueness she has brought to the Valkry [...]

    4. Jennifer Linsky on said:

      It's hard to rate this book. If it were about any other subject than a Valkyrie, I would probably rate it a solid four. But it's about a Valkyrie. And that's a problem for me, because I'm Asatru, one of the modern followers of the old Northern European gods. What follows can be largely summed up as "Ms. O'Hearn should have done her research better." If that's enough for you, pass on, friend.The first thing that jumped out at me is the name of the Valkyrie PoV character -- Freya. This name is tak [...]

    5. Abigail H. Leskey on said:

      I suspected that Ms. O’Hearn had been watching some movies. Thor was blond, and had a red cape. Loki had dark hair. In the afterword—aye, she had been. Thor fanfiction/ Norse Mythology, with Angels of Death. Asgardians, Midgardians, Angels of Death and a raven: Freya no.Freya the Valkyrie: Freya yes.The Angels of Death are neat. Picture Middle Earth Elves with warm smiles and wings. Baldur is not well portrayed; he should be princely, good, and important, not just a drunken brother Thor has. [...]

    6. Sarah on said:

      If I had found the main character, a Valkyrie, a little more believable or compelling, I might have given this book a bit more slack. As it is, the book begins with a note to kids being bullied, encouraging them to tell their parents, guardians or teachers. It then tells a story where parents and authority figures are unwilling or unable to stop a kid from being bullied. The principal does show some promise, but when she wonders if the bully-in-question is "troubled" our heroine declares that he [...]

    7. Mª João Monteiro on said:

      Livro emprestado por uma das minhas alunas mais novas, Valquíria é a história de Freya, a mais nova das Valquírias, segadoras de almas, que completa 14 anos e deve começar a sua função, coisa que lhe desagrada. Na sua primeira missão de recolha de uma alma, promete ajudar a família sobrevivente, por isso, desce à Terra, apesar do castigo que pode receber. Aí encontra uma série de miúdos vítimas de bullying e ajuda-os enquanto ajuda a família de Tyrone. Consegue percebe que os huma [...]

    8. Kai on said:

      I should be reading Pegasus series but I could not help myself buying this modern mythology. Moreover this is based on Norse mythology.Freya definitely becomes my favorite heroine who defies following the same rules and destiny that has been settled eons ago. Unlike any the Valkeryies, Freya is restless and she feels so alone no wonder she felt out of place. Then she goes to the Midgard- Earth on the present day there she learns more than her books. Still that is not all what interests me this s [...]

    9. Carmen Chacon on said:

      I like the writing style. Though Freya would rush into things even when her advisor/Raven Orus would tell her not to even humans that were technically younger in years would tell her not to do the stuff she did. And she was very immature and acted younger than she was I mean 600 years old you would expect her to be a little less rash and influence my her crazy emotions. I get this is a middle grade book but really I think she's even rash to people this book targets to. I enjoyed reading the book [...]

    10. Jennybeast on said:

      This book isn't terrible, but it's quite frustrating. I think the problem is that I don't believe Freya -- I don't believe in her hatred for humanity that is so swiftly turned on its head, I don't believe in the hard and fast rules of Odin's world, because nobody else seems to believe in them, either -- there's a pretty huge amount of defiance on from all levels of his dominion, so it's hard to take the dire warnings seriously. There's a whole lot more tell than show, and it undercuts both the c [...]

    11. Hadessephy on said:

      I have very limited knowledge of Norse Mythology, Ive always preferred Greek. However this was such a delightful book. I loved how edgy and real it was but also had a sweet side for young readers. Loki was exactly how I would picture him to be. I really think that out of all the mythologys he is one of the most interesting characters.

    12. Ellen Fitzgerald on said:

      A good read-alike for kids who enjoyed Rick Riordan's Son of Asgard. Also, good for kids who might want to read the Son of Asgard series, but are intimidated by the length of the books. The book itself is pretty cheesy, and very predictable. I don't think I would recommend it unless under one in the circumstances above.

    13. Anna - Boktycke on said:

      Actual rating: 2.5 stars.Like the mythology (even if Freya is the name of a goddess) but the main character is way too selfish and tries to solve everything by violence. Review in Swedish at Boktycke.

    14. Victoria on said:

      I gave up. :( I think I'm entering a slump, or at least, only comforting books slump. I returned it, maybe one day I'll finish it

    15. Monicaaa on said:

      I can't even with YA fiction anymore. And Leo Max is a stupid name.

    16. Teresa Normandin-Shaw on said:

      It was a good story. Not a compelling page turner for me compared to some. Some parts were a bit dull But the ending was good. But not one I would re-read in the future.

    17. Kaya on said:

      It was the most action packted book I have ever read. It was mind blowing and I could not put it down

    18. ShiraDaTimelord on said:

      I didnt really get that far because to be honest, it was a bit juvenile and not that attention grabbing. The pegasus books were better.

    19. Booky_Wookiee on said:

      3.75 stars. The overall idea was good and creative, but I feel like waaaay more could have been done with it could have been really way cooler. The image of Valkyries is really neatI like Freya. It was a little weird reading about Thor and Loki and Odin and everyone after seeing the moviesLoki was probably one of my favorite characters. Orus bugged me. He wasn't supportive at ALL to Freya and kept telling her 'go back go back' yeah great friend. There was also some parts that really needed to be [...]

    20. Kristalyn on said:

      This was a YA fantasyThe book was about a girl named Freya that was unhappily living in Valhalla. She ventures to Bifrost (Earth) with a little help from loki to save a fallen soldier's family. On her adventure she encountures a bully willing to kill anyone who gets in his way, soldiers ready to kill her FOR NO REASON (other than the fact that she has wings), and many people who need her help. I started it off bored thinking it was gonna be just story about some girl who doesn't appreciate anyth [...]

    21. LeeAnne on said:

      I was excited to find a new Norse mythology series that I would enjoy as much as the Blackwell Pages series, and this one was good, but I'm not sure I'll continue to read the series. The story was a good one and wrapped up nicely as Freya, our hero Valkyrie, goes to Earth to fulfill a promise to a soldier she reaped. She finds the soldier's family is in danger as he thought and works to help them get out of trouble. In the meantime, she meets another boy that is in trouble and tries to help him [...]

    22. Doris on said:

      From a young person's standpoint this was a really great book. From my standpoint, it is still a really good read. It has several characters, the main one being the rebellious Valkyrie, but the other main being a human. Together, they made changes in a world where divine intervention is sorely needed.There were gaps in the story, and a less than accurate depiction of the Norse universe, but that was acceptable in a story written for the younger set.I did feel the book celebrated too well and rew [...]

    23. Bia Bentes on said:

      THIS BOOK IS AMAZING!It became one of my favorite books ever! There are such important messages behind the plot. It's funny, full of adventures, heartwarming friendships. I have no words to say how much I was fascinated by the world, the plot itself, every page was so fast-pacing that I could not put it down. By the end I was screaming and sobbing (Azrael was the reason). I loved so much. And I need to read the sequel right away. I love Kate's writing since 'Pegasus' - which is such as good as t [...]

    24. Neve on said:

      I do not give a lot of books 5 stars , but this one simply blew me away. The story itself is brilliant and set out wonderfully. I have read the second and third book and they are the best. I never thought the story would go the way it did , especially in the third book when she finds love. This is my favorite book and will be for a very long time if not forever. Please read it for yourself so you can share the experience. If you don't really like this one then check out her Pegasus seires that i [...]

    25. Jeana Lawrence on said:

      Maybe I’m used to books like the Percy Jackson series but I thought maybe there would be more at stake. Yeah there’s the Midgard Serpent and Odin’s wrath that Freya mentions throughout but I never got a sense that anything really bad would happen. And all for a dance? That and the countless other things Freya gets away with just really didn’t resonate with me. I was hoping for some epic battle scene at the end of the book but was disappointed.

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